The times remain bleak since Voldemort triumphed over Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter. Muggles were given a rude awakening to the world they were ignorant of for so many centuries; forced into hiding for fear of their freedom, or their lives.

Hermione Granger still walks this land - cold and barren after almost four hundred years of the demons rule. She was the only one left; to always to remember when laughter did not hold such an evil ring to it, when children ran the streets, laughing and so carefree, when one didn't need a pair of eyes to look in each direction as they moved along through the crowds of people.

She walks through the crowds of people, who parted to allow her through for fear of what the witch could do. They were actually afraid of a muggleborn. Deatheaters were actually afraid of the muggleborn. And rightfully so.

Five years after Hermione had graduated from Hogwarts, she joined Harry and Ron as aurors, and continued to fight against Voldemort and his band of merry men. One August evening, the group that she had been tracking had captured her. Thinking for sure that they were going to torture her until they got some information or until they became bored, she began her mental training that would block out some of the pain, and leave her rather unresponsive to their torments. They would not get the information they were after.

But it was not information that they wanted. It was her. More specifically, they wanted a guinea pig for an ancient charm that had been discovered by one of Voldemort's loyal followers. The Immortus charm.

The Immortus charm, when done correctly, would ensure that the target was literally immortal; nothing could touch it. The consequence of it going wrong was a fate worse than death or a dementor's kiss. It took days of preparation and massive amounts of concentration. Voldemort wanted to ensure that the castor would be able to perform the charm right. He would take no chances.

The castor took the necessary preparations, and cast the charm successfully on her. The one drawback was that it involved a pain worse than the unforgivables as the targets mortality was ripped away from them. Hermione's mental exercises to block out the pain were no match for what she encountered, and she was rendered unconscious.

It must have been days later when she regained consciousness. She felt an enormous amount of power go through her. The wards surrounding her had been ineffective to hold her behind them, and she killed all who stood in her way, hoping that she could stop what she knew would happen without her interference.

But it was too late. Voldemort had the spell cast on him, and he was quickly revived to win the war. Albus and Harry did not stand a chance.

And their spies? Most of them acted as if they were always loyal to Voldemort. Some were in fear of their lives if they did not continue with the charade, some for other reasons. Severus Snape was one of those who had insisted constant loyalty to the monster. She paid him a little visit at Hogwarts a few years after the war after he'd been appointed the new headmaster. No one except Voldemort dared stop her or try to restrain her. She was too powerful. Questioning him, she demanded answers for his actions. He'd given none. If it hadn't been for Voldemort's interference, she would have surely used him as a small vengeance against all that had happened.

Now, it was the year 2404. How Voldemort was able to keep anyone else from using the Immortus charm, she was unsure. Snape was long dead, and Hermione was no longer the 23-year-old that she had been, although she still looked it. Everyday she lived was torment for her. For 400 years, she wanted to join her friends, family, and everyone she cared about. But a few years ago, she had found an opportunity to change it all; to prevent it from happening.

But she had a big question. Had she already interfered and they still lost? She was unconscious for the final battle, and all the details were lost through Deatheater boasting to be accurate.

Would her interference now be effective? Or would she be completing a time loop. It's the only thought that kept her from going before now. But after days of consideration, she made the only decision she thought was right.

She would risk it.


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