Chapter 31

Kirara saw her friend standing off to the side looking like he was lost. She already had the monk and her mistress on her back, she decided that she was missing one more person and made her way over to her hanyou friend.

She hits his back to get his attention and when he turns around she then rubs her head against his chest, while she purrs. She didn't stop until she got what she wanted from Inuyasha which was an ear rub and a gentle growl from him.

Inuyasha was surprised to see Kirara standing behind him, she bumped his chest again with her head and purred. He knew what she wanted whilst he scratched the area behind her ear. The giant neko purred her delight when he stopped and stepped away from her.

Kirara noticed when Inuyasha was about to walk away from her, she grabbed his sleeve to prevent him from leaving the area. She growled at her friend, then Inuyasha heard a female voice say, "She is offering you a ride Inuyasha, will you accept her offer?" Sango stated while she eyed the hanyou with curiosity.

Inuyasha heard her words when his ears lowered and said, "You still want me to travel with you with everything that I have done?"

Sango sighed, she hated to see Inuyasha this way. It was not his fault that the bitch put him under a spell to get what she wanted, "Inuyasha we all know that the dead bitch cast a dark spell on you, to make you act the way you did. You never wanted to listen to anyone talk ill about the corpse. That was your downfall. You lost Kagome because of Kikyou but you still have us as friends because you chose correctly and submitted to our alpha. We are pack, Inuyasha, and pack always stay together."

Inuyasha listened to what Sango was saying and she was right. He has been blind for a long time to what was going on around him because of Kikyou. He never noticed that she was slowly pulling him away from his friends.

He felt another bump on his chest and Kirara growled at him. He got the hint and jumped on behind the monk, the giant feline jumped into the air and was following the alphas to the western shiro.

Inuyasha for the first time in his life felt like he was a part of something. He had a family that wanted him and he was happy about where he was. Too bad he had to lose the most precious thing in his life but there was nothing that he could do about it now. He still had his friends and Kagome was still near him in case he needed her advice on things.

He knew that being with his brother was not going to be easy but he was surprised when his brother didn't banish him from the lands or his pack. Maybe he has been wrong all this time about his brother. He never really listened to him when Sesshoumaru talked to him, he was always too angry to listen. But now he had no choice but to listen when he gave him orders. He could learn a lot about his brother if he just paid attention to what he does.

Inuyasha liked this idea, he settled back and enjoyed the ride going to the west. He did notice one thing before they left the village. His brother was upset at not finding the kappa. If that little green snot abandoned his brother's pack in the middle of a battle he knew he will be dead by his brother's hand. You never leave pack behind or in danger if you could help them, and Jaken was about to learn that lesson the hard way.

Inuyasha knew it would take a few days to reach the western shiro and by the time his brother got home he will be ready to kill the kappa for what he has done.

Inuyasha didn't know how right he was as the group continued to head west.

Sesshoumaru was anything but calm and his anger was great for the kappa abandoning his position in a battle. It was desertion and he was going to deal with the pain in his side once he found him. He made sure to keep his anger at bay because he didn't want to upset his little mate. She had enough to deal with and her getting upset because of him was not his intension.

So, the pack continued moving west and once they got there, is when the fires of hell will be delivered to one smart mouth kappa.


Jaken has been traveling hard for the past few days. He was heading back towards the western shiro and he was in a hurry to get there.

Imagine his surprise to wake up in the middle of a heated battle. He ran and hid behind a tree while he observed that wench's pack battling Naraku's minions. He had to duck several times, if not he would have lost his head as Youkai were attacking him. He noticed when that wench took out Kagura and Kanna. Then the hanyou shows up and he is fighting the hordes of Youkai along with the wench's pack.

Once the Youkai were all gone he thought that it was safe to come out of his hiding place. He started to make his way towards the rest of the ningens when Naraku showed up. He was scared shitless. He was almost purified by that wench and took off going west. He was going home and no one was going to stop him.

Finally, after 3 days of traveling he made it to the shiro when he ran past the gate guards. The guards looked at him oddly wondering what was wrong with the crazy kappa. They waited to see if their Lord was coming but there was no sign of him. They sent word to their general informing him of what has happened.

Eiji was moving quickly through the shiro. He was on a mission to find Jaken. He had to know where his Lord was located and if he needed help. It was not like Jaken to come back to the shiro without their Lord. The kappa was attached to the Lord's hip and wherever Sesshoumaru went so did the kappa.

Eiji finally made it to Jaken's bed chambers. He could hear the kappa moving around his room and he was cursing. He didn't know what was going on but he was determined to find out.

He entered Jaken's rooms when he observed the kappa gathering his things. Now he knew something was wrong because the kappa was trying to leave the western lands. He cleared his throat and asked, "Jaken, where is Lord Sesshoumaru?" Eiji had the satisfaction of seeing the kappa jump about 3 feet in the air when he finally turned to look at him.

Jaken was busy gathering up his things. He was going to leave the shiro before his Lord came home. He knew that what he did was looked down upon but ever since that wench merged her pack with his Lord's nothings has been going right for him. He had no idea how his Lord got to be so small, his Lord was depending on that wench to protect him when he should have depended on him to protect him. He was more than capable in protecting his Lord plus it would have been an honor to do so.

Jaken was so deep in thought that he didn't hear anyone come into his room until he heard a voice demanding to know where his Lord was located. He jumped in fright when he turned to see who was speaking to him in such a tone of voice. He was surprised to see Eiji standing inside his room, he got himself together and said in a deadly voice, "How dare you enter my chambers without my approval!"

Eiji was not fazed by the kappa when he asked again, "Where is Lord Sesshoumaru? You are always with him and you never leave his side for anything. What has happened that you have come back to the shiro without our Lord and why are you now packing to leave?"

Jaken just paled and didn't say anything to the Inu general. He didn't have to answer his questions but he knew that he had to get out of here. He turned and grabbed the bag he filled with his things and started to leave.

Eiji didn't like being ignored and when he saw the kappa trying to leave he knew he did something that he shouldn't have. He was leaving to avoid his Lord and that was unacceptable to him.

He grabbed Jaken by the back of his robes and lifted him up off the floor. He growled stating, "You are not going anywhere, you will stay here until our Lord returns to the shiro and then he will pass judgment on what you have done. I know that you did something because you would not be leaving the shiro if you didn't. Whatever it is I'm sure that the Lord will give you your just rewards."

Jaken paled when he heard what Eiji was saying to him. There was no way he was staying here and waiting for his Lord to come back. "Let go of me! I have business elsewhere and you can't keep me here. Plus, our Lord will not be returning any time soon. He is in no condition to return to the shiro yet."

This caught Eiji interest, then he asked in a deadly voice, "What has happened to him?"

Jaken refused to answer him and the Inu got mad. He then turned taking the kappa with him, he was heading towards the front of the shiro. He yelled for some guards as they came running to his location. Once they were there he said, "Take this idiot and put him in the dungeons. There he will wait for our Lord to return."

Jaken was having none of it, while he tried to get out of Eiji hold. It did no good as the guards grabbed the kappa and took him to the dungeons. They heard the kappa's threats for manhandling him but they didn't care. They were all tired of the kappa's lack of respect for their general and their Lord. They knew he did something that their Lord will kill him for and they couldn't wait for his return.

They reached a cell in the dungeon as they opened the door and threw the kappa into it. They closed the cell door and left him alone. He was cursing up a storm while he demanded to be released. They all knew that his days were numbered once their Lord returned to the shiro.


Sesshoumaru and his pack have been traveling for 3 days now. They were nearing the shiro and the closer they got the redder Sesshoumaru's eyes turned. He could tell that Jaken was still in the shiro and his soldiers have taken care to make sure he stayed there. He must reward them once he got his hands on the kappa.

He started to growl low in his throat whilst his beast was getting ready to take control.

Kagome upon hearing that her mate was growling turned towards him, she growled low in her throat. She brought his attention back to her as she asked, "Sesshoumaru what's wrong?"

Sesshoumaru stopped his growling, he turned his attention to his mate and stated, "Jaken is at the shiro and my soldiers have made sure that he did not leave the shiro until I returned home."

Kagome understood what her mate was telling her, she sighed and stated, "Please… just don't lose control over Maru. I know that you will deal with the kappa once we get there."

Sesshoumaru understood what his mate was telling him. She wanted him to stay in control and show everyone why he was Lord. He must handle this carefully because this will be an object lesson for everyone.

The group was on the final approach to the shiro. Sesshoumaru lowered the barrier around his shiro as everyone flew through it and then it was put back in place. Once they all landed Sesshoumaru stood tall while he waited for his general to approach.

Eiji was moving quickly when he stopped and bowed to his Lord. He noticed Sesshoumaru nod towards him, he rose to his feet and stated, "Welcome back my Lord. I was told that it would be some time before you returned to the shiro."

Sesshoumaru's eyebrow went up into his bangs, then he asked, "Who told you this?"

Eiji noticed the red that was starting to seep into his Lord's eyes. Now he knew that Jaken did something that his Lord would kill him for, "Jake told me that you would not be returning to the shiro for a while longer. But he would not say why you wouldn't return. I thought it best to keep him here since he was trying to leave the shiro before you arrived back, my Lord."

Sesshoumaru was very pleased when he asked, "Where is Jaken now?"

"He is in the dungeons my Lord." Eiji reported but kept his eyes on his Lord. He noticed the gleam in his eyes while he waited for his orders.

Sesshoumaru was please that they have detained the kappa. "Very well General bring Jaken to the grand audience chambers and I will deal with him there." Sesshoumaru then turned to his pack and said over his shoulder, "I want all of you to come with me."

Sesshoumaru moved heading inside his shiro. The pack followed closely behind their alpha as they entered a large room. To the front, they noticed two chairs that were sitting up higher than the rest of the room as Sesshoumaru stepped up and extended his hand towards his mate.

Kagome was looking all over the shiro whilst she followed her mate. The shiro was beautiful and it held so much history in it. When they got to the grand audience chambers her eyes went wide. It was beautiful, she noticed all the paintings lining both sides of the room. She recognized Sesshoumaru's father when she walked by and then stopped when her mate climbed the two steps up to the dais. She noticed his hand and placed her hand inside his much larger one and was pulled to stand by his side.

Once Sesshoumaru had his mate by his side he stated to the rest of the pack. "Your place is standing behind us on the dais. Once the prisoner is brought in you will all observer the judgment that is passed down."

Kagome turned to her mate, "Sesshoumaru, does Rin have to be here with Shippou?"

Sesshoumaru turned towards his mate, she had concerns about her pups but Shippou was an adult now and he must be treated as such, "I will let Rin go to her room but the kit must stay and see what is about to happen."

Kagome lowered her head while she agreed and Sesshoumaru summoned a servant to take Rin to her room.

Sesshoumaru then took his seat next to his mate, he nodded to the guards by the doors. They opened the doors and they escorted the kappa into the grand audience chambers.

Jaken was forced out of the dungeons and when he asked where they were taking him, the guards never answered his questions. He was struggling in their grasp when they dropped him on the floor, he growled at them for their treatment of his person.

Jaken looked towards the front and he noticed that his Lord was once more back to his normal form. His jaw dropped open, "My Lord this humble servant is happy to see you in your normal form. I have been looking for you ever since the battle with Naraku. How did you return to your normal size, my Lord?"

Sesshoumaru growled at Jaken, he was not in the habit of answering questions, "Jaken, where have you been? Why did you leave the battle field in the middle of our battle with Naraku?"

The soldiers standing around the room all gasped when they heard their Lord's question. Now they knew why the kappa wanted to leave the shiro before their Lord came home. What he did is punishable by death for deserting their Lord in a battle.

They all knew that Sesshoumaru didn't need any help in fighting an enemy but if you went into battle with him then you were required to stay until it ended, or you were dead. With the kappa leaving before the battle was finished he abandon their Lord to his fate without backup.

Jaken was shaking in fear while he tried to grovel, "Please my Lord, I did nothing wrong. I looked for you in that battle but you were nowhere to be found. I only saw that ningens pack fighting the Youkai in that area and I didn't think that I was required to stay in a battle with them."

Jaken jumped when he heard a vicious growl, it did not come from his Lord, but it did come from the female sitting next to him. He had no idea who this female was but he noticed that the ningens that traveled with that miko were currently standing behind his Lord, along with the half breed.

Kagome temper was getting the best of her when she growled at the kappa, "Jaken, how dare you lie to your Lord! You knew that you were to be aiding in the final battle with Naraku and you left the battlefield because you were too scared to fight. You did the same thing when we battled the wolves and Koga, you went into the forest there and hid until the battle was done.

"You complain constantly that you do not want to be left behind with Rin yet you are worthless when it comes to fighting in a battle. I'm beginning to think that the only reason you fought against Naraku's minions is because you were about to die and you had no choice but to fight."

Jaken was losing his temper while he yelled back, "Who do you think you are yelling at me like that? I'm Lord Sesshoumaru's faithful servant and I always do as he commands. And who are you to even say those things about me when this is the first time that we have ever met?"

Jaken felt pain when he was hit in the chest and went flying backwards to land hard on his back. He was breathing hard, he rolled over and got up once more. He was about to yell at the wench for attacking him when he noticed that the attack didn't come from her but from his Lord.

Sesshoumaru was pissed that Jaken would even speak to his mate in such a manner. He let his whip fly while he hit him in the chest. He growled again, "How dare you speak to my mate in such a manner. She is above you in every way and what she said is true, you are worthless in a battle and you complained every time I left you with Rin to protect her."

Jaken still was at a loss of words, "But who is your mate my Lord, we have never met."

Sesshoumaru growled as he stated, "She is the Shikon Miko, daughter to Konokarei, and my mate. She is the miko Kagome. You knew that I was traveling with her for a while as we set up our plans to bring Naraku down. You also knew that you were to help in the final battle because she gave you her orders. When we merged our packs together she was the alpha female of the pack and I was the alpha male. As alpha of her pack her orders were to be carried out no matter what.

"You chose to ignore her orders after I told you that you would be in the final battle. You ran the moment you saw the danger and left the miko and her pack to battle Naraku alone when she could have used an extra set of hands.

"For your transgression against your Lord and abandoning your post in the final battle with Naraku you are hear by sentenced to death. This is an act that I will not tolerate from anyone under my rule."

Jaken fell to his knees as he pleaded with his Lord, "But Lord Sesshoumaru I have been a faithful servant for years and I have always done your bidding. How can you put me to death for the one mistake I have made in my life?"

Sesshoumaru showed no emotion when he stated, "You should have thought about your actions before you did them. You abandoned my mate in that battle and she could have been hurt. In fact, she was hurt in that battle. This is an action that I take seriously and anyone that will not protect my mate will die by my hand."

Sesshoumaru turned his attention to the guards then nodded. The guards came forward, they grabbed the kappa and took him away. He will be executed immediately for his betrayal to their Lord.

Sesshoumaru then turned towards his pack, "I will have a servant show you to your rooms. Freshen up and then come back down to the dining hall. The evening meal will be served in one hour."

A servant entered the grand audience chambers, she took the members of the pack and showed them to their rooms. Sesshoumaru turned to his mate and extended his arm to her and she took it.

Kagome stood and followed her Lord out of the grand audience chamber, they were heading upstairs. She was saddened in a way for the kappa to be executed but there was nothing that she could do about it. She knew that he had issues with ningens and if the Youkai were going to survive what is to come they must live together in peace with the ningens on the lands.

Kagome was walking along with her mate while she was looking around the shiro. Sesshoumaru could tell that his mate was fascinated with his home and he felt proud. He wanted to make sure that his mate was happy in her new home and with her being this curious he knew that she will be happy here.

They were approaching his bed chambers when he stopped and opened the door for his mate. He let her go in first then he followed right after.

Kagome stopped in her tracks when she observed Sesshoumaru's room. It was beautiful in her eyes. It was all her favorite colors and it was warm and welcoming. There was a large futon in the middle of the room. Windows were everywhere as the natural light came into the room. Heavy curtains covered them at night to make sure that the occupants are not disturbed by the morning light.

The cover on the futon was a royal blue with little silver crescent moons all over it. Pillows covered a third of the bed in blues, reds, and black. There was a desk to the left with a large chair to sit in. Book shelves lined one side of the room when she noticed a door next to it.

Being curious she went over to the door and opened it. When she walked inside she noticed the very large hot spring that was in this room. There were shelves lining the walls with towels and robes hanging on hooks. Little bottles of liquid could be seen on the shelves, which she thought would be different scented soaps or oils to bathe with.

She turned and walked back into Sesshoumaru's chambers when she noticed her male just standing there looking at her. She blushed when she heard him say, "Is everything to your liking mate?"


Sesshoumaru just stood back and watched as his little female looked around their chambers. He noticed the sparkle in her eyes while she looked at everything. He could tell that she was happy with their room as he saw her going into the hot springs. It will be a treat for her to be able to bathe in private with him as opposed to bathing out in the open where someone could walk up on them.

She came out of the bathing chambers when she looked at him and blushed. He growled low in his throat then asked his question, he needed to know that everything was to her liking.

Kagome looked up at her mate, she smiled and stated, "It beautiful here Sesshoumaru, I love our room and everything in it. You should give me a tour of the shiro once we settle down here."

Sesshoumaru agreed, he moved over to his little mate and wrapped his arm around her waist, he escorted her to a set of doors that were there. He opened them and then walked outside to the balcony with his mate. He heard her breath hitch as she looked at the sunset in awe.

Kagome couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was beautiful out here and she knew that from this day forward she would be standing here every day observing as the sun rose and fell from the skies. She looked down to find the most beautiful gardens she has ever seen. It was in full bloom and she couldn't wait to go down there and take a long stroll through all the flowers. "This is breathtaking. I have never seen anything so beautiful."

Sesshoumaru wrapped his arms around her waist and stood behind her. They both just stood there and looked over the lands, enjoying each other's company in silence. No words were spoken just the loving feeling of being in the one you loved arms. But all good things must come to an end when Sesshoumaru pulled away from his mate stating, "Come my mate we must change for the evening meal."

Kagome turned and followed her mate back into their room, then she saw him disappear through another door. He came out a few minutes later, and in his hands, he had the most gorgeous kimono she has ever seen. It was a dark blue that complemented her eyes perfectly. There were silver crescent moons all over the fabric and it had a bright white under kimono to go along with it. A silver obi finished the look while she stood there in awe.

Sesshoumaru chest puffed out when his mate loved the kimono he presented her. It was a kimono that he had made for his mate when he found her. Even then he was thinking about her because the kimono matched her eyes beautifully and he wanted his mate to wear it. "Do you like it my mate?"

Kagome couldn't take her eyes off the kimono as she answered, "Oh Sesshoumaru it's absolutely beautiful. Are you sure that you want me to wear this?" She watched when Sesshoumaru put the kimono on the futon, and she got a better look at it. The kimono was just breathtaking to look at.

Sesshoumaru huffed and stated, "Yes I want you to wear it. As my mate, you are to dress per your station. I want nothing but the best for you and it would please me to see you dress like this. I know that your old kimonos are what you would normally wear in the future but here that manner of dress is too revealing. I would not like other males to see what belongs to me.

"It is for my eyes only and I enjoy your body very much my little mate." Sesshoumaru then reached over, he pulled her into his chest and held her tight. He kissed her gently while he showed her all his love and desires. He then picked her up and went into the bathing chambers to get cleaned up.

Once they were done bathing, they dressed and went down stairs to meet the pack. The pack was there waiting for them when they walked in and took their place at the head of the table.

Kagome looked around the table and noticed that everyone was cleaned and bathed. Her eyes opened wide when she noticed that Inuyasha was cleaned and bathed as well plus he was not wearing his red fire rat haori. He looked good dressed in a black kimono with sakura blossoms on the shoulders and sleeves.

They all sat down to eat while the servants brought the food in and set it on the table. Sesshoumaru took his food and then filled Kagome's plate for her. He made sure that she had enough to eat and when he was done the rest of the pack was free to take what they wanted.

When Sesshoumaru took the first bite of food the pack was free to eat as they sat there and had casual conversation during their meal. Once everyone was finished they were free to go where they wanted as most of them went back up to their rooms to rest.

Kagome wanted to go outside to the gardens and her mate escorted her there. They walked around for a while until they both got tired and then went up to their chambers to rest. They did everything but rest as they made passionate love all night long.


It has been four moons now and the pack was finally settling down in the shiro, Sesshoumaru gave them all jobs to do in addition to training daily. He turned the kits training over to one of his Kitsune generals that could further his training. He was proving to be a hand full for the general, when his powers kept on growing.

Shippou was like a sponge, he learned everything that he needed to learn and more. By the time he was done training with the general his tails went from four to six. Then he turned to his mother to see if she could teach him some of her fighting technics. He always loved the way his mother would fight and wanted to learn from her.

When she agreed to teach him, he was ecstatic about learning, but learning from his mother was no easy task, as more often than not he found himself eating dirt at his mother's hand. At least now he knew how Inuyasha felt when she sat him.

But one of the general made the mistake of mocking his mother on her simple techniques. She offered to show him how effective they were and that was his undoing. In challenging his mother, the general learned the hard way not to mock her. He got the beating of his life with just her normal powers and she didn't even use her youki.

Kagome just used the simplest of moves on the general but it was where she was hitting him that gave him the most trouble. She was hitting his pressure points and was taking him down this way. He had no idea that she had knowledge of this and that was his undoing. By the time Kagome was done he was laying on the ground bleeding, breathing hard, and unable to move. The healers had to come and take him away once Kagome was done with him.

The general never made the mistake of calling her teachings into question again. Even Sesshoumaru witness what his mate did to the general and from that moment forward he was very careful about what he said about her abilities. He never wanted to end up like the general, on the ground, in pain, and unable to move.

The training was intense because now Sesshoumaru could train with his mate. He was in his normal form and he wanted to see what she was capable of. His mate was a wealth of knowledge and Sesshoumaru learned a lot from her. Even the guards learned how to respect the new Lady of the West, because she could hold her own in a battle, something that they have never seen in a female before.

Sesshoumaru was training his brother as well. Inuyasha was learning a lot once he settled down and started to listen to Sesshoumaru. He could handle the new sword he was given a lot better than before and was starting to go the distance with his brother, and that was a satisfying feeling. His father was right, if he would have listened to his brother from the beginning and he wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble.


It was night in the shiro, everyone has finished their dinner and are resting in their rooms. Sesshoumaru was finishing up his work so he could spend time with his mate. He was finally done with his work and was leaving his study making his way towards his rooms.

Sesshoumaru's ears twitch, he was hearing the most wonderful music he has ever heard. He turns and follows the alluring music to its location. He was heading for one of the lesser audience chambers. He approached the door and he could hear the music coming from within. Slowly he opens the door and looks inside.

Imagine his surprise to find his little mate in there dressed in a white kimono and she seemed to be dancing. He has seen her dance before and she has explained to him what it was she was doing. He found it most interesting for they didn't have this in his era. But there in front of him his little mate was dancing to the sound of this wonderful music.

Her kimono would expand out when she twirled in place, she was breath taking. He watched her for a few minutes while he observed what she was doing. He was observing her steps and when he thought he had them, he approached his mate. She never knew that he was there with her. When the music started to play again he was behind her, grabbing her around the waist he turned her body towards his.

He held her close to his, wrapping his arm around her waist while the other held her hand. Then they started to move, slowly at first as they got used to each other. Then he noticed when the mark on her forehead started to glow. His did as well as the knowledge of what she was doing came to him. He smiled at his little mate, and then they start to move.

Long smooth spins were done around the room as he held her in his arms. This music spoke to him as the love shinning in his mate's eyes told him of her deep love for him. He held her in his arms as the move gracefully around the room, they would separate and then he would spin her and hold on to her hand above her head, then bring her back into his arms.

Sesshoumaru never knew that he could dance this way but he was and he was very much enjoying himself. Just the expression of happiness in his mate's eyes was enough for him, while they continued to dance they never noticed that they had an audience watching what they were doing.


The members of the pack were in their rooms when they started to hear this wonderful melody going around the shiro. Curious each member of the pack came out of their rooms and into the hallway. They all look at each other and then follow Inuyasha to where the music was playing. They stop in front of a door and slowly open them. They stood there in shock as they watched what Kagome and Sesshoumaru were doing.

They have never seen anything like this before, and before long they had company when the servants came to investigate that strange music. They were all standing at the door watching the beautiful dance being done by their lord and his mate. It was a beautiful dance that told a story of pain, heartbreak, and then of love and triumph as they each held on to each other. None there have ever seen a dance like this and they loved it.

Inuyasha was sensing that the music was about over, he turned to his friends and signaled to leave, before his brother found them looking in on what he was doing with his mate. They got everyone to move and closed the doors behind them. They all breathed a sigh of relief when his brother did not come after them and they all went upstairs to their rooms.

The servants were talking among themselves about what they saw. They have never seen anything like it before and they were wondering if their lady would show them how to do this type of dance. Theirs was so different from what she was doing with her mate. It was very hypnotizing and alluring, the females were wondering if their mates would react to a dance like that. The female servants all agreed that they will ask their lady if she would show them how to do this dance.

Some of the females played instruments and were wondering if their lady would teach them how to play this type of music, they loved how soft and gentle it was compared to their own style of music. There were many questions being asked by the female servants that they made a vow to ask their lady for help in this matter.


Sango was very impressed with what she saw Kagome doing, "I wonder what kind of dance Kagome was doing? I mean we don't have anything like that here and it was so elegant the way she moved with Sesshoumaru." She wasn't asking anyone that question, she was just talking out loud to see if she could find the answer to her question. Imagine her surprise when it was Inuyasha that answered it for her, "That dance is called a waltz. Back in Kagome's era she took what she called classes to teach her this type of a dance. She said that it was a very old dance but for us we will have to wait at least two hundred years before we see it.

"She loves dancing to that type of music and as you can see she is very good at it. I never understood why she wanted to learn such things, but seeing her with my brother, I can see why she does it. To me it's an intimate dance to only be done with a mate or mate to be. The way she looked at my brother, it was full of love just for him."

Sango could hear the sadness in Inuyasha's voice and his posture was slumped when he said that. He is finally realizing what he has lost because he wanted Kikyou. Kagome filled his life with happiness and he gave all that up for Kikyou, a vindictive bitch that didn't care about him at all.

Sango wrapped her arm around Inuyasha's shoulder, "Yes I know Inuyasha, and I know it hurts. But you gave up your chance with her when you went with Kikyou. Kagome once told me this saying, 'You never know what you have until you lose it.' Now I believe I know what she meant by that saying. But you should be happy for her, she has finally found someone that will love her unconditionally, and I know that your brother will remain true to her."

Inuyasha sighed, Sango was right, that saying did have a lot of meaning and he has heard it from her before but he never paid attention to it. Now he knew what it meant. You never know what you have in your hands until you lose it to another. Once it's gone you can never hope to get it back. It was a hard lesson for him to learn but he learned it well. He lost the most precious thing in his life because of his actions, from now on he will be more careful with the things he will gain in the future. He does not want to lose another love because of his actions.

The pack finally made it back to their rooms, they all enter and retired for the night. In the morning, it will be another day of training and taking care of the Western Lands.


Kagome for her part was a very curious person. She would walk around the shiro with Sango and would ask many questions of the servants.

The servants were very surprised and impressed with their new lady. She would come and talk to them like they have been long time friends and showed them all respect. She would praise them for a job well done or if she knew of a way to make work easier for them she would show them.

Their lady was not one to be served hand and foot, she preferred to do things herself and this was a welcome change from the other bitches that came here wanting their Lord to mate them.

But the thing that took them all by surprise is when Kagome found the nursery. This was the place where the female servants kept their young when they were working at the shiro. There were pups of all ages and Kagome would spend most of her time there playing with all of them.

But then one day the shiro was quiet. There was no noise to be heard and it caught everyone attention.

Sesshoumaru was working in his study when he noticed the lack of noise. Usually he would hear the pups playing on the other side of the shiro but today it was quiet. It was too quiet for his liking, being curious he got up and went to investigate.

He made his way to the other side of the shiro. With each step he took he was worried that something was wrong because there was no sound coming from the pups. When he stepped outside his eyes opened wide.

There was his little mate and she had all the pups gathered around her as they were all sitting quietly while they listened to a story that she was spinning for them. You could see all of them paying attention to her while she got them involved in the story she was telling them. Their care takers were sitting there as well as they held the littlest ones in their laps.

Some of his servants, that came to find out what was going on with their pups, were there as well, they stood there mesmerized by his little mate. He stood there and listened to her story as the pups yelped when they got scared and cheered when something good happened.

When his mate was done with her tale it was time for the pups to get something to eat and then a nap was in order.

Sesshoumaru never left the area, he was watching his mate with curious eyes. She was wonderful with the pups and he couldn't wait until she was swollen with his seed. He wanted a family of his own and now he knew that his little mate was ready for pups as well.


A few days passed and Kagome was with the children in the garden area when they heard a commotion coming from the front gates. She turned and noticed this large group of Youkai coming into the shiro. She was wondering who they were since her mate didn't tell her that they were going to be having visitors today.

Then Kagome noticed when the females, that were taking care of the pups, started to move them all indoors. She turned to the closet servant and asked, "Why are you taking all of the pups indoors?"

The female Youkai that was in a hurry to get the pups inside quickly said, "That is the Northern Lord who has arrived. He has his daughter with him and she does not like the pups anywhere near her. The last time they were here one of the pups accidently ran into her and she was about to kill the pup when I ran and took him out of harm's way. I would give my life to protect these pups since I can't have any of my own."

Kagome was shocked to hear this. Then her last comment entered her mind when she asked, "Why can't you have any pups?"

The servant lowered her head, it was painful for her to remember why she couldn't have any more pups and it pained her terribly, "When I saved the pup from getting kill she caught me with her claws across my stomach. I was pupped at the time and I lost it. Now I can't have any pups because of the poison she left behind."

Kagome was upset to be hearing this, how dare that bitch come here and try to kill the pups of the shiro. She let the servants get the pups inside the shiro and then she went looking for Rin.

Sango heard everything that was said and she was upset as well. Anyone who would kill a child because it just ran into you was not fit to be lady of any lands. She knew that Kagome was upset and when she saw all the pups escorted back inside the shiro, she knew she would go looking for Rin. She wanted to make sure that Rin was not harmed in anyway.

They quickly went towards the last area they knew Rin would be in and what they saw caused the entire shiro to almost run for their lives.


Kagome was making her way towards the library where she knew Rin was taking her lessons. It was almost time for her to finish and she would always come out and joined the pups for play.

She was just coming into the open area of the main entrance when she saw her pup running towards her. That bitch of the Northern Lord's daughter deliberately stepped in front of Rin so she would crash into her.

Kagome saw the bitch raise her claws, about to kill her pup, when she unleashed her aura. The entire shiro was in a panic as they all tried to leave the area where their lady was located.

Kagome sent a blast of her Reiryoku that hit the bitch in the chest, she was thrown back against the wall, making a dent the size of her full body.

Kagome got Sango to grab Rin and take her to safety as she faced off with the bitch that wanted to touch what was hers.


Subeta didn't know what hit her, she was about to get rid of the little ningen bitch that Sesshoumaru had as a pet around his shiro. She was the main reason why Sesshoumaru would not mate her. He wanted a mother for the ningen child and she would not lower herself to mother that thing.

She was about to give the killing blow when she was hit in the chest and sent flying across the room. She hit the wall hard, the air escaping her lungs, while she slid down to the floor where she landed on her ass. She looked down at her chest to see a big burn mark and she could feel the Reiryoku starting to eat at her body. If that blast had been any more powerful she would be dead right now.

She was breathing hard when she looked up, there standing in front of her was a female Inu that was staring at her with red eyes. She was not best pleased when she finally got up off the ground and stated in a heated voice, "You whore! How dare you attack me, what gives you the right to attack me?"

Kagome stood her ground and eyed the demoness in front of her, but she was also keeping her eyes on the male that was with her. If he attacked her she would kill him as well. Then she heard the bitches question and stated in a deadly voice, "You were about to put your hands on something that belongs to me. That was my pup and if you even think about touching her I will make your death a very painful one. No one touches what is mine."

Subeta looked at the female standing in front of her, she turned her nose up in the air and turned away from the Inu bitch. "Then you should tell your little toy not to get in my way. She had no right to touch my person."

Kagome growled, "She would not have touched you if you did not get in her way. She was coming towards me when you stepped in front of her. I warn you now, touch a single pup in this shiro and your death will be by my hand."

Subeta puffed up her chest while she screeched, "You whore! Do you know who you are talking to? I'm the daughter of the Northern Lord and I demand you show me respect."

Kagome crossed her arms over her chest and stated, "You will get respect when you earn it. You come here unannounced and expect the West to wait on you hand and foot. You will show your respect while you are in this shiro or I will throw you out on your royal ass."

Ahou had about enough of the bitch that was talking down to his daughter, "You bitch, would do well to speak with respect to my daughter. She is above you in every way. Being the Northern Princess, you must show her respect and if you don't then I will make you." He went to attack Kagome when a whip came out of nowhere and hit Ahou in the chest. He went flying backwards when he landed flat on his back in pain.


Sesshoumaru was in his study when he felt his mate's power go over the shiro. He has never felt her release this much of her aura in the time that they have been together. She preferred to keep her powers hidden and the servants appreciated that.

He quickly got up and headed towards his mate. Imagine his surprise to see the Northern Lord with his irritating daughter confronting his mate. He saw the burn marks on the bitch's chest and knew that his mate must have attacked her.

He knew his mate well and she will only attack someone that was about to touch something that belonged to her, and that meant Rin. He heard the confrontation between them and his mate, and when Ahou went to attack his mate that is when he attacked him with his whip.

A loud growl was heard in the shiro as it shook the walls. Sesshoumaru came to stand next to his mate and stated, "Ahou… you better have a good reason for attacking the female that is next to me because if you don't your life is mine to take."

Ahou slowly got up from the ground when he saw Sesshoumaru standing next to that irritating bitch. "That whore had the nerve to attack my daughter. She was only defending herself and this whore comes here and attacks her. I want an apology at once and I want her to be punished for what has happened here today."

Sesshoumaru growled deep and menacing when his eyes started to turn red. He turned his attention to his mate and raised an eyebrow in question.

Kagome was fit to be tied but she knew, now that her mate was standing next to her, she had to let him handle this. She looked at him when he raised his eyebrow in question, she then proceeded to tell him what the bitch did.

Sesshoumaru was not too pleased with this turn of events and stated in a heated voice, "You tried to kill Rin?"

Subeta huffed, she didn't understand what the big deal was about this little ningen child, there are plenty of them out there on the lands that he could have his pick for a pet, "She is only a ningen, there are plenty of them on the lands and you can always pick another one to keep as a pet if you wish."

Subeta had to duck when Kagome attacked her again for her words towards her pup, "Talk ill of my pup again and I will not miss the next time you bitch!"

Ahou was fit to be tied while Sesshoumaru stood there and did nothing, "You see what I mean! She attacks my daughter and you do nothing. I demand that punishment be served for her disrespect for myself and my daughter."

Sesshoumaru had enough of the Northern Lord, it was now time that he found out who this female was, "Ahou let me introduce you to my mate Kagome."

Both their eyes open wide when they hear that Sesshoumaru has taken a mate. "You have taken a mate when you knew that we were in negotiations for you to mate my daughter!"

Sesshoumaru stood tall, clearly irritated that this fool thought he would ever mate his daughter, "We were never in negotiations for me to mate your daughter. You were trying to push her off on me and I have never shown any interest in her. She is not fit to be the Western Lady and I would never mate her if she was the last female on these lands. You come to my home, insult my mate, and try to kill Rin. My mate had every right to punish the bitch for touching what was hers."

Subeta could not believe what she was hearing, "That bitch is not suited to be the Lady of the West. She is not powerful enough to be your mate, so I challenge her for mating rights."

Kagome heard the challenge and that was all it took, "I accept, what is your choice of weapons?"

Subeta smiled at the Inu bitch, there was no way that this bitch would be able to defeat her in battle, "We will use our own powers since you think that you are powerful enough to defend your title as Lady of the West."

Kagome agreed and said, "That is fine with me, care to step outside so we can finish this?"

Subeta turned her nose up and stated in an arrogant voice, "I don't need to go outside to defeat you. I will only need just a second to do that."

Kagome smiled when the bitch left herself open for attack. Well she aimed to please as a whip came out of her hand and hit the bitch in the chest. She hit her so hard that she went flying out the door whilst Kagome followed her outside.

Subeta didn't know what was going on, one minute she was inside the shiro and the next she was laying on her back outside. She quickly got up off the ground when she saw her opponent standing in front of her. She cracked her knuckles and went after the new Lady of the West.

She went to slash Kagome and found that she hit nothing but air. She turned and went after her again, but this time when her arm came down it was caught in the bitch's hand.

Kagome grabbed Subeta's wrist, she flipped her over her head and threw her about 10 feet away. She was making her way over to the bitch while she was trying to get up from the ground. She took her right foot and hit her under her chin and the bitch went down once more.

She let Subeta get up and then proceeded to kick the living shit out of her. By the time she was done Subeta was a bloody mess on the ground, Kagome turned to her and said, "You are pathetic. I didn't even use my true powers and I beat you. How can you be Lady of the West when you can't even stand up to me?"

Kagome turned and left the bitch on the ground in a bloody heap. She felt the hair in the back of her neck stand up when the trees in the area gave her a warning. A barrier went around her body while she protected herself against the attack that Subeta sent towards her.

Subeta couldn't believe that she lost this fight to that bitch. She was physically powerful and didn't need to use her powers to beat her. She couldn't take it anymore, that bitch was going to pay for humiliating her, she got up on her feet and sent a blast of her youki towards her. She smiled thinking that she has won this battle when her eyes open wide.

Kagome's eyes turned red when she slowly turned around and faced the bitch, "How dare you attack me when my back is turned! You have no honor. You are not fit to be the Lady of the West if this is the way you will bring dishonor to this house."

Kagome's aura started to grow when she unleashed her powers. She didn't release it all but she released enough that the bitch feared her. Kagome turned her red eyes toward the bitch, then stated in a menacing voice, "Now it's my turn."

Kagome raised her hand up and sent a blast toward the bitch that was a pain in her side and purified her into oblivion.

Ahou couldn't believe that his daughter was dead, he was so angered that he went to attack the bitch. But before he could take a step towards the bitch he was pinned to the ground by Sesshoumaru, then he heard Sesshoumaru's deadly voice, "Touch my mate and you will die by my hand. Then the Northern lands will belong to me and any future pups that I may have. The bitch deserved to die for her dishonor, now leave before I take your life."

Ahou got up from the ground and rubbed his neck. He looked at the female that was standing next to him and asked, "Who is she Sesshoumaru? I have never seen a demoness with Reiryoku before."

Sesshoumaru wrapped his arm around his mate while he growled and calmed her down. He heard Ahou question, then stated in a proud voice, "Well then let me introduce you to my mate. This is Kagome, Shikon Miko, and daughter to Konokarei."

Ahou eyes opened wide when he heard who she was. This was impossible how could Sesshoumaru find such a powerful mate and subdue her to become his mate? This was unheard of while he looked at the female. He saw her markings and sure enough she was mated to Sesshoumaru.

Ahou bowed to Kagome and apologized to her for his daughter's actions. Once that was done he turned to leave the Western shiro. He has lost his only daughter and now his plans for ruling both lands were ruined, all because that bitch kept her powers hidden. He was thinking of ways to get even when he heard the bitch speaking to him.

Kagome noticed when the Northern Lord turned to leave. She just knew what he was thinking and stated, "If you think to come back and get even with my mate think again. I am Konokarei daughter and if you attack my mate I will make sure that your lands never grow any food for your people. In a matter of a year your lands will be devastated and there will be no one living on them but you. You can tell the rest of the Lords of the lands the same thing."

Ahou stopped in his tracks, then he turned around and listened to what the bitch was saying. He had no idea how she knew what he was thinking but it scared the shit out of him. He bowed and quickly left the shiro. He will not be coming back here unless he was called here for a gathering.

Sesshoumaru and Kagome watched as Ahou left the western shiro. It was a quick departure for the Northern Lord and they were not sorry to see him go.

Kagome then turned while she wrapped her arms around her mate and nuzzled his neck. She licked it and then bit down as she growled sexily for her mate.

Sesshoumaru didn't know what came over his mate but the minute she bit his neck he lost it. One minute they were standing outside and the next they just vanished from the area. All the soldiers smiled at each other because they knew where their Lord went.

The Lady of the shiro was horny as hell after her battle with the Northern bitch, which they were all thankful that she was now dead. When she bit their Lord, it was enough to set his beast free and they disappeared into his chambers for the rest of the day and possibly night.

The soldiers didn't know how right they were when the alphas didn't come down for the evening meal. Sango took care of Rin, making sure that she was fed and then she played with her until it was time for her to go to bed.

The next morning Kagome and Sesshoumaru showed up for the morning meal as they all sat down to eat. When the meal was done Kagome and Sango left the males as they went to where the pups were located.

Kagome was on a mission while she searched for the demoness that gave so much to protect the pups of the shiro. She finally reached the area where the pups were located as they were running around the area playing.

Kagome approached Akiho and said, "Akiho, I would like a word with you please."

Akiho upon hearing her ladies request turned and kneeled in front of her in respect. When she saw her lady nod she stood while she waited for her lady to say her peace.

Kagome took a deep breath and said, "Akiho I want to do something for you. I want you to stand very still and not move. I will not hurt you so don't worry all right."

Akiho was curious about what her lady wanted to do. She trusted her with her life and stood very still, while she waited to see what she was going to do.

Kagome saw when Akiho agreed to her request and started to let her powers surface. Her aura grew in power but it was a light blue. It was not the pink of her Reiryoku nor was it the green when she was using the earths power. The light blue was her healing powers as it surrounded her body.

Kagome put her hands out in front of her when her powers engulfed Akiho. The other females and the pups were watching in fascination as they all watched what their lady was doing.

Sesshoumaru felt when his mate's powers came to life, then the males of the pack raced to her location. They didn't feel any danger in the area and when they got to her location they stopped dead in their tracks.

Imagine Sesshoumaru's surprise when he saw his mates healing powers engulf her body and the body of one of the servants. He was wondering what was going on as they all stood there and watched.

Kagome was concentrating on Akiho, she found all the poison in her body that was preventing her from getting pupped. She got rid of all the poison and then she repaired her womb from when she miscarried her pup. It was severely damaged and if she did get pupped again she would lose the pup because her womb would never be able to hold it.

Once Kagome was done she let her powers go back into her body and slowly opened her eyes. She took a deep breath and asked, "Akiho…how are you feeling?"

Akiho didn't know what to do, the pain that she has been in since she lost her pup was finally gone from her body. The weakness from the poison was gone as well. She felt better than she ever felt before. She smiled and happily answered, "I feel wonderful my lady, what did you do?"

Kagome smiled at the wonderful female that was standing in front of her, "I removed all the poison that was in your body. It was making you sick, that is why you were feeling tired all the time and weak. In time, it would have killed you. I also repaired the damage that was done to your womb when you lost your pup. If you were to get pupped with it in that condition, you would have lost it. Now you can have your own pups."

Akiho was blown away by what her lady did for her. She fell to her knees as tears streamed down her cheeks. "Why? Why would you do this for a lonely servant my lady?"

Kagome looked at Akiho with loving eyes, "Because you deserve to have pups of your own. Any demoness that would sacrifice their life for a pup of this shiro deserves the gift that I bestow to her. You are a great example to the rest of the Youkai of the lands on how to protect the little ones of our lands. They are our future and I want to make sure that they grow up strong and happy."

Akiho couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was given the gift to have her own pups again. She blessed the day that her Lord mated this female. She is a shining example of what a Lady of the Lands should be. She bowed low to the ground as she said, "I am in your debt my lady. I accept this gift with honor and joy. I hope that my future pup will honor the west with their loyalty to its current rulers."

Kagome smiled, then she stepped forward and said in Akiho ear, "Enjoy this night with your mate because by tomorrow morning you will be pupped."

Akiho eyes opened wide as she looked up at her lady. She had a big smile on her face and then Akiho felt the first signs of her heat beginning. She was excited when Kagome gave her permission to leave the pups, that she would watch them while she seeks out her mate.

Akiho couldn't have been happier as the rest of the demoness in the area congratulated her on her good fortune. They now knew what type of lady they had here in the west. She was kind and cared for the pups of the lands. That's why she had two pups of her own that were not hers and that she was raising. It didn't matter to her if they were Youkai or ningens, they were pups that needed to be kept safe and she did it. They were all honor to work for such a strong lady and they pledged their loyalty to her.

Kagome watched as Akiho left the area looking for her mate. She turned when she noticed that her mate was standing there watching her all this time. She walked over to his location when she stopped and asked, "Sesshoumaru why are you here?"

Sesshoumaru was proud of his little mate. Her heart knew no bounds when it came to doing the right thing. She gave the demoness the gift of life when she lost her own pup protecting one from the shiro. She made a great sacrifice that day and now she was rewarded for her action.

He saw his mate coming over to him when he heard her question, "There is nothing wrong mate. I felt your powers rise and came to see if there was a problem. I am proud of what you did for Akiho. She is one of the very few that cares dearly for pups and when she lost her own she was heartbroken for a very long time."

Then Sesshoumaru became curious when he asked, "What did you whisper to Akiho?"

Kagome smiled, she stepped forward and whispered into his ear what she told Akiho. You could see the amusement in his eyes when he looked at his mate. Then Kagome got a serious look in her eyes and asked her mate, "Sesshoumaru is there a place here in the shiro where I can set up tables and chairs for the little one so I can teach them. I want them to learn how to read and write. There are some here that will be great healers in the future and some that will build great cities for the future of these lands that will not destroy all the trees."

Sesshoumaru was blown away by her request while he thought about where she could have her room. He then turned to her and said, "There is nowhere in the shiro that will have the space that you want mate. But how about this, I will build you a place where you can do this and anyone that wants to learn can go there and learn. Even if the adults want to learn I will give them time from their normal duties for you to teach them."

Kagome was blown away by her mates offer, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him senseless. She was happy and she showed her mate how happy she was when she whispered into his ear what she was going to do to him to show him how happy he made her.

Sesshoumaru growled low in his throat, he couldn't wait until this evening. It promised to be an exciting night for him, he watched his female walk away from him as she went to play with the pups.


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