Royal Rumble 2017 – Shu's first entrant in the Royal Rumble

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A/N: This story is a what if version of the 30th entrant of the Royal Rumble. Fans were pissed off at Roman Reigns becoming the last entrant of the 30th annual Royal Rumble so this story is basically a one-shot story with basically one chapter. I'll continue this story if you guys like this one-shot.

Description: After the events of Fan Castle, Guan Yinping was sent to the world of WWE by Zuo Ci due a message from the Undertaker informing her that a man by the name of Roman Reigns will cause chaos in both universes. If he wins, the Road to Wrestlemania will be in dangerous jeopardy and he'll gain enough power to annihilate the entire Shu Force. With the assistance of Zuo Ci, the Undertaker, Shane McMahon and various superstars, Guan Yinping must use her strength, skills and abilities to prevent Roman Reigns from destroying WWE and her universe.

Prologue: Number 30 – Guan Yinping

Fans were pissed off when Roman Reigns entered the Royal Rumble at number 30. To make things worse, he eliminated the Undertaker, much to the shock and dismay of the entire arena in the San Antonio Alamodome but What if Roman Reigns was not the 30th entrant in the 30th annual Royal Rumble? What if someone from Dynasty Warriors took his place and participate in the Royal Rumble? This is the story of one person of the Shu force and how her involvement changed the course of WWE forever…

Guan Yinping was inside her room, sobbing after her father's death at the hands of the alliance between WU and WEI. Her brothers, Guan Suo, Xing and her friend Bao Sanniang visited her daily after Guan Ping, the current head of the Guan Family, searched for the people responsible for their father's death. However, every visit was cut short by Yinping ordering them to leave. Even Sun Quan's son, Sun Deng, visited her one time but was immediately kicked out because of his father's betrayal. Although, she loved the idea of Sun Deng visiting her, she was too busy grieving…. Until one day, she received a message from an unknown source.

It was a few days before the Battle of Yi Ling and the House of Guan is currently alarmed. Liu Bei, the King of Shu, has severed ties with WU and issued a war at Yi Ling. Guan Xing, Suo, Ping and Bao Sanniang were informed that Zhang Bao's father, Zhang Fei, went missing during Ping's search for WEI and WU but Liu Bei decided to focus on the Battle of YI Ling instead of sending search parties to look for Zhang Fei. When her brothers told her about Zhang Fei's disappearance, she was surprised how her father's Sworn Brother went missing. She was a little down at first but she was mostly surprised.

"Master Zhang Fei is missing?" Yinping asked

"Yeah. We were told that Master Zhang Fei went missing when Ping was looking for our father's murderers." Xing replied

At this, Guan Yinping looked at the floor. Guan Xing facepalmed to himself for reminding her of that tragic day.

"Look. Yinping, I know that you are still grieving over our father's death but now is not the time for grieving. It is time for war." Xing said to her

"But what about Ping?" Yinping asked

"Don't worry, Yinping. He's trying to find WEI and WU and make them pay for their crimes."

"Um- "

"Yinping. We'll get Sun Quan. I promise you. For the sake of the House of Guan."

"I… Ok."

"What's wrong? Are you feeling ok?"

"I- "She tried to say but she felt a menacing chill shivering down her spine. She then looked at the wall behind Xing. It was a silhouette of a figure with a hat, a trench coat and gloves. Suddenly, she heard a gong. A gong that made her heart froze in fear. It was a supernatural feeling. Fearing that the figure will attack her brother's, Yinping turned back and ran away. Xing soon realized that Yinping ran away from him again.

"Yinping, where are you going?" Xing asked

"I got to go! I'll see you later!" Yinping shouted

"Wait! Yinping!"

"I'll explain later!"

With that, Yinping was gone. Xing can only stare with confusion on his face.

"She's been doing this recently. I wonder what's wrong with her." Xing said to himself before he walked to the main room, curious of Yinping's behaviour recently.

Yinping's room…

Guan Yinping ran back to her room with worry painted on her face.

"What's going on?" Yinping asked

"I believe I can answer that, Lady Yinping." A voice replied

Yinping looked where the source of the voice is. She saw an old man with a triangle helmet, a monocle and was wearing a sage outfit.

"Ah!" Yinping gasped

"Calm down, Lady Yinping. I'm here to help."

"Who are you?"

"I am Zuo Ci. I've been expecting you."

"What? You were?"

"Yes, for I have some news for you."

"Some news?"

"Yes. I'm here to give you this."

Zuo Ci gave her the item. She was curious of what it was.

"What is it?" Yinping asked

"It's a letter containing a message from an associate of mine." Zuo Ci replied


"The Undertaker. A friend of mine."

"The Undertaker?"

"Yes. He has some news for you."

Yinping opened the letter and read the note.

"Lady Yinping. If you are reading this letter, I have some bad news. Everyone that you love will die at the hands of a man by the name of Roman Reigns. He is a man who only cares about himself and he demands that your universe is his yard. I don't even know why he wanted to eliminate and destroy your universe but per this, it's not good. However, I have a solution. I want you to enter the Royal Rumble at number 30. Remember, this is for the WWE Universe and your force. If Roman Reigns realizes that you replaced him, he'll challenge you for the right to face off against me. I'll be entering the match at Number 29 so make sure that you win the match and main event Wrestlemania 33. Sincerely, the Undertaker." Yinping read out

"He gave that letter one day before the Royal Rumble. I can see that he heard of your skills."

"My skills?"

"Yes. He figured that you are strong just like your father."

Yinping would just cry out in embarrassment. Zuo Ci just smiled at her because of her reaction.

"Hehe… sorry for embarrassing you like that." Zuo Ci apologized

"Hmph!" Yinping pouted

"Well… Lady Yinping. Do you have anything to say before we go?"

"What? We're going now?"

"Yes. We are. Yinping, I'll take you to the San Antonio Alamodome."

"I'm not sure…."

"Yinping. Do you want to let your family die?"

"Ah! No! I don't!"

"Well… are you with me?"

"I… "

"Come on…."


"What's that?"

"Yes! I'm ready. I can do this! I'll win the Royal Rumble and protect my loved ones!"

"That's the spirit, Yinping."

Zuo Ci opened a portal with his mystic magic. Guan Yinping stared at the portal with astonishment. Zuo Ci then stepped in the portal and offered Guan Yinping her hand.

"Are you ready, Yinping?" Zuo Ci asked

"Yes! I'm Ready!" Guan Yinping replied with determination

"Well then. Let's go."

With these words, Guan Yinping grabbed Zuo Ci's hand and jumped in the portal with Zuo Ci behind her. The portal vanished like a puff of smoke. This is the story of Guan Yinping and her involvement in the Royal Rumble…

San Antonio Alamodome (Two minutes before Roman Reigns' surprise entry in the Royal Rumble match)

The Undertaker is clearing the ring for Guan Yinping to appear in the Royal Rumble Match, attacking Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, The Miz, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho in the process. Just recently, he eliminated Goldberg, a fan favourite in the match after he eliminated Rusev but he was still worried about Roman Reigns appearing in the Royal Rumble. Baron Corbin got back up and scowled at the Deadman. Undertaker just smirked in response, infuriating Corbin.

"Argh! Undertaker, just stay down!" Baron Corbin threatened

"Hmph… Why don't you try?" Undertaker taunted

"You… Haaaaa!"

Baron Corbin charged at the Undertaker with all his strength, striking him with jabs, blows and uppercuts but even his power was not even strong enough to damage the Undertaker. Sami Zayn, The Miz and Chris Jericho joined Baron Corbin in damaging the Undertaker.

However, he fought back with a flurry of punches, sending Sami Zayn and the Miz to the corner. He gave Chris Jericho a chokeslam, a haymaker to Baron Corbin and a headbutt to Bray Wyatt, who just came back up.

"Undertaker. In Phenom form tonight." Michael Cole commented

"He's my pick!" WWE Hall of Famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler happily shouted in commentary

"And it's appropriate that Wrestlemania signs in the background like a halo on the Undertaker's head."

"Well, a few years ago, we have Bray Wyatt, who challenged the Undertaker, has come a long way ahead of it." Corey Graves added

"Guys, there's one more entrant!"

"Number 30."

5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…. DING!

The entire crowd, the superstars in the Ring and the commentators are waiting anxiously on who the last entrant is. Suddenly, the lights turned off. The crowd in San Antonio feared that the power will possibly ruin the fun in this memorable match.

"What the hell?" Jerry Lawler asked

"Cole, what's going on?" Corey Graves asked Cole

"I dunno. It appears that we are suffering from a power shortage, ladies and gentlemen." Michael Cole replied

Suddenly, a feminine voice was heard throughout the arena. The Undertaker realized that Guan Yinping has arrived with Zuo Ci. He smiled in satisfaction. The others are confused at the Undertaker's reaction even though it is pitch black. The only source of light was coming from the audience, who are using their phones.

"Wait! Guys, can you hear that?" Cole told them

"What?" Lawler asked

"What is it, Cole?" Graves asked with irritation

"That voice. Can you hear it?" Cole replied

"Yeah. I can hear it." Graves added

"Me too!" Lawler added

"Well… I think that this is Number 30 in the match."

"I'm not so sure about that."

"For once, I agree with Corey Graves despite the fact he is a jerk."

"I- Hey!"

"Wait! It's getting stronger!"

"AHHHHHHH!" A feminine voice screamed

A blue light appeared in the middle of the ring. As it glowed, the crowd were somehow angry that Roman Reigns will enter the Royal Rumble but because of the female voice, the crowd continued being anxious. The light glowed brighter and brighter until… the light disappeared with the lights turning back on.

"What the… the lights have turned back on!" Cole exclaimed

"Yeah! What's going on?" Lawler agreed

"Never mind about that! Look at the middle of the ring! There's a woman in the ring!" Graves shouted


Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Bray Wyatt, The Miz and the Undertaker stared at the woman in the ring with mixed reactions. The crowd on the other hand are shocked at who she was. It was Guan Yinping.

"Huh? Where am I? Is this the match I'm going to participate?" Yinping asked

She received a thunderous pop and an amazing ovation from the San Antonio Alamodome, confusing Guan Yinping. Some of them even chanted "Holy Shit!" so many times that she had to block her ears due to the large amount of cheers that she is receiving.

"OH, MY GOD!" Cole screamed

"What? Who is she?" Lawler asked

"I'm speechless! Who is she?" Graves added

"That's Guan Yinping from Dynasty Warriors! She's number 30 in the Royal Rumble Match!"

"What? How?"

"She's is the fourth woman to have participated in the Royal Rumble Match! I don't believe it!"

Guan Yinping gasped at the audience and blushed red. The crowd were chanting, "Your so cute! & This is Awesome!" multiple times, much to her dismay. Even Bray Wyatt, The Miz, Baron Corbin, Randy Orton, Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho were stunned at her beauty. Yinping turned around and noticed that the Undertaker was standing behind her. Yinping and the Undertaker stared at each other with determination. The crowd chanted, "Holy Shit!" repeatedly due to intensity from the two people. Realizing that the crowd is excited and how close she is to the Undertaker, Yinping blushed again and stepped back from the Undertaker, earning the laughter of the entire crowd. The Undertake offered her his hand as if he was trying to convince her to shake his hand for luck.

"Lady Yinping, welcome to the Royal Rumble Match." The Undertaker announced.

At this, everyone's jaw went down in shock. The rest of the Superstars glared at the Undertaker for recognizing Guan Yinping while the crowd chanted "This is Awesome!" again. Yinping let out a cry of embarrassment as a result. The Undertaker only laughed at her reaction. The commentators stared in disbelief before continuing their job.

"What?! Undertaker is the only one that knows of Guan Yinping!" Cole cried out in shock

"I can't believe this! A legend recognizing a rookie? That's absurd!" Graves exclaimed angrily

"Do you always have to be a jerk and an asshole, Graves?"

"Yes! It's my job!"

"(Groan) I hate you."

"Don't worry, Cole. Everyone hates Graves." Lawler added

"I- Hey!"

Both commentators laughed at Graves. Corey Graves just facepalmed and decided to focus on the match. Meanwhile, the rest of the superstars, excluding Baron Corbin, decided to focus on eliminating the Undertaker. Sami Zayn and The Miz co-operated with each other to take down the Undertaker but the Undertaker grabbed both men and pulled them to both sides of the ring. The Undertaker would then eliminate the Miz by sending him out of the ring with a clothesline. Bray Wyatt, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton soon followed Sami Zayn in attacking the Undertaker. Guan Yinping tried to help the Undertaker but she ended up tripping on her feet and pushing Sami Zayn away from the Undertaker, sending him over the top rope due to her strength and eliminating him in the process. The crowd just laughed at Sami Zayn's reaction when he was eliminated.

"What the? Yinping!" Sami Zayn shouted

"I'm sorry! I didn't really mean it! Honest!" Yinping apologized

Sami Zayn would just sigh in annoyance and walked away in defeat. Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho just stared at Yinping in astonishment at her strength. Baron Corbin is still frozen for some reason and The Undertaker smiled again. Once again, Yinping turned red as a tomato because of her eliminating Sami Zayn.

"Wow…" Baron Corbin said in amazement

"Corbin! We need your help!" Chris Jericho pleaded

Baron Corbin snapped out of his trance and joined the others in eliminating the Undertaker. Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Baron Corbin tried to eliminate the Undertaker but he was proven to be too powerful. It continued for thirty more seconds before the Undertaker pushed all four men out of the way. The Undertaker grabbed Chris Jericho and gave him a chokeslam but due to his health, he staggered a bit before he fell on one knee. Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and Baron Corbin would use this opportunity to weaken the Undertaker by delivering jabs, blows, punches, kicks and haymakers to the 2007 Royal Rumble winner. Guan Yinping realized that the Undertaker is in trouble and ran to Undertaker's aid. The crowd went ecstatic as Yinping delivered a flurry of punches to all three men, weakening Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Yinping then tried to eliminate Bray Wyatt but he reversed into the Sister Abigail. However, Yinping reversed Bray Wyatt's Sister Abigail into her own finisher. She playfully pushed Bray Wyatt to the ground, skipped in a straight line and kicked him below the belt so hard that Bray went back up, worse for the wear. Bray Wyatt was disoriented by her sudden reversal to his finisher. With Bray staggering, Yinping then clotheslined Bray Wyatt out of the ring, eliminating him. The crowd roared in excitement at Yinping's finisher to Bray Wyatt, resulting in his elimination.

"Bray Wyatt has been eliminated by Guan Yinping!" Cole shouted out

"I can't believe it. She has scored her first elimination in her debut here tonight!" Lawler said in shock

"One-half of the Wyatt Family is out of the Royal Rumble!" Graves shouted

Bray Wyatt just stood there, surprised at Yinping for reversing his finisher. He then sighed in defeat and looked at his family member, Randy Orton. Orton responded with a nod and carried on attacking the Undertaker. With five people remaining, Guan Yinping smiled at the crowd with determination, as if she was determined to win the 30th annual Royal Rumble match. As Yinping looked at the Crowd and the commentators, a superstar's titantron appeared on the screen. The crowd, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Baron Corbin, Chris Jericho, the commentators and Guan Yinping instantly recognized who he was. It was Roman Reigns.

"What the? Is that- "Cole gasped

"That's Roman Reigns! What the hell is he doing here?" Graves angrily exclaimed

Roman Reigns received a lot of negative reception for various reasons. 1: He interrupted a beautiful moment and 2: He was looking at the Undertaker and Guan Yinping with hatred lingering in him. The crowd chanted, "Bullshit!" multiple times due to how the crowd hated the Big Dog. Guan Yinping gulped in fear and backed away to the corner. The refs tried to prevent Roman from entering the ring. He ignored them and entered the ring with a furious look on his face. Realizing that Guan Yinping is his target, all four men tried to get rid of Roman Reigns. Roman grabbed both Chris Jericho and Randy Orton and threw them over the top rope, eliminating them from the match. The crowd booed heavily at both men's unfair elimination by the Big Dog. Baron Corbin, distracted by Roman Reigns, was choke slammed by the Undertaker. The Undertaker then performed his signature throat slit with his tongue out and eyes rolling at the back of his head. However, Roman Reigns used this as an opportunity to eliminate the Undertaker. The crowd was shocked at Roman Reigns eliminating the Undertaker.

"Roman Reigns eliminated the Undertaker!" Cole shouted in disbelief

"What?!" Lawler cried in horror

Baron Corbin and Guan Yinping stared in horror as Roman Reigns, a non-entrant in the match, just eliminated the Undertaker with no remorse nor no guilt. He was furious.

The Undertaker stared in Roman Reigns before he hung his head down in defeat and walked away. The Crowd booed even worse at Roman Reigns for eliminating a fan favourite in the match.

"I cannot believe this. Roman Reigns, who interfered in this match, has eliminated the Undertaker in the 30th annual Royal Rumble." Cole said

Baron Corbin and Guan Yinping were shocked at what Roman can do. Yinping ended up crying as a result. This earned Corbin's attention.

"Yinping, what's wrong?" Baron Corbin asked, comfort lingering in his voice

"I-I… Roman Reigns." Yinping replied, tears in her eyes

"What about him?"

"He's ruthless…"

"In a way, yes. He is."

"I cannot believe he would do this."

"Well, he's the big dog. That's what he does. He believes that he can win the Royal Rumble twice and main event Wrestlemania three times."

"He main evented two times?"

"Yep. Wrestlemania 31 and 32."

"Oh…. I see."

"Yinping, are you afraid of Roman?"

"Well… The way he looked at me… It's malevolent, malicious and scary. He's a tyrant… "

"Yinping, don't worry. He's just being a sore loser."

"I'm not sure. I think he's mad at me."

"What? Why would he be mad at you?"

"Because I took his spot."

"Wait, what?"

"He was the true number 30 in this match. I just appeared and took his place."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Remember the blue light?"


"That was me."

"You were the blue light?!"

"Yeah. I was the blue light."

"Wow… I… Wow."

"Yeah. Shocking, right?"

"I guess so."

Roman turned around and noticed that there were two people remaining. Baron Corbin and Guan Yinping. Both of them stopped talking, fearing that he'll find out about Yinping in the match.

"Hey! Who's the person that replaced me?" Roman asked with hatred

Neither person said anything. Enraged, Roman grabbed the pair and dragged them to the ropes.

"I said: Who's the person that replaced me?!" Roman asked Corbin and Yinping.

Again, neither person said anything. The crowd stared in horror and amazement that Corbin and Yinping held their ground. That didn't last long as Roman Reigns punched Baron Corbin in the stomach so hard that he nearly vomited puke. Realizing that Corbin is in pain and in trouble, Yinping broke her silence and sobbed.

"I said- "Roman threatened

"It was me. I replaced you!" Yinping interrupted in tears


"I did! I replaced you! Don't hurt Baron Corbin!"

"Huh? You?"

"Yes! I did!"

"Well, you should've replaced me."


Roman responded by grabbing Yinping by her collar and leaning down on the ropes with pure hatred. Baron Corbin stared in horror due to how he was treating Yinping. The crowd booed so bad at Roman that they chanted, "Leave her alone!", to prevent him from eliminating Yinping in controversial fashion. Yinping gasped in horror as Roman stared at her with pure hatred, greed, malice and rage.

"Because…. This is my yard and I don't need you taking over my territory!" Roman threatened her with pure malice.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" Baron Corbin threatened him

"What are you going to do, Lone Wolf?" Roman threatened back

Baron Corbin responded by attacking Roman Reigns. The crowd went ecstatic as Baron Corbin laid out a flurry of punches at Roman Reigns.

"Oh! Baron Corbin! Look at him go!" Cole shouted

"He's protecting Yinping from Roman Reigns!" Lawler shouted

"Is he that stupid?" Graves angrily asked

"Graves. Just stop. You are disappointing." Both men scolded him

"I'm just telling the truth. That's all."

Cole and Lawler reacted by hitting him with checkboards.

"Ow!" Graves shouted

"You deserve that." Cole said

As Corey Graves pouted, Baron Corbin sent Roman Reigns over the top rope. Roman stayed outside the rope as Corbin tried to send him out with a clothesline. However, Roman moved out of the way and Baron Corbin was sent over the top rope. Roman and Baron traded punches with the crowd cheering for Baron Corbin and booing Roman. Roman grabbed Corbin's fist and pushed him out of the ring. Baron Corbin tried to fight back but Roman was too strong. Roman would eventually eliminate Corbin from the match, much to the dismay of the crowd.

"Baron Corbin has been eliminated by Roman Reigns." Coles said

Roman smirked in victory at Corbin's elimination. His victory was short lived when Baron Corbin grabbed Roman Reigns' legs and tried to pull him out. Guan Yinping recovered from Roman's threat and assisted Corbin in eliminating Roman Reigns.

"Look at this! Guan Yinping is helping Baron Corbin to eliminate Roman Reigns!" Cole shouted in amazement

Desperate to eliminate Roman Reigns, Guan Yinping lifted Roman Reigns by the waist. The crowd cheered in amazement and awe due to Yinping's strength.

"OH MY GOD! Look at Yinping!" Cole shouted again

"She's lifting Roman Reigns with no problem!" Lawler yelled

"How is she stronger than Roman Reigns?! This is unbelievable!" Graves cried in disbelief

"I know, right!"

Guan Yinping, with the help of Baron Corbin, used her strength to lift Roman over the top rope, eliminating him instantly. The crowd cheered in joy, amazement and happiness as Guan Yinping has eliminated the man responsible for interfering the match.

"Roman Reigns has been eliminated by Guan Yinping! Guan Yinping has won the Rumble. Yinping is going to Wrestlemania!" Cole shouted in joy.

Guan Yinping stared at the crowd with shock and surprise on her face as the crowd cheered for her. She smiled in joy as she has done the impossible. She has won the Royal Rumble match. Baron Corbin went back in the ring and joined Yinping in celebration. He embraced Yinping in a hug. She smiled back at Baron Corbin for helping her winning this match

"Guan Yinping has done the impossible. She is the fourth person to win the Royal Rumble at number 30 and is now the first woman to have won the Royal Rumble. Congratulations, Yinping! You have done it!" Cole and Lawler both said in unison

Corey Graves just said nothing in response. He was silent and shocked by this victory.

Guan Yinping and Baron Corbin just smiled together in victory and looked at the Wrestlemania sign. Both pointed at the sign as the fireworks went off in celebration.

I've done it. Thank you, Undertaker, Zuo Ci and Baron Corbin for making this possible for me! Father, Ping, Suo, Xing, Bao Sanniang and the rest of Shu, I'll be back, stronger and faster than ever. I'll protect you with my life! I swear it! I'll do what it takes to save you all from Roman Reigns! That's what I'm going to do! Yinping thought to herself before looking at the sign with determination

This marks as the beginning of Guan Yinping's career as a WWE superstar…

Chapter 1: Watch out, Yinping! Jealously in both brands!

Coming soon…

A/N: This is the end of the one-shot story. I wanted to do this because fans were pissed off at Roman Reigns' entry in the Royal Rumble. I've chosen Guan Yinping from Dynasty Warriors because she was the perfect choice for the fanfic. Remember, I'll do Chapter 1 if you guys loved the one-shot story but I'll also add some love interests for Guan Yinping when this story continues due to fan support.

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