My Little Pony: Island of Warriors

Chapter 3: Baptized in Blood (Battle of Mount Geraki Part 1)

This is what we trained for. This was our destiny from the day we were born. The horns of the enemy sounded on the sea breeze. There is no fear in our eyes. We do not fear the enemy approaching nor immanent death. We have but one task, and we will give our lives to see it done. When the enemy clashed with our shields, the battle had begun.

Thousands of hooves pounded the earth as it looked like a flood made of ponies were charging at us. We dug our talons into the soil, and pushed back by the shield and the spear. Our spears attacked from above, and below. The bodies piled up, and the cries of the wounded and the dying filled the salty air, and their blood painted the earth red.

We give no quarter, and we take no prisoners. For that is our way of battle. Our brave forces pushed forward in 'lambda' formation. The enemy charged into the pass, and were slain in the thousands. I moved forward in formation striking aside enemies with my shield. I held my ground with my spear running the blade into pony flesh and bone.

I threw my spear like a javelin straight into a pony's heart, and unsheathed my kopis. My blade reaped a harvest of enemy flesh as I cut down any enemy that got in my way. We will show these ponies the error of their ways. My last kill was on a mare named Fleur-De-Lis whom I cleaved completely in half from her unicorn horn down to her groin.

The enemy numbers began to dwindle, and many were pulling back with their wounded and the dead. There were still many thousands of ponies left, but I can see the fear in their eyes from the carnage of battle. I looked them in the eye as I sheathed my kopis, and pulled my spear out from a corpse of a fallen stallion, "Sound the horn!" I ordered,

When the conch shell trumpet sounded, and Queen Gia gave the order, "Attack!" she cried out pointing her spear at the enemy. Her warriors charged the line in their 'hoplite run'. They attacked the detachment from the sides and the rear. The screams of ponies, stallions and mares, sounded in the distance. The Nemean Queen soon met with me.

She killed her last enemy running her spear from the back of the neck, and out of the mouth of a mare, "A good start?" I said, gripping my spear with my shield talon,

"I would like to think so," said the Queen. I had my talon on her shoulder, and hers on mine. We nuzzled beaks because we Aetians are very formal around friends.

Soon the skies turned as black as Gia's fur. The Nemean Queen and I looked up to see thousands of arrows coming down on us. We raised up, and tucked under our shields. The arrows sounded like rain hitting the roofs of our homes in the summer storms, "Equestrian cowards," I said to add insult to the enemy while under the shade of my shield.

When the rain of arrows ceased, we emerged unharmed and unscathed from our shields. I roared a battle cry, and pointed my spear in defiance of Equestria and Celestia. Our warriors both Talonian and Nemean cheered, and raised our weapons to the sky. We praised Zeus, Athena, and Ares for victory on the first day. There maybe more to come.

The battleground was covered in arrows striking only the earth, and not hitting our flesh. The arrows gave us with firewood while Queen Gia's forces provided supper of a soup made from shredded roast chicken and broth. This is a staple of the Nemean soldiers. A belief they hold is that if you find a leg bone in your soup you will have good fortune.

Their is joy and laughter on this night. I stayed quiet, and looked up at the moon while warming myself by a fire. Queen Gia soon approached me, "I know how you feel," she said, sitting down next to me, "this was only the first day, Equestria is going to throw everything they have at us, this is our land, and we will not give it up without a fight,"

I lightly smiled, and turned away. I see why the Nemeans crowned her queen of their land. She has strong words, and stands by them with her skills on the battlefield. A good queen must know how to fight in a debate of words, and with spear and shield, "There are times when a statement isn't made from words uttered from beak, but from action,"

"And the Sarissian King says that you lack wisdom," Gia teased, "even if we all are die here, our memories will live on, and bring pride to every griffon in Aetos,"

That morning, our troops were busy grooming each other and swimming in the sea. The enemy has many scouts. We did not care for them. We often joke that every bush at the top of Mount Geraki, you will find a scout. We cleared the area, and put their severed heads on spears as a warning to those ponies that will attack the pass in due time.

I dived off the cliff with grace fitting a queen to the cheers of my warrior brothers and sisters from Talon and Nemea. When I flew back up to dry off, Gaea came up to me, "My Queen, there is someone that wishes to treat with you," she informed me while I was putting back on my armor. I nodded, and saw a white alicorn approaching the field.

Queen Gia was at my side as well. I did not reflect any surprise to coming so unexpectedly, but her company is much more welcomed than that of my other visitor. It was a white alicorn with a mane and tail of many colors, and a sun on her flanks, "And who might you be, wait...give me a moment, I believe I know of you, you must be Celestia?"