A/N: Hello, everyone! So about 6 years ago, when Human Revolution came out, I wrote a really terrible story called "Thanks For Caring". I decided to reuse the original character from it to write this new story.

Hope you enjoy! :)

"Dark Paradise"

LIMB Clinic

A bolt of lightning tore across the black sky and a peal of thunder followed. She watched as a curtain of rain beat down from the heavens and onto Detroit. Citizens were scrambling about on the streets, attempting to get to shelter. She was in the safety of the private room in the LIMB Clinic, keeping guard of the patient occupying the ward.

She turned away from the window to steal another glance of him, each time hoping that he would open his eyes.

"Just hang on, alright?" She whispered to herself, though it was directed towards him. "I did, now it's your turn."

He was still a police officer. She was on her way home from working at this same LIMB Clinic when she spotted 3 guys beating on an augmented citizen. Her instincts kicked in immediately. She broke into a run and hurried help the poor man. "HEY!" She screeched. "Get the hell off him!"

What she got in return was a badly broken right arm and left leg, as well as a hard shot to the back of her head.

The hit she took was not enough to knock her out, so she was there, lying on the ground, unable to move with the pain that was paralyzing her. Her vision began to blur little by little, with her attempts to call out for help were only in vain as she could not get her voice out.

She wondered what happened to the augmented man the brutes had been assaulting. Had he escaped to safety? Was he still lying on the ground somewhere? It was impossible for her to tell, what with her blurred vision and her ears growing deaf to everything around her – that included the monstrous thunder that broke out, just before the rain started to pour.

Soon enough, she heard his voice for the first time.

"Miss? Miss, can you move?"

She could only managed a soft whimper, but it was enough for the officer to know that she was still alive.

"Can you tell me your name? What's your name, sweetie?"

"De… Demitra…" She breathed, the last thing that would leave her mouth.

"Demitra? I'm Officer Jensen. Paramedics are on their way. Just hang on, alright?"

That was the last thing Demitra had heard before closing her eyes completely.

When consciousness came to her, she could not see.


Her eyes had been covered with bandages that were wrapped around her entire head. The next thing that she realized was that she could not move her right arm and left leg. "What's… what's going on? I can't see! I-I can't move!"

"Demitra, darling," That was her mother; she could recognize her warm, caring tone anywhere. "Take it slow, dear."

"Mommy, what's- what's going on? I-I can't move my arm… my leg…?" She attempted to move her limbs were only in vain. They felt as heavy as lead. "Where am I?"


"Sis! Thank God you're awake!"

"You're in the LIMB Clinic where you work, sweetheart."

That last voice belonged to her beloved father. The relieved voice before his was her younger brother, Daniel. Her nickname had been cried out by her older sister, Dianna. So it appears as if her entire family was here.

"Daddy… I… I was attacked…" Her mind strained to recall the last events, but it was coming back to her in bits and pieces. "What happened… to the augmented guy I tried to help?"

"Miss Callaway? It's Officer Jensen,"

She turned her head to him, just a few inches shy of directly looking into his face. That name sounded familiar to her, as did his voice. It was just as assuring as the one she heard that night. "Your voice… you were the one who found me."

She felt a nod come from him. "That man you helped saved was the one who called it in. If it wasn't for you, he might have been beaten to death," He conveyed. "You're a hero."

"Looks like I've got the scars to show for it…"

"Demi, it's me: Tim."

Timothy Walker. Her dear friend and coworker. Now she had hoped that she could finally get some concrete answers. "Doc, what's going on with me? Why am I at our LIMB Clinic?"

"You've been in a coma for the past 2 days,"

That explained how Dianna was here. She had moved to Cincinnati with her fiancée, as well as take up a teaching position there. She had more than enough time to come down to see her baby sister.

"Those thugs did a number on you, Demi. We…" The hesitation in his voice was undeniable. He was struggling to tell his colleague the harm that had been done to her body. "There were complications."

"Tim, what's wrong with me?" She urged, her mind racing the more she was unable to lift her limbs.

"We tried our best, Demi, but we couldn't restore feeling to your right arm and left leg. The head trauma you sustained caused some serious optic nerve damage. There was nothing we could do."

Being a left-hander, she impulsively lifted her left hand up to feel the bandages covering her eyes. "I'm blind…?"

"Don't you worry a thing, sweetheart. We're gonna get you the best augmentations out there – Sarif Industries. You'll be good as new!" Her mother's attempts to shroud her despair that such an incident had befallen her daughter were futile to Demitra; she knew for a fact that her mother was in deep sorrow.

"Miss Callaway?"

She felt two larger hands envelop her left hand in a gentle clasp. Jensen caught a glimpse of her fingernails – the black and gold nail polish she had on them were chipping away.

"I promised you: I'm gonna find the bastards who did this to you. They'll pay."

She could not see his face. She could not match it to the comforting voice. Despite that, his hands were the only thing that kept her from falling apart and wailing at the top of her lungs in anguish.