Star Wars: Episode V.V

After Han Solo was taken to Jabba, Princess Leia, Lando, Chewbacca, and Luke were on the hunt to find Han all over the Galaxy, mean while a few remnants of the Jedi were escaping from the Evil Galactic Empire along with other Rebel Soldiers from various systems. Meanwhile, at Earth, a rebellion group known as the Black Knights were trying to gain independence from the Britannian Empire, and so at the end, Peace at Earth had begun with the Zero Requiem. Now Emperor Palpatine, and his right hand man, Darth Vader is on the loose to track down the Remnant Jedi.

Earth 2018 a.t.b

After the Zero Requiem, the Earth was at its peaceful state. No wars, hatred, and corruption. The city of Tokyo is filled with numerous race. Japanese, Britannians, Europeans, Chinese, and etc.

(Kallen's Home, Tokyo)

"Beep Beep Beep"

Kallen's alarm goes off all over her room with a loud volume. She wakes up with messy red hair with her hair down, wearing only her black bra, and panties. She gets up from her creaking bed with the sheets messed up. She heads to the door with the door automatically opening. She head straight to the bathroom to take a shower.

(Britannian Royal Palace, Arizonia)

In the region of Arizona, Nunnally, the 100th Empress of the Holy Britannian Empire received the Geass Power from her biological brother, Lelouch. Through her sleep, she had a dream about the future. She met a boy who had someone a tattoo on his face that spreads to his lower eye, to his nose, and his other eye. He also had them in his wrist.

Nunnally's POV

"wow, this mysterious boy is so different. He has a somewhat green face, and has tattoo's in face, and hands. Hmmm is he not from this planet? I guess I'll ask him. Maybe he won't be that bad."

End of POV + End of the dream.

Nunnally woke up instantly from the royal guards. The Royal guards were waring a lightblue cape with the proper royal outfit. The guard bowed to his knees.

"good morning your highness. Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, I had this strange dream." Said Nunnally

"I see, your breakfast is ready to go"

The guard stood up and walked out of Nunnally's room. The royal maidens pushes the cart towards Nunnally room. She was given eggs, sausages, and some tea to sip on. Nunnally sat on her wheelchair and eats. After breakfast, Nunnally rolls down outside to grab some fresh air. As she walks, she thinks about her brother, and missing him. Zero or known as Suzaku is her personal body guard.


"Yes, your highness"

"I feel empty!"

"I know, I miss Lelouch too. He was a good person from the beginning."

"If he was alive, I would give him the title, "The Chosen One" said Nunnally.

"Me to"


In a CR90 Corvette ship called the Ambition,is a space cruiser that was being chased by the Empire. The Cruiser was holding a few Jedi, but mostly the Rebel Alliance. One of the few jedi were named, Ahsoka Tano, Carth Sen, and Taris Ryria. Ahsoka Tano is a female Togruta with colorful skin tones, large montrals, and head tails with white facial pigments. Carth Sen is a Mirialan Jedi varied from yellow-green skin to paler skin. They were flexible, and agile. They also have tattoos in various parts of his body. Taris Ryria is a female human jedi. Her skin is a somewhat reddish with blue eyes, and brown long hair.

Throughout the Galaxy, the ship was being chased by the Empire. Behind the ship was even a larger ship trying to shoot down the shields to trap them into a tractor beam. But it was too late, the rebels had no choice but to run in lightspeed. As they use lightspeed, the ship disappeared instantly.

(Star Destroyer)

Inside the ship, Imperial Captain, Maximus was in shocked to see it escaped. He knew that they're were jedi's on board. He keep startin through the dark space with glittering stars in the distance. Behind was Darth Vader asking him about the Ship.

"Lord Vader, we have failed to take down the shields in that ship."

"Did you put a tracking device on it?" Lord Vader asked

"No sir"

"You have failed me for the last time" while vader points at him

Maximus put his hands over his throat like he was chocking himself. This is a punishment that vader gives to his commanders, and his workers. But for Maximus, he spared his life. As he stop chocking him, he fall onto his knees to catch his breath.

"Do not fail me again Commander" said Vader

"yes my lord."

Vader walked away from him as he was going to do more business.

(The Solar System)

The Ship arrives at the edge of Earth, but the rebels had no control of the ship, as a result, they had to let the ship moves at it's destination.

"What going on" asked Carth

"We lost control of the ship buckle up"

Carth, Ahsoka, and Ryria sat on benches and strap themselves. The ship alarm went off as many of the soldiers strap their belts for protection.

Carth was a bit nervous and scared. He was afraid that he was gonna die.

"My Padawan, don't fear. Fear is your beginning path of the darkside" said Ryrira

Ryria helped Carth to calm down, and stand up to all fears.

(Japan, Tokyo)

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency looked through the eyes of the huge telescope. The Astronomer Scientiest was overwhelming shocked to see a space ship coming down towards the wilderness of Japan only outside of Tokyo. After it crashed landed, the Media all over the world, including Britannia was in relief too see what happened. All the students in Ashford Academy were scared to see aliens trying to take over the world. Maybe it's becasue they watch too much sci-fi movies. The JAXA called the military for any life forms in that ship. The Black Knights head straight to their knightmares and drive off of Tokyo.

(Inside the ship)

"Another Happy Landing" said Carth while Taris, and Ahsoka looking at him with giggles and smiles. While they strap out, the Soldiers opens the emergency doors from the roof to get out of the ship immediately.

The Soldiers looks around while pointing their guns in case any aggression. As everyone got out, Ahsoka Tano ordered the lead for survival.

"Alright everyone, we're going to stay together, and hopefully find any civilization, hopefully they can accept us" said Ahsoka Tano

"I'm with you master Tano"

"alright stay close"

(Hour after the crash)

Knightmare Frames, Infantry Troops, and Tanks were surrounding the ship be living to be aliens inside.

"Keep an close eye for any life forms, and anything interesting in there" said the commander through his helmet.

The Soldiers goes through the roof. The Soldiers turns on their flashlights. Upon inspecting the ship, they reached the cockpit with some very interesting buttons, and some technology they never seen before, including somewhat a rifle that was barley damaged. The Solider took it for further investigation. They didn't not just found weapons, but medicine, food, and abandoned PDA with some information about the Galactic Empire, also a map to other planets. Later all these stuff will be sent to India for Rakshata to further investigate its' resources, but they didn't need to because Rakshata arrived at Japan to work with the Japanese scientist.