Two figures approached the town of Hogsmeade, in complete silence. Hermione walked ahead of him, noticing that he still had his wand pointed at his back. Just to piss him off, she waved her hand a little further back while swinging her arms slightly as she walked. Snape didn't notice, but Hermione had just changed the colour of his clothes to the ugliest shade of pink possible. His focus was on the woman ahead of him.

Stopping abruptly, Hermione turned to look at him. "Do you honestly feel more secure holding out that piece of wood?" Hermione said. "Make you feel in control."

Snape looked at her, clearly very annoyed with her. "Keep walking." He snapped.

"And if I don't?" She asked innocently. Snape raised his wand higher.

"Don't think me beyond the unforgivables. I've used imperious before." He said.

"I don't think much of you. So why would I think you beyond the unforgivables?" She snapped back. Snape raised his eyebrows at her. "By the way," She continued. "Pink really is not your colour." Turning around, she continued on her way to the castle, leaving Snape a bit behind wondering what she meant. He started to follow, raising his wand again, when he noticed the sleeve of his robe.

"What the hell?!?" He said. Hearing his reaction, Hermione turned around and began to laugh at the expression his face held. Snape turned his wand to his clothing, turning it back to his signature black, than scowled at her. Pointing his wand in her direction, he muttered, "Stupefy!"

Nothing happened. Hermione stopped laughing, and began to smirk smugly. He tried the spell again, resulting in nothing again. "I think your wands busted, professor." Hermione said, turning around and heading for the castle once again. He caught up to her, putting his wand in his sleeve, realizing that it would not have an effect on her.


"Don't ask, Snape." Hermione snapped.

"Miss Granger. I don't know who the hell you think you are, but-"

"Snape. I don't want to hear it. I've had enough crap from you, and I won't put up with it." He opened his mouth to continue. "Silencio." She said, then turning and walking away. He scowled at her once again, grabbing her arm, and spinning her around.

"I suggest you do not touch me." She said warningly. Snape's glare did not waver, nor did his hand leave her arm. She turned to continue, but he pulled her back. "What?" He responded by pointing at his throat. She sighed, than released the spell. He opened his mouth to speak.

"I suggest that if you wish to keep your voice, you keep quiet." She said. They continued on their way, Snape reluctantly staying silent.

"Miss Granger." He began after a few moments. Hermione turned to look at him, glare in full force. Snape put his hands up as to mean no harm. "Just one question." He said. "Surely you can handle that, considering the number you've asked me." Hermione nodded her head for him to continue. "How did you get out here?"

"I cannot answer that as of yet. But if you're nice, I might let you in on the conversation I will be having with Professor Dumbledore." She said, turning around. She heard Snape sigh in defeat.

"Than may I ask why your choice of clothing?" He asked.


The silence came back, and remained for the rest of the walk to the gates of Hogwart's School.


Hermione and Snape made their way up to the steps of Hogwarts castle. Snape decided that it would be more beneficial for him to remain quiet through the rest of the trip, considering that he had tried to immobilize her and was practically laughed at for his efforts. Leading her to the stone gargoyle, he turned to make sure she was still behind him, and muttered the password. The stone gargoyle jumped out of the way as the spiral stairs began to appear, allowing both to walk up to the door leading to the main room of the Headmaster's office.

Not bothering to knock, Snape grabbed the door handle, and pushed his way inside. "Ah. Severus. I was expecting you. However, not with a guest." Albus said with a smile. "Miss Granger." She nodded in acknowledgment.

"She is not my guest." Snape said with disgust. "I am interested in what she has to say, however."

"And I shall let you know the details of my choosing, Snape." Hermione said. "Until then, you can go back to brooding in your dungeons."

"I brought you here with a promise of an explanation. I shall remain until I receive one." He stated.

"I never promised anything." Hermione countered. "And if you do not wish for the details of my choosing to go down to none at all, I suggest you leave and go sulk."

Albus said nothing during the exchange, slightly taken aback by Hermione's uncharacteristic rudeness. Deciding there was no other alternative, Snape snarled at her, and stalked off out of the office, informing the Headmaster that he would return the next morning to speak with him.

"Well, Miss Granger. I must say that is a shock." Albus said bluntly. "But I expect you have reason for it, whether or not you're willing to share it."

"Not at this point in time, Headmaster." Hermione replied. "It's a bit complicated, and I was too rushed to come up with a plan beyond informing you of my presence and the reason thereof. I wasn't expecting to be running into Professor Snape. Until I have more time to think, I'm afraid I'll be leaving everyone quite in the dark."

"Of course." Albus nodded. "From the residual traces that are apparent on your person, I can see that you are a time traveler. You must be careful with what you do from here on in."

"Thank you for your understanding, Headmaster." Hermione replied. "What I say now, stays in this room unless need be or unless we decide to do otherwise."

"Of course."

"I don't know if you'll believe me when I tell you, Headmaster. But I'm from. . .about 400 years in your future." She said. Albus looked up at her, no emotion playing on his face, but the twinkle was gone from his eyes.

"Ah." Not expecting any other reaction from him, she continued.

"What I will tell you about the future as I know it is that it is grim." Hermione said. "Unfortunately, if events play out, in a few years time, Voldemort will become the victor in this war. The circumstances I was not able to get specifics on, but I assure you what I saw of the aftermath spoke volumes." Her eyes glazed over slightly, remembering seeing the bodies of thousands of children scattered over the fields surrounding Hogwarts, seeing no sign of Harry, Ron, or even Albus himself for a few weeks. When she did, she near fainted, but was able to calm herself.

Albus allowed her to have a moment. Hermione seemed to have changed from the Miss Granger they all knew. Not a lot, but enough to make a difference. Hermione shook herself out of her memories. She hadn't allowed them to surface for centuries, but being back here, it seemed she was unable to keep them at bay for a few moments.

"A few days before the final battle," she continued, "I was working as an auror, and was captured. Instead of the usual rape, torture, and attempt to pull vital information, they used me as a 'guinea pig' of sorts." She looked back up at the Headmaster to gauge his response to her next statement. "They placed a charm called 'Immortus' on me." Albus' eyes widened slightly. He'd been wondering how she had lived so long, and now there was the answer. As unwanted the consequences of it was, it was an answer.

"I see you've heard of it." Hermione said.

"Unfortunately. I'm terribly sorry. I've never seen it performed on anyone, but I do know of one person who it had been put on successfully. I understand it is quite painful."

"Until you black out, anyway." She muttered to herself. 'There was another?' He nodded to encourage her to continue. "Unfortunately, by the time I had awoken, the war was over, and we had lost. Since the charm had been successful on myself, Voldemort was unable to have me join my friends." She said. "Much to his chagrin." She again muttered with a smug look. It had been hell these last few centuries, but to be a thorn in that reptile's side had helped her to get through the worst of them. Especially since he could do nothing to her. "This other you speak of. Would I be able to contact them?" She asked suddenly. She'd never heard of anyone else in the world. But it made some sense. After all, they had to have an idea as to the effects of the spell.

"I'm afraid not, Miss Granger. The other has secluded himself for a long time. I very much doubt he wishes to be in touch with anyone, even another who has had the charm placed on them. I'm not sure why."

"Do you believe that he would be the one to give Voldemort the information for the charm?" She asked.

"An interesting theory, but highly doubtful. The reason for his disappearance was because of such people as Voldemort. People who wanted to take advantage of this charm and use it to help them in their own selfish ends. This man, a scientist by nature, wishes for nothing more than his own death. He has spent a great deal of time in the pursuit to regain his own mortality." Albus replied.

"How do you know this?" Hermione asked. "How do you know, than, if he has not already found a way to counter this charm and used it on himself?"

"I cannot answer that." Albus replied. "But, there has been no evidence of such, and surely he would have given over the solution to reversing the charm if he truly wished to prevent the misuse of it. Or even have a written theory and given that to someone before attempting it on himself." Hermione nodded. She had years in which she could try and convince Albus to give her the information she needed to contact this other. She couldn't even draw out a name. Unless she tried to ask directly.

"Headmaster, I'm curious as to the identity of this person. Perhaps I've read about him in Professor Binns classes." Hermione tried.

"I cannot inform you of his identity." Albus said. "And I highly doubt you've read about him. Fame does not suit him." With that, he stood up. "Well, I suspect that it has been an eventful evening, and I'm sure you would like to get some rest. I'll have you put in a room near the Ravenclaw tower." She was about to protest, but realized that she could not be seen by anybody, especially herself in this time. How would they explain that if it happened?

"At least it's not the dungeons." She said with a sigh.

"Speaking of which, may I ask about your hostilities towards Severus? I know he's not the favorite among the student body, but I must say that it is unusual for you to be so, how should I put this? Snape like?

Hermione laughed a bit at the description, and the twinkle made a reappearance. "I'm afraid that Professor Snape and myself do not get along in the future. In fact, I'd say that we probably end up worse off." She said. The Headmaster nodded, walking around his desk and towards the fireplace. He picked up some floo powder, and threw it in. "Ravenclaw guest towers." He called, pulling on Hermione's hand to bring her in.


"Of all the nerve. Stupid Gryffindors. Whole bloody lot." Snape was muttering while working on his latest antidote. He was constantly finding himself drained on them during the entire time Neville Longbottom had been a student. When he got his hands on Granger, however, she would be wishing for the old ways of detention that Filch always had missed. "Dangling by her toes will seem a picnic in comparison." He said out loud.

"For whom, may I ask?" Snape turned to face the Headmaster.

"I think you have an idea as to whom, Albus." Severus said, turning back to his caldron. "You heard the way she spoke to me. It had been the same way the entire way we came. What was she doing out of the castle anyway?"

"She is not the Hermione Granger we all know, Severus." Albus said. Severus turned to face him.

"Obviously. Annoying as she is, she at least used to know how to address an authority figure."

"I cannot tell you much, Severus. But I can tell you that you will do nothing to Miss Granger. No detentions, no house points, unless she has actually broken a rule, and no extra tactics against her. Do I make myself clear?"

"You cannot allow a student-"

"Do I make myself clear, Severus?" Albus repeated. Severus reluctantly agreed. "And you are not to mention this evening to her at all."

"Why are you-" He stopped. "That Granger wasn't a student anymore, was she?" He asked, finally cluing in.

"No. And that is the only information I will give you. The Hermione Granger you met tonight will give more details as is necessary. She wished not to make a hasty decision in the information she has given me, and had apparently been planning what she would divulge at first for a long while. She had not counted on running into you."

"So sorry to be a damper in her plans." Severus said sarcastically. "When does she plan on giving any information?"

"You know the harm in time travel. I'm glad to see that she has taken it seriously."

"Seriously? If she had taken the risks seriously, she wouldn't have bothered." Severus spat. "Time travel. Almost as bad as Divination."

"She informed me that she felt it a necessary risk to travel back in time."

"In her own, unflawed opinion, I suppose?" Severus snarled.

"I will not comment. But I do believe that she will speak with you in the next few days. I suggest that if you want your questions, or at least some of them, answered, you will reign in your tongue." On that note, the Headmaster left the Potions Master to think over the events of the evening.


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