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Been thinking about this one for awhile now so figured I'd give it a go. Thinking maybe seven to eight chapters. Not going to be a super stickler for ALL of the lore cause that would really limit the potential. Sorry for the delays in writing (been writing a lot as Mercaba lately). My father's death, work has increased, and a lot of stress lately has just been eating time.


This Time Around

Chapter – 1

This had to be done with perfect coordination and timing, and Urd wasn't sure it was going to work. The force that would fall upon her if either her partner or she was discovered would not be forgiving, would not allow any discourse. But she had to succeed, if only for the parallel self she was hoping to help she HAD to. Doing her best to nonchalantly walk down the corridors of the heavens towards the restricted section, Urd saw the odd looks the low level god's and goddess's were given Peorth and her. Go figure they'd look at them with a hint of suspicion, Urd and Peorth weren't normally on good terms let along walking buddy-buddy down the most secure halls of the Yggdrasil.

"I should have come alone, you're going to get us discovered," Peorth hissed through the side of her mouth. Her bangles chimed with her exuberant steps to cover the sound. Hands on her hips, Peorth had that superior attitude that Urd just hated. Stupid license gap gave the Goddess of the Roses that smug attitude.

Poking Peorth with the two vials of programs, Urd had her best fake smile on. "If you had the power to do all four syringes yourself in the timeframe we have I'd let you. But you don't, so I'm here!" she stomped on Peorth's trailing leather cape making the goddess stumble. Crap, Urd had to reign in her little bout of anger or this whole thing was going to be ruined. Hiding her syringes back in her robes as a low level goddess noticed and rose an eyebrow. It was forbidden to take any programs into the deeper recesses of system administration unless given strict instructions.

Just like Urd didn't want, she saw the other admins start to talk and point at them as they moved by. Great, their distraction was already running if this got out of hand they'd be exposed well before they got started and they needed time.

Increasing her pace, Peorth must have saw the activity too, "Great, just great, we're making a scene. Just stop talking and follow me. Chronos said she'll grant me access to the pan-dimensional branch for only a few minutes, she also gave me this." Peorth patted one of the two vials on her side. Taking a very seldom used corridor, they soon were alone in darkened halls with doors that had supreme security on them. It was something they didn't mess with, but knew existed, parallel universes. Father didn't care if they viewed those dimensions as long as things weren't done to try to supplant him or they general structure of those worlds. Since most dimensions were identical with only a few small changes, nobody paid much attention to them after they were found. That was until recently.

"This is it," Urd pointed at the door that was unmarked and got a questioning look from Peorth. Urd didn't want to comment on things, but knew Peorth wouldn't open the door without further explanation. Urd had to play this next part carefully, as she was planning a double-cross after all. Just a small little message to herself to change things for herself. It was against the rules they set for one another, but Urd just HAD to. Lowering her eyes, "I've been watching other dimensions lately. Ones were Keiichi and I get together." Some goddess of Love she was, pining for the one that got away, that was stupidly happily married to Belldandy. They passed the Kiss of Truth AND the Judgment Gate, how could he not!

Opening the door, Peorth bristled and a forelorn expression crested her beautiful features, "You too? I knew I wasn't the only one. So many universes of those two together with such dynamic events…so few of ma Cherie and moi. And to think those will be gone. I envy my other selves for that…some avatar of love I am…we are. A mere mortal making us so…" Peorth pulled out both syringes and looked at them sadly.

"No guarantee this will even result in anything, we won't even be able to watch it or it'll get discovered," Urd held her two out and the two forlorn Goddesses shared a moment. They both loved Keiichi, hard not to since he was such a dopy but loveable guy. Yet Belldandy owned his heart through and through, and Belldandy would not allow for others to take to much of it. Oh Bell DID offer to let Urd join them, the Heavens were polygamous, but Urd did NOT want to be co-wife with her sister. While Urd loved Belldandy, she was not IN-LOVE with Belldandy. Checking her watch, time was running out, "You ready to do this? Once we start, the alarm will sound and we won't have time for anything else."

Already booting up the computer, Peorth was wholey on task. "It will be different, I have hope in that," Peorth said with just a little to much emotion for Urd's liking. Did Peorth put a little additive in her spell as well? Urd was starting to worry about that. If she put a message into HER spell, that was complicating the spells enough and these were high level magics. Complicate things to much it'd leave a trail that could be followed, possibly disable some of the protection spells! Peorth's typing came to a chaotic flourish ending with a holographic earth floating before both of them, "There it is. Untouched and history is about to play out just as it has before. Keiichi is living in the dorm, and his points are about to reach wish-level. Hand me your syringes and I'll get started. Who made what by the way?"

"I made the code to lock the universe away from us, Lind made the counter trace program," Urd walked around the floating sphere. So much potential, so much hope for that world. And Urd was going to insure it was her turn damn it! Having watched those lovely worlds where she had her chance get snuffed out, mutated, changed…Urd couldn't let that happen! One time, one time in all causality was all she asked for!

Peorth's hands dropped to her side and her eyes went wide, "Wait, it wasn't Skuld that did it? Chronos made the system log cleaner and I made the mask for the universe…" Peorth looked at the syringes of code that would shield and hide this pearl of a universe away from their foe, and worry grew within her. "Chronos has been talking more about Keiichi lately, I thought it was just her wondering why I've spoken so highly of him. But I saw her down at the temple since the wedding," Peorth joined Urd at the holographic orb.

"We can trust Chronos," Urd said but suddenly she doubted Lind. Hadn't Lind taken a fancy to both Keiichi and Belldandy during the whole Angel Biter incident? Could Lind have put her own little message to her past self to try and give herself a little edge in this world. Unsealing both caps, Urd couldn't doubt now, "Ready when you are, you-me you-me." They had to alternate the spells between them or they'd never be able to administer them…they needed some recovery time. Taking a deep breath, Urd hoped Lind kept Belldandy focused on her impromptu Valkyrie license test long enough. The four conspirators were set and ready to strike. Chronos got them access and kept them off sensors, Lind kept Belldandy's attention, and they injected their world with their hopes, "Go when ready!"

Kissing the syringe, Peorth hammered it down and the protection barriers flared up magnificently, "It's stronger than expected…but I have this!" Peorth's trails billowed out as the magic barrier Belldandy had put up on all universes lashed out at her. The spell was working though, the syringe emptying Urd marveled at the complexity of it, was almost beautiful…but then Urd saw a small hidden component. A message! Falling back once the spells had been cast, Peorth was panting on the ground, tendrils of lightning coursing over her body, "Go, hurry the alarms…she'll be coming!" On cue warning bells started sounding, Chronos couldn't counter everything.

"You lying bitch! I saw a hidden message in that spell!" Urd hollered! She was going to use Lind's program first, but if she only gone one it was going to be hers just so she got her message first! It was simple, it was easy, and it would happen LONG before Peorth got a chance to act! Swapping out her syringe, Urd injected it into the world and felt pain rocket through her body. Leave it to Belldandy to put the highest level barrier spells on her private little project. The heavens didn't mind Belldandy's little hobby, nobody really noticed what she was doing…other than those with personal interest that is. Through gritted teeth, "Get in there you bitch, get in there and do your job!"

Rolling on her back, next syringe in hand, Peorth's chest was heaving and nearly splitting her torn top in half with how deep she was breathing. "Takes…one…to…know one, what did you just send! Urd two messages will leave a trail she can follow! One is easily masked, but two is going to ruin this whole thing!" Peorth got up on shaky legs. Syringe at the ready she shambled over ready to strike, but that was when the door burst open and the most dangerous of Valkyrie had her lance at the ready. "Oh shit, we're in trouble, she's here already. You'll have to distract her," Peorth was able to strike the moment Urd fell away.

"H-hey Bell, what brings you here? Peorth and I have this, you can go back to your lesson. If you're late you won't be able to make K-chan his supper," Urd tried to trick Bell. It wouldn't work, well for long, but she had to try. Using Keiichi as a smoke screen did cause Belldandy to pause, her Valkyrie armor disappeared once the idea of a threat vanished. Blocking Bell's view of the planet, "How is Lind today, she's been a little off lately." More reason for Urd to suspect the syringe in her hand had a little message to the two angel'd Valkyrie.

Trying to peek over Urd's shoulder, Belldandy was vexed when Urd countered each attempt. "She's fine. Was shocked my license needed to be reviewed to soon, but it is better done first than wait. As for Keiichi-san's supper…he's sleeping in today. We had a lovely lunch and well…" Bell's blush was enough to give Urd the proper impression. The newlyweds were still not getting their fill of nuptial bliss. Belldandy was insatiable it seemed, left Urd and Skuld to soundproof their rooms with wards to get a good night sleep. With a snap of her fingers, the alarms silenced, "Why is my alarm going off sister? It is only meant to go off if somebody is influencing a world I haven't had a chance to review yet."

"Small demonic attempt is all, we've got it," not a lie due to Urd's dual nature, but not a full truth. Belldandy was going over each and every universe she could, and if it didn't contain that one little thing Belldandy wanted she gave subtle nudges. Due to this strain put on Belldandy in the past, Father gave her a pass for her little…project. It did good for all universes she touched, it helped the heavens, and it only influenced one mortal. What was not to love? Hell if Hild knew about this little side project room of the Heaven's and Keiichi's position as a lynch pin…

Falling down, nearly toppeling Urd, Peorth's syringe rolled right next to Belldandy's foot. "You're…up Urd. Last one. H-hey Bell, we…we have this…though I do have to talk to Chronos about something after I'm better," Peorth was panting.

Don't pick it up, don't pick it up, don't pick it up! Was Urd's mental mantra as Belldandy knelt and plucked the delicate glass syringe off the ground. Sniffing the elaborate device like a dog, Belldandy's tranquil smile faded to neutral. "This is a shielding spell laced with a message to Chronos. Urd, Peorth what are you two doing in here?" back came Belldandy's Valkyrie gear.

"Bell…I'm sorry but we have to do this! I have to do this. I love you, I truly do, but I want a chance at Keiichi without you being in the same bed," Urd spun with her uncapped syringe and stabbed at the orb. She was quick but Belldandy's wind was quicker. Wrapping around each of her appendages and holding her in place, Urd forgot how strong Bell was once her jealousy was spiked. Fighting so hard her teeth ground painfully, "Just…a little…bit…more…" but even though the tip was grazing the sphere it wasn't enough and she couldn't move. All her strength was being used to keep her where she was. "Why must you be with him in ALL universes Bell? Can't we have ONE without you?" Urd pleaded.

Casually walking up to Urd, Belldandy was a very puzzled and worried expression on her face. "But why? I love you all so much, I love Keiichi-san, and Father even gave me his blessing? All I am doing is sharing our love with universes that don't have it. I am not taking anything away from anybody, only adding," Belldandy stood between Urd and the earth she had already changed. Caring and fret left Belldandy in near tears, "Is that so bad, sister?"

"No its not! But I'm not selfless like you!" Urd cried out. Not in pain, Belldandy would never hurt unless absolutely necessary, any stress was self-induced. Belldandy even had a point, she wasn't destroying anything, just stacking the deck so Keiichi and she always were together. One universe had Keiichi and Sayoko became a couple on a bet before the wish…it was oddly wonderful for Urd to see. Then Belldandy made a small change, Keiichi got a wish and it was worded in just such a way that Belldandy got to live with the pair. Well Sayoko had to learn to live with Belldandy and be her second. Time and time again it happened as Belldandy set forth to spread her joy over the multi-verse. Hell one universe were the oceans never receded had a mermaid Keiichi with a mermaid Belldandy! "The universe needs chaos Bell! Just that spark of uniqueness that gives everything beauty! You're robbing it of it!" Urd pushed harder but still nothing.

Leaping at Belldandy, wrapping her arms around the Goddess of the Presents neck, Peorth pulled Belldandy away. With an almost cute yelp Belldandy went to the ground and distracted allowing Urd to strike. "Bell, what you're doing…it isn't wrong, but I will NOT share him with you. I want him for myself. I can't have him here, but maybe there I have a chance! Urd don't stop! Finish it!" Peorth was struggling to keep Belldandy contained.

"Don't have to tell me twice," Urd was already administering Lind's portion of the plan. It hurt, oh Father, did it hurt, but she was successful. And just as dreaded…a small message went over the way just after the spell finished. Four messages, the spells jumbled and unstable due to each of them betraying the other for…who knows what. Urd wanted a universe of her own, likely the same for Peorth. But what of Lind and Chronos? Did they urge their counterparts to vie for Keiichi or was it something else? Well Urd wouldn't be able to check for sometime…Belldandy was going to be watching them hoping to find that lone world that she was denied! OH and it was punishment time for breaking the rules, and betraying her dear sister who truly did only wish to do good. "Bell…I'm sorry…I'll become your second if that will make you happy," it was something…a start…and she could hope her message got to her doppelganger on that world.


When wakefulness started to force itself into Urd's mind, she rebelled against it. Stupid hangovers, she had to stop trying to show off to the low level god/desses in the admin department. It was fun at the time for sure, but she was paying for it now. Blindly reaching around her bed, she was glad she didn't feel another body next to hers. Those were bad mornings, having to tell some love struck creature she had been drunk and this was a onetime thing. As the light of the heavens forced its way into her eyes, she hissed as she sat up. Her sheets pooled at her waist and her exposed top was blessed with a cool morning breeze. "Odd dream, I hate working the Relief line," Urd grabbed for a silver decanter of water and drank right out of it.

Her room was a mess, one of her potions fell and caused a small explosion resulting in a much disheveled room. Sliding out of bed, she snapped her fingers and her robes were on and hugging her just enough for her to squirm comfortably in them. "Maybe I should though, Bell's been a little odd lately and good to give her time off," and it'd look good on her record. Maybe she could get that license update or at least remove a dark point on her record. Grabbing herself some fruit, she took a fleeting glance at a picture of her younger sisters, she nodded.

"Work for Belldandy, Tariki Hongan Temple, whatever that means," Urd summoned World of Elegance for confirmation. Her angel just shrugged, Elegance didn't know anything about that temple either. No matter dreams were just dreams and didn't have any deeper meaning. "Though I have to admit I think I look good with straight hair, what do you think?" Urd asked Elegance. Her current hair style was more frizzle and poofy, experimentations with her lightning, but her dream self had straight hair instead. Not a bad style, maybe something to try later.

Spending a little time in the mirror, Elegance helped, Urd did have an image to maintain with the others. She was supposed to be sexy and outgoing, not that she minded it. Life was more fun with oddities and wild actions from time to time. Oh her career suffered from her bouts of recklessness, but never to much that she worried losing her title. If she wanted to see what acting the dutiful daughter got somebody, all Urd had to do was look at Belldandy. Loved and adored, but never approached and put on a pedestal of perfection. Belldandy was a truly beloved sister, but boring. "Wonder what she'd do if she ever got a lover…I could use a new one," Urd would NOT go hunting for Troubadour.

"Well if I'm going to do this I better get going," Urd reached out for Elegance and they ran their hands against one another's arms. With Elegance back within her, Urd ventured out into the world. She didn't do enough for Belldandy, often just letting Bell take care of her instead. "Good to do something for her that ISN'T necessary," she still remembered the whole Sleipnir incident…she had tried to help then at least. Biting her thumb, "Stupid horse should have just did what I said then I could have helped her."

Receiving odd looks from the receptionist at the Goddess Relief Line, Urd didn't like the prissy attitude of the other goddesses working here, Urd just waved coyly at them and went in. They always thought they were better than the others, getting to interact with the human world whenever they wanted and however they wanted. "As if their shit doesn't stink," Urd bet they were afraid of her. So what if she was half demon, she was allied with the heavens and she was NOT going to change that. Chuckling as she found the room Belldandy worked out of, "Bet they think I'm here to corrupt her, why would I want that?" Belldandy was one of the few true pure blessings in Urd's life, she wouldn't change that for anything.

"Hey Bell, going to take over for you today, give you a day off," Urd said with a wave as she walked over to her sister. The room went silent as she did, the lesser goddesses all gaped at the audacity Urd just uttered. 'Take over for Belldandy? How can a half-breed do that?' she could hear them ask. Oh she loved the odd and shocked looks they gave her, stir things up! Mix in a little chaos. Giving Belldandy a small sisterly hug, "You could finally talk to Skuld and knock some of that anxiety out of her."

Squeezing Urd, Belldandy did love hugging, the younger goddess smiled softly but confused, "Take my shift? But I thought you didn't like the Relief line, and I have a real good feeling about today." Her head shifted to the side and her massive ponytail dragged along the ground making her bangles chime. Odd, Belldandy was acting just a little bit odd.

"Maybe having the day off is that good feeling. Let a sister dote on her favorite sibling," Urd shooed Belldandy way from the station and sat there herself. Belldandy was still hovering close though, so strange. Belldandy never resisted the kindness of others, but then again Urd never did a good thing without reason. Pre-empting any worries, "I just felt like helping you today, no ulterior motive. I've been a bad sister lately is all and I want to do something for you. Not like you'd let me take you out partying." The idea of Belldandy at a party…it would either be pure pandemonium as Gods tried to make with her or Belldandy's mentality would mellow it out.

Under the gaze of her co-workers, Belldandy took a few steps away but bashfully waved back and forth with some hidden reluctance. "Are you sure…maybe tomorrow. I just have the feeling I should be here today. But if you're sure," Belldandy tugged on her earring. Taking a few steps away, Holy Bell appeared with a flourish, oh-ho what was this? Even Holy Bell was getting in on things? "If you…if you have issues or you get bored let me know and I'll be right back. They deserve to have their wishes granted," Belldandy relented.

"Bell…these wishes are simple things, hardly anybody gets a full wish these days. Making a few stop lights green will not be hard. Go see Skuld or Ansuz," Urd was loving the fidgeting look from Belldandy. Skuld, Urd liked her youngest sister but more as a subject to antagonize from time to time. That girl needed to be teased, but Ansuz…Urd didn't know what to think of her sister's mother. Thinking of mothers was not something Urd liked doing, it went down odd avenues of thought best left closed and forgotten.

The two sisters chatted for a few more minutes before Belldandy eventually felt comfortable leaving Urd at her station and left. A few of the onlookers left with Belldandy, likely taking a day off themselves to spend time with the always busy Belldandy. Left to actually do the work she agreed to, Urd picked up the headset with a small amount of reluctance. She hated work, hated the Relief line, but she owed up to her promise and began working.

It was as she feared, boring. Countless small wishes came in from people that earned a little karmic reward. Food was delivered faster, street lights aligned in their favor, a favorable grade, and countless other tiny wishes that flooded the Center. If only Skuld were smart or powerful enough to make an automated system from these minor wishes everybody would have a lot more time. But it did let Urd watch the human world, something she didn't often do. Humans were odd, she liked them, so full of potential good and bad. As her shift was nearing an end, she felt better about herself. Did Belldandy a favor, showed those stuck up good-doody First class license holders she was on their level, but she did wonder. Why had Bell been so adamant about working though? Nothing of importance happened.

Her phone actually rang for a change, suspecting it was somebody from Admin wondering where she was, "Goddess Relief Line, Urd Goddess Second Class Limited License." She hated her title, just because she liked having fun she was restricted and kept out of the big boys club.

"Oh yeah, I'd like an order of teriyaki chicken and some fried won-tons please," a nasally voiced asked over the line, "for delivery if you're still doing that please."

For a moment Urd just stared at the line in shock, was she being mocked? That was when she saw her screen was flashing at her, this was a special case! An honest to father wish? For a moment Urd just sat there in shock, should she get Belldandy for this? To late now, the man was on the phone with her already! "One moment please I'll be right down," Urd was stunned! People NEVER got through directly like this, they hardly EVER gave true wishes anymore. Yet this man…his name a confusion of letters…got through? Well best make a good first impression! Sprucing herself up a little, a woman had to make good introductions after all, she dove through the screen.

Teleporting was always such a rush, especially when it was down to the human world. Had to be careful down there, couldn't be to showy and get found out. But since this mortal got a wish, a full wish, he got the honor of seeing the sexest goddess around, and she was going to flaunt this opportunity! Sticking her leg through the screen, she gently caressed the man's cheek with the palm of her foot before pushing him out of the way. Stupid small screens would be the death of her, guy must be poor and couldn't afford a nicer size…maybe he'd be boring and wish for money. Finding herself in a dingy little room, boxes all around her, Urd was immediately taken by the smell of men, an all-male dorm…wild animals. "Greetings, as I said before, I am Urd goddess second class-limited, and I am here to grant your hearts desire…whatever you wish for," she bowed to the smaller man.

"What the hell? A magician? Did Tamiya and Otaki put you up to this?" the man scrambled out of the way from Urd. Keeping a distance, he got standing as he pressed himself against the wall knocking a box of parts over. Peaking around Urd at the television, "Did they put in a fake TV or something, landlady is going to be upset if they put a hole in the wall or floor."

Couldn't blame the mortal for not believing her at first, the heaven's made a point to NOT stand out and operating in the shadows. Current age did not do mysticism well. So Urd did what she always did and was bombastic, "Well I CAN do magic, but I'm a goddess not a magician. And you my dear man, are allowed to ask for whatever you want. Money, power, popularity, anything you want. Even if you wanted to destroy the planet! Though if you wanted that I doubt you'd be deserving of a wish. So if you wouldn't mind telling me your name?" Urd always did wonder what would happen if somebody DID wish for Midgard's destruction.

"Keiichi Morisato, and sorry about them putting you up to this. They need to stop playing these pranks. Just because I can't get a date, isn't any reason to send a woman like you to…are you dating one of them?" Keiichi couldn't help but give Urd a good once over. Not lecherously but very appreciative, one could equate it to viewing a piece of high art. Squirrely yet polite, the man kept a distance but was at least relaxing a little.

Not to hard on the eyes, a little plain borderline dorky but in a cute sort of way. He wasn't a muscular Adonis, but he wasn't rail thin or fat either. Giving him a stern look, she appraised the mortal, "So why can't you get a date?" Unable to help herself she gave a quick look down below at this legs…was he a lacking down below? His aura was flaring red and yellow, a mixture of interest yet caution, gods Urd hated Aura reading, she was terrible at it!

"Going to mock me too huh? Well isn't it obvious?" Keiichi stood right at Urd's side and slid his hand from the top of his head over to Urd's shoulder. Crossing his arms, he kicked at a stray can on the ground and a mostly empty pack of cigarettes. "I'm to short. Girl's don't like short guys," he was almost indignant with his anger.

Because he was short? He thought women didn't like him because of his height? Bursting out laughing, "You can't believe that? Women aren't so petty! You've just no self-esteem or something? Have you even TRIED asking a girl out?" Laughing so hard tears started coming out of her eyes, Urd couldn't believe it? Poor kid honestly thought his height was a make it or break if factor? For some shallow girls likely, but for people who were worth talking to it wasn't a matter at all!

Face growing hot from the humiliation, Keiichi stomped closer to Urd and pointed his finger indignantly at her, "Fine if that's the case, I wish you'd be my girlfriend forever then! Huh? How about that for a wish? People always having to make fun of me." After his little bout of anger subsided he took a few steps away from the woman and sulked. "About this whole wish thing, you can just…" Keiichi stopped when he saw the lightning creeping along the floor past him.

"So it is stated…so it shall be…" Urd's body rebelled against her. Upon hearing that insipid wish her body was taken over by the System Force and invoked the wish writing it into the logs. Power surged through her as her crest sent off the data packet to the Yggdrasil. Leaving the room in even greater tatters than it was before, Urd shook off the post wish funk and dove past Keiichi for his telephone and hammered buttons in. Shoving the man out of her way, he toppled into more boxes of machine parts, "Out of my way I need your phone!" After a few moments of waiting for the connection to make, she preempted whoever answered, "This is Urd down in Midgard, about that wish that just went through!"

A snickering lower class god answered, "Already approved, Urd, you're going to be on Midgard for awhile. Have fun!" Oh Urd recognized that voice! It was one of the men that asked her out that she rebuffed a few years ago! Getting petty vengeance it seemed! Putting the phone back, Urd tried to reign in her anger, wasn't the human's fault she had all but goaded him into this. Seeing him amazed and more afraid now, looking at the perfect hole in his roof, "Told you I was a goddess, hun. Now about that wish…you and I are going to be together for quite a while it seems."

"But…but you can't stay here! This is an all men's dorm! I mean…I'm sorry I didn't take you seriously when you said you'd grant me a wish but…" Keiichi just had to push the envelope. Well Urd would have to teach him about all manners of new things soon. The System Force for one…just mentioning them being split up caused his roommates to show up and kick both Urd and him out on the street! Standing by his motorcycle, holding a helmet out to Urd, Keiichi had the look of somebody in shock, "What…what just happened? Where do we go now?"

Finding Keiichi was actually quite strong from their sudden collection and deportation from the dorm, Urd just snickered. Poking his cheek, "System force will step in whenever somebody or something tries to separate us. Until this matter is resolved, I suggest we try to get to like one another." Go with the flow, that was Urd's motto. And this would get her out of her system admin role for awhile…a nice vacation while this wish got sorted out and revoked. She'd tease this mortal for awhile and have a little fun while it lasted. That's when she remembered the other part of her dream, "Hey, you ever hear of Tariki Hongan Temple?"

"Y-yeah it's on the outskirts of Nekomi, why?" Keiichi got his bike started and looked at the broken sidecar. "Um…if we want to ride you'll…um…" he was so flustered it was cute! Like a little puppy, Urd was drinking this up, she wasn't used to men that were so easily manipulated.

Climbing on behind him, humans had such odd machines, Urd did have to say she liked the vibrations. "Take me there, I got a hunch," if her dream had been pointing at this oddity before her, might as well see it through. Feeling a bit light headed, to much power funneled through her, she grabbed onto Keiichi tightly, "And no worries…but think I'm going to take a nap…" And she was out like a light, odd day for sure.


"Very funny Urd-san, stop playing around. Urd-san? Oh hell she isn't playing," Keiichi panicked as Urd slumped against him. A very nice feeling in one respect, this woman was quite stacked, but terrifying in another. Where was he supposed to go? What was he supposed to do? His life went from boring and lonely to crazed and well…he didn't know! Thinking quickly, he grabbed a bit of Urd's rather elaborate clothing and tied it around his waist to keep her on the bike. "Just breathe, calm down, don't think about the beautiful girl that literally is a goddess draped over my back," that didn't help. His mind just couldn't accept the crazy he just saw.

But he had to, couldn't let Urd sleep on his bike all night. "Well I can start at the temple I guess. Maybe they know something about her or something," Keiichi figured. Urd had mentioned it, temples were holy places, so it stood to figure goddesses would be welcome there! Urd though, what sort of name for a goddess was that? Not Japanese at least, but he did admit he didn't know much about world religion. Kicking starting the bike, "Just don't fall off alright, please don't fall."

Going slow, far slower than he was used to or even was good for the bike, Keiichi was overly careful to keep his passenger from rattling around to much. Following the street signs and old memories of the temple, Keiichi felt it took forever to get to the grounds. Slowing down at the gates, Keiichi took his helmet off, "This has to be a joke! Urd-san you're joking right? Please wake up and tell me this isn't real!" Keiichi was not enjoying this at all. Yes the warmth of a woman on his back was something he wasn't used to but found very pleasant, but the joke had to end!

A disheveled and seemingly abandoned temple? Knocking some dirt off the sign which in fact did read 'Tariki Hongan temple'. Gently freeing himself from Urd, after untying the binding, he laid her on the bike so she wouldn't fall off. "Looks like one of those American album covers," Keiichi again colored at the sight. At first when he saw Urd, Keiichi was positive his buddies hired an exotic dancer to tease him! The costume, the elaborate hair, perfect bronze skin, and just utterly beautiful. Then he thought she was a high priced stage magician with how she appeared from the television. Now, after seeing what he had, he knew better.

"Hello? Is anybody here?" Keiichi pushed the creaking wooden double doors open and peered inside. Nobody answered, the temple grounds were illuminated only by star light and a waxing moon. Well it was at least cover from the elements, he figured, and went back to the bike. Sitting Urd back up, he wrapped her arms around his neck first, then hoisted her up by under her legs. When Urd spread against his back, Keiichi nearly lost it. Women were so warm and soft! Fighting a nose bleed, images of the last magazine he bought flashed through his mind, he rocked off the bike and found Urd was insanely light.

Walking through the weeded temple grounds to the creaking and splintered wood of the temple proper, Keiichi was half expecting some wild animal to rush him. He heard them, rustling around in the dark, but they kept away thankfully. The door wasn't on its slider and hung half open, and he just walked in. No sound other than the building settling greeted his calls for aid, great. "No power here, no heat, likely no water…why did you want to come here?" Keiichi gently set Urd down. Making her as comfortable as possible, he took his jacket off and covered her with it. Sneezing almost instantly, Keiichi just sat down cross legged. "Great, would be a cold night," at least she'd be warm though.

After a few minutes of just watching Urd sleep, moon light streaming in through holes in the roof, he had to wonder. "Can goddesses even get sick?" he doubted it, at least not from human illnesses. Then again what did he really know about this woman? Could that trick with the light been just that a trick? Dismissing that, he had felt power radiate from the woman when that beam left her forehead and destroyed his room. Putting his hands under his armpits to warm them, "Going to have a whole lot of questions for you when you wake up." What did Urd mean that his wish was granted? Be his girlfriend forever? What did that even mean, they didn't even know each other!

"A girlfriend though," Keiichi tilted his head as sleep started to steal over him. She seemed playful and fun, was obviously attractive, but would it work? Could it work considering how things started out against her will? He'd have to ask her that, if she was opposed…maybe he could get his room back at the dorm after Urd left. Slipping off into sleep, a very fitful and unrestful night as sitting was NOT good for his back. When he woke, he wasn't shocked to see his jacket on the ground and Urd was gone. Had it all been a dream? Maybe Tamiya put something in his tea and it was all some hallucination! Getting up, his knees and back popping so loud he was afraid something broke, Keiichi shambled out into the sun.

Temple grounds looked much more inviting during the day that was for sure, very tranquil. From the veranda he could see Nekomi in most of its glory, see the grounds used to be very expansive and beautiful. "Maybe that is why she asked to come here…if she existed at all. Did I drive past this and just want to come back?" Keiichi did have a fond appreciation for nature given his hometown.

"Oh I exist, just…thinking is all," Urd announced herself. Parked atop the temple roof, she sat listlessly watching the clouds float by and block the sun in patches over the city. Actually flying down to Keiichi once she saw him, more proof that she wasn't some normal human, Urd kept an arm distance away. Tugging on her gown, "About last night, t-thanks. Sorry about, you know, passing out on you. You missed the monk that lives here…well used to live here."

Not as stunned as he was the other day, seeing a woman fly just confirmed that things were definitely different now, Keiichi shrugged with a smile. "I should apologize to you. Calling you, making that wish, and now here at this destroyed temple. And did you say a monk DOES live here? Why didn't he answer me when I got here?" Keiichi was actually a little upset at that! What if Urd actually needed some help? Where was the monk then?

"Don't know, didn't ask him. He…well he saw me flying and thought me a…he thought I was a vision sent to tempt him. So he left on a pilgrimage to proof himself," Urd laughed a little at that. With a twirling flourish she had her cloak billow out playfully before she ended in the lawn and beckoned Keiichi to her side. When he sheepishly followed, she grabbed his wrist and gave him a playful tug, "He did leave this in my care though, so we have a place to live. Though he did say when he returned he was going to be pure enough to dispel me. Think he can?" She practically hung on Keiichi's side as she finished and he went rod stiff.

Do not react, do not react…oh boy was this hard not to react to! A tease, she HAD to be teasing, he saw girls like this all the time on campus! Sayoko was always doing this to guys to get things or just to get a rise! "I don't think he can…but if anybody might be a monk would be," Keiichi was no monk, hope Urd realized that. Turning back to the sagging roof and the broken windows, "Not much of a place to live, but we can stay until we find someplace not so rundown." He'd have to get a job, his finances were slim enough for the dorm so any place new would be over his meager income.

"I don't know, I think it has a homey feel to it, and not like we can't spruce it up a little. I think being away from the city might do us a favor," she tickled his arm again as she winked at him. Was this a game to her? Just something to play around with and have fun? With a head whip, Urd looked back at Keiichi as her hair flung over her shoulder, "You think too lightly of a goddess, Keiichi-kun" Slapping her hands together Urd proceeded to blow the young man's mind.

Magic, a true miracle before his eyes, Keiichi watched as the temple started to mend as if time was reversing for it and it un-aged! In no time at all, mere moments, he was standing in the pristine lawn of the immaculate temple! "This is…you really ARE a goddess aren't you!" Keiichi couldn't help but gape at the stunning display. Following Urd as she walked into the temple, it was still empty but even the wood was shining with an oiled sheen. Running his finger along one of the window frames, "Not even any dust. Amazing."

The bathroom was updated with a furo, a nice number of rooms, a living room, this place was a very nice sized house! And they didn't have to pay for it? Maybe this was nice after all! Temple even had a working phone, which Keiichi used briefly to tell Otaki where he was so they could send his stuff. Not much but some furniture would be better than none. All around it was amazing, and all through it Urd had that smug little look of superiority and rightly so.

Laying on the air, floating two feet off the ground, Urd pointed at the spot before her, "Thinking we need to have a little talk. You've some questions, I've a few myself, and since we'll be spending some time together best to get started, right?" Rolling onto her back, Urd let out a content sigh for having done a good job.

"Yes, just walk right up through the gate to the temple proper, thank you," Keiichi hung up the phone and sat as Urd ordered. Without food at the temple, Keiichi made an order for lunch which Urd insisted he get some saki with it. Sitting down, trying not to stare at the exposed leg, "Food should be here in about thirty minutes. After we eat, I'll go to town and get some supplies and get the guys to deliver my stuff. And you're right, we do need to talk." He swallowed hard as she shifted and her gown moved and a very long leg poked up and he just marveled.

Knowing what she was doing, Urd tittered and her laughter was musical. Opting not to further fluster the college student, Urd spun to sit rather than lay. "Let's get the elephant out of the room first. Your wish…it was granted. What that means is I'll be your girlfriend from now on, or until we can get this wish nullified. I'll make a call later to see what we can do about that. No offense, you seem like a nice guy, but we don't know each other very well. So I'm treating this as a nice little vacation while it gets sorted out. But that doesn't mean I'm going to slack on the job…I can't even if I wanted to."

"I figured, would be wrong to force you to stay if you didn't want to, I wouldn't want that," Keiichi did take a hit in the pride though. This wasn't going to last, how could it since she was literally a higher being than him that didn't want to be with him. But he would enjoy it while it lasted, even if it was just a massive tease. But something about what she said was odd, "But what do you mean by 'even if you wanted to'?"

Playing with a small lightning ball, tossing it back and forth, "You know what I said yesterday about the System Force? What got you kicked out of your dorm? Well that is what is going to keep you and me together. It is how wishes are enforced and it is very good at its job. Nobody or anything will stand before our 'relationship'." Urd just had to tickle under his chin with that Cheshire grin of hers. Hoping into a standing position, and in a puff of smoke she was standing in a business suit complete with rimless glasses, "And now for your lesson about the world around you that you didn't know!"

He was going to ask how Urd knew about the clothing she was wearing, then stopped as the answer was likely in her title, a goddess. For the next twenty-seven minutes, right up until the knock on the door for the food, Urd gave Keiichi a crash course in all things extra-plainer. Gods, goddesses, spells, earth spirits, licenses, and classes. Urd would materialize some odd little drawing or illusion to help explain things to Keiichi, and she was damn good at it. That outfit did keep his attention too, she just HAD to have the top two buttons undone.

Paying for the food, Keiichi handed the bounty over to Urd who took the bottle first and cracked it open. "Did you need a glass? They gave us some paper cups," Keiichi offered as he separated the food out. With no furniture it was eating on the floor for them, not that Keiichi wasn't used to that.

"Nope, I told you about power sources right, this is mine," Urd had said something about that, but also that it was only necessary when the system was down. Oh well, maybe she just wanted a nice drink since her position in life had changed so drastically. Turning the large bottle totally vertical Urd pounded down a good quarter of the bottle in one gulp, a trickle spilling down her check. Letting out a hoop, "Not bad, not bad at all. I could get to like it down here. Now let's eat and get we can go to town."

'We can go to town?' Keiichi had to shake his head at that. Was she planning on going WITH him into town? Opening his food, the smell was spicy just as he liked, "You're going with me? I would have thought you'd stay here to call about this wish annulment." A girl like this would want to be away from him as fast as possible right, vacation or not.

Passing the bottle to Keiichi, Urd just shook her head, "System force applies to us as well. We can't be to far away from one another. So you and I will be going on our first date today. Better be ready, I have high expectations for you." Urd pushed the lip of the bottle into Keiichi's mouth, silly notions of indirect kisses filled his mind right before the saki filled his mouth.

This was going to be different, Urd was wild and unpredictable, but not to the degree that scared Keiichi off. Typically girls like Urd were not Keiichi's ideal, he was to worried they'd get bored of him and leave. But if what Urd said was true, and didn't she say something about not being able to lie, she was going to stay for a while! This could help him get used to the idea of dating at least, maybe she could give him pointers or something. They ate and Urd told odd stories about the heavens and her exploits as a system administrator. Keiichi, he figured, bored her with tales of college, motorcycles, and the exploits of the motor club. Once the food was finished and garbage bagged, the two headed out to the town to get a few necessities.

When they got back, Urd laughing at how she flustered Keiichi the whole time, they found the motor club dropped off Keiichi's stuff and all the excess furniture they had…rest of the evening was spent organizing rooms and setting up the living room. A rather cozy situation to be sure. When it came time to sleep though…Urd just HAD to tease and ask if she should sleep in his room, he declined. As he lay in his new home, if only temporary, he listened to Urd on the phone…it didn't sound as if this wish was going to go away anytime soon.


Feverously working on a solution, Belldandy was worried about her dear sister. Ever since that lovely day off with Skuld over a month ago, Belldandy had been slaving over a solution for Urd's problem. It was her fault for letting Urd work for her when she knew it was wrong to do! Wish granting was her responsibility not Urd's, and now her sister was stuck on Midgard! And judging by the infractions Urd was making, Belldandy only spied to be kind, things had to be going bad down there. So she scoured system logs, old documents, and anything she could find for a way to rectify her dear sister's plight!

"Belldandy, you're not still trying to find a way to get Urd out of that wish are you?" a co-worker asked, a younger second class goddess. All her co-workers were paying more attention to her than Belldandy was used to, but not for why Belldandy liked. Prejudice was not something the heavens should tolerate, but some did look poorly on the demons and by proxy Urd. Leaning over Belldandy's shoulder, the short teal haired woman added, "This is her mistake, why not let her fix it?"

Hope spiked in the honeyed woman as Belldandy found a new tract of information. Typing faster and reading even quicker, "How can she look into ways to change this when she doesn't have access to the system? No, it was my job she was doing when this happened, she is my sister, I owe her more than to let this play out without my help." Ever the loving and caring sister, Belldandy was ever so worried Urd was upset with her over this kerfuffle.

Laughing at his own station, another First Class god added his two cents, "But everything is so much more peaceful with her down there. Linked to a mortal, how fitting for Urd. Let's just enjoy this while it lasts. How long can humans live anyway?" The bald god's comment left the office silent, he said what most of them were thinking, but nobody was supposed to say that to Belldandy!

"But the wish said forever, forever is forever," Belldandy's brow furrowed just a little. Never had a wish like this been made, the ramifications were still unknown. When the mortal did die, this Keiichi Morisato, would he come back with Urd or would Urd go with him to where souls go? It was a complete unknown. Opening up the folder on family transmission of responsibility, Belldandy's eyes danced with delight with what she was reading! This could work, it would fix everything! Turning away from her screen, finding the poor soul that spoke about Urd's plight, "And I find Urd's absence quite sad. She is a vibrant soul that adds more than what most realize. Even Skuld is starting to take notice of her being gone. Now if you'll excuse me, I believe I have found something."

A small murmur erupted from all the assembled gods and goddesses, Belldandy was leaving her station? A few stood up and tried to read her screen, but Bell downloaded a copy of what she needed and exited it before they could. A few tried to stop her, but Belldandy was to driven to let them get in her way. Making her way to her home she took a few staggering breathes, she had to prepare herself for this. What if Urd was mad, what about Keiichi? If her plan was to work, she'd take Urd's place as the goddess of his wish. Family transfer of responsibility was often used to insure work got done if a doublet issue arose, but it didn't say that it excluded this situation as well!

"Maybe I should try talking to this Keiichi first, see how things are actually going down there. Urd will say everything is fine regardless," Belldandy drummed her fingers over her lower lip. Urd had pride and would just accept this as part of it, but this mortal would be different. Belldandy did always want to talk to a human that garnered a greater wish, what were they like? Making herself presentable, she readied her mirror to make the transport. "With the number of rules violations Urd is making if I don't hurry she'll get a suspension soon as well," fixing her robes she had to act while she had the courage.

Stepping through the mirror, she felt the rush of magic enshroud her like a warm blanket. As her soulful blue eyes fluttered she found herself in a rather cozy room, standing over the young man that caused this oddness, Belldandy watched him as he poured over a book. He was reading some tech manual about human transportation devices and eating some chips. Breathing in slowly and silently, she wanted to watch a bit longer, she found the aroma of the room actually pleasing. This Keiichi was a bit short, but dedicated, had a pleasing aroma, and his aura was mix of love and tranquility…Belldandy was intrigued. Did he actually love Urd?

"So if I strip the spark plug a little I can get a better…" Keiichi mumbled as he continued to read his book. Unaware he was being watching, he just blindly reached out for his cup of tea. Laying on his side, he couldn't reach it easily, but he wasn't trying that hard. He had a peace about him, relaxed and calm.

Finding the cup mostly empty, Belldandy took it upon herself to fill it from the kettle beside it and slide it over to the man. Belldandy was interested in what type of tea that was, it had an odd smell about it that she wasn't used to. When Keiichi's hand brushed against her fingers when he reached, she acted quickly. Throwing up a barrier spell around the room, expecting him to make some sort of shout or yell, Belldandy yanked her hand away. He was so warm!

"Urd thought you were going out with Megumi tonight, she cut you off early?" Keiichi asked without looking. Flipping his page, he sipped his tea with a bit of a shudder, "We really need to learn to make better tea, mine is bland and yours is…alcoholic." He laughed a little at some private joke that Belldandy didn't understand.

He was so comfortable with Urd that he wasn't startled at the sudden intrusion into his room? That meant Urd did things like this, and that was rude! One shouldn't try to trick or shock somebody without reason. Urd wasn't being serious about this wish was she? Clearing her throat, she kept her spells up, "I am not my sister, Morisato-san." Belldandy did know of the customs of most of earth's regions and hoped she got the honorifics correct.

"What?!" Keiichi finally responded how Belldandy expected. Rolling away from his book and spilling his tea on the ground, he was up on his feet in a matter of seconds. Spilling a box of parts, Keiichi's eyes were wide with shock, "Another goddess? D-did you say sister? Urd has a sister?" Keiichi relaxed just a trifle once things appeared to not be violent. "Sorry, we had an issue with an earth spirit last week, still a bit jumpy," he apologized but still kept his distance.

With a wave of her hand, she cleaned the spill and set the now refilled cup down back by where Keiichi had sat. Sitting herself, Belldandy gestured for Keiichi to join her, "Yes, she is my elder sister. I've come to check up on how things are going down here. And inform her of something I learned about the situation here." Her words had an instant reaction, Keiichi's aura went from peaceful to fearful! "Please sit, Morisato-san, you have nothing to fear," she smiled softly as he did so and took up his tea again.

"I'd offer you a cup, but I don't have any extra glasses in this room and it's not very good," Keiichi shrugged lightly as he sipped his bland brew. Not looking at Belldandy directly, Keiichi scratched the back of his head nervously instead. The air was thick with confusion and apprehension. When Belldandy continued to stare at him, Keiichi broke first, "Um, you said you came to check up on Urd-san, but she's not here right now. She went out drinking with my sister. I'd have gone with them but I've an exam tomorrow. I could take you to her room if you wanted."

Urd left? But what of the system force? Belldandy didn't understand what she was hearing! Urd had a job to do, to be with this man and she was out drinking with his sister? Shaking her head, "No, I wished to speak with you first Morisato-san. Please, tell me of how things have been with Urd? Are you happy with how things are?" Belldandy was worried her sister was causing more problem than not!

"How are things? Well life isn't boring anymore that is for sure. Always something happening, Urd just seems to be a magnet for drama both good and bad," Keiichi's smile was actually more telling than anything. He was very happy, whatever issues Urd was bringing to his life Keiichi didn't mind it. Rubbing his index finger under his nose he took on a bashful nature, "Not perfect but better than things had been when I was in the dorm. Though we do both need to clean the temple better. I'm to busy with classes and the Auto Club and Urd…"

Giggling a little, Belldandy knew what he was going to say, "Urd isn't known for cleaning unless ordered. Now what troubles are you having with my sister? Be honest with me Morisato-san, this is for both your benefit and hers." Belldandy picked up some discarded paper and transformed it into a small tea cup. Pouring herself some of Keiichi's tea as he had offered, she sipped it and nearly gagged. Blinking a few times and swallowing comically, "That tea…what is it?"

"Instant green tea, I'm in charge of shopping and I don't have time to hunt for the better stuff. Urd mostly drinks saki so she hardly if ever touches the stuff. Sorry we don't have better, not suited for a goddess such as yourself," Keiichi blanched as he drank some of his own tea. Offering some chips, Keiichi sealed the bag when Belldandy waved him off. "So you want to know about the bad things then?" Keiichi rolled his eyes and launched into a few issues. Random earth spirits and spiritual entities reacted to Urd being around, humans took a lot of notice of Urd and by proxy Keiichi, and the lack of time and effort for maintaining the temple were coming to a head.

Urd wasn't paying attention to the small things again, one of her sister's big failings. Seeing the big picture but not the little things! But judging on how Keiichi was talking, he wasn't wholly smitten with Urd so the replacement could still go without much trouble. Sensing Urd coming closer, Belldandy panicked as she lost track of time! She had wanted to prepare for her more but she got sidetracked in talking to Keiichi! Odd, she never got distracted like this before, but talking to him was fun. He was a bastion of positivity and interesting little stories…just what she hoped he would be! Wanting to talk to Urd alone, Belldandy made a split second decision and cast a small sleep spell on Keiichi and called up winds to hide her.

Opening the door to Keiichi's room, Urd had a rosy hue in her cheeks, "Kei-chan! Megumi gave me some of the good stuff! You're drinking with me and I won't take no for an answer! You studied enough and it's time to party!" Staggering into the room, the side holding the twelve-pack listed comically to her side, Urd was confused at what she saw. Prodding Keiichi with her foot as he lay at an odd angle on the ground with his spilled cup not far from his hand. "What is this? Have a little party without me or something? Do something naughty while I wasn't around you dirty boy?" Urd snickered. Getting down on her hands and knees she crawled closer to him and flipped Keiichi on his back.

Belldandy was beside herself watching Urd act. This…this wasn't what she was expecting from her sister! It was…dare she say amorous? How Urd spoke, how she moved, even her aura was showing subtle signs of affection and caring. Belldandy hadn't felt this from Urd since the balladeer! Was Urd actually enjoying her time here…that would make things complicated. Holding her breath as Urd rested Keiichi's head on her lap.

"You my dear Kei-chan are far too skittish around ladies, if you were awake you'd be panicking right now. But part of what makes me like you…now what were you doing before you conked out?" Urd slurred. Drawing Keiichi up, her lips inches away from his, Belldandy licked her lips subconsciously…she never saw things like this in real life! But when Urd put her emblem to Keiichi's forehead, things changed instantly. Urd's eyes snapped open, what lingering buzz she had was gone, and she stood up tall and proud in her human garments, "Belldandy you're here?"

Dropping her illusion, Belldandy felt a smidge of shame from her hiding, "I wanted to talk to you alone…I lost track of time talking with him and felt you coming…" Belldandy hung her head low for her sporadic action. She should have had a better plan, should have behaved better, but she had done what she had and would not hide it. When Urd tackled her with a massive hug, Belldandy returned the sentiment as best she could, guess she was forgiven. "How are you dear sister?" Belldandy asked as she did her best to pat Urd's back.

"I missed you! Even missed Skuld a little," Urd rubbed her head against Belldandy's stomach happily. After a few pleasant moments of sisterly bonding, Urd propped herself up and her eyes did still have the telltale signs of booze. A dopy grin on her face, "So what brings my sister down to earth and to my boy friends bedroom spying on us? Finally getting interested in the other sex? Not that we're having any." Urd winked before pushing herself up and standing.

Getting up as well, Bell smoothed out her disheveled clothing and felt perplexed was Urd happy or sad to see her? And did she actually just say boyfriend or was it the alcohol talking? Urd drank more than she should, had a reputation for it. "I came down to tell you…I found a way to fix your problem down here," Belldandy gestured to the temple and lastly Keiichi.

"What you got something to get Kei-chan to relax around me? It can't be a potion or pill as he won't take mine after I played a little joke on him. Turn a man into a woman for one evening and suddenly he doesn't trust my craft anymore," Urd left the room and left Keiichi's door open.

Taking the invitation, Belldandy followed and was stunned to find Urd's room had a small plaque reading 'Urd's Lab' on it. Hand crafted sign with Keiichi's name on it. "You brought all your reagents down here?" Belldandy hadn't expected that. Urd never toyed with her alchemy, it was one of her passions and here all her most important components were arranged on shelves…as if Urd was planning on staying. Picking up a jar of what looked like candy, "And no, I found a way to fix the issue with Morisato-san's wish. We can transfer the ownership of the wish from you to me."

"What?" Urd said as she dropped an elaborate jar that smashed on the ground, a yellow liquid moved about as if alive then vanished. Rubbing her eyes, Urd stumbled over to Belldandy and grabbed her shoulders lightly, "You'd replace me in his wish? But…why?"

Not particularly bothered by the smell of alcohol, Urd's breath did register in Bell's mind. "Because you are here because you wanted to do something nice for me. It is my fault you are here, I fell I owe it to you. I am in the relief office, you are not. It is not fair to force this on you," Belldandy tried to push off Urd's hands but she couldn't. If anything Urd gripped harder.

"I don't want to leave. I…like it here. Won't lie and say its been roses, but the last month…I'm starting to like that little geek. Don't know what he feels about me, he's stupid shy for a guy…" Urd wobbled, "Maybe he'd prefer you to me though…should be thinking about his happiness instead of my own."

Helping Urd to her bed, woman had started to sway on her feet, Belldandy got an idea, "How about I stay with you for a little bit. We can see if we can't see if he'd prefer you stay or not? I can help with some of your problems around here. Sound good?" Belldandy got no answer, Urd was sleeping already. Smiling at her sister, Belldandy was overjoyed Urd opened her heart to love again! After the last time, Belldandy feared the scar on Urd's heart might not heal. But this mortal…he was helping Urd to heal. She'd stay around and watch for awhile.


Ok, was she supposed to be happy or upset with the current changes, Urd wasn't sure. Two weeks since Belldandy showed up things had taken some rather odd turns and it left her wondering just what she wanted. The temple was definitely cleaner than it had been before, Belldandy excelled at menial tasks that Urd couldn't be bothered with. Food was better as while Keiichi was passable at cooking, Belldandy was far superior. But her relationship with Keiichi was…not progressing at all. Was that good? Bell's idea was still on the table, switch places with one another. Did she want that?

Now Urd wouldn't lie to herself and say the wish Keiichi made was top on her things she initially wanted for her life. Tied to a human for however long the wish would last, what god/dess would ask for that? Keiichi was a dorky oaf, terribly shy around women, had geeky hobbies, and not the manliest man to ever man a man…aka not Urd's typical type. But her time with him, forced cohabitation with mostly just him to interact with and bond with, Urd did find herself genuinely starting to care for him! Sure she learned how far she could go before the System Force snapped into place, it was what she did. Push envelopes. Interacting with his friends, his sister, and the other oddities on campus, she was starting to really like life down here.

"And yet he is spending more time with Belldandy now, doesn't even hold my hand. Hell we've not even kissed or anything. There is slow and there is not moving," Urd nursed her bottle angrily. Flying about her lab, the bottles painstakingly arranged perfectly arranged to her needs, she debated making a few pills. Instill lust, draw out emotions, truth serums, nothing sounded good enough. How dare this mortal make her start to care, a small fire of love that was starting to grow, yet not capitalize on it! Pounding her bottle, a special one he got for her a few days ago, "My not good enough for him or something? He could have…we could have…what are we doing wrong!"

They had a party the night before, Motor Club and Megumi showed up to welcome Belldandy officially to the temple and to congratulate Megumi on her new apartment. Urd brought out her little 'Game of Life' to have a little fun, maybe get Keiichi to relax a little. Didn't turn out how she expected, "Keiichi really has no luck." She had to snicker at that. No luck involved with Keiichi's spins of the dial, Urd put a gnome there to punish the mortal, that was until Belldandy coerced the bugger to switch sides. Was a fun night though, the goobers at the club of course loved Belldandy, then again they loved just about anything not an Aoshima. Now that was something Urd did NOT like, that spore had the gall to hit on Belldandy something fierce.

A light knock on her door got Urd's attention. Wiping the trickle of fluid off her lips, Urd set the bottle down and sat up as she flew about. Crossing her legs, pointing them at the door to get Keiichi's attention if was him, "Come in." It was getting late in the evening, maybe it was Keiichi coming to tell her he was taking Megumi home. They had just helped her get a new place, so the girl wanted to cook to thank them. Haunted, hah, stupid earth spirit had been causing issues. But it got Megumi a nice place for cheap so that was good.

"I brought you some rice crackers that Megumi-san made, would you like some tea with them?" Belldandy asked as she slid the door open. Clad in a fetching cream colored blouse, the Goddess of the Present was taking to human clothing well. Shutting the door behind her, Belldandy presented Urd with the gift of food and an odd smile. Pouring a cup of her special brew, Belldandy plopped herself down on the ground, no abuse of magic for this one, "Would you like to talk? You are…not yourself since yesterday. Not upset I gave the prize to you are you?"

Belldandy had won the game of Life which gave her whatever she wanted…Belldandy wanted Urd to have what she wanted. That equated to Urd and Keiichi sharing a drink out on the veranda as the poor dope cleaned it without a shirt on.

"Not like I did much with it, Bell. I'm thinking…that if you're still ok with it, going to take you up on that offer," Urd snacked on the cracker. It was a little too sweet for her, Megumi did favor over use of sugar when she cooked. Just admitting her plan to Bell though, Urd didn't really WANT to. Not looking at Bell, Urd just rolled onto her back and flailed about, "Things aren't working out. He's not interested in me…not enough at least. You two are getting along fine enough, better than we are."

Pouring herself a cup, Belldandy didn't instantly say anything. Just the noisy sound of them eating filled the room. When she did talk, Belldandy had no hesitation or doubt in her voice, "If you are sure I would be glad to do so." Was it out of sister obligation, a feeling of responsibility, or growing affection for the mortal was not said and Urd had to wonder. She sipped her tea and put her palm to her cheek, "But why do you think things aren't working out? Keiichi-san does seem to care a great deal for you."

Munching the cracker, letting the loud crunch fill her head and drown out her doubts, Urd didn't want to hear that. Keiichi had just been initially floored with have a girlfriend, even if it was originally forced. After the newness of it faded, Urd was proving to be…to much hassle? Not his type? Who knows, something! She flirted with him all the time and he never took the bait, just blushed and either turned or walked away! Putting up a ward, no good to have the Morisato siblings hearing some talk not meant for them, Urd fluttered to the ground and actually sat on it. "It's in how he interacts with me. Always so formal, keeping up some emotional wall. I don't see that between the two of you. Guess you're better relationship material than me," Urd did NOT want to feel bitter about that.

"Have you tried talking to him about this? Communication is important. Keiichi-san and I do talk in a manner you two don't. But that may not be what you're thinking it is. Be that as it may, if you wish to leave, you should tell him before you do," Belldandy gathered up the empty cups and excused herself from the room. Likely going back to her little tea room. Was that temporary arrangement going to be permanent or would Belldandy move into Keiichi's room after Urd left. Leave…she'd have to leave if she let Belldandy take over this wish, wouldn't she?

Sending a mini version of herself to spy on Belldandy, hoping Belldandy did or said something to the effect of NOT wanting to stay, Urd grumbled. "She just HAS to go along with this as if it wasn't a big deal. Maybe this is for the best," but Urd didn't want to leave. Not like this, not with unaired grievances! Well if she was going to do this, she had to do it now while she had some liquid courage in her. Flying her way through the temple, she found Keiichi pacing in his room while Megumi favored a can of that nasty swill she drank from time to time. Sibling troubles?

"Keiichi, I'm not saying this to upset you, but we have to face facts here. Things aren't going well. You see the looks she gets, you've heard the rumors on campus, and even yesterday she was just messing with you. What are you going to do about it?" Megumi wiggled her toes as she sat on the ground. Flipping idly through some of the textbooks Keiichi used, Megumi was more than just a spunky girl…smart was in. "Look, I like her, I like her a lot, but you can't keep punishing yourself over this!" Megumi shut the book and added it to a pile.

They were talking about her, more importantly they were talking about their relationship! Urd felt a rat for spying, but she couldn't help it. More proof that it was the right thing to do, switch places with Belldandy. As much as it hurt, Urd would do it to make him happy. She couldn't remember the last time she felt this way for a man, Troubadour and her were like that for a time…but he betrayed her. Emotions weren't worth it, just pain and disappointment, better to end it now before she learned the true depth of her emotions for Keiichi.

Kicking at some of the wadded up papers on the ground, Keiichi was his typical spastic self, always so worried. "I know things aren't going perfectly. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I can't help it, Megumi. It's not even her fault, I won't blame her for it. Things between us, they started oddly, not the typical start. I don't want things to end though," Keiichi crumpled onto the ground and crossed his feet and arms.

"Then why are you talking so much more with Belldandy then? If you're serious about this thing with Urd, why do I see you flirting with Belldandy so much," Megumi asked the question Urd knew she didn't have the guts to ask.

Falling over, Keiichi just boggled at Megumi as if she was turning into a pile of bugs. "F-f-flirting? What makes you think I'm flirting with her! She's just nice, not as intimidating as other girls is all. Hell if I wasn't in a relationship with Urd-san I'd be way too nervous to even talk to her!" Keiichi nearly shouted. The two just froze and looked about the temple as Keiichi's shout seemed to echo. When Urd didn't come rushing into the room, they both relaxed. Sighing hard, Keiichi scratched at his head, "Look, I like Belldandy-san too, she's a very nice girl…but I thinking I'm genuinely falling in love with Urd."

Grumbling, Megumi got up and tossed her empty can at Keiichi's head, "Then why don't you act on it? You might not be flirting with Belldandy, but Urd is with you. Yet you don't do anything, hell you don't even hold her hand! If I didn't know it from you telling me, I'd think you didn't like her at all! Kei-chan, why are you keeping her away?" Megumi started gathering her things, clearly making her plan to leave apparent to her brother.

"Because she's going to leave, Megumi. Urd was clear to me when we started living together. She doesn't want to stay, wants to leave once things back home calm down for her," Keiichi used Urd's cover story for her staying. It was a little lie, Urd was great at those. The temple was a part of her family holdings, Urd was estranged from her family, and she was staying while things worked themselves out. Falling onto his back, Keiichi didn't notice the door open and Urd stalk in, Megumi did and had to cover her mouth to keep from giving up the ghost. Keiichi continued, "I don't want to make it hard for her to leave. So don't tell her anything. Just going to enjoy things while I can until she leave. And with Belldandy-san here, I'm thinking Urd-san is going to be gone before long."

Standing over Keiichi, Urd's heart swelled to near bursting. Oh yeah…she had told him that at the start hadn't she. Hard to make connections with somebody you thought wanted nothing but to leave. Gods she must have seemed like just a massive tease! "What if I don't want to leave anymore, what if I want to stay with you? Would that change things?" Urd asked the man. Keiichi's eyes popped open and he just started to sweat.

"I'll leave you two to talk about this," Megumi was already up and moving towards the door. Shutting it behind her, she opened it a crack and Urd and she met gazes. Lacking her normal energy and bordering on dangerous, "Don't play with him Urd. You be honest with him one way or another." With that sibling warning of promised eternal hatred if Urd joked about this, Megumi left them.

Sitting up and crab walking into a corner, Keiichi continued to sweat as Urd followed him all the way. "How much did you hear?" Keiichi finally asked once Urd's steely face refused to change or back away.

"I heard from where Megumi said things weren't working here. And now I know why you've been so cagy and while you've been talking to Bell so much," Urd had to keep her mask up. All she wanted to do was split her face open and let the happiness out, but this was to divine a situation for a prankster. He cared about her, wanted her to stay, but wasn't going to force her to if she wanted to leave. Leave…like she would keep hinting at doing off and on. Again Urd had to curse her forgetting she had made it all to clear when they started she was only going to be temporary. Well…that was going to change.

His Adam's apple bounced up and down comically as Keiichi swallowed and nodded, "I figured Belldandy-san was going to take you away, back to the heaven's. She's hinted at something like that. I won't lie, you deserve to hear it all now. Don't want you confused. I like you Urd-san, I like you a lot. I've never felt this way for somebody before, but I know this isn't the place for a goddess…I'm not worthy of such a gift. So I was just going to enjoy our time until you left. You are leaving right?" Keiichi's aura was clear and pure enough, no lie left his lips.

Putting her hands on the wall on both side's of his head, Urd kept the mortal trapped between them. This fragile thing, this small and insignificant mortal, he had garnered something that was tantamount to heresy. He got a goddess to care about him on a way beyond simple curiosity. "No…I can't leave after hearing that from you. I'd worry you'd become a shut in and never date again. I can't have that, you're to much fun to tease. But…I can't tease ALL the time, have to make good from time to…" she closed her eyes and dove in.

Their first kiss had been brief and painful, Urd smashed her teeth against his with to much force. Finding the issue, Urd simply used her hand to open Keiichi's mouth and tried again. And after a few paralyzed moments of Keiichi not reacting at all, he melted into the embrace and Urd learned something very interesting. He was a very good kisser, VERY good…yes she was going to see this thing out to the end. In the morning she told Belldandy her plan to stay, Belldandy shocked Urd when she smiled and offered to stay awhile longer to help out. She could work remotely for the Relief Office from the temple.


Authors Notes

Well this is the start of a new story, basic premise is already established. I love the show/manga but at times Belldandy really did just come off as 'I am all good-goody' while the other characters were more layered. She had her moments...but this story will have her more in support. Thinking this will eight to ten chapters. A little long but not an epic.

Hope ya enjoy