I Have Something To Tell You

By Princess Alexandria

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Alternate Universe Fiction

Elisa sat in the reception area of the NightStone CEO's office.  Dominique Destine's last appointment of the day was running long, probably on purpose to make Elisa wait for her.  When Elisa had called to tell Demona that she needed to see her, the gargoyle had at first panicked, demanding to know if Angela was alright.  Elisa had reassured her that nothing had happened to her daughter or the egg that she was carrying, and would be laying in a month.  After that Demona had informed her she was very busy and didn't have time right then.  That had pissed Elisa off, being brushed off like that after everything that had happened.  She did as the CEO asked, and made an appointment through her secretary, because they had to have this conversation.  It had already waited too long.   

Coming here had been nerve racking enough, this waiting was just making Elisa more and more tense as the minutes passed.  Elisa stared out the window, towards the Eyrie building in the distance.  She hadn't told any of them yet.  She sighed heavily, imagining the scene that would accompany her announcement, along with all the demands that she explain how this had happened. 


5 Months Ago In A Canadian Wilderness

            The moon was unusually bright, illuminating the forest around them well enough for Elisa's human vision to make out the path through the trees well enough not to stumble over roots.  Demona was shaky, and Elisa watched with some concern as the female stumbled.  The straight jacket that Castaway had specially made for the female kept her wings tight to her body and completely useless.  If it weren't for that, Elisa didn't doubt that Demona would have glided off leaving her alone in the forest.

            Castaway had captured them the night before.  Elisa had watched as Castaway spent an hour during the day beating the chained and helpless gargoyle in human form.  During his distraction Elisa managed to procure the keys to their chains.

            "I think it's clear."  Elisa was out of breath and started to slow down.  She didn't hear anyone in pursuit.  The Quarrymen on the train hadn't even noticed that they escaped.  The train was no longer even close enough to hear.

            "Need shelter."  Demona's shaky voice concerned the detective.  Elisa had never heard her sound so weak.  The damage from the beating had healed before the female endured her change, but ever since her change she'd been trembling uncontrollably.  "And I want this damned thing off of me."  Her voice rose in a semblance of her normal anger as she mentioned the straightjacket that held her arms and wings prisoner. 

            "Let me see the back of it."  Elisa spoke soothingly without even realizing she was doing that.  It had been hard to watch Castaway beating the female.  Demona hadn't been able to move at all, and tried to take the pain quietly as bones broke and cuts bled.  Her comment after the beating had shook Elisa even more.  Demona had told her that men like Castaway didn't tire of the violence, and it would only get worse each time.  She sounded like she'd been through this sort of hell before, she probably had been.  Elisa turned them both so that the moonlight fell on the series of locks along the back of the reinforced straightjacket.  It took a while to unlock all five locks, because she had a chain of over twenty keys and each lock took a different key.  Demona's trembling didn't help her move more quickly. 

            Elisa glared up at the moon that was causing the gargoyle so much trouble.  The clan had been talking about this night for months.  The Breeders moon was here.  The three couples of the clan were probably mating right now.  Two females from the Avalon clan had taken to the single males of the Wyvern clan, so there would be three eggs for the rookery soon.  She remembered Hudson explaining why he was so glad the young males had found mates, because the unmated gargoyles on the Breeders moon had a truly tough night ahead of them.  The need to mate was so strong it was painful to ignore.

            The last lock fell away and Elisa opened the jacket so that Demona would be free.  The gargoyle stretched her wings and shook them out.  "Thank you."  Elisa almost thought she'd imagined the quiet words.

            It took them some time to find the cave.  All the time that they searched by foot Elisa watched Demona and wondered why she didn't just glide away.  The gargoyle hardly spoke.

            "Why are you still here?"  Elisa finally asked as they settled in to the cave.  They didn't dare risk a fire at night, because the Quarrymen might backtrack to find them.  She stared at Demona's shaking form, barely outlined in the darkness and felt a wave of compassion for the suffering her long-standing enemy seemed to be enduring.

            When Demona spoke, it only had a hint of her normal venom.  "What?  Tired of my company already?  It was your bumbling that got me captured.  Just be thankful I don't kill you."

            Elisa had been locked up with Demona for over a day.  The venom and threats didn't affect her anymore.  If Demona intended to do that, she could have done that already.  For some reason Demona didn't want to be alone tonight.  She wasn't saying it, but the subtle glances that Elisa had been getting from the gargoyle ever since she freed her from the straightjacket gave Elisa the impression that she was right.

            Demona's voice grew louder and more accusatory.  "Goliath is finally seeing what the Breeders moon can do to punish those without mates.  You missed your chance to ease his suffering when you lead those bastards to my backdoor."

            Elisa glared at her.  "First off, I didn't lead them anywhere.  They had already found that clearing in the park before I got there.  I followed them!"  Elisa was tired of this argument.  Demona was determined to blame Elisa for this whole mess.  "What the hell were you doing anyhow?  A new way to enslave mankind?  A spell to try and control the clan?"

            Demona's eyes started to glow a bit redder.  It was the only light in the cave, other than the full moon beating on them.  "It was supposed to help me.  To…"  Demona growled as she stopped her explanation.  "It's none of your business!"

            The both silently agreed not to talk for a while.  Elisa wrapped her arms around her legs and leaned against the cave wall.  The quiet sounds of Demona trying to muffle her whimpers seemed to be getting louder.  Elisa glanced over at the gargoyle and could see that Demona was hiding herself with her wings.

            "I know everyone assumes Goliath and I are together."  Elisa spoke, trying to start a conversation that might take Demona's mind off of her current predicament.  "He's my best friend, and I did want… but that was a long time ago."  Elisa sighed.  "I really don't see a relationship with him in my future."

            "Let me guess.  He treats you like glass and thinks he knows better than you do what would be best for you."  Demona spoke quietly, her voice shaking.  It worried Elisa enough to scoot closer.

            Demona was shivering non-stop and her skin was damp with perspiration.  Elisa reached out and moved a damp piece of hair out of Demona's eyes.  "You aren't looking too good."  She spoke gently as real concern plagued her.  She was shocked when Demona leaned into her hand, turning the moving of hair into a caress.

            Demona pulled back as if Elisa's gentle touch burned her and her eyes burned into the detective.  "Maybe you should leave."  Elisa could hear Demona's breathing becoming more labored and Elisa's eyes widened when she started to suspect why.  Her curiosity got the better of her and she reached out to caress the damp skin on her own, while watching the gargoyle's obvious pleasure at being touched.

            "I don't want you human.  Leave."  Demona tried to put her typical anger and attitude into that, but Elisa could hear the tremors in Demona's voice.

            Elisa licked her suddenly dry lips.  The sight of Demona leaning into her caresses was easily the most erotic thing she'd ever seen.  Demona's eyes were hooded in pleasure and her skin was so soft.  She'd never imagined that she'd see this gargoyle like this, and it was disturbing.  Maybe the pheromones that Hudson had told Elisa about somehow affected Elisa.  She shouldn't feel the desire to touch Demona again so that she could see her enemy's pleasure.

            After scooting away and leaning against the wall Elisa spoke.  "There isn't anywhere for me to go."  Her voice held a note of anger, since this was the only shelter they'd found in their searching. 

            They reached an unspoken agreement to not talk shortly after that.  Elisa stared out the cave entrance at the moon and the treetops.  They had to climb to get to this cave.  Elisa had almost fallen when they were halfway up.  Elisa kept replaying that one moment where she was sure that the fall would kill her as she desperately tried grip the rock.  It was Demona that reached out and grabbed her hand as she started to fall backwards.  It was Demona that had saved her and then make some mocking comment about how humans couldn't climb even the simplest of walls.  Why had Demona saved her?  She'd said that she didn't want Elisa's crumpled body giving the enemy a hint to where the gargoyle was going to be staying, but seeing the shaking of Demona's body and hearing the pitiful whimpers now, Elisa started to have an idea about another motive.  The glances the gargoyle had sent her way during their trek to this cave started to make more sense, that and the comment about Elisa losing her chance to ease Goliath's suffering.

            The moon was still high in the sky.  It would be a long time before sunrise, and it sounded like the torment that Demona was enduring got worse as time went by.

            Elisa took a deep breath and stared at the quivering wings of the beautiful blue female.  The detective didn't know where her moment of insanity was coming from.  Perhaps it was the perfume of desire that she had heard Demona would be putting off that made her consider this.  No one had mentioned it working on humans, but there had to be a reason that she found herself moving closer to the female and reaching out to caress the back of a wing that was being used as a screen.  She knew why Demona lowered that wing and allowed her to caress the blue skin of her face and arms.  She knew why Demona allowed her to push the gargoyle down to the cave floor while kissing her passionately.  She understood the mating desire would have made Demona eager for the detective's intimate touches as she made love to her, but Elisa didn't understand why she felt such a strong need to ease Demona's suffering, or why she'd allowed the gargoyle to make love to her in return when it was supposed to be nothing more than a way to help ease Demona's pain. 


Present Day in the NightStone CEO's Reception Area

            Elisa fidgeted in her seat at the memory of the immortal gargoyle's touch.  It was easily the most intimate, most sensual, most arousing encounter Elisa had ever had.  And it had ended abruptly with the sunrise.  Once Demona didn't need her to combat the Breeder's moon, the redhead had stopped.

            Elisa's fists clenched at the memory of what had happened after that night.  They'd hiked to the street and managed to hitchhike with an older man to a small town.  Elisa had lent Demona her jacket to help cover up her unusual attire, but the gargoyle still got strange looks.  Once they were in town, Demona had walked away without looking back.  They'd found their own ways back to New York.

            Ever since then Elisa had only seen the gargoyle twice, and Demona hadn't talked to her either time.  The detective was angry with how easily Demona was able to set her aside, to ignore what had happened.  Something had happened in that cave that deserved more than avoidance.  It was true that Demona didn't appear to be trying to kill Elisa.  In the encounters with the clan Demona had avoided the openings that she normally would have taken with a cruel smile on her lips, and for that Elisa was grateful, but she'd never had a one night stand and she didn't like how it made her feel.

            That one night stand had changed her life in ways that she'd never predicted, and Elisa was here to let Demona know that.

            The office door opened, startling Elisa out of her thoughts.  A man left and Demona stood in her doorway staring at Elisa with an unreadable expression on her face.  "I see you decided to make an appointment."  Demona spoke in a flat voice that easily expressed her displeasure at Elisa's presence.

            Elisa got up a little slowly.  She'd been sitting a while.  She glared at the redhead and practically shoved her out of the way to get into the office.  Neither of them wanted the receptionist to witness this.

            While Elisa sat down in front of Ms. Destine's desk, the CEO was addressing her receptionist.  "Carrie, you can go home.  Lock up on your way out."  Demona spoke quickly and then closed the heavy office door.  Elisa thought for a moment that this room must be sound proof.

            "So, detective…"  Demona started to speak as she moved around the desk to sit down.  "Why are you so determined to talk with me in person?"  The coldness in the voice sent a stab of pain into Elisa's heart.  Apparently that one night didn't mean as much to Demona as it did to Elisa.  Well, fine, she'll just deliver her message and get the hell out of here.

            Elisa glared at the redhead.  "Apparently you aren't the only woman that Puck decided to put a spell on."

            "What are you talking about?"

            "That night he made me a gargoyle, he did some other tampering that he didn't reverse."  Elisa was still pissed off at that bastard for not telling her about this until after the fact.  She really should have had a choice in the matter.  Elisa noticed Demona's eyes narrowing, and for a brief moment wondered if it was because of any concern for Elisa.  Elisa dismissed that, realizing that it was Demona's own grudge against Puck that was making the redhead's skin flush with anger.  "He's one of the many people that assumed I'd be with Goliath that night.  He gave me the "gift" of being able to conceive.  I'm pregnant with your child."  A growl entered her voice as she watched the shocked disbelief cross Demona's face.  "And don't try to claim it isn't yours.  I haven't been with anyone else in years, and the ultrasound shows her wings very clearly." 

Elisa pulled out the file of proof that she'd known the redhead would need.  Once her regular doctor had told Elisa she was pregnant and not getting fat, she'd switched doctors immediately.  Her current physician was the one that treated the clan.  Xanatos and Fox had been very helpful in this past month, taking care of paying for the endless tests and ensuring that the news of her pregnancy didn't get out.  "Puck's spell was too open ended."  Elisa sighed as she handed over the file.  "He just said that if I mated with a gargoyle on the Breeder's moon I'd get pregnant.  Somehow the spell compensated for the fact that we're both female."  Demona stared at her blankly before pulling the file closer to inspect the pictures and test results.

Elisa had no idea how she was going to deal with telling her boss that she needed time off, since she couldn't tell Maria that she was pregnant.  Her child wasn't going to look human, and she wasn't going to be able to take her daughter out to do all the things she'd imagined she'd do with her child, some day.  Even though her life wouldn't be as she'd envisioned, she'd do everything in her power to keep her daughter safe and happy.  She just wasn't sure how she was going to do that yet.  She was just now getting to the point where she was able to think about the future. 

While Demona quickly read through the file Elisa scooted back in her chair and unzipped the long red jacket she'd replaced her bomber jacket with.  She was so tired of having to keep fully covered all the time.  Demona knew now, so Elisa didn't need to sweat from the heat of the office. 

Demona glanced up from the file and looked at the slightly bulging stomach.  It wasn't obviously a pregnancy yet, but the look of disbelief on Demona's face was almost comical.  Elisa started to chuckle.

"This is not funny."  Demona glared at her, "Is this some sort of elaborate joke?"

Elisa's eyes narrowed.  "No, this isn't funny.  Don't worry, I'm not expecting anything from you.  I just thought you had the right to know that you were going to have another daughter."  Elisa felt her eyes tearing up and it pissed her off.  She wasn't going to let herself get emotional over this.  She didn't need Demona!  She stood up quickly to leave.  The redhead didn't get up while Elisa marched to the door.

"Does the clan know about this?"  Demona pushed back from her desk, and Elisa saw the beginnings of belief in her eyes.

"No."  Elisa took a deep breath.  "As her other parent, I thought you should know first."  She then opened the door, effectively ending the conversation since the receptionist was still in the process of locking up.  Elisa left quickly, feeling relieved that it was over and still hurt that it hadn't gone better.  Maybe she had been expecting more from Demona.


One Month Later at Castle Wyvern

            Elisa walked down the castle stairs, while listening to the sounds of labor.  Broadway had called her when Angela started to lay her egg.  Angela was the first of the three to get to the laying stage, and Elisa wanted to be there for her. 

            When she got to the rookery, her eyes widened in surprise to see Demona caressing Angela's sweat drenched brow-ridge.  None of the males were here, as was custom, but Elisa had assumed that it would have been one of Angela's rookery sisters with her at this time.

            Demona addressed Angela.  "Are you ready to bear down again?"

            Angela looked weary as she nodded.  Elisa stepped further into the room and the young female gave her a weak smile.  "You made it."

            Elisa smiled at her friend.  "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

            Elisa and Demona managed to be in the same room with Angela for another half hour, while never saying a word to each other.  They took turns comforting Angela, and encouraging her. 

            The egg rested on the straw and Elisa found herself just staring at it while Demona explained the proper care of eggs to her daughter.  The egg was as large as a newborn baby, but its shell was still soft.  How developed was the gargoyle inside? 

She didn't even realize that she'd moved her hand over the more prominent bulge of her own child, but the other females in the room noticed it. 

"When are you delivering your baby?"  Angela asked.  She sounded almost recovered from the ordeal of laying her first egg.  When Elisa looked up she could see Demona had tensed up behind Angela.  She didn't even acknowledge Demona when she answered.

"I should have another three months to go."

Angela smiled at her egg before looking up again.  "I envy you humans.  You get to see what your children look like right away."

Elisa could imagine the rude comment about human's reproductive abilities that Demona should have said at that moment, but the gargoyle was keeping strangely quiet.

Elisa had only told the clan she was pregnant.  Once she saw all the looks of shocked disbelief at that rather normal fact, she decided that she could tell them the rest later, so they all assumed that she was carrying a human child.  Angela had offered to baby-sit anytime that Elisa needed a night off, and she had no idea that it was her sister that Elisa was carrying.

Elisa fell back to walk with Demona while Angela marched out to announce to the clan that the first egg had been laid.  It was an honor of sorts for her to be the first.  "I haven't told them…"  Elisa whispered.

"I know.  Angela told me about your pregnancy."  Demona glanced over at Elisa.  "Why?"

Elisa took a deep breath and smiled at Angela when she glanced back worriedly at Elisa's slow progress up the stairs.  Elisa spoke more quietly.  "The pregnancy was a big enough shock for them.  Once they are used to it I'll tell them the rest."

            Once they were with the rest of the clan, Demona excused herself.  It was clear from several of the gargoyle's reactions that she wasn't welcome, and Elisa felt pity for her.  It was Demona's grandchild that had just been laid.  She wasn't likely to start a fight right now.

            That brought back the thoughts that she'd been having late at night while in bed.  Did she want to encourage Demona to be a part of their daughter's life?  The detective wasn't sure how she felt about that.  Demona was a violent female whose hatred of humanity might be the first lesson she tried to teach their daughter, but when she'd seen how gentle and loving she'd been with Angela tonight, she'd wanted that for her own daughter.

            Broadway came closer to give Elisa a gentle hug.  He was a very proud father.  Elisa pushed her own plaguing thoughts aside and allowed herself to be drawn into the conversations going on around her.


One Month Later

            Elisa took another shuddering breath as she waited for the light to change.  Her talk with Goliath hadn't gone well at all.  Her getting pregnant by someone else upset him, but when he thought she'd been with one of her own kind he had accepted it.  When he found out that she'd been with Demona and the strange circumstances around the conception of her daughter he didn't take that as well.  He didn't yell or get insulting, but Elisa could see how upset he was by the sudden silence.

            He'd also said something that upset Elisa.  Pheromones don't work on humans.  The gargoyles had lived with humans for generations, and there wasn't a single case of it working on humans.  Elisa realized that all of her desire that night had been her own.

            She pulled over to get some things from the grocery store, but wasn't even to the front doors when she heard the loud clanging of something hitting a dumpster in the alley and the sounds of a fight.  She moved to run, but couldn't move as fast as she used to with the added weight of the baby.  She turned the corner and went to pull out her gun before she realized that she didn't have it.  She'd just gone on a medical leave earlier that day, and wasn't armed for work.

            "Look who we have here."  One of the men beating on a young man dropped the victim, who was too injured to move from where he fell and faced Elisa with an evil grin.  "It's the cop that busted me and my brother last year."

            Elisa took a deep breath and felt her heart plummet as she saw a friend of his covering the entrance to this alley.  She'd run right into danger.  "Lady cop doesn't look so tough now does she?"  He addressed his friend while Elisa moved to try and keep both men in front of her so she could see what they were up to.  "My brother got butt fucked in prison.  I say we take that out on her."

            She took a fighting stance, but she was terrified that one good hit to her stomach would damage the baby.  She focused on blocking the punch to her gut, and he managed to hit her in the face.  The cat-like roar from the alley was quickly followed by the sound of wings as the gargoyle slammed into the talkative ex-con and knocked him out.  The other man didn't manage to run three steps before Demona hit him so hard he went flying through the air into the wall.  He fell to the ground unconscious as well.

            Demona stormed up to Elisa her eyes still blazing.  "You shouldn't still be working!  What about the hatchling!  You can't take risks like this!"  Elisa just stared at the blue female, still a bit shocked that Demona had come to save her.  How did the gargoyle know she was in danger?  Was she following Elisa?

            "I'm not working."  Elisa thought about telling Demona that it wasn't her business what she did, but she couldn't get over the fact that she was pleased that it was Demona that had come to her aid.  "I'm on medical leave.  I just… forgot."  Elisa stared down at the ex-con.  "Thank you."  She said quietly as the realization of how bad that could have gone hit her.  She was slower, and more awkward in her pregnancy.  She couldn't really run or fight like she used to, which was why she'd finally taken the medical leave.

            Demona reached out to hook her fingers under the detective's chin and Elisa almost pulled back in shock as the gargoyle inspected the bruised cheek.  "You're lucky this is all he hit."  Demona's eyes were still blazing. 

            Elisa looked down at the man the thug had been beating, and he was staring in shock at the gargoyle.  "I should call this in."  Elisa then stared into Demona's eyes and made a decision.  "Can you come by my apartment in an hour?"  The gargoyle nodded and then started for the wall to climb away.

            Elisa got home shortly before Demona was supposed to get there.  The gargoyle's concern tonight made the decision she'd been struggling with easier.

            "Detective."  The cool aristocratic voice spoke before Elisa had time to put her keys down.  It startled Elisa but she just turned on the lights so that she could see.

            "I think it's about time you called me Elisa."  Elisa moved to sit on the couch, and Demona looked hesitant, but she sat down in the chair opposite her.  Elisa watched the gargoyle and noticed how her eyes darted around a little nervously.  Demona wasn't comfortable in Elisa's home.  "Our daughter is going to be born, not hatched, so she's going to be with us soon.  I want you to have a chance to get to know our child, but I'm worried.  I don't want her to learn to hate humans."  Elisa saw the flash of irritation and moved to counter it before she had to endure another lecture about humans.  "She'll be part human, the doctor thinks she's mostly gargoyle, but she is part human, and so am I.  I don't want you teaching my child to hate me." 

            Demona's hands were clenched tight.  "If you insist on raising her blind to the danger that the humans bring, she won't live long."  Elisa hated that she could see the truth in Demona's comment.  If this child were to run or glide up to the wrong person, she could be hurt or killed.  Elisa hated to think of her daughter hearing the comments that she'd seen directed at the clan numerous times.  She'd seen too many Quarrymen conventions, too many attempts to kill the clan. 

            "I don't want her blind either."  Elisa sighed.  "I know that humans pose a threat to her, but I don't want her to live in fear either."  Elisa rubbed her forehead wearily before giving Demona a searching look.  "This is much more complicated than telling a human child to not talk to strangers."  When her hand accidentally ran over the bruise on her cheek she flinched a little in pain.

            Elisa glanced up at the gargoyle to see she seemed to have Demona's undivided attention.  "So, what I wanted to ask you tonight is do you want to be a part of her life?"  She waited tensely, because Demona didn't answer immediately like she'd hoped.  Elisa didn't want to play parent alone.  She wasn't ready for that, and Demona may be many things, but it was obvious that she was a very good mother.

            "What you want is for me to send money, but not really teach her anything she needs to know to survive."  Demona hissed angrily.

            Elisa stood up to start pacing angrily.  "Look at this place!"  She swept her arms around the apartment.  "How am I supposed to raise a gargoyle here!  I can't let her out of the apartment if I stay here or the neighbors will see her.  Even if they don't see her, they might hear her."  She turned to glare at Demona.  "I don't need money, because I can't continue to live on my own.  Fox has offered me a place to stay, and I accepted.  I didn't really have any other choice.  I don't like not having choices."  Elisa turned away to hide the tears of frustration.  "That's why I'm giving you one.  Do you want to know her or not?"

            "Of course I want to know her!"  Demona growled.  "The humans took Angela from me.  I didn't get to raise her.  I don't want to go through that again."  Elisa could hear Demona stand up so she wiped her tears away and turned to face her.  "But she is MY daughter too, and I want a say in how she's raised.  If you let Goliath raise her by clan traditions, she'll die so very young.  I can imagine he'll want to keep the old ways, but this city… these humans… it just can't be done."

            Elisa stared at Demona in surprise.  Why would she think Elisa would let Goliath raise her child?  "As a member of the clan, the leader has always had the most say over what happens with the hatchlings.  If you are living there, he will want to raise her in the ways of the clan."  Demona spoke a little more gently.

            "No, I don't think so."  Elisa grimaced remembering the way he was so distant when she told him who the 'father' was.  "I know he clings to the old ways too much, and I won't let that endanger her."

            Demona moved to stand right in front of Elisa.  "So how do we do this?  I'm not welcome at the castle.  That was made abundantly clear when I went to help Angela."

            "I don't know.  We'll have to figure it out."  She would have said more, but the baby in question shifted.  "I have to go to the bathroom.  I'll be right back."

            When Elisa came back out she saw that Demona was flipping through the book of names that Elisa had bought last week.  "I'm not naming her after some street."  Elisa gave Demona a conspiratorial smile.  She'd never told the clan how ridiculous she thought their way of naming themselves was, but she knew that Demona felt the same way.  Elisa saw Demona's genuine smile and it brought back some of the feelings that had gotten her pregnant to begin with.  She pushed the thought of how beautiful the female was out of her mind and stepped closer.  "I've looked through the entire book, but I still have no clue what to name her."  She pointed to the old cat in the corner, sleeping through Demona's entire visit.  "I named her Cagney, because of a T.V. show.  The cat before her was Lacey.  I've never been good with names."

            "Can I borrow this book?"  Demona asked a little hesitantly, and Elisa realized that this was it.  She'd opened the door for Demona to be involved, and the gargoyle wanted to help name the child.  How involved did Elisa really want her to be?

            "Sure."  Elisa noticed the way Demona's wings seemed to raise higher as the gargoyle started to glance at the index of the book.  It was obvious that the female was very interested in being a partner in raising their daughter.  Elisa felt a small smile tug at her lips as she watched Demona muttering about the cruelty of some of those names.  "We could get together to talk about names another day?"  Elisa was happy to surrender some control over that part of parenting, because she was sure whatever she chose would become an embarrassment to her daughter at some point.

            "You aren't working anymore."  Demona glanced up at Elisa.  "I could come by tomorrow night."

            Elisa was a bit surprised at the eagerness in Demona's eyes.  "Sure.  I'll make dinner."


The Next Night

            Elisa had the dinner ready and was dressed in the best clothes she had that fit her anymore.  She would have done her makeup but she came to her senses before it had gone that far.  This wasn't a date.  Demona had only been interested in her for that one night, and now the only female that she was interested in was their daughter.

            After a nice dinner Demona pulled out a sheet of paper.  "I looked at several of these names.  Most human names are so bland and lack class."

            "Well you did find some were good Dominique."  Elisa smiled.  She'd thought that human name actually fit Demona well.  It was exotic, classy, and while being very feminine, gave a sense of strength as well.  It was much better than the detective's main alter ego, Sally.

            "Well, here is the list of ones I didn't find offensive."  Demona handed the paper over, and Elisa realized that this could have easily been done over email or the phone.  She took the paper and started to read the choices while Demona got up and took Elisa's glass away.  When she started to re-fill the orange juice for her.  Elisa looked up to stare at the gargoyle's back in pleasant surprise as she realized that Demona was actually getting her something.

            She took a sip of the juice as soon as Demona handed it to her and smiled at the thoughtfulness.  She could really get used to that.  Demona had been doing little things like that during dinner as well.  Elisa just hadn't made the connection until it was more obvious.

            "These are some good names."  Elisa glanced at the list and could have sworn that none of these names had been in that book.

            "You seemed pretty sure that it was a girl, so I only picked girl names."  Demona moved to sit beside her on the couch.

            "Puck and the doctors agree that with two mothers, the child would be a girl."  Elisa set the glass down and looked at the list of ten names again.  "I really like this one."  She pointed to the third name on the list.  "What do you think?"

            Demona glanced at the paper and smiled.  "Delilah it is then."