me: Hello readers! This chapter will fast forward a few episodes from the 2012 cartoon but the main focus will be the episode 'TCRI' from the same cartoon series. Except this time there's an addition I have made that will change future chapters and outlooks in this story. Enjoy!

July 17th… 2012… New York City… The Lair… 4:46pm…

Normal isn't exactly a word that can be used around the Lair as often as any other person would use it. So, when the Rat King was defeated, the day after, Donnie commented on how things would go back to 'normal', his comment was met with a quick slap to the head from Raph and then a beratement on how nothing in their lives is normal. It had been twelve days since then and everyone knew it was only a matter of time before some excitement and danger came around.

"What'ya doin', April?" Mikey asked April. She sat of the chair in their living area, Mikey was lying on his plastron staring at her and Donnie was simply reading a book of science and quantum physics and April was swabbing her mouth with a cotton bud.

"Sending in a sample for a class project." April replied with a slightly bored expression.

"You're milling in your spit for a class project? Man! School sounds awesome!" Mikey said excitedly as he sat up, but April was nonchalant as she replied,

"It isn't…" April didn't think too much of school. She knew the turtles had never been to a real school before so she couldn't fault Mikey for thinking it was 'awesome'."

"Well, I'd be awesome at it! Check this spit out…" Mikey said as he stood and prepared to spit, seeing this, Donnie dropped his book on the sofa and dashed behind Mikey and clamped his hands over his brother's mouth to stop him.

"Don't!" Donnie warned. Mikey glanced at his brother and muffled something that sounded something like 'But Donnie!".

"It's not about spit. It's about the DNA." April added as she looked at the two brothers with slight amusement at their antics. Mikey glanced at his brother and muffled something like 'Donnie?' or 'DNA?'. Donnie let go of his brother to explain.

"DNA. Genetic code… you know, the building blocks of life?" Donnie said to try and explain but Mikey gave him a look that said he had no idea what he was talking about. "Okay, DNA is a microscopic blueprint that informs every living thing what they'll grow into- "wait a minute, "-and why am I still talking to you?" Donnie said as he realised that Mikey was never going to understand anything relating to science, technology, history, geography, genetics, literature, languages, mathematics/ algebra, physics, law, anatomy, computers, or even first grade maths, English and science or flying washing machines.

"I don't know. You'd think you'd have learned by now." Mikey said ironically and with a smile.

"Everyone is sending in a sample to this genetics group, The Worldwide Genome Project. Then they'll send us a report telling us all about our ancestors. Neat, huh?" April said and Mikey pretended to look interested.

"Uh huh, uh huh, it's amazing what they can do these days." Mikey said and Donnie sent him a questioning look, eventually, Mikey cracked and laughed, "Pfft, haha! I'm just kidding!"

5 hours later…

Master Splinter had since grown used to seeing his sons coming back from dangerous missions sporting a range from injuries going from scrapes and bruises to slash wounds and laser burns, and tonight he prepared himself and his first aid kit for just that. He had been informed that April was attacked at her own school in the middle of the evening and they went to her rescue. So, imagine his surprise when they returned at 9:51pm with no injuries.

The four sat, kneeling in front of Splinter and went into details of their evening, including the Kraang robot that attacked April at her school, the World-Wide Genome Project that was a front for the Kraang to use and collect DMA from every plant and animal species on Earth.

"I still can't believe how easy that mission was. Usually our missions get us shot at! But not this time." Raph commented. It was true though, their infiltration of the World-Wide Genome Project Kraang base was more than successful. Usually their infiltration missions get them shot at or ambushed, this time though, they infiltrated, took out two guards, erased April's DNA codes, wiped out all the data the Kraang had of all the plant and animal DNA they had, destroyed said DNA and got out without incident.

"Most impressive, my sons." Splinter said. "I hope this serves to remind you of how infiltration can go when it goes according to plan." Splinter said, at which Leo looked proud of himself. No unexpected surprises, no improvising, this was a mission gone right and according to plan, but everyone knew that with the Kraang and the Foot to watch out for, this plan probably wouldn't work twice in a row.

July 19th… 6:24pm… Abandoned Subway Tracks…

Donnie had been really excited about something lately, and his brothers were wondering what. So, when an excited Donnie told them to meet them at these tracks so he could show them his latest project, Raph was irritated that he dragged all the way from home to the middle of practically nowhere for what he assumed would just be another toy. Though Mikey beat him to it,

"Man, what's taking Donnie so long? He knows I have a short atten- ooh, gum!" Mikey said and then dove forward and picked a piece of discarded gum. He was about to put it in his mouth but then Raph smacked it out of his hand.

"This better be worth it!" Raph growled and it was at this moment that the sound of an engine was coming this way until eventually, what was the discarded subway car they hid in some time ago came into their view, only this time it had huge truck like wheels on the sides, a huge bumper on the front the sides and roof looked like they outfitted with tank style steel and then graffitied over and the roof was in the shape and style of a turtle shell. Leo, Raph and Mikey looked on in amazement at the vehicle coming to a stop in front of them.

"Worth it." Raph said in a tome of amazement and with a sound from the vehicle, the side door opened to reveal a very smug and proud Donnie.

"So?" Donnie said smugly as he took in their flabbergasted expressions, expecting an answer for his awesome invention. Leo picked up his jaw enough to answer,

"You turned that broken-down subway car into this?" Leo said,

"Donnie, have I ever told you how awesome you are?" Raph asked equally amazed as Leo and Mikey,

"No, you haven't." Donnie said with a grin,

"Well, I am seriously considering it."

"So, what do you call this thing?" Leo asked as he, Raph and Mikey approached the vehicle, Mikey trying to give the vehicle a hug,

"Well, it's a heavily armoured, multi-weapon- "but before Donnie could finish, Mikey interrupted with just two words,

"The Shell-Raiser!" Mikey announced as he stepped up to his brothers with a look of determination, leaving his brothers to just stare at him as equally stunned when the vehicle arrived,


"The Shell-Raiser! It's the perfect name!" Mikey said with determination, and almost at a loss for words, Leo spoke up,

"That is the perfect name." he said as he and Raph and Donnie stood stunned by the nearly named Shell-Raiser.

1 and a half hour later…

7:54pm… Eastman Land… Abandoned Warehouse…

New Rule One: Don't attract the attention of someone called 'The Pulveriser'.

New Rule Two: Don't accidently drag him all the way to the abandoned warehouse used as a garage and makeshift home.

New Rule Three: Don't try to teach him self-defence techniques with the honest intention of helping to get him out of trouble.

New Rule Four: Don't let him drive the Shell-Raiser. EVER.

New Rule Five: Keep him from being dragged off by the Kraang, even if it costs you the Power-Cell that was used to power the Shell-Raiser.

New Rule Six: Turn down his offer for more fighting lessons at every point.

New Rule Seven: Make sure the handbrake is off when pushing the extremely heavy vehicle back to the warehouse.


No less than two seconds after Donnie had stepped out of the Shell-Raiser, that Raph hit him over the head in retribution for making him, Leo and Mikey push the Shell-Raiser with its handbrake on before Donnie realised it. Then less than a few seconds later that they all piled into the Patrol Buggy/ Go-kart and raced out of the warehouse to catch the Kraang before they got away with the Power-Cell.


Failure. They lost sight of the Kraang's getaway helicopter and now they no way of tracking where they went. That was until when they were in an alley contemplating their next move when Leo made the order to…

"That's it. We're going to see Leatherhead and Slash." He ordered, making Donnie flinch at the sudden memory of Leatherhead grabbing him by the face,

"…er… Leatherhead?"

"And Slash. They're the ones who've already taken the Power-Cell from the Kraang once, maybe they know how to get it back." Leo reasoned but Donnie protested.

"Leatherhead is also the one who grabbed me by the face!" Donnie said and Raph looked at him as if to say 'so?', and Mikey just laughed at the memory,

"Haha! Good time that was!" Mikey laughed, earning a scowl from Donnie,

"Zip it!" he said but Mikey was still having a few giggles, until Leo stepped in,

"Enough guys, we're wasting time here, we have to move, now!" Leo ordered and with one last glare at Mikey from Donnie later, the four turtles left to find Leatherhead and Slash.

8:33pm… The Old Lair…

It was hard to not be overcome with nostalgia again, but that quickly dissipated for all except for Mikey until he saw Leatherhead sleeping in the old living room/ pit area. Slash heard the turnstiles and saw the four turtles enter their home and approached them.

"Hello again." He greeted. Leo, Donnie and Raph greeted back and Mikey greeted with an affectionate hello hug.

"Sorry about the sudden intrusion, Slash. But we have a problem and it's urgent, and we're going to need yours and Leatherhead's help." Leo said and when Mikey went to move over to Leatherhead to wake him up (whilst also commenting on how cute the sleeping alligator looked), Slash stopped him by placing his arm in front of Mikey,

"I would just let him wake up in his own time. Waking him up yourself and you might trigger another episode." Slash said and Donnie flinched at the word 'episode', as it would probably entail Leatherhead grabbing his face.

"Right… but, we're a little pressed for time, so… Slash?" Leo said and motioned for Slash to wake up Leatherhead. Out of all five turtles in the room, Slash was the only one capable of wrestling with Leatherhead and hold him down until the alligator calmed down enough. Slash obliged, but when he approached leatherhead, he still seemed a little apprehensive to wake him.

"Leatherhead… up and at 'em…" Slash said nervously as he gently tried to poke Leatherhead. The effect was instantaneous as Leatherhead woke but his eyes were feral and angry and scared,

"KRAANG!" Leatherhead roared before dodging Slash and headed straight for Donnie and grabbed his face, lifted him up with no effort at all and shook him about. Donnie yelped each time his was shaken before shouting,

"Grabbing me by the face again! Get him off!" Donnie shouted and the other four turtles sprang into action. But the enraged alligator just used Donnie as a living weapon to smack away any who tried to get close.

"He must be having a nightmare!" Mikey said as he was just slammed away when Leatherhead used his own brother as a weapon on him.

"That makes two of us!" Donnie said in a muffled cry.

"He's your friend, Slash. What do we do?" Raph asked as he raised his voice slightly and in response Slash charged at Leatherhead as he was shaking Donnie about like a ragdoll and tackled Leatherhead and wrapped his huge arms around the alligator's waist, making Leatherhead drop Donnie onto his shell, Mikey leaped forward and whilst Slash kept him pinned place, Mikey massaged Leatherhead in places he knew that would help calm the raging alligator,

"Woah, buddy! Calming breaths." Mikey said in an as soothingly tone as he could muster at the alligator and after a few moments of gentle massaging…

"…Michelangelo…? …Slash…?" Leatherhead said and looked around at where he was and saw the other three turtles, "…my friends…" he then realised why they were on guard like that, "Oh no! I got angry again, didn't I?" Leatherhead asked sheepishly with Donnie responding with annoyance in his tone of voice,

"Yes! You did it again!" he then pointed to his own face, "Why did you grab my face again? What is wrong with my face?" Donnie asked and scolded at the same time, but this question and scolding earned a sassy remark from Raph,

"Would you like the list alphabetically or in descending order of grossness?" Raph said with a smirk but before Donnie could make another retort, Leatherhead spoke up,

"I am sorry for that. You are my friends and I do trust you." Leatherhead said before Slash remembered why they were here,

"Not to be rude but, why are you here? Did something happen?" Slash asked and at that question, all the other four turtles started looking sheepish,

"Well… er… yes…"

"Funny story… true story!"


"But before we tell it, why don't you sit down, and me and my face, will take one big, giant step back!" Donnie said as he scarpered to the other end of the old Lair, "Okay, go ahead!" and then Leo took it upon himself to explain their situation,

"Well… er… it's about the Power-Cell, we… er… sort of… lost it…" when Leo mentioned 'lost it', Leatherhead's eyes turned feral, making the smaller mutant turtles a bit more nervous, "…to the Kraang." And then Leo leapt away as Leatherhead charged forward, enraged and slipped away from Slash and headed straight for Donnie again and roared as he grabbed Donnie's face again and slammed him shell first into the ground, Donnie whimpered but before anything else could happen, Leatherhead forced himself to calm down,

"No, Leatherhead… these are your friends." Leatherhead said to himself, prompting Slash to stop in his tracks and Donnie let a muffled 'Mmhm!" before Leatherhead gently placed him on his feet, and let out a sigh before saying, "Obviously, you did everything you could to protect it." He said and then Mikey decided to point out exactly what happened,

"Well… er… you see…" but then Raph dashed to Mikey and clamped his mouth shut with his hand to stop him from saying something he would regret later on,

"Yes! Yes, that's exactly what happened!" Raph quickly said,

"With the Power-Cell in theirs hands now, they can use it to power the portal to Dimension X! And when it opens…" Leatherhead said and Donnie quickly finished that sentence,

"They can use it to bring anything they want from their dimension to here." Donnie said and Slash nodded in agreement.

"Things so horrifying, they make everything you've been through so far seem like nothing." Slash said,

"Leatherhead, Slash, we need to get it back. Could you tell anything about where they could be?" Leo asked, knowing it was a long shot,

"We spent most of our time fighting and running from the Kraang, but I do remember seeing an odd symbol…" Slash said and Leatherhead also seemed to remember as well,

"Yes, I remember it as well, it looked something like this…" Leatherhead said before scratching a symbol onto the stone floor which Donnie took a picture of on his T-Phone.

8:49pm… The Lair…

The four turtles gathered around Donnie's lab and workbench, (by this time the lab looked a little like a small trailer from the outside) but the gathering looked like they were getting into Donnie's space and irritating him with suggestions about what the symbol was.

"I know I've seen this symbol somewhere before, it's so familiar…" Donnie said as he contemplated and thought deeply about the symbol.

"The Olympics!" Mikey shouted out,

"No." Donnie bit back, his stress levels rising

"I got it! The Olympics!"

"Stop guessing. Obviously, it's a Kraang symbol." Donnie said, his stress levels increasing slightly, by at which point, Leo butted in,

"But from where?" Leo said,

"The Olympics!" Mikey's guessing caused Donnie's stress levels to increase to volcanic levels until…

"QUIT IT!" Donnie shouted, causing his brothers to flinch back, their eyes going to the size of dinner plates, "There's an answer here and I can find it, if you will all just go away and LET ME THINK!" Donnie shouted and with that, his brothers slowly backed out of the lab, wary not to antagonise Donnie.

Now with space to think, Donnie thought more about the symbol.

"Oh, the Olympics?" not Mikey this time, but Splinter, but Donnie was so fed up with daft and random suggestions that he nearly snapped at Splinter,

"For the hundredth time, I- oh!" Donnie then turned to the voice and saw Splinter and stopped himself before starting again, "It's driving me crazy. I know I've seen this symbol before, but I just can't remember where!" Donnie complained but Splinter was more than ready for it and handed Donnie a cup of herbal tea.

"You must calm yourself, Donatello. Stressing over something too much can make any person forget anything. Drink up, my son, and relax. Deep breath and relax." Master Splinter ordered, and Donnie reluctantly complied and took the cup of the herbal tea from Splinter's offered hand.

"Okay, okay…" Donnie took one sip of the tea and did all he could not to spit it out. "How on Earth do Master Splinter and Leo drink this and not grimace?" Donnie thought to himself, he was definitely a coffee person. Using the methods of relaxing that Splinter taught him plenty of times.

"I'm calmi- GOT IT! GUYS!" not even a second after he started 'relaxing', that he remembered what the symbol was, he was so startled that he didn't notice how he accidently flung the teacup into the air and still didn't notice as he dashed to his computer. As the teacup fell to earth, Splinter simply held out his hand and caught the teacup and the contents inside only spilling onto his hand slightly. Splinter took one sip of the tea and,

"He had only started relaxing. Imagine what he'd be like if he was relaxed all the time…" Splinter thought to himself and imagined a fully relaxed Donnie solving every single problem and building everything necessary with no stress. He'd have no competition.

His brothers heard his call and once again gathered around Donnie as he sat at his computer, typing furiously.

"I've figured out where I've seen this symbol." Donnie said as he typed and clicked at his computer,

"Where?" Leo asked and with a few final types and clicks, Donnie brought up images of a building inside New York. The seemingly normal building though had the very same symbol on the sides of it.

"TCRI? They're behind the Kraang plot?" Raph said, finding it a little hard to believe,

"The invasion?" Leo said,

"The Olympics?" Mikey said. *SLAP*. "What was that, Raph?" Mikey asked since Raph just hit him over the head to which Raph answered nonchalantly,

"A new Olympic event." Raph's reply earned a dry and unimpressed look from Mikey, but…

"They've been in plain sight this whole time! We've just never realised it!" Donnie said,

"I think it's pretty obvious what we need to do. We are breaking into that building and shutting down that portal." Leo said in his leader mode.


Donnie had already phone April, (whilst trying not to get all giddy as he was doing so) and had also asked her to print the blueprints for the TCRI building. When she arrived at the Lair, she was followed by Casey and Angel. The Lair was ripe with planning, as Donnie was at his workbench inside his lab working on a bomb. Mikey appeared beside him looking to help.

"Can a press that?" Mikey asked as he pointed to the big red threatening button that may have well have said 'Push me and I explode'. (Kind of like Raph)

"Sure. If you wanna blow us and the whole Lair to pieces." Donnie said nonchalantly and making Mikey flinch away from the bomb.

"Na! I'm good!" Mikey said as he slowly backed away.

Back in the living room, the rest of the crew converged around the coffee table with the blueprints for TCRI spread out on the table.

"Okay, so I downloaded and printed off the blueprints for TCRI, just like you asked me to. Now, the two bottom thirds are just a normal office building, and from what I can tell, normal humans work there." April said giving Casey an opportunity for a remark,

"Can you guys imagine if the humans working there knew who they were working for?" Casey remarked,

"Yeah, it would be chaos. The TCRI building is one of New York's skyscrapers. It's in plain sight yet no-one takes a second look at it." Said Angel. As she did, Leo was finalising his plan to infiltrate TCRI, which involved everyone in the Lair.

Including Splinter, who had changed his wardrobe. He was no longer in his robe, but instead he wore what looked like a navy ninja suit, no arm sleeves, had a pair of silken arm guards, the top part of the suit was tied together by a red coloured belt, a pair of navy (most likely silk) pants complete with a pair of black ninja boots. He had adjusted his uniform slightly so his tail could come out (and also make walking and fighting less awkward). Finally, his weapon of choice, a single katana strapped to his waist that was longer than Leo's twin katana, his single katana was five feet long, longer than Leo's sword but shorter than Donnie's steel staff/ naginata. The suit was complete with the Hamato Clan symbol strapped onto his upper arms. He looked ready for battle.

Splinter then looked toward April for the most obvious question about the building,

"What about the upper floors?" Splinter asked,

"Well, that's the thing. The top third is completely blank." April answered.

"Whatever they're doing up there, they didn't want anybody to know about it." Leo said as he slipped a small knife behind the straps on his right wrist.

"Which means, that is exactly where we need to go." Splinter said and then turned to Leo, "Leonardo, we will go over our plan. We need to make sure everybody knows what they are doing." Splinter said and as he did so, Donnie and Mikey emerged from the lab with Donnie carrying the bomb in his hands. "First, get your friends Leatherhead and Slash. I'm sure they will want to be in on this plan as well." Splinter ordered. And when Leo nodded in understanding and left the Lair, things would soon start coming ahead.

10:24pm… TCRI ground level…

Part one of plan: infiltration. Knowing the Kraang, they would be on guard now that they had the Power-Cell and would do anything to make sure it didn't get stolen again. It was only when April made a comment on being delivered to the Kraang in a box that gave Leo the idea to do just that. Only instead of one box, April and Angel would deliver two giant crates. Big enough for about three people and a large mutant for each crate. It took a bit of effort but thanks to a crate-sized trolley, the two girls pushed the crates through the open and close doors of TCRI.

"Special Delivery!" the two girls said in unison as they rolled the trolley carrying the crates and they pushed them away towards the open elevator, stopping as they hit the elevator's doorframe. April whispered 'Good luck, guys' as they did. The lobby area looked like any other office lobby except for a Ms Campbell robot at the reception desk. The robot then appeared the two girls and grabbed their arms.

"I must ask you two to leave. We are closed now." The Ms Campbell robot said robotically as April and Angel struggled to get out the robot's grip. Knowing something wasn't right, the Kraang surrounded the two girls with their blasters pointed at them.

"The package that was delivered to us by you will not be delivered by you to us because you will stopped by us before you-" but before the Kraang could finish, Angel interrupted,

"Love to chat but, we gotta go now!" Angel announced and then April used her free arm to snap a picture in the Ms Campbell robot's face, the flash made it flinch letting them both go and then Angel whipped out a yo-yo from her pocket and spun it overhead at all the Kraang, they flinched back, giving April and Angel the opportunity to escape through the sliding doors, which they did before the emergency gate shut them in.

"Open with care Kraang chumps!" April taunted as the two girls ran from the building. After they escaped, the Kraang turned their blasters at the two crates by the open elevator.

"Kraang, prepare to destroy that which is needing to be destroyed by Kraang." One of the Kraang said in its ever-monotone voice and their blasters were ready to fire. But as they did, the crates exploded outwards with the arrival of two large mutants and a mask wearing vigilante attacking them. Leatherhead and Slash roared a battle cry as they attacked the Kraang and Casey did the same with a shout of 'Goongala!' As they did, the elevator doors closed but the Kraang failed to notice because of the chaos going on in the lobby.

Inside the elevator…

The remaining five mutant ninjas separated from the other three warriors in the lobby, and using the chaos as a distraction, they went inside the elevator and closed the door. After that, they climbed up through the elevator top hatch. Mikey looked a little worried for some reason.

"Do you think they'll be alright there?" Mikey asked and as if on cue, the sound of Leatherhead roaring, Slash shouting and Casey bellowing 'GOONGALA' indicated that they would be alright.

"I think they'll be fine." Leo said.

"So, how far to the top?" Raph asked and all five ninjas looked up at the vertical blackness of the elevator shaft. It was a very long way up to the top. "Yikes…"

With the assistance of the ninja's shuko spikes attached to their hands, the ninjas climbed up the elevator shaft smoothly. Mikey meanwhile was humming a tune that sounded a lot like the Olympics theme.

"Are you…. Humming the Olympics theme?" Donnie asked as he looked towards Mikey incredulously. Also taking note of the bag he had strapped to his shoulder that was carrying his homemade bomb.

"It seemed appropriate!" Mikey said with a smile. This just annoyed Raph though.

"Pipe down, you two." Raph said and then he climbed up to stand in front of a door and began to force it open.

"Raphael, wait!" Splinter ordered but it was too late and Raph forced the doors open. Only to slam them shut at what he saw.

"Aaahh! I gotta wash my eyes!" Raph said as his eyes went to the size of dinner plates for a split second. It looked like he just walked in on something he didn't want to see. Then the alarms in the building sounded. "That's bad!"

"Alright!" Mikey shouted as if he accomplished something, causing his brothers and his Sensei to look at him for an answer, "Finally someone set off the alarm, and now you can't say I did it!" Mikey explained as he grinned. But no-one had time to banter back as the elevator door opened to reveal a lone Kraang shooting at them, the ninjas bounced and dodged from wall to wall to avoid being shot. Mikey then shot out his kusarigama chain and wrapped it around the Kraand droid and pulled it down.

"See ya next fall!" Mikey shouted as the Kraang fell through the elevator shaft, the fall stopping as the droid slammed into the elevator. Despite the situation they were in, his brothers couldn't help but groan at how bad that pun was. Splinter looked impassive as he was focused on the mission but in is head, he thought to himself 'no matter the situation, my sons will always find the time to be brothers, and not just ninjas on a mission.' However, the mission took on more excitement as the elevator started going up, with four Kraang standing on it and started shooting at them. The five ninjas dropped from their positions on the walls and how the Kraang's shots kept missing, no-one questioned it as they landed on the moving elevator and quickly destroyed their enemies. Splinter drew his long sword and sliced through one droid in two with one swipe of his sword, Leo sliced off one of the droid's heads, Raph stabbed another with his sai until it stopped working and Donnie bashed another against the wall, the elevator crushing it as it was caught between the moving elevator and the wall. Fight over, though it wasn't much of a fight.

"Okay, let's get inside where it's safe." Leo said as he then proceeded to open the elevator hatch but then Splinter stopped him by placing his hand on Leo's shoulder.

"Leonardo, those droids came from within the elevator, there will most likely be more inside." Splinter said. Knowing he was probably right, Leo prepared one of Donnie's homemade smoke bombs. He opened the hatch and threw the smoke bomb inside. The room filled with dark purple smoke and all five dived in one after the other. In less than a few seconds, the sneak attack proved very effective as the five ninjas destroyed more of the Kraang droids inside the elevator. The Kraang never knew what had hit them.

The smoke cleared, and the five ninjas were all still standing amongst a pile alien scrap metal that were droids. Raph huffed a breath of annoyance,

"Can we please just ride this thing to the top now?" Raph asked. In response, Donnie tried to press a button inside the elevator that would've taken them to the top floor, but there was no response.

"We can't. There's a retinal scanner." Donnie said. Hearing this, Splinter picked up a droid's head and handed it to Donnie.

"Perhaps this will help, Donatello." Splinter said. With no much else to use, Donnie placed the droid's face on what he presumed to be the scanner. There were a few beeping noises before eventually…

"THAT WHICH IS KNOWN AS 'ACCESS' IS GIVEN TO KRAANG." The recording sounded, indicating that they were now on their way to the top floor. The five relaxed momentarily inside the elevator as it proceeded to the top floor.

"Hey, this is so much easier." Mikey commented, and was followed up by Raph.

"Yeah, finally a chance to catch our breath." Raph said and then on cue, the elevator signalled that they had arrived on the top floor. The five ninjas then readied themselves for another fight. The doors opened they were not greeting by dozens of Kraang like they thought they would be, instead they were greeted by a flow of green gas.

"Poison gas!" Leo gasped as he and his brothers collapsed on the floor when they inhaled and coughed. Just as the gas, flowed into the elevator, Splinter quickly held his breath in before he breathed it in. But he had to act fast, he dashed out of the elevator, 'I need to find a way to get rid of this gas, quickly." His thoughts were answered as he took a quick look around and found a glass window and outside was the city skyline.

"It is one of ones that are intruders!" one Kraang said as it fired its blaster at Splinter. Splinter dashed and dodged out the way and put his first action to use, he quickly made his way to his attacker and sliced its head off. The droid lay uselessly on the ground and then he picked up the blaster quickly and fired it at the window. The window shattered after three shots and immediately the gas flowed out of the room and filled with much needed oxygen. Before they inhaled too much gas, the four turtles breathed in much that delicious oxygen greedily, as did Splinter.

Now that the gas cleared, all five ninjas could see that they were definitely in the right room. The room was a large mostly open space with the centre piece being the large portal like device in the middle of the room.

"We're good… let's go!" Leo said, a little out of breath and his voice was slightly higher than usual. Then ninjas then dashed out of the elevator and just in time as the room swarmed with at least dozen Kraang. The room would have probably been filled with even more Kraang, but the distraction and chaos down in the lobby proved to be more than effective and drew away most of the reinforcements.

As they scattered to avoid the laser fire from the Kraang, only Splinter noticed that Mikey found and picked up what looked a computer memory stick.

At this point in their chaotic lives, the ninjas were used to being shot at by Kraang blasters by now and so were flawlessly ducking and dodging the shots as they came. Splinter and Leo sliced through their enemies with their swords, Raph stabbed and slammed his enemies, Donnie bashed with his steel staff and sliced with his naginata, Mikey bashed through his enemies with his nunchucks. Now with less enemies to deal with, Donnie had the time now to plant the bomb in the area of the portal that he thought would do the most damage; on the side where one of the engines were.

"The bomb has been placed! We need to get to a safe distance!" Donnie said. And with that, the five ninjas ran to the other side of the room, they were together and the bomb would surely heavily damage the portal and they would just need to cover their eyes to be safe from the blast. Donnie then brought out his T-Phone and remotely activated the bomb. The bomb beeped and clicked until eventually…


The bomb exploded. Donnie had made the bomb so that they would not get killed by the blast. As soon as the smoke covered the area, the ninjas assumed it was mission accomplished.



"We did it!"

"High three!"

Only Splinter did not cheer and when the smoke cleared and the sound of Kraang activated, they could see why. The portal was still standing, a light flickering around it, like a shield. And Leo caught on instantly,

"There's a forcefield?" he then turned to Donnie, "Why didn't you tell me?" Leo asked raising his voice up as he sounded like things were going badly quickly, which they were. Donnie answered him sarcastically,

"Well, because I wanted us to fail." He then scowled, "Obviously, I didn't know!" he shouted, but then the shouting was outdone by the portal working undamaged and was beginning to bring something through from its brilliantly pink light.

"The Portal!"

"Something is coming through!" Donnie worriedly said.

The light faded and its place, a giant rock monster, around ten feet big stood in its place. It didn't long for the monster to spot the five ninjas. The rock monster was then surrounded by supporting Kraang in small floating saucers. The five ninjas looked up at their new giant predicament.

"Welcome to Earth, giant rock man." Mikey said in a small voice. But that was all that could be said since the monster then roared before charging at the ninjas.

"Scatter! Don't let the monster pin you in one place!" Splinter ordered and the ninjas all scattered different directions as the monster tried to stomp on them.

"Wow! An entity made out of living rock! Wish I could study it…" Donnie said as he ran around the monster before attacking one of the legs from behind with his steel staff, but the moment he hit it, his staff gave a resounding *CLANG* before it bent slightly.

"Study him after we smash it to a million pieces!" Leo said as he charged in from the other side on the monster but the moment his katana hit the ankle area where he tried to slice, his katana snapped in two. "Or not…" seeing as they were ill equipped to be fighting the giant monster and bringing down the portal, Splinter knew there was nothing that they could do now.

"Boys, we must escape! There is nothing that we can do now!" Splinter said, frustrating Raph while everyone else agreed,

"What? We're giving up!" Raph complained which just served to annoy Leo,

"Yes! It's all part of our hilarious 'Let's all live routine'." Leo said at which Mikey and Splinter threw a few egg smoke bombs at the monster's face, blinding momentarily. The monster roared in frustration and when the smoke cleared, the five ninjas were nowhere to be seen.

Down in the Lobby…

The lobby was a mess of broken and destroyed Kraang droids. Standing amongst the pile were the large mutants, Leatherhead and Slash, and the teenage vigilante, Casey Jones. The Kraang have been trying to swarm the lobby to kill the three intruders but with no success. When the elevator sounded its arrival, the three prepared themselves for another round of fighting, but when the elevator door opened and revealed the five ninjas rushing out,

"Guys, we have to leave, now!" Leo ordered,

"is the portal destroyed/ We heard an explosion." Slash asked and the four turtles looked down at the reminder of their most recent failure. Giving the other members of their group a clear idea of what transpired on the top floor.

"What? You guys failed?" Casey exclaimed,

"We will discuss this later, when we are not in enemy territory." Splinter said and with that, the group of eight ran from the building.


The Lair was quiet as April and Angel waited anxiously for news about the mission. When the elevator opened to reveal the eight fighters entering the Lair, their faces lit up.

"You're okay!" April said in delight, the two girls were about to make their way to the eight to hear of their tales, but as they did, they saw their glum faces and stopped and their faces also fell.

"What happened?" Angel asked. The group of eight mingled around the Lair before answering.

"We failed. The portal is still operational." Leo said. "And now that we've tried to break in and destroy the portal once, the Kraang will increase their security. We're not going to have another chance for a while now." Leo continued. Raph then took on a look of great irritation.

"This stinks! We climbed up the elevator, survived poison gas, took out a group of Kraang only to see that the bomb couldn't destroy the portal thanks to a forcefield." Raph complained and at the mention of poison gas, Slash felt the need to enlighten them on it.

"Poisonous for a good reason. In Dimension X, that gas is what the Kraang breath in to survive." Slash said which gave Raph the moment to make a retort,

"Well that's stupid. Why would invade a place where you can't even breathe the air?" Raph said and when it was put like that, it did sound stupid. Until…

"Yeah, what are they gonna do? Mutate the whole planet so they can live here and we can't?" Mikey said jokingly but it was that that made everyone else gasp at the realisation that it could be more than possible.

"I don't know what's scarier. What you said or that you said it." Donnie said worryingly, causing confusion in Mikey,

"Wait, wait. What I say?" Mikey asked,

"Mikey could be right. The Kraang are trying the terraform the Earth into something they can live on." Donnie said,

"And we cannot." Splinter followed, equally stunned at the realisation. But even though it was possible, Leatherhead and Slash looked confused,

"But Slash and I have been prisoners in Dimension X for some time. It is a horrible place to be and yet the Kraang thrive there." Leatherhead said and was then followed up by Slash,

"Yeah. Since they do, it still makes me wonder why they would invade Earth in the first place." Slash said and at this, the ten inside the Lair could only wonder why. That was until…

"Well maybe this do-hickey can help us." Mikey said as he held up the computer memory stick he found in TCRI earlier, all looked to him and the device and Leatherhead, Slash and Donnie realised what it was.

"Do you realise what this is?" Donnie asked Mikey as he took the device from him.

"Shiny!" Mikey answered but Donnie was too focused on the device to pay any heed to the daft answer.

"It's a Kraang data storage device! If I can decode it, maybe it can help us find a way to stop them." Donnie said as he went to his new makeshift lab, followed by Leatherhead and Slash.


After going through all the details of the failed mission, it left all with questions rather than answers, and April was the first to voice them as she and Splinter sat on the sofa,

"This just doesn't make any sense. If the Kraang are trying to terraform the Earth, what do they need my Dad for?" April asked as she recounted the time that she and her Dad were kidnapped by the Kraang and saved by the turtles.

"Well… he is a scientist." Leo said plainly as he sat of the opposite chair, but April corrected his statement,

"No, he isn't. His doctorate comes from psychology, not science. He doesn't study chemicals, he studies rats running through mazes. No offense." April explained and then apologised to Splinter for the rats and mazes quote,

"I like a good maze." Splinter said as he shrugged it off,

"My Dad wouldn't know anything about what they were trying to do." April said and then Raph spoke up from he stood next to Leo,

"Well, if they didn't need your Dad, why were they after him in the first place?" Raph asked and it was a good question for a second until Donnie stepped out of his lab, looking grim as he answered,

"I don't think they were." Donnie said and then motioned for everyone to come to his lab. His was smaller than his previous one and allowed himself, Leatherhead, Slash, April and Splinter inside comfortably. His brothers had to listen from outside his lab, but Donnie made sure they could hear him as well. He typed on his computer as he explained his findings,

"I used the Kraang processor inside Metalhead to access the files on the Kraang storage device. We now have a lot of info on the Kraang and their plans, but this one stuck out, I think I know what they were after." Donnie said and with a few final keystrokes, images popped up on his computer. Images and headshots of April appeared everywhere on his screen along with Kraang writing and texts that no-one understood, images that were taken without her consent, giving her a momentary shock.

"They're after me?" April said with surprise all over her voice. "Why?" a good question, one that didn't seem to have an answer on the storage device.

"I don't know. Whatever the reason, the Kraang didn't file it." Donnie said. The feeling rose up again as they were left with questions rather than answers.


It was the same dark room as before that was alit with a single spotlight shining down on the lone man as before, the man that is referred to as Guardian. He knelt down and began to give his report.

"My Masters, I give to you my report."

"Speak, Guardian." The four, same sounded monotone voices ordered the man,

"I have been informed by Guardian Hamato Yoshi that the Kraang, for some reason need the girl called April O'Neil in their plans. One of which includes terraforming Earth." Guardian said.

"This is troubling news."

"For what purpose…"

"… does this girl have…"

"…that the Kraang want?" the voices said separately.

"So far, we know not. What shall we do with this information?" Guardian asked.

"Inform Guardian Hamato Yoshi…"

"…to keep this girl safe…"

"… and to find out…"

"… as much as he can about her…" the voices ordered.

"Yes, masters. Also, I give my report about some recent intelligence about our enemy, Shredder." Guardian said,

"Speak, Guardian." The four voices said together,

"Two weeks from now, the Shredder will receive a shipment of weapons and other materials from one of his allies. For whatever reason why, we don't know." Guardian said.

"The Shredder is our enemy…"

"…his plans must not…"

"…come to fruition…"

"…stop that shipment…" the voices ordered,

"It shall be done Masters." Guardian said and stood to do a respectful bow before leaving the darkened room.

me: hey there! Hoped you guys liked my addition to the story, adding Splinter in the mission and his change of clothes! In case you were wondering, this outfit is similar to what he wore in the 2003 cartoon when the human Hamato Yoshi was a the Utrom Guardian. Spoiler alert- he will be on missions with his sons more often! Until next time!