Something To Tell You: 

Epilogue:  The Trickster MatchMaker(s)

By Luna Wyrd

Sequel to:  Nothing to Fear by Fear Itself. 

Alternate Universe Fiction Two Months Three Weeks and Three Days after Birth

         Angela woke up with a roar and stared out at her glimpse of the setting sun.  Elisa had called yesterday and told Fox she was staying until Monday night.  The weekend visit got extended and Angela was eager to hear if her mother had finally realized what she had in Elisa.  Fox was disappointed that Elisa didn't want to talk over the phone, and had grumbled to Angela that she'd have to wait a week now to find out if Elisa took the plunge.  She'd left during the day on a vacation with Xanatos.

         "Hey, Angela."  Broadway smiled at her as she stepped off of her ledge.  "I was thinking of going to the movies."

         "I've… got plans."  She smiled back at him.  He'd proven to be a very caring male.  She'd never regretted her choice, which was why she wanted her mother to feel that kind of love.  It was something that she'd assumed she would never see in her lifetime, because she'd been convinced that the only male Demona could love was Goliath and he had moved on to Elisa. 

         She'd noticed the distance growing between Elisa and Goliath since Angela had joined the clan, and she'd started to entertain the idea that Goliath would go back to Demona.  Those thoughts made her feel guilty because she loved Elisa and wanted her to always be a part of the clan, but her mother was so lonely.

It was a shock when she found out about the Breeders moon and how Demona had actually mated.  And with Elisa.  If it weren't for the fact that Goliath was now alone Angela would say that it was perfect.  Her mother wasn't alone and Elisa was not just clan but family.  No matter how much Demona protested, Angela knew that her mother was in love.  She'd never submit to a Breeder's moon solely for sex.  That just wasn't who her mother was.

She watched at her father actually accompanied Broadway and a few of the others to a movie.  He didn't do that often, but it was a good thing.  He'd been mopping around a bit too much and needed to start living again.  Those that had patrols tonight took off leaving just Angela and Hudson at the castle.

The T.V. was already illuminating the room when she got into the library.  Angela sat down to wait the customary hour before visiting.  She just had to hear if things worked out.  When Fox had come to Angela and told her that Elisa was in love, Angela had been overjoyed at the confirmation and eagerly signed on to have that talk with the ex-detective. 

"Why aren't you out with the others?"  Hudson asked when the commercial started.

"I want to visit with Elisa."

He glanced over at her, "Are you up to something Lass?" 

"What?  No."  Angela spoke a little quickly and grimaced at how guilty that made her sound.

"Well, good."  He sounded completely unconvinced.  The show started and they both fell quiet.

As soon as an hour was up Angela got up and headed for Elisa's rooms.  Elisa had just spent three nights away with Demona and Angela was sure that there must be something to report.  With a smile on her face she knocked on Elisa's door.  If things went well this weekend, Angela would have to visit her mother and make the subtle suggestion that Elisa might be happier living with Demona.  Angela would miss having Elisa around so that she could visit whenever she wanted, but this was really much better.  It wasn't healthy for a gargoyle to live alone like Demona did.  Demona needed at least a little clan of her own.

"Angela."  Elisa looked like she'd been expecting her and opened the door wider to let Angela in.

"So, how was your visit?"  Angela couldn't stop grinning and that smile grew when she saw Elisa blush.  It must have been that good.  YES!  Her mother wasn't going to stupidly let a good thing pass her by.  Angela felt like dancing in victory when Elisa started to give her a shy smile.

"It was good."  Was Elisa's minimal answer and Angela just stared at her.  No, she wasn't getting away with an answer like that.  Angela wanted details. 

Three Months after Birth

         Fox and David got home Friday morning from a wonderful visit to their country home.  She felt so much better about their relationship.  Demona's considerate treatment of Elisa and all the new gargoyle couples in the castle had started to make her feel like an old married woman.  She started to miss the dates and the spontaneous trips that they used to take, and this week together was just what she'd needed to feel special again.

         After unpacking and spending a special lunch with Alexander to make up for being gone she sat in the kitchen staring out at the view out the window.  Alexander and Owen were busy with lessons again.  Nothing like having your son be so far beyond you magically to make you feel stupid.  She'd given up on magic lessons herself when she realized she just had no talent for it at all.  Perhaps she was just too old to learn.  Oh, there was another pleasant thought.  Fox grimaced into her tea as she took another sip.

         Elisa walked in and didn't seem to notice her sitting by the window as she single mindedly headed for the coffee pot.  Fox grinned as she watched her friend, really her only friend, fumbling around tiredly for a coffee cup.  Fox had acquaintances that she'd have lunch with or old friends that she saw once in a while, but her relationship with Elisa was different than that.  She could trust Elisa with everything.  No one else knew about the gargoyles living here, or about Fox's half fey nature.  She didn't have to lie to Elisa or leave out huge parts of her life.  Elisa had listened to Fox's frustrations with her mother.  There really wasn't anyone that she could talk to about that other than David and his answer was usually that she shouldn't see the woman anymore if she clashed with her that much.  It wasn't really helpful, because Fox wanted to mend the relationship with her mother.  She remembered the woman that raised her and had a hard time looking at the green Fey and seeing her, but she tried.

         "So, did you miss me?"  Fox spoke in a sultry teasing voice because it made Elisa blush and it was so cute.  Okay, so maybe she had a little crush on her best friend, but there was no harm in that.  Fox's grin grew when Elisa tensed up, clearly startled.

         "I thought you weren't coming home until tonight."

         "We decided to beat traffic.  You know Fridays."  Fox answered and Elisa just nodded her understanding.  Fox's smile calmed down as she moved to ask the question she'd been thinking about all week.  "So how was staying with Demona?"

         Elisa fond smile said it all.  Fox had mixed feelings about this, but she knew she should be happy for Elisa so she went with that one.  A smile crossed her lips, but it felt a little forced.  "Spill.  You obviously have something."

         "She told me she loves me."  Elisa moved to sit at the table with Fox.  "Angela's going to babysit tonight so that we can go out."

         Fox smirked at her, "Is that what you are calling it?  You can't exactly go out at night.  I'm a big girl you can say the 'S' word with me."  When Elisa started to blush Fox leered at her teasingly, "Sex.  Say it with me…"

         "Okay, so we plan to stay at the mansion all night."  Elisa sounded just a little irritated with the teasing.  She was so sensitive.  "But we are going out to dinner before sunset."

         "Well, that should be fun."  Fox wiggled her eyebrows teasingly.   "So, tell me is she still as passionate as you remember or was that just a Breeder's moon thing?"

         "I… ah…"  Elisa blushed, "Don't know.  We haven't been together again yet."

         "You had her the entire weekend and you didn't get any?"

         "She wants to be in her true form, and I didn't want to be interrupted if Delilah cried."

         Fox frowned a little at that.  Did Demona not want to use her human form at all for sex?  It would be so much easier on the couple if the gargoyle would get over that little hangup.  Unlike other parents they have guaranteed time when Delilah won't interrupt their fun.  They should take advantage of that.  Elisa noticed her expression and added more quietly, "She just wants the first time to be with her true form."

         "Technically you've already had your first time.  That's how you ended up with Delilah."

         "You know what I mean."  Elisa took another drink of her coffee and stared out at the city.  "It feels like the first time in a way.  We are planning to be together.  Last time it was…"  Elisa looked to be struggling for the words.  "I can't say she didn't want me, but this time… It's really me she wants.  Do you understand?"

         "I think she always wanted you."  Fox's teasing tone left her as she stared at Elisa's face.  "One thing I can say about her is she has taste."

         Elisa gave her a soft smile.  "Thanks."

         "So, what are you going to wear out to dinner tonight?" 

         Elisa's smile was slightly wicked, "A skirt.  She hasn't seen me in some of my undercover outfits, and I think I should still get mileage out of those."

         "Wow, you're going all Femme on her.  Does that mean she's Butch?"  Fox knew that lesbians didn't necessarily play those games anymore, but the red of Elisa's blush and the stammered attempt at denial was truly fun to watch.

         Demona better treat Elisa right.  Fox stared out the window towards the NightStone building.  Fox had given that gargoyle some help, and she wasn't sure Demona deserved a woman like Elisa.  She'd only called Angela in to talk Elisa into visiting Demona at the mansion because it was clear that Elisa was in love.  A woman like Elisa didn't give out her heart easily. 

Four Months after Birth

         Owen glanced at the growing pile of mail sitting outside Elisa's door with a hint of a smirk on his lips.  She hadn't been at the castle in almost a week, but she'd be back today.  She must be aware that she's not so slowly not living here anymore.  "Sometimes a plan really comes together."  He whispered to himself.

         "Did you say something?"  Fox asked as she walked past.

         "No Mrs. Xanatos."  He answered mechanically and put yet more mail in the box they'd put outside Elisa's room.  He pulled out a change of address form he'd picked up at that post office and put it with the mail on the door after Fox slipped into the kitchen and away from him.  He smirked at it.  That wasn't a very subtle hint.

         He took his mail to his rooms with him while thinking about the newest couple.  It was about time.  When Demona had chained Puck up he'd seen the spark of attraction the gargoyle had for Elisa, but his own sense of self preservation and the potential for later mischief prevented him from calling Demona on it.  The mirror showed Demona's love and it had been Elisa that was the focus of the scene.  Puck just pretended that the male that was just by luck in the scene as well was the object of her desire.  That night was the night he'd come up with his plan.  A few well placed spells to push things along.

         The spells he'd used up in this mission had really added up.  A spell to make Demona a little more aware of how humans really were by giving her the ability to walk among them during the day, a spell to give the immortal female a glimpse of the detective in a form she'd appreciate a little more, and that one spell that was a pure stroke of genius if he'd ever seen one. 

         The magical binding that Oberon did on Puck almost ruined it all.  He'd planned a whole elaborate system of spells to help this couple along, without manipulating their emotions.  He'd learned his lesson the last time he'd played matchmaker.  Queen Titania was still a bit angry at him about that and Puck could understand.  The human the queen had fawned over was truly repulsive.  Puck had only thought his highness deserved someone more fun than Oberon, but his good intentions backfired.  This time he did better, and it worked.  Owen started to smile as he leaned back on his couch, looking far more Puckish than normal.

         He'd managed to do some of it without any magic whatsoever.  A tape for Elisa's eyes only that let Elisa see the gargoyle struggling with the thought of killing the detective that she'd vowed so many times that she would destroy.  A series of tapes leaked to Demona's incompetent spy showing Elisa defending the immortal female.  A call to Castaway.  That hadn't been pleasant, but it was necessary.  Demona had been doing that spell to ease her needs on the Breeder's moon for the past two hundred years, and Puck needed her to be completely submerged in her needs.  Another anonymous call to Elisa claiming that a quarrymen convention was in the park and seemed to have a gargoyle ensured that both of the contestants were in the game.

         That car accident almost ruined all his hard work.  It had happened too soon in their relationship and he'd watched helplessly as they started to drift apart.  If Fox hadn't stepped into his carefully constructed plan unknowingly and corrected the problem, he would have had to do something a bit more drastic to get Demona and Elisa together.

         The green glow coming in his slightly opened window was expected and Owen stood up to greet his lord.  Oberon materialized, along with the Wyrd Sisters as requested.  Queen Titania was with them as well, and Puck nodded to the woman he considered a mother figure.

         "I have a proposition for you."  Puck spoke as soon as he finished changing into his true form.  He was a master of loopholes and deception, and he'd found a well-hidden loophole that he wanted to take advantage of.  It would just take four minor spells to manipulate the larger one.  All he needed was permission.

Five Months After Birth

         Owen held open the elevator door so that Elisa could catch it with him.  She'd sent her boxes to the mansion by mover and was on her way out to follow them.  Elisa was moving into Demona's mansion full time now, and that made sense, since she'd only been at the castle a day or two of the week anyhow. 

         "Congratulations."  Owen nodded to her while he glanced at the gold band on her finger.  For a gargoyle that hated humans, she'd easily adapted to the idea of marriage.  "If you decide to have a honey moon after all, I would be glad to assist with Delilah."

         "Well, thank you, but that won't be necessary."  Elisa was still holding a grudge because of the spell.  No gratitude at all in that human even though it was all for her own good.

         "Very well, but if you change your mind you know where to find me."  Owen said flatly. 


         Elisa walked into the mansion and glanced around at the boxes littering the entry way.  This was as far as Demona was probably willing to allow the movers while Delilah was in her room.  The movers had already been gone by the time Elisa got home from her dinner with Fox.  She'd promised to continue with their weekly dinners.

         After doing some unpacking Elisa managed to give herself a paper cut off of one of the boxes and went to the bathroom to find a bandage.  Cardboard paper cuts seemed to hurt the worst. 


Demona hissed when she felt the cardboard of the box she was checking in the entryway cut her finger and she pulled it into her mouth to try and stop the blood, but she didn't taste any.  She pulled her finger out and glanced at the damp fingertips to see they weren't injured at all.  After staring at them in a little puzzlement she continued to pick boxes to carry upstairs so that Elisa could unpack them. 

The End?