"Heelllloooooo? Dorothy, tap your heels and come back to Kansas, the Land of Oz is a dump anyway! Come on, man! Don't go into the light! Stay away from the - oh, you're awake!"

The little teensy awoke.

Billy West, is that you?

"Oh... Murfy!" Cameron said, lifting himself up and looking around.

The Dream Forest. I'm still here.

"Here, allow me." the green fly said, helping the teensy back on his feet.

"Thanks!" Cameron smiled, "Uhm hold on, what happened?"

Murfy gave a fake laugh while looking at Cameron confused look, "I dunno, you tell me! I was just minding my business, doing fly stuff, ya know, like eating trash and flying around trash, when I saw you lying here all unconscientious and whatnot and thought, hey uh... what?"

He's always so sarcastic. I wonder if he's actually ever eaten garbage though.

"Oh... I just could have sworn I was in a cave or something," Cameron said wearily.

"A cave? Ain't no caves around these parts, I should know! I got-"

"Yeah yeah, the manual."

"Uhhh, I was gonna say an intricate understanding of the layout of the land, but whatever. I'm more than just a manual guy, ya know? Anyway, I gotta get back to some important garbage business or something. Try not to pass out again, Carmen!"

"It's Cameron!" he shouted to the flying insect overhead.

"Right, Cameron! That's what I said!"

The fly was too far gone for him to see the confused look on Cameron's face. He was still trying to process what had happened to him. He looked on the ground near the spot he was laying to see a smooth, slippery stone.

I guess that's what made me fall.

He remembered his camera and quickly checked his most recent pictures, but nothing was there. No photograph of the cave entrance with the long pink vines.

Sweet Polokus, what was it that I ate that got me to have all these crazy, vivid dreams.

He shivered, not knowing whether he was actually feeling cold, shaken up, or some kind of strange spiritual connection to his friend. People always said they were so similar. Like they were made for each other. Like their souls were connected somehow.

The little photographer picked up his satchel and continued walking.

I guess I did get to see the fairy hive, sort of.

He smiled.

And I guess I did find some closure.