About A Girl

Part 1:  Welcome to LA


Anessa Ramsey

Disclaimer:  I own nothing.  Everything BtVS and Ats belongs to Joss Whedon and everything Roswell belongs to Jason Katims and Melinda Metz.

Spoilers:  Roswell:  AU after Max in the City.  He and Tess are still together and she never left.  Alex didn't die.  Maria and Michael are not together. 

Buffy:  AU after After Life (Season 6).  Buffy and Spike NEVER got it on.  Xander and Anya are still engaged.  Willow did not go magic crazy, never hurt Dawn, and is still with Tara. 

Angel:  AU after they return from Pylea at the end of Season 2 (I don't remember the name of the episode).  Angel and Darla never slept together so Connor doesn't exist and Holtz never came back.  Gunn and Fred aren't together.  She's not with Wes either.  I have plans for her that don't include them.  Angel and Cordelia are just friends, though I'm thinking about making them more.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FIC HERE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

October 17, 2001

         It seems strange sometimes, how people always thought I had the perfect life.  I was the golden girl, Little Lizzie Parker, with the good grades who never did anything to get in trouble.  And then I got shot.  It was a fluke really.  An argument between two customers that got out of control.  But I didn't die.  I should have.  The wound was bad enough.  But Max Evans saved me.  He healed me. 

         You think I'm crazy but you don't know…you have no idea.  It was easy to love him.  He made it easy.  So opposite of Michael.  Michael was tough, both physically and emotionally.  He never let anyone in.  Not even Maria.  That was the reason for the downfall of their relationship.  Maria has always needed someone who would worship her and Michael just doesn't have that in him. 

         Since the breakup I've spent  more and more time with him  He's become like an older brother to me..  He doesn't put pressure on me to be someone I'm not and I don't try to force him to reveal anything he's not comfortable sharing.  That is the reason I asked him to leave with me.  I didn't plan it out or go into detail.  I just showed up at his door around two in the morning the Sunday before school was back in session from Christmas break with a duffel bag slung over my shoulder.  I remember when he opened the door I just looked at him, his hair rumpled, wearing nothing but a pair of flannel pajama pants.  I didn't even need to say anything.  He just opened the door further, letting me slip by him, and said, "Give me ten minutes."  That's all it took.  We were on the next bus out of Roswell, both of us trying to escape the world that had become so complicated for us. 

         We went to LA, and that's where the real story begins. From there it took me to Sunnydale.  Yes, the Hellmouth.  A few months ago I would have discounted the idea of a hellmouth and demons and vampires, but now it's part of me.  Its where I began to change from Little Lizzie to the woman I am today.  It's also why we took the road back to Roswell.  But we didn't take it alone.  Our new friends joined us, supported us through it all.  If it weren't for them I wouldn't have had the courage to face the trials that came with returning to the place I grew up.  Michael and I mended some fences and found some peace.  It's been a little over a year since it happened, since my life changed.  I've felt the need to write this down for some time now, but always put it off.  The time is right now.  It is the last story that I am putting in this journal.  I no longer need it.  Life is too short to just write about.  You have to live it.

London, England

May 12, 2000

         "So it has happened then?"

         "Yes.  Faith Wilkins was killed in a prison riot.  It appears that she was trying to stop a woman from killing a guard when another inmate who had commandeered a gun shot her in the back.  She died instantly."

         Peter Winters looked at the head of the Watchers Council waiting for him to say something.  The rogue slayer had finally passed on.  A new slayer has been called.  This was a good thing.  But the look on Quentin Travers face made him wonder what was going on in the man's mind.  He was the one who for years pushed and pushed to get rid of both Buffy Summers and Faith Wilkins.  Now though it looked as if that was the last thing he had wanted to happen.

"The new slayer has already been called of that we are certain.  Yet I've gotten reports from all the watchers who are currently training a potential.  Not one of them was the one to be chosen.  Which means that we are in the same situation we were when Miss Summers was called."

         "Do we have any idea who the new slayer is or where she might be?"

         "No."  Peter looked to his leader for answers.  "What shall we do?  She needs to be found and trained.  Lord knows that she needs a better watcher than either of the last two had.  Rupert Giles and Wesley Wyndham Price are and were a disgrace to the Council." 

         Travers smirked softly.  He was getting old and he was tired.  The constant struggle between Buffy Summers, Rupert Giles and himself was near legendary by now.  Unfortunately he could not dispute how effective Rupert was as a watcher.  He taught his pupil to be independent of both him and the Council and as such she was the longest living slayer in history, not to mention the most talented and effective, despite her apparent lack of regard for the rules of the Council and her penchant for fraternizing with those that she is destined to destroy, no matter how tame they might be.  "I have decided that when we do find this girl, she will be trained in the same way Miss Summers was."

         "But sir…"

         "No discussion, Peter.  Miss Summers and Rupert Giles have been the most effective team since the Council was formed.  We need that.  Potential slayers are becoming a commodity and their training is not preparing them well enough for what they are to face.  In the future we are going to look to Miss Summers as an example as to what all slayers should be.  They will not be isolated with only their watcher for company.  They shall attend school.  They shall be allowed to have friends and if they so choose these friends may help in the fight."  He sighed when Peter's jaw dropped open.  "Do close your mouth, Mr. Winters.  The training of slayers is not the topic of the moment.  Faith Wilkins is dead.  The next has been called.  And we must find her before the enemy does."

May 13, 2000

         Liz watched Michael while he slept.  For three days they'd been traveling by bus.  It was uncomfortable to say the least.  They were almost to their destination though.  She could see the lights of LA up ahead.  It seemed to glow from miles away.  Again she looked at Micheal, noting how peaceful he looked when he slept.  It was the only time that either of them could truly forget.  It was odd for her to find comfort in running away with someone she'd never really gotten to know despite the fact that he used to date her best friend and was her ex-boyfriend's best friend.  Only they did know each other.  The month after she left Max to his destiny was the hardest she ever faced.  And Maria had left Michael in the lurch after finally getting those three little words out of him.  It was why they had bonded.  Neither of them pushed the other to be something they weren't.

         Gently, she touched his shoulder, shaking him softly.  "Michael, we're almost there."

         With a few soft groans and a popping of his neck, Michael Guerin opened his eyes.  The first thing he saw was Liz Parker leaning over him, her brown hair swept to one side, her dark eyes clouded and mysterious.  He could see the pain that Max had caused her lingering in their depths.  A very protective brotherly feeling started to build up inside him and he had to tamp it down before he said or did something to let her know how angry he was with Max.  Smiling, he looked out the window and saw the bright lights of the City of Angels.  He never thought he'd ever make it out of Roswell, so he was excited about the prospect of living in the city.  Between the two of them they had enough to get a hotel room until they found an apartment they could afford.  Their combined savings gave them enough money to easily afford something in a decent area. 

         The bus pulled into the station and they disembarked, taking in their surroundings.  The station was dirty and not exactly crowded.  The hour was late so most of the people were homeless men and women, searching for a warm place to stay the night.  They walked outside and looked for a cab but there wasn't one in sight.  Their hotel wasn't far so they began the slow walk toward the Holiday Inn. 

         There was nothing but silence between them, but it was okay, because with them the silence was nice.  They could just be there in each other's presence and know that they didn't have to talk to express themselves. 

         Michael was using a map to navigate them but was quickly turned around.  Liz wasn't helping him though.  Her body was going crazy.  Something was wrong, she could feel it.  She didn't know what but her body was telling her that something dangerous was out there.  The attack came from out of nowhere and Michael had no time to react.  The two men were bearing down on them, and if Liz didn't know any better she would say that their faces were horribly disfigured. 

         The men were backing them into an alley.  Michael was trying to get his powers under control so that he could do something but nothing was happening.  He couldn't control it for more than a few seconds.

         Just as one of the men reached them and dragged Liz up against his large muscular frame, there was a shout from behind them.  She was released when the arm around her disappeared.  She stumbled forward only to be caught by Michael who was looking at the scene behind her in awe.  She turned around just in time to see a young black man, no more than twenty two or twenty three, stab one of the men through the heart with what looked like a wood stake.  She watched in horror as the man turned to dust right before her eyes.  She was so busy watching the fight that she barely noticed Michael shouting behind her.  Another man had snuck up behind them and was currently biting Michael's neck.  She didn't even think of how scared she was as she ran toward Michael.  With a burst of strength she didn't know she had she pulled the guy away from Michael by his hair and proceeded to land a punch right into his nose.  She looked stunned when she heard the sharp crack of the bone breaking.  She'd never been able to punch anyone before, let alone break their nose.  But that didn't matter just then.  What did matter was that the guy she hit was shaking off the blow and advancing on her, blood dripping down his face and off his chin.  That's when she saw the fangs.  Her mind shut down.  'Ohgodohgodohgodohgod' was all that was going through her brain.  She couldn't process what she was seeing.  They weren't supposed to exist.  Even as she backed up against the wall, the man's leer quickly turned to astonishment as the guy who took out the other two stabbed this one through the heart as well.

         "You okay?" he asked, reaching out to steady her so she didn't collapse at his feet.

         "Yeah."  She looked up at him.  "Vampires?" she asked softly.

         The guy just smiled then nodded.  "Bet you didn't think they were real?"


         "That was some punch you landed by the way.  You broke the guy's nose.  For such a small thing you hit pretty well."

         She heard a soft groan and ran over to Michael who was sitting on the ground.  "I know a place we can get him some help where they won't ask any questions, if you wanna go?"

         Liz weighed her options.  She could try to find the hotel on her own, while holding up Michael and carrying their bags, where there would be a lot of questions and the possibility of getting sent to the hospital, which was not a good thing, or she could accept the guy's offer, get help for Michael and a ride in the truck that was parked at the end of the alley.  It was a no brainer.  "We'll go with you."

         "Cool."  He reached down and put his arm under Michael, helping him to his feet.  Liz grabbed the bags and threw them in the bed of the truck.  Once they were in and on their way, Liz looked over at the guy and said thanks.

         "What's your name?" he asked after she thanked him.

         "I'm Liz and this is Michael."  She held out her hand and he shook it.

         "Charles Gunn, but you can just go ahead and call me Gunn.  Welcome to LA."