Disclaimer: The only thing I own is my OC, the other characters were created by Marvel.

When Canada saw the popularity of Captain America and the money he was bringing into the States military they decided to create a super soldier of their own. Yet with all their top scientists, they had trouble. So Canada's government made a deal. Their Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King sat down with President Franklin D. Roosevelt to discuss allowing Canada to borrow the scientists behind Captain America's transformation. After a week of debating, they finally came to an agreement. Since there was no trace of original serum, the States were afraid that Canada's soldier would come out more powerful. So they allowed Canada to add their scientists to their team as long as their soldier will be women. They advertised it as a bond between the two nations. North America will have a power couple, Captain America and Miss Canada.

It took Canada some time, but they finally achieved their goal. Before putting Miss Canada out into the lime light they threw her into training. They wanted to make sure she could catch up with the now famous Captain America, but still be able to appear flawless for the cameras. While she was training, Canada and the States were teaming up to schedule the couple's first meeting. The Captain was in Europe finishing a mission and was ordered to come back as soon as he was finished. Yet he never returned. The death of Captain America had more impact than anything he ever accomplished, and soon the war was over. With no need of their new creation, Canada's military gave Miss Canada an honorary pink slip.

You see what they failed to notice was that Canada's super soldier had an ability that the States didn't. After a while she realized her body could heal rapidly, allowing her to survive anything she went through so far. She's 94 and still looks like she'd be in her 20's. This is Miss Canada's story.

Wanted to give a nice background before we get into things. Let me know what you think!