let's play chess. pick your team

which side do you choose? i chose the light

oh, sorry—i think it's called white

and you can bet that i'll be the queen


you say you'll play the black king

the king is the center, you say, the king's infinite.

i think power's clouded your judgement, darling

because, you see, the king's moves have a limit


starting out a pawn

white paint gleaming, pristine

and my position's rather woebegone

but once i make it to the edge i am finally the queen


you're the king, center of the game

black paint so shiny it's making me moonstruck

and then i begin to see you as rather plain

because no matter where you are you'll still be stuck


you're stuck in your few spots

while i've got the whole board

better the queen than the king, darling