Chapter 30

Sesshoumaru was sitting up against the wall with his mate, the day was slowly ending but Sesshoumaru body was heating up. He was going into heat to claim his mate.

At the same time, the mark on Kagome's neck started to glow as Sesshoumaru's beast was calling to their mate. He was calling to her in the ancient Inu way as they both started to glow.

Everyone in the hut eyes opened wide when they noticed what was going on. They all observed when Sesshoumaru got up, his hair was moving on its own. His eyes were blood red meaning that his beast was taking over.

Inuyasha knew what was going on, he has been feeling the same thing all day. Tonight… was the night of the full moon, a night where Youkai mated their chosen females. He was close to Kagome and wanted her for his mate, his beast was coming forth to claim what was his, while he growled. But before he could do anything he was hit with a sutra that immobilized the hanyou and kept him subdued. Sesshoumaru then walked out of the hut with Kagome in his arms.

The pack was confused and were about to follow when they heard, "I would not recommend you following him. He is going into heat and he will be mated by tomorrow. Tonight, is the night of the full moon and on this night all Youkai that have an intended, will mate. It's the only time that a full mating can happen and he will make Kagome his mate."

Sango and Miroku turned when they heard what Shippou was saying. They understood what was happening and they were happy for Kagome, she finally has someone that will love her for who she was, then they heard the hanyou say, "Let me go! I can't let Sesshoumaru mate Kagome, she belongs to me and I will have her as my mate this night."

Miroku turned to the loud mouth hanyou and stated, "You Inuyasha were told that you can be with this pack. You are not pack yet. You must prove your worth to our alpha's when they return. So, your request is denied. We will not let you interfere in what is going to happen this night. Sit there and be quiet or I will plaster another ofuda on your mouth to keep you quiet."

Inuyasha growled and settled down. He couldn't break Miroku's spell so he couldn't go after the wench. He has lost her to his brother and it was his fault. He should have known that Kagome will never submit to someone who was already mated to another female.

Miroku went and sat down by the wall of the hut while Sango and Rin finished the evening meal, when they were done cooking they all ate their meal. They will wait for their alphas to come back and when they returned they will find out what they were going to do.

They were both wondering what kind of changes Kagome will undergo when she mated Sesshoumaru. Her father did say that she will turn the same as her mate. They couldn't wait for her to come back so they could see what she looked like.

Shippou turned to the half breed as an evil smile came over his lips, "Mama will be mated to Sesshoumaru come morning. They will be a true alpha pair and she will be my mother again. She will forever be out of your reach. She deserves to be happy after what you put her through."

Inuyasha growled at the kit, "What do you mean by that! I didn't do anything to the wench but protect her while we were out searching for the jewel shards and this is how she repays me by going with my hated brother."

Inuyasha then found himself being pinned to the ground with a red eyed kit looking at him. "How dare you! You go fuck that dead bitch and leave my mother on her own to protect herself. You left her to gather food for the pack and to take care of us. You were never alpha of our pack, it is my mother who is alpha.

"Plus, you will never be able to subdue her she is much too powerful. You have not been able to subdue her and you never will. The only one powerful enough to subdue her will be Sesshoumaru. He is the most powerful alpha alive."

Inuyasha was about to retort when he felt the kits claws dig into his neck. He hissed in pain as Sango said to the kit, "Beta male, the alpha female will not be happy if you kill him. Let him be for now, when the alpha's come back they can deal with him."

Sango was smart, she was using his title as beta to stop Shippou from killing Inuyasha. She knew that he would if the half-breed continued to taunt the kit.

Shippou released the half-breed while he growled and moved away. The alpha will not be please with him if he hurt the jerk. He left Inuyasha alone and moved to the other side of the hut. It was going to be a long night with the hanyou in the same hut as them.

Then to Sango and Miroku's horror and the kits delight, they noticed that Inuyasha was not moving or saying anything at all. Miroku moved closer and looked at Inuyasha to see what was wrong. He didn't notice anything out of the ordinary but a small scratch on the hanyou's neck. He turned towards Shippou and asked, "Shippou do you have poison in your claws?"

Shippou looked away from the hanyou and smiled wide. There was a twinkle in his eyes when he said, "No I don't have poison that will kill in my claws. But what I do have is a type of poison that immobilizes my enemies until I can kill them. That is why the hanyou can't move right now."

Miroku was impressed, he had no idea that Shippou could do that. It was a pleasant surprise to have the hanyou subdued like this. "Great job Shippou, now we don't have to listen to his mouth for the rest of the night. You should use it more often."

Shippou laughed then smiled at his friends. They sat down, ate, and then rested for the rest of the night. It was going to be a long night with the alpha out mating. He just hoped that his mother will not fight too hard and will mate Sesshoumaru.


Sesshoumaru walked out of the hut with his mate in his arms. It was now time for him to claim his female. He couldn't wait any more since his beast has taken partial control of his body. His powers were being released to fend off any Youkai that thought to take his mate away from him.

On this night, other weaker males will lie in wait for a pair that was getting ready to mate. The male would have already battled the female and she would be weak so she could not defend herself against these males. If they attacked, they could take the female and mate them before she knew what was going on. He would not let this happen to his mate.

He formed his ball of light and held on to his little miko, then he took off into the air. He was heading west to a special place that only he knew about. It was a place that his father showed him centuries ago, a place where he himself mated his females.

This place was in the heart of the western territory. He was approaching the high mountains to his lands, while he made a beeline straight to a gorge in the middle of them. He went down into the gorge as a barrier opened to allow him entry. This place was sacred to his kind because every male of the royal family came here to mate their female.

The power that he would release during his mating will go into the lands to fortify and keep it healthy. His father's power has been keeping the lands safe since his death. Now that he has found a female of his own it was time for him to add his powers to the lands.

Sesshoumaru finally landed in his ancestral den. The torches were lit the moment he entered the cave. He looked around the area and sniffed, he noticed that everything was as it should be. Nothing has been touched and no one has been in this cave.

He quickly made his way over to the bed chamber. The torches lit the moment he entered. He placed his mate down on the soft furs and then quickly striped out of his kimono. It was time for him to claim what was his. He walked over to a stone pillar that was in the middle of the room, placing his hand on it, he started to say his incantation. This spell will keep his mate in this chamber until the mating was done.

Once that was done he made his way over to the futon where his mate was located. He laid down next to her and moved her closer to his body. He looked upon her perfect features, then his hand touched her cheek to gently caress it. He saw her move closer to his touch as a warm smile came to his lips. His female wanted more contact with him and he was willing to give it to her in spades.

Slowly Sesshoumaru's eyes started to turn red while he caressed her cheeks. His desires for his females will soon be realized when he made her his mate. He continued with what he was doing when he noticed that his female was starting to wake up.

Kagome felt that someone was caressing her cheeks. The touch was soft and gentle when she moved closer to the warmth she was feeling. Slowly she opened her eyes as they came into focus. She noticed that Sesshoumaru was next to her when she moved closer to him. She was worried about him because his eyes were red, meaning Maru was in control.

She moved her arm up, while holding him around his waist and noticed that he had no haori on. Her fingers moved up and down his skin when she felt him shiver with want and desire. "Sesshoumaru, is everything all right?"

Sesshoumaru arousal went through the roof when his female caressed his markings. They were very sensitive to the touch. He heard her question and answered, "Yes, Koi everything is fine."

Kagome closed her eyes, she was happy that everything was fine with her mate. His hands were moving down her body and it was making her hot with desire. To her it seemed that they were in their dream world where her Sesshoumaru would show her love and affection.

Sesshoumaru could not wait any longer as his hands moved on their own. Slowly his head lowers and captures her lips with his. They were soft and smooth to the touch as his tongue came out and gently caressed her bottom lip asking for entrance. His mate complied with what he wanted, whereas his tongue explored her heated cavern.

She tasted wonderful like strawberries and vanilla with a touch of spice. It was warm and velvety soft, it made his head spin with the softness of her cavern. He couldn't get enough of her taste as the kiss turned passionate.

Kagome's head was swimming as the passionate kiss turned into something more and she was taken to a place she has never been before. Before she knew what was going on her mate was making love to her and claiming her as his mate.


Kagome fell forward and was breathing hard, that was the most intense climax she has ever had, she felt Sesshoumaru moving them into another position then he turned her to cuddle into his chest. She was still breathing hard, but then she felt as something took over her body, she turned her head and then bit down on his chest. She heard her male growl and then howled in pleasure as she was drinking his blood. When she was done she then pulled her fangs out of his chest as her tongue went over his wound to close it.

Kagome watched as her mark was forming on her mate's chest. It was the sign of the Shikon with a leaf underneath it. In the middle of the Shikon she noticed a small crescent moon forming there as well. She yawned, she was tired from what they just finished doing, closing her eyes she fell asleep.

Sesshoumaru was breathing hard. He never expected his mate to mark him as hers. When she bit him, there was another power rush that went into his body as he seemed to get even stronger. He looked down to see his mate finally asleep, then he noticed the mark she left on his chest. It was her mark and it was fitting, the union of the Shikon miko with the Western Lord, plus her status as Konokarei daughter was also on his chest.

He held his female even closer to his chest and brought the furs up to cover them. He finally gave a big yawn as he fell asleep with his mate in his arms.


Across the lands every Youkai knew that a powerful male just mated a powerful female. They could feel the power wash across the lands as they looked on in amazement. The trees were growing stronger, grass was growing taller, new plant life was sprouting up all over the lands.

They noticed that the power was coming from the West and they now knew that the Western Lord must have taken a mate.

The power was so great that even those in Edo, noticed when it washed across the lands.

Shippou head snapped up when he felt the power surge. He was on his feet in an instant when he went outside to see what was going on. The rest of the pack felt it as well as they all rushed outside.

The pack stood there as they saw the power wash across the lands. When it touched Inuyasha's forest they noticed right away that the trees grew taller. New ones were growing at an alarming rate, flowers were coming up from the ground, as the group look on in awe.

Sango was the first to come out of her shock, "What is going on? Where is this power coming from?"

Shippou sniffed the air and then he looked around the area. He heard Sango's question and answered, "It is done."

Both Miroku and Sango were confused as Miroku asked, "What is done?" They both waited for the kit to tell them what was going on.

Shippou took a deep breath and continued with what he was saying, "Mother and Lord Sesshoumaru have finally mated. The power that you feel going across the lands is the power that they released when they finally came to their end and Sesshoumaru marked my mother as his mate.

"Sesshoumaru is a Lord and he will have a den somewhere in the middle of his territory that is used just for mating. The power that he released when he finally took my mother would go back into the lands to keep it protected and safe. It also proves that he is Lord of the lands that he protects.

"But with him mating my mother her powers were added to the lands along with Sesshoumaru's. She is the reason why everything is growing so fast. You will notice that there will be new vegetation in the area, along with new herbs and flowers, plus the fields around the village have grown as well to provide more food for everyone. You can see the trees have already reacted to her as they grew in height and grew stronger. I will bet that by morning there will be more trees in the area."

Sango and Miroku couldn't believe what they were told. All this happened because Sesshoumaru mated with Kagome? They never knew that things like this could happen in a mating. Of course, they didn't know that many things about Youkai so they were learning as they were going along.

They both came out of their musing when they heard the kit continue, "But the strange thing is that their power is spreading all over the lands. The mating was not confined to the Western lands. It is going all over to the other territories as well. This means that my mother and Sesshoumaru are the supreme rulers for all the lands and they will all have to bow down to them, including the other Lords."

Miroku and Sango were shocked to hear this, "Shippou why would the other Lords have to bow down to our alphas?"

Shippou turned his green eyes towards his pack and friends, "Because Sesshoumaru mated my mother, who is a demigoddess and daughter to the guardian of the lands, she rules the lands along with her father. Sesshoumaru now shares that responsibility with Kagome. If the other Lords cross Kagome in anyway or they hurt Sesshoumaru the Youkai in the lands will suffer because she will take away what they need most, their food.

"The lands will not die but the lands will react to what the other Youkai are doing with the new ruling pair. They will protect Kagome and Sesshoumaru no matter what. To anger the earth is like sending the wrath of the Kami's down from the heavens. I'm sure that the Youkai of these lands will learn that lesson quickly. It will only take one to be made the example and the others will follow suit."

Miroku and Sango agreed with Shippou they have seen firsthand what Kagome has as far as powers and she can control all the elements of the earth and its poisons. You really don't want to get her mad at you, an angry Kagome was a dangerous one.


Inside the hut a hanyou was paying attention to what was being said outside. His ears lowered to his head when he heard the kit say that Sesshoumaru has finally mated Kagome. Now she was out of his reach, if Sesshoumaru mated Kagome and marked her, she was lost to him. He will never be able to claim her as his mate because if one died so will the other.

He should have known that this would happen if he went with Kikyou. Kagome has stated a hundred times that she will never be interested in a mated male. It went against everything that was taught to her. Her mother made sure that she instilled those teaching into her daughter. Plus, he couldn't get over the fact that she was Konokarei daughter. He never really paid attention to her powers before. If he had he would have seen that she was a powerful female, more powerful than Kikyou ever was.

He closed his eyes as he went to sleep, come morning the alphas will be back and he must deal with them. He was not looking forward to that at all, he could be banished from the pack for what he did and he knew it. He sighed when he finally relaxed and fell asleep.


The next morning Kagome was the first to stir. Her breathing was picking up and then she slowly opened her eyes. She saw creamy white skin with magenta stripes going around the chest. She noticed a mark on the chest that she didn't remember being there before. It had a leaf with the Shikon No Tama on top of it and in the middle of the Tama there was a crescent moon. She wondered where this came from when she started to move.

She felt pain in her lower region and moaned. At that moment, she heard Sesshoumaru growl low and gentle for her as it seemed to take her pain away. She looked up in time to see his eyes opening.

Sesshoumaru awoke the moment that his mates breathing pattern changed. He stayed still to see what his mate was going to do. He felt fingers on his chest as they traced his markings. Then he felt when his female fingered her mark on his chest. It sent a rush of heat through his body as his manhood started to get hard all over again.

Then he felt his mate moan in pain, he growled to try and help her. He opened his eyes then looked at his mate. He was worried about her, "Mate are you all right?"

Kagome was calming down from her pain when she heard what Sesshoumaru was saying to her. She could hear the concern in his voice and answered, "Yes mate I'm fine now. I'm just a little sore that's all."

Kagome was thinking hard when she felt the pain between her legs. She thought that the mating she had with Sesshoumaru happened in their dream world so why was she feeling pain in the real world. She was confused, she looked up at her mate and asked, "Where are we Sesshoumaru? Are we in our dream world or the real one?"

Sesshoumaru was not best pleased that his female thought that they were in their dream world. "Mate we are in the real world. Currently we are located deep in the western territories in the mating cave of my ancestors. We mated last night. I told you that I wanted our first time together to be in the real world and that happened last night. You are my mate from now until the end of time. We will be together for all eternity."

Kagome was shocked, she had no idea that she was still in the waking world when she mated Sesshoumaru. Tears started to form in her eyes when she asked, "You mean that you are mine? And I am yours… forever?"

Sesshoumaru didn't know what was going on with his mate and answered with a simple, "Yes mate."

Kagome got a burst of energy whilst she kissed her mate senseless. She wound up on top of his body, and then she had her way with him. She was in love and horny as hell. Forget about the fact that she was sore, she wanted her mate and she was going to have him. She started to make love to his body and then she got everything that she ever wanted from her male.

Sesshoumaru for his part was worried about his mate. He didn't know what was going thru her mind when he was pushed back on the futon with his mate on his chest. She was kissing him senseless, when a growl left his chest and enjoyed what his mate was doing to him. He forgot about what they were talking about as his mate took him to new levels of ecstasy. They made love for the rest of the morning until they were both sedated.

Once their passion died down Sesshoumaru took his female into the heated hot springs that was attached to the mating chambers. They bathed each other with ease as their heated touches turned into something more.

It was late in the afternoon before the couple left the mating chambers, Sesshoumaru formed his youki cloud under his feet and took off with his mate. He had his mate dressed in a white hakama and haori, similar in style to what he was wearing. It fit her perfectly as he held his mate around her waist and traveled back to the pack.

Sesshoumaru was surprised by his mate's changes. She now had his crescent moon on her forehead and pointed ears like him. She had one magenta crest on each side of her cheek. Her hair was longer than before but she kept the same hair color of black, red, and silver. He loved her changes and there was no doubt that she was his mate.

His brother will finally see that his mate was out of his reach. Now he was wondering what he has done since they left the village last night. He wouldn't put it past Inuyasha to cause a scene and try to go after him. If he knew the kit well, he would have stopped him along with his mate's pack. They will not put up with such foolishness when he tried to go after his mate.

The kit knew what last night was, he knew that he would mate his mother to bring her fully into his pack and make her his alpha female. That meant that the kit will have his mother back and they both would be happy again. He couldn't wait to get back to see what was going to happen with the two of them.

Kagome was just relaxing against Sesshoumaru. It was a wonderful surprise that she woke up to this morning. She was now mated to Sesshoumaru and she couldn't be happier. She knew when she attacked her mate this morning that she was taking him by surprise, and surprised he was. She had her way with him when she showed him such pleasures that he never experienced before. By the time, she was done they were both out of breath and perfectly sedated.

She snuggled closer to her mate whilst she closed her eyes and rested. When they arrived back at the village she knew she would have to deal with Inuyasha. She was sure that he acted up last night and that the pack had to subdue him. This was not going to be a pleasant thing to do. She really didn't want anything to upset her but she knew that she couldn't be that lucky.

Sesshoumaru and Kagome arrived back at the village by late afternoon. Kagome noticed the difference in the area and she was shocked. Everything was lush and green. The forest was denser and the fields held more food for the villagers. She noticed flowers growing in the area that were never there before.

She was wondering what caused the changes, then she turned to her mate and asked, "Sesshoumaru why has the land changed? I mean there are more trees, flowers, and grass than when we left this area. There are flowers growing that never grew here before, so what has changed?"

Sesshoumaru turned his attention to his mate. He was expecting this question since they started to travel back to the village. He noticed the changes in the lands from their mating. The lands were cared for and it reacted to their joining. "What changed my miko is our mating. When we mated, the lands reacted to it. Once we reached our peaks together we released the powers that we hold. It goes back into the lands to protect and nourish it. Everything takes on a new life, the trees get stronger, new flowers grow along with new herbs that have not been seen before. But this only happened because I mated you. Since you are Konokarei daughter you gave the lands some much needed power. Now the lands will take care of the people that live on it."

Kagome was blown away by what her mate was saying to her. She never knew all of this would happen when they mated.

Kagome concentrated on the lands then she felt that their powers encompassed the entire lands, the lands were giving her their thanks for the energy she bestowed upon them. She thought this strange as she turned back to her mate, "Sesshoumaru… not only did your lands received the powers that we released when we mated but the rest of the lands as well. What is going to happen with the rest of the Lords of these lands? Are they going to take offense that we nourished their lands as well?"

Sesshoumaru was blown away by what his mate was telling him. This has only happened once before and that was when his father was alive and mated his mother. Even though he never marked her as a mate when he released his powers it went all over the lands. That is why he was known as the Inu No Taisho, the Great Dog General of the lands. He ruled supreme over all the lands.

He thought about this for a few seconds as this information finally sunk into his mind. He then turned to his mate, he was then able to answer her questions, "They will not do anything mate. It means that we rule all the lands as I have finally reached my father's level in power. My Youkai and your powers are embedded into the lands to keep it safe. We will be able to tell if something is wrong and can react to the threat before it gets out of hand.

"Plus, I know that the lands will tell you if they sense a threat to you. They are protective of you and they don't want to lose you to anything on these lands." Kagome understood what her mate was telling her. She felt connected to the lands and they were grateful that she was here on this earth to help it.

They both turned as they were slowly approaching the village. They noticed that the pack was outside waiting for them when they landed in front of Kaede's hut. Kagome could tell that something was wrong by the looks on their faces and what it was she was not going to like.


The pack has been waiting most of the day for the alphas to return. It has been a stressful morning because of Inuyasha. He has been a pain in their side wanting to be let loose before the alphas got back. No matter how many times they told him that they will not release him he became that much more combative.

Finally, after lunch Shippou stuck his nose in the air and stated, "The alphas are returning."

The pack went outside to greet them. They noticed when the alphas landed on the ground in front of Kaede's hut. They could see the concern look in Kagome's eyes as they all kneeled and bared their necks in submission to the alphas.

Sesshoumaru for his part knew that something was not right when he didn't see his brother. He growled his upset, "Kit… where is the half-breed?"

Shippou stood and stated to his alpha, "Inuyasha tried to go after you when you left last night. He wanted to get to Kagome so he could mate with her. We restrained him in the hut with ofuda's, and he has been demanding to be set free prior to your return."

Sesshoumaru understood all too well and gave a nod in understanding. He then ordered the kit to release the half breed, so his issues could be addressed.

Shippou didn't waste any time, he leaped from his position and entered the hut. He approached the hanyou, he took his claws and took a swipe at the ofuda that was on his chest. He slashed them in half destroying the ofuda and said, "The alpha wants to speak to you."

Inuyasha slowly got up off the ground, he was not happy about going to see his brother. He had nothing to say to him now that he has taken his miko away from him. He slowly made his way out of the hut and went to face the alpha of his pack.

He stopped a short distance away from his brother and looked at the female that he wanted as a mate. He could see her changes and he now knew that she was fully mated to his brother. He didn't say a word nor did he submit to his brother, he just stood there waiting to see what he was going to say to him.


Sesshoumaru noticed the way his brother was walking out of the hut. He had control issues and the way he looked at his mate made his own beast stand up and take noticed. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that his mate was about to say something to the hanyou but he growled at her, saying to stand down that he will handle his brother.

Kagome didn't like the way that Inuyasha was looking at her and she was about to lay into him. She heard her mates request and backed down. He was right, as alpha it was his right to deal with the members of the pack when they became unruly.

Sesshoumaru was happy when his mate let him handle his brother. He knew that she wanted to go after him but it was his right, as her mate, to deal with the little fool. He stood tall and stated, "I was told that you wanted to come after me last night Inuyasha, for what reason would you risk my wrath and interfere with my mating to my miko? You were there yesterday when her father gave his permission for me to take her as my mate, yet you still wanted to interfere with what was happening last night, why is that?"

Inuyasha heard his brother's words and he was pissed to high heaven, yes, he heard when her father gave his permission for Sesshoumaru to take his female as a mate. He never knew that she had a father but at the same time he really didn't care, she was his to begin with, "You had no right to take her as your mate. She was my alpha female and you walked into my pack and took it over. What right do you have to come into my pack and just take it from me?"

Sesshoumaru was getting angrier by the minute when he heard the foolishness that his brother was sprouting out of his mouth. On top of that he could feel his mate's anger getting the better of her. He took his hand when his whip came out and hit his brother on his chest. He sent his brother flying across the ground as he landed on his back.

Sesshoumaru was on him and had his hand wrapped around his throat, while he said in a deadly voice, "You little bastard! What gives you the right to say that you were ever alpha of this pack? You never cared about anything but that dead bitch that cursed and used you to get what she wanted. You pushed this loving and caring miko off to the side and never cared if she was hurt by your actions.

"When she finally had enough she left on her own and the rest of the pack followed her. They knew who the true alpha was and never abandoned her like you did night after night. You have tried several times to subdue her and never could.

"Now she is my mate and she is beyond your reach. Her pack is now a part of mine, as for you, you have a choice to make. Will you be a productive member of this pack or will you continue with your behavior and force my hand to cast you out of my pack, never to return? The choice is yours."

Inuyasha heard everything that his brother said to him and he had a point. He was never alpha of his pack, Kagome was. He always thought that she would always be there for him no matter what, after all she did promise to stay by his side. He never even thought that she would get tired of what he was doing and leave him to strike out on her own.

He didn't want to be alone. It was a feeling that he never wanted to feel ever again. It was a lonely existence and he enjoyed the friends that he had. He lowered his eyes as he exposed his neck to his brother accepting him as alpha.

Sesshoumaru noticed what his brother did. It pleased him that he chose to stay with the pack and accepted him as alpha. He released him then he stood up and waited for his brother to finish his submission.

Inuyasha felt when his brother let him go. He stood up, then he walked forward and nuzzled his brother on his neck and gently licked him accepting him fully as his alpha.

Sesshoumaru was please, very pleased that his brother was finally growing up and accepting responsibility to be a part of the whole. His issues with his mate were no more as he turned and pulled his mate to his side.

The pack was happy that Inuyasha was finally acting like a member of the pack. He accepted Sesshoumaru as his alpha and now the pack was whole once more.

Shippou for his part was happy that the hanyou has finally settled down. He turned his attention to his mother as he approached his alpha and kneeled in front of him, barring his neck.

Sesshoumaru noticed when the kit approached him. He knew what the kit needed and he knew that his mate needed this as well. He nodded for him to approach and then gave a gentle nod, approving for him to say his peace to his mother.

Shippou was happy when the alpha gave him permission to talk to his mother. He turned his attention to her, his voice when he spoke was full of untapped raw emotion for his mother and would crack every time he spoke, "Mama, now that you are Sesshoumaru's mate you are now my mother again. I hope that you can forgive me for what I did and will accept me as your son once more." He kneeled in front of his mother and barred his neck to her in submission, asking for forgiveness.

Kagome heard what her kit said to her. She never realized that once she mated Sesshoumaru that Shippou would be her kit once more. She didn't have to worry about any other Youkai attacking him for mating rights. She looked at her mate when she saw him give her a gentle nod. He understood her so well, then she gave him a brilliant smile.

She turned her attention to her kit as she opened her arms and called his name.

Shippou upon hearing his mother call to him looked towards her and noticed that her arms were opened to him. He rushed into her arms and he held her close to his body and cried. You could hear him saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry mama… please forgive me."

Kagome just held on to her kit then she gently growled to calm him down. "I understand why you did it Shippou, and I know that everything happens for a reason. But now we are back together and you will always be my little kit." She held on to her kit for a few more minutes, she let go of him and kissed his forehead, before she stepped away from him.

Sesshoumaru looked on with love in his eyes. His mate was the perfect mother to the pups of the pack. Even when they were grown she was still the perfect mother and was there to help her pups no matter how old they were. If they needed comfort from her she gave it to them, no questions asked.

Once the kit and miko separated he moved forward and grabbed his mate. He then turned his attention to his pack. "Get everything ready we are leaving to go to the Western Lands. Once at my shiro the pack will stay together as I assign you to your new duties. Training will continue every morning to make sure we don't lose our fighting cohesiveness."

Everyone understood what the alpha was saying, they went about packing up their things, as they got ready to move to the western shiro. Kagome took this time to talk to Kaede, she was going to miss the old miko and it was breaking her heart. She knew that she could come back and see the old miko but it wouldn't be the same. Her home now was with Sesshoumaru and she will miss the old miko that she thought of as her grandmother.

As the pack was getting ready to leave no one noticed that a member of the pack was missing from the group.

Once everyone was ready Kagome gave a fond farewell to Kaede. She wished that she could take her with her but she knew that she had a duty to perform here at the village.

Sesshoumaru looked around as the pack gathered together. His little mate was saying her farewells to the old miko. He noticed that there was someone missing from the group and he didn't like it. He never noticed that Jaken was gone from the area, as a matter of fact he has not seen him since the battle began.

Sesshoumaru lifted his nose into the air and looked for his scent. He was nowhere in the village and this did not sit well with him. He called his brother to him and gave him his orders to return to the battle area and look to see if he was there and injured.

Inuyasha understood his brother's orders as he took off into the forest. He made it back to the battle field in record time and looked for the little kappa. He never really liked that kappa but his brother could not in good conscious leave this area if a member of his pack was missing.

Inuyasha sniffed the area when he found the kappa's trail. He followed it into the forest and he was wondering where the green idiot was going. He followed his scent for a while and then noticed that he was heading west. He knew this was not good, it meant that the kappa abandoned his Lord in the middle of a battle and went back to the west.

Inuyasha turned and hurried on his way. He had to report back to his brother. He arrived back at the village as the group was getting ready to leave the village. He approached his brother and reported what he had found.

Sesshoumaru listened to what his brother was saying to him. He didn't like that Jaken abandoned the pack in the middle of a battle. That he had returned to the west was even worse as he gave a low and vicious growl. He said his thanks to his brother for the information, he turned to his mate and stated, "Come it is time that we head west. There is something that I must take care of when we reach the shiro."

Kagome noticed how angry her mate was when she approached him. His eyes were going red as she asked, "Sesshoumaru? What's wrong?"

Sesshoumaru was having a hard time controlling his beast. He wanted to be set free so he could go after the traitorous kappa. He abandoned his pack in the middle of a battle and that was an act that was unforgivable. It is punishable by death, and right now Sesshoumaru's beast wanted the kappa's head.

Sesshoumaru heard his mates question, she was worried about him when he turned red eyes towards his mate.

Kagome noticing the shade of her mate's eyes moved closer to him, and bared her neck in submission. She knew that this was the best way to get him back to normal.

Sesshoumaru grabbed his mate and he moved her closer to his chest. His nose was buried into her neck while he took in her scent. Finally, Sesshoumaru was getting control of his beast and calmed down.

Once he was in control he answered his mate's question. Kagome for her part was not surprised that the kappa left the battle field. He was worthless, that's why he could never protect Rin when he was left in charge of her, plus the fact that he hated humans.

Kagome sighed, it was going to be a stressful journey back to the west. She didn't have a good feeling about all of this. She knew that they were going to have problems when they arrived back at the shiro.

Inuyasha watched as the pack was getting ready to leave. He was so focused on what was going on around him that he never noticed the person approaching him from behind. He felt a push when he took an involuntary step forward. He turned to curse the person that pushed him when he came face to face with a large neko.


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