About A Girl

Part 7:  Explanations


Anessa Ramsey

(Disclaimer in first part)

         It was ten o'clock and the gang was filtering into the Crashdown slowly, eyeing the motley group of people seated with Liz and Michael.  It was odd to see Liz and Michael so comfortable with people that the rest of the group did not know.  Max lead the way over to the table.  "Hey Liz."


         He stood there uncomfortably for several seconds unsure of what to say.  Michael finally broke in and said, "Since our fearless leader has lost his ability to speak, why don't you go ahead and start, Liz."  The Roswell gang took seats on the counter and stool facing the group from Sunnydale and LA.  Angel and his crew arrived in the early evening and were invited to join them.    

         "First of all, what is said in this room stays in this room.  Same rules as always."  Everyone nodded in agreement.  "Okay then, guys, this is Angel, Cordelia, Fred, Gunn, and Wesley of Angel Investigations in LA" she indicated each of them with a flick of her wrist in their direction then turned to the Roswellians, "I'd also like to introduce you to Buffy, Giles, Dawn, Xander, Willow, and Tara.  Michael and I stayed with them in Sunnydale."  She looked back to the Sunnydale crew.  "And this is Alex, Maria, Isabel, Tess, and Max."

         "I thought you were in LA?"  Maria asked.

         "For about a day and a half.  We ran into some trouble and had to go to Sunnydale."

         "I've heard about that place.  Isn't that where there was an outbreak of laryngitis?" Alex asked.  Isabel gave him an odd look, only to glance at Xander when he began to snicker softly.

         "Yeah.  That would be Sunnydale."

         "What does any of this have to do with your new attitude Liz," Tess asked.  She was concerned.  She'd been making such headway with Max.  Now Liz was back and looking incredible and Max was focusing on her again, though it did seem that Liz's attention was no longer on him.  If it wasn't maybe they'd have the chance to be friends like she'd once hoped.

         "Well, something happened in LA that caused me to have to go to Sunnydale.  You see…" she began, ready to tell them what was truly going on when the door opened.  Everyone looked up to see who walked in.  The Roswellians just stared.  He seemed larger than life.  He was an average height for a guy, maybe five foot ten, and had tousled yet somewhat spiky hair that was pure white under the bright fluorescent lights of the diner.  His skin was pale but he had incredible bone structure with cheekbones that were sharp and defined and a strong jaw.  His eyes were deep cerulean blue and had bottomless depth and a scar graced his left eyebrow along with a sliver barbell.  He was lean, muscular and was wearing a tight black shirt and black leather pants.  The final touch was the black leather duster that hugged his frame. 

         "Hello, luv."

         "Spike!  You're finally here!  I missed you!!"  Liz was up out of the booth before anyone could say a word.  She ran at him and he caught her, spinning her around several times, laughing all the while.

         "Sorry it took a bit longer than I planned.  The DeSoto broke down just outside Phoenix."  He'd set her back on her feet but hadn't released her hand.  Dawn came running over real quick and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, glad that he made it okay, before going back to her seat.  Liz dragged him over toward the table and he was glancing around at the new people.  He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the curly haired blond next to the dark haired guy staring at him. 



         "Never thought I'd see you again, luv."

         She got up and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek, smiling internally when she saw Liz tense up.  So that's how it was?  Things had obviously changed.  Belatedly she wondered if Liz knew what Spike was.  She was slightly surprised to see him here with all the humans.  When they met in San Francisco, he'd tried to feed on her but was surprised when she used her powers to stop him.  That had led to a conversation that lasted all night.  They hung out together for two weeks, despite Nasedo's disapproval.  Spike had taken care of that though.  Eventually he had to leave and she had to get back to training and they'd parted ways.  He was the only friend she'd had until then and it had been nice.

         "So what are you doing here?  Never pictured you for a small town type of girl."


         Spike groaned.  "Sod all, everything's about destiny."


         "Speaking of destiny," Liz said, trying to break up this reunion between Spike and Tess, "it's why we're here."

         "You told them?" Max snapped.

         She ignored him.  "Alex, what do you know about demons?"

         He had a blank look on his face for a second as if trying to process the fact that she was really asking him a question about demons.  "They're monsters.  Stories about them are just myths handed down through the years.  They don't actually exist."

         "What if I told you they did?"

         "Come on Liz.  You actually expect us to believe that demons exist?" Maria snorted disdainfully.

         "Why not?" Spike asked, growling.  He felt the bones in his face shift and bend and his fangs elongated.  Maria and Isabel screamed while Max, Alex, and Kyle stood protectively in front of them.  "Vampires do."

         "What the hell are you?"

         "I just told you.  Vampire."

         "Tess, Liz, get away from that thing."

         Buffy spoke up at this point.  "Can the theatrics Spike, we don't have time for this."

         "Aw, but slayer, I was havin' so much fun scarin' the kiddies."

         Liz smacked him upside the head and he glared at her.  She walked back to the table.  "Sit down.  He can't hurt you.  He had a behavior modification chip put in his head a few years ago.  It makes him incapable of hurting a human."  They reluctantly took their seats.  "Angel on the other hand can hurt you, but he won't.  He has a soul."

         "You're a vampire too?"  Maria was disappointed.  He was too good looking to be dead.

         Liz turned to sit and Alex noticed the tattoo again.  "So what's the tat mean?"



         "Why'd you pick that?"

         "Because I am Chosen.  I'm a vampire slayer.  I was called in LA."

         "A what?"

         "Vampire Slayer."  When it seemed they were no closer to understanding she looked to Giles.  He took over for her.

         "There are things in this world that are beyond the realm of belief…things of myth and fantasy.  Demons, vampires and any other monster that you can think of exist.  And as long as they have existed there has always been one Chosen to fight them.  She is the slayer."

         "If there's only supposed to be one…"

         "I've died." Buffy stated simply.  Everyone gaped at her.  "Twice.  One dies and the next is called.  The first time it was only for a moment and I was revived with CPR.  In that moment the next slayer was called.  Kendra died a year later when his ex," she said disdainfully, pointing to Spike, "killed her.  Faith came next.  She was a piece of work.  So much fun at first.  She loved to slay.  It's what she did.  Unfortunately she was reckless and killed a human.  From there she took a downhill slide into evil.  It took two years for her to even think about redemption.  She died in prison four months ago.  Liz was called immediately.  The line lies with her.  When she dies another slayer will be chosen."

         "Don't you mean if she dies?"

         "You heard right the first time luv.  She said when.  Being a slayer comes with an early expiration date.  I should know.  I've killed two."

         Liz glared at him.  "Ya know Spike, telling them things like that is not going to endear them to you."

         "Ta luv, I'll try and 'member that."  He fished his cigarettes out of his pocket and put one in his mouth.  It dangled from his lips while he searched for his lighter.  Just as he was about to light up, Maria said something to him.

         "You can't smoke in here."

         "I'd like to see you try and stop me."  He lit the end of the cigarette and took a long, deep drag.  When he exhaled the smoke blew right at the Roswell gang.  Buffy grabbed the cigarette out of his mouth and put it out on a napkin.  "Oi!  Slayer!  That was my last fag!"

         "Too bad."

         "Your last what?"

         "Fag…you know cigarette.  I keep forgetting that you yanks have destroyed the English language."

         Giles took off his glasses and polished them for a moment, sighing.  Lord save him from petulant children and sulking vampires.  "Can we please get back on topic.  We are here for a reason.  Lord knows I would never be in this godforsaken town if the world wasn't supposed to end here."  That got everyone's attention.