Two days after the dark gained possession of Harry and Ron, forces of Death Eaters began to quietly gather in Knockturn Alley. The plan was to make a fuss in Diagon Alley and draw out the Order. They knew from Severus, and from an owl sent to Hermione asking if she'd seen the boys, that the Order were worried about the pair. So far the Order hadn't made any approach to the dark to try and find Harry and Ron, but it was only a matter of time. Unfortunately for the light, the dark were going to strike first and the only way the light were going to see Harry and Ron again was when they were collecting their dead bodies for burial.

For two days, Voldemort and Lucius had worked on organising the attack with the Death Eaters. Everyone had a job, and they all knew what to do and when to do it. Voldemort knew exactly what he wanted to happen, and his Death Eaters knew better than to mess up and not deliver. Of course the Order could still mess things up, but Voldemort had a degree of flexibility to his plan, and providing he got to kill Dumbledore, he would be happy.

"All right, it's nearly time," Voldemort called once all his followers had gathered in Knockturn Alley. "Remember, I want panic and destruction. Let's save the fighting and death until the Order gets here."

Voldemort waited until everyone had their masks and robes in place, before he raised his wand and let out a wave of red sparks. The sparks were the signal to begin the attack, and with a loud war cry the Death Eaters began moving from Knockturn Alley into Diagon Alley. The dark force soon had customers and shopkeepers fleeing in terror as windows were smashed, holes blasted in buildings and small fires started.

Standing in the alleyway that joined the two streets, Voldemort watched his Death Eaters in action. As he wanted, they were causing panic and terror, but they weren't killing. It was true that Diagon Alley would need some work when they were finished, but hopefully the only people who would be killed today would be members of the Order. Voldemort didn't know how long it would be before the first of the Order arrived, so he was pleased to note his Death Eaters were taking their time with the destruction. At the moment they were creating the perfect air of panic and Voldemort couldn't be prouder.

"It's an impressive sight, isn't it?" He said, turning to the one remaining figure at his side.

"It is, My Lord," Draco replied, watching the melee with a smirk on his face. He would have loved to be part of the action, but Voldemort had wanted him and Hermione safe. Hermione also wasn't part of the action in Diagon Alley, although she would have more of a part to play in things than Draco would have. "How long do you think it'll be before the Order shows up?"

"Not long," Voldemort replied.

Less than two minutes later the first wave of the Order arrived. They immediately started fighting with the Death Eaters, but Voldemort didn't have a problem with that as there was still no sign of Dumbledore. All his Death Eaters knew that once Dumbledore appeared, things would change, but for the time being they could have fun tussling with the Order.

The Order appeared in dribs and drabs, obviously arriving as they'd found out about the attack. Voldemort was just wondering if Dumbledore was even going to show when suddenly the old headmaster appeared in the middle of the street, surrounded by a section of his most trusted Professors. Severus was among the Professors with Dumbledore, but Voldemort knew that he would slip into the Death Eaters ranks once Dumbledore was distracted.

"It's show time," Voldemort whispered to Draco, flashing him a quick grin before he stepped from the shadows and loudly made his presence known. "Dumbledore, how nice to see you."

"Tom," Dumbledore returned, turning to face Voldemort. Voldemort could see he was surprised to see him looking so well, but the old man quickly hid his surprise and replaced it with a look of disappointment.

"Do you want to call off your forces so we can talk," Voldemort called. "I have a few things to say that you might be interested in."

Voldemort wasn't sure if Dumbledore was going to call off the Order, but ever so slowly he raised his wand and shot sparks into the air. The sparks seemed to search out the Order members and float down around them, signalling them to stop the fighting. At the same time, Voldemort gave the order for his Death Eaters to fall back and within two minutes the Order were gathered in the middle of the street around Dumbledore while the Death Eaters lined the edges of the street, putting up a defensive shield as they did so.

"Well Tom, what do you have to say?" Dumbledore asked.

"Before we go any further, I'll set your minds at rest about your missing people," Voldemort began.

"Ron," Molly cried, lunging towards Voldemort and being held back by her husband. "You have my son, you bastard."

"Such fire," Voldemort laughed. "We do have your son. Lucius," he called loudly.

One of the Death Eaters over the other side of the street suddenly vanished and when he returned moments later, he was carrying Ron's lifeless body. Molly began to scream at the sight, but Lucius quickly placed him on the floor and returned to the ranks of watching Death Eaters. Ron's body was quickly swallowed up by the Weasleys, and several other members of the Order looked to be on the verge of tears.

"How could you Tom, he was a child," Dumbledore hissed angrily.

"He got what he deserved, as did Black," Voldemort returned. Turning to his left side, he subtly nodded to another one of his followers, who vanished and returned with the body of Sirius.

"No," Remus cried, rushing forward to claim his friend's body.

"I'm going to tell you a little story now," Voldemort said, chuckling slightly as Remus tried to throw a hex at him and was rebelled by the defensive field his Death Eaters had erected. "A few days ago, Black here decided to kidnap young Draco. He held him captive and with the help of Potter and Weasley he tried to infiltrate the manor. Obviously he was caught, and then we got Potter and Weasley to lead us to Draco. Clearly we saved Draco, and in exchange we got two extra prisoners."

"You were led to Draco by Harry and Ron? How?" Dumbledore questioned, focusing on the parts of Voldemort's story he didn't understand. To be honest the entire story angered him, and he was annoyed a plot to kidnap a teenager had been undertaken under his nose, but he wasn't going to let Voldemort see how shaken he was.

"Ah, that will be my other little surprise," Voldemort said, nodding to Draco who stood off to the side.

Draco vanished into the shadows and when he returned he was accompanied by Hermione, and in between them was a badly tortured Harry. Together they stepped into the light and moved to stand next to Voldemort, throwing Harry to the floor in front of them. By this point Harry was so badly injured it was all he could do to raise his head, let alone get up and fight.

"Hermione?" Dumbledore questioned with a frown. His first thoughts were that she was a prisoner, but she didn't look like a prisoner.

"Headmaster," Hermione replied, throwing him a smile which was exactly the same as the one her father had.

Dumbledore gasped as he spotted the similarity and quickly made the connection. He had no idea how Hermione was related to Voldemort, or even how they'd managed to hide it from him, but he was in no doubt that Hermione was part of The Dark Lord's family. And of course it explained how Harry and Ron had led the dark to Draco, as they would have trusted Hermione and never realised they were walking into a trap.

"I see you can see the resemblance," Voldemort chuckled. "Let me formally introduce my daughter, Hermione."

"You cold hearted little cow," Molly screamed, foaming at the mouth in anger. She had been sobbing over Ron's body, but her attention was diverted from her fallen son at the appearance of Hermione. "I'll get you for this."

"I don't think so," Hermione replied with a dismissive snort.

"What do you want Tom?" Dumbledore called, aware that Harry was still lying at Voldemort's feet and he needed help.

"You know what I want," Voldemort replied. "What I've always wanted. You gone. Without you, I would have changed the world years ago. You've always held me back, Dumbledore."

"And I will always be here to hold you back," Dumbledore said. "I won't let you win, Tom."

"And how do you plan to defeat me without your champion?" Voldemort asked, kneeling down and grabbing hold of Harry's head and raising it off the floor.

"No," Molly screamed, her cry echoed by several other members of the Order.

"Tom, don't," Dumbledore pleaded, taking a hesitant step forward. "You win. I'll let you take me and do what you want. Just let Harry live. He's an innocent here, just like your daughter. You clearly have a heart, Tom, use it."

"I do have a heart, but it only works for people who matter to me," Voldemort replied. "I don't give a jot about Potter's life, just like I don't give a jot about your life. If I let either of you live, you'll always be there trying to bring me down. Now why would I risk that, when everything I've worked so hard for is within my grasp? I'm sorry Dumbledore, but it's over."

Before Dumbledore, or anyone else for that matter, could react, Voldemort turned his wand on Harry and coldly shot the killing curse at the young wizard. Dumbledore let out a broken howl at the sight and he hurled himself towards Voldemort, firing off any curse and spell he could think of at the barrier that separated them. Eager to fight, Voldemort ordered Hermione and Draco to retreat, before he dropped the shield separating his forces from the light side.

Neither Hermione nor Draco wanted to retreat, but they'd given their word before Voldemort had allowed them to be at the battle, so they moved back into the safety of Knockturn Alley. Even though they were supposedly away from the fighting, they kept their wands out and they were alert for anyone heading in their direction. However, no-one was interested in the two teenagers as a full scale battle had begun on the streets of Diagon Alley.

Voldemort and Dumbledore were right in the centre of the fighting, trading spells and curses at a rapid pace. Other battles were also taking place around the pair, while the bodies of Sirius, Harry and Ron had been removed to safety by the Order. Hermione and Draco watched the spells flying and the destruction of Diagon Alley with wide eyes, never sure if they were watching the most interesting battle.

Eventually their eyes kept drifting back to where Dumbledore and Voldemort were duking it out. Hermione had every faith in her father, but she knew Dumbledore wasn't to be underestimated. Dumbledore may have been a great deal older than her father, but he'd defeated dark wizards in the past and he was currently fuelled with anger and grief at watching Harry lose his life.

"What if my father doesn't win?" Hermione shouted to Draco over the noise of the battles.

"You know what, we retreat to the manor," Draco replied, taking hold of his girlfriend's hand. Even though the dark didn't like to think they would lose, Voldemort had put a contingency plan into place and it was decided that if he fell, Hermione and Draco would return to the manor where Narcissa would get them to safety and Lucius would join them when or if he could. "But it's not going to happen," he added confidently. "Your father will win. Dumbledore will fall."

It took nearly half an hour, but finally Draco's prediction looked to be coming true. In that time several of the Order had fallen, and some had ran, but the battle between Voldemort and Dumbledore still raged. However, Dumbledore's age and Voldemort's willingness to use dark magic began to show in the battle and the dark wizard solidly began to take the upper hand.

"This is it," Hermione cried happily as Voldemort blasted Dumbledore through one of the remaining windows on the street and advanced on him.

From their position, Draco and Hermione couldn't see Dumbledore, but they could see Voldemort and they heard his battle cry as he flew at Dumbledore and shot the killing curse out of his wand. As the green light of magic hit Dumbledore a cheer rose among Voldemort's Death Eaters. Those who were still fighting weren't able to cheer, but the noise rattled the remaining members of the Order and a few more fell in the moments following Dumbledore's death.

Voldemort looked down at Dumbledore's body with a grin as he turned and raised his hands in victory. "Dumbledore is dead," he cried. "The Order have fallen."

His words were the signal to retreat and even though several of them were still fighting, the Death Eaters followed the instructions they'd been given and started to apparate away. The Order members that had still been present didn't bother trying to continue the fighting. They were defeated, and they were more than happy to see the backs of their enemies.

In the shadows of Knockturn Alley, Hermione and Draco shared a triumphant kiss before they too apparated to safety. It was a whole new world now, and only time would tell what would happen. Maybe the Order would regroup and keep fighting, or maybe they would fade away and see there was no point fighting without their leader and their saviour. Either way, it was the dark who was now in control, and for the foreseeable future, Voldemort and the dark were on top of the world.

And to think, it had all come about thanks to Sirius kidnapping Draco. A big battle, like the one that had just taken place, had always been inevitable, but thanks to Sirius, Ron and Harry, it had happened much sooner than anyone had imagined. In the space of a week, the wizarding world had changed and the war had been won. The dark had emerged triumphant, and the wizarding world was laid out at their feet, just ready for them to do whatever they liked with it.

The End.

A/N – So this is the end of Fools Rush In. I guess like all stories, I could have carried on, but I felt this was the right place to stop. Who knows, in the future I might even decide to write a sequel and explore what the wizarding world is like with Voldemort and the dark in control. But for now, this is the end and I hope people enjoyed this short dark story.

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