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I got this idea and just had to get it out of my head, so now enjoy: Rumble and Frenzy's Excellent Adventures

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We join our errrrr.. Heros hanging out in the Decepticon HQ lounge. It has an air of respect and dignity only Decepticons can harbor.


All the 'Cons cease throwing darts at pictures of Megatron, trading Megatron jokes, and playing with Megaton stress relieving memorabilia as Skywarp hits a concealed button that folds back all the Megatron incriminating games and merchandise revealing a...pet store. Brawl quickly hides the Megatron head shaped beach ball behind his back as the Stunticons and Combaticons turn away from their involving volley ball game. Wildrider mutters something about Vortex cheating before the illustrious Decepticon leader bursts into the room, grinning like a loon, quickly flanked by Soundwave.

Megatron: I hope everyone what today is!

The Decepticons glance around. Slowly, Long Haul comes forward.

Long Haul: Ummm...The day we destroy the Autobots?

Megatron: NO! it's time for..SPRING CLEANING!

Cue anime background as Megatron whips a flower apron and vacuum cleaner out of nowhere.

Decepticons: O_o

Megatron: Now, all of you will take these cleaning supplies from Soundwave and clean this base up, now!

All the Decepticons mutter about Megatron's insanity as they take brooms and rags from Soundwave and are given aprons by Laserbeak. As this happens, our daring duo use this time to slip into the ventilation system. They drop in and proceed to leave the base as Bombshell spills cleaning liquid on Shrapnel.

Shrapnel: IT BURNS, BURNS!

Bombshell: Whoops...^_^;

Kickback: How'd you do that?

Bombshell: What?

Shrapnel: I think he means the thing with your face, face.

Bombshell simply shrugs and starts to broom. Kickback and Shrapnel face fault. The Constructicons start to sing "singing in the rain"

Bombshell: ^_^;

Kickback: There, you did it again!

Bombshell: WHAT!

Shrapnel: You did that thing with your face again, again.

Bombshell: I can't help it, it happens whenever something stupid happens.

Kickback goes up and kicks Shrapnel in the leg.

Bombshell: ^_^;

Kickback falls to the ground laughing, Shrapnel joining him after getting over the pain in his leg.

Bombshell: ^_^; STOP IT!

The other Insecticons laugh harder and harder.

Bombshell: ;_;

That just makes them laugh harder, Bombshell gives up and leaves, visibly hurt.

**************************************************************************** **********

Finally getting to our true heros, we see Rumble and Frenzy exchange a high- five after exiting the Decepticon base.

Frenzy: Sure pays to be small eh?

Rumble: Yeah..hey don't be getting all Canadian on me.

Frenzy: What're ya talkin aboot?


This prompts Rumble to go and kick Frenzy right in the errr...area. Frenzy doubles over and curls into the fetal position for about five minutes. After that Frenzy gets up. He sees Rumble still laughing at him.

Frenzy: What was that for!

Rumble: (Laughing) What are you talkin aboot! (More laughing)

Frenzy runs to Rumble and kick him in the crotch. Rumble has the same reaction Frenzy did. Frenzy leans against a tree waiting for his internal clock to reach five minutes. On cue, Rumble gets up and goes right for Frenzy. Frenzy anticipates this and stops him.

Frenzy: STOP! Look, let's call a truce before the apron clad idiot finds us.

Rumble: Agreed. Wonder if the Autobots are having as much trouble as us?

Frenzy: (Shrugs) We don't have anything else to do, can't be any worse than here.

With that our duo proceeds to the Autobot base. Right after they leave Thundercracker runs out of the base.

Thundercracker: (Gasping for air)Can't...breath...too...much...lemony...freshness!

Then Megatron appears holding a purple bottle and a green bottle.

Megatron: (Still grinning like a loon.) It also comes in Lime and Wild- Flower!

Thundercracker: (Face contorted in terror) GAH! STAY AWAY YOU APRON CLAD FREAK!

Thundercracker flies off as Megatron turns his attention back into the base. "Singing in the rain" can still be heard from the Constructicons.


A loud "Meep" is heard from inside as Megatron starts firing Fusion blasts in random directions. The Decepticons scramble as they run from the flower- clad fool

**************************************************************************** **********

Rumble and Frenzy pause as they hear a muffled explosion in the distance.

Rumble: You hear something?

Frenzy: Nah, hey wait! (Points) Autobots!

Rumble and Frenzy hide as they see Perceptor and Brawn. Perceptor is skipping merrily as Brawn trudges along.

Perceptor: (Sing-song voice) We're on a nature hike, we're on a nature hike!

Brawn: Would you shut up! I haven't got to smash anything all day.

Perceptor: (Holds out arm) Come my woodland friends!

This goes on for five full minutes, nothing but silence, Brawn staring with a unexplainable expression on his face, and Perceptor, holding his arm out, waiting for anything to happen. Finally Brawl snaps and runs up to Perceptor. He then delivers a well placed upper-cut into the scientist's groin. Perceptor has the exact same reaction as Rumble and Frenzy as Brawn starts throwing a temper tantrum.

Brawn: I WANNA SMASH SOMETHING! (Jumps up and down)

Perceptor: *gurgle*

Brawn looks quizzically at Perceptor, until a bunny hops into view.

Brawn: SMASHY! (Leaps at the rabbit)

Perceptor: NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (Dives into Brawn, knocking him aside, Perceptor then gets on all fours and cups the rabbit in his hands)

Brawn: O_o

Perceptor: (Stroking the rabbit, visibly pulling it's skin back) There, there, my adorable, cuddly, cute, friendly, fluffy, woodland creature, daddy Perceptor is here now, he won't let the mean bot hurt you, no he won't, no he won't (Voice getting more babyish as he goes)

Rumble and Frenzy just stare in awe at the idiocy of both Autobots from the bushes.

Rumble: (Left eye ticking) Urge to kick in crotch, rising.

Frenzy: SSHHH! I think its about to get better. (Points at the recovering Brawn.)

Brawn: I gotta smash something before I go nuts!!!!

Perceptor: I'm gonna put you in a bbbiiiiiigggggg cage, with lotsa other fuzzy, cute, fluffy creatures.

Brawn: (Clenching fist) ARRGHHHHH STOP THE CUTENESS! (Flings himself at Perceptor)

Perceptor: GAH! (Grabs the bunny and rolls) DON'T HURT POOKIE!

Brawn: O_o Pookie?

Perceptor: Yesh, he's my baby, and you won't hurt him (Opens chest compartment, where we seen various other cute woodland creatures stuffed inside before stuffing "Pookie" in with them)


Perceptor: You ok? You face is getting really red.

Brawn: GAH! (Tackles Perceptor, beating him senseless.)

Perceptor: *gurgle*

Frenzy and Rumble decide to take this opportunity to leave as we see a blue F-15 fighter jet streak across the sky.

Thundercracker: BWWWAAAAAAAA!!!!!

**************************************************************************** **********

Our dynamic duo arrives at the Ark finally. Frenzy pops open the vent as the pair of cassettes slip in. The two keep going until they get to the next hatch. It appears to be someone's quarters. They look at each other, before popping off the vent and going to town, rummaging through some unfortunate Autobot's stuff.

Frenzy: GAAAHHH!

Rumble: (Pocketing multiple galactic creds) What?

Frenzy: This! (Tosses Rumble a magazine)

Rumble looks into the magazine to see Ironhide posing in a leather thong.

Rumble: (Quickly whipping out his small blaster and shooting the thing to shreds in mid-air) IT BURNS THE EYES!!!!!!

Frenzy: (Continues to rummage, blaster drawn.) This is some freaky shiznat.

Rumble: What now?

Frenzy: You may not want to look. (Fires a few shots into the drawer.)

Rumble, not heeding his brother's advice, looks anyway. Inside are various "toys" of a lewd nature, and a vat of oil.

Rumble: (Now visibly disturbed) Who's room are we in anyway!?

As if on cue, Bumblebee barges into the room.

Bumblebee: Who's going through my stuff. WHAT! Decepticons!

Rumble and Frenzy glance at each other before laughing.

Frenzy: (Supporting himself by putting his hands on his legs, slapping one leg, laughing) Shoulda guessed this one!

Bumblebee: Huh? (Sees drawer opened and rummaged through and magazine bits on floor. His eyes now tear up) WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY STUFF!

Rumble: (Still laughing) you should be happy we did you this favor, before your buddies found it!

Bumblebee, filled with beserker rage, started chasing Rumble around the room. Rumble, despite laughing, is able to easily dodge the somewhat larger bot. Frenzy merely stands in one place as Rumble runs past him. Frenzy transforms his arm into a piledriver as Bumblebee runs by. Then, Frenzy raises his arm and activates it, nailing Bumblebee right in the funny bags. Bumblebee's reaction is exactly the same to every other bot nailed in this area as of yet. Both cassettes stop and drop to the floor, laughing yet again.

Rumble: (Giggling like a school girl) My gut hurts!

Frenzy: (Snickering uncontrollably) We don't have guts!

That just causes them to laugh harder. After four and a half minutes are up, Rumble and Frenzy pull themselves up and into the ventilation shaft. Brawn walks past in the hall with Perceptor over his shoulder. He can still hear Rumble and Frenzy's laughter.

Brawn: Must have rats..RATCHET!

Ratchet: (From down the hall) WHHATTTT!

Brawn: Perceptor need to be repaired..he ran into..a tree, yeah, a tree.

Ratchet: (Still down the hall, laughing now) Alright, bring him in.

Brawn drags Perceptor down the hall as the pitter patter of feet can be heard in the vents. This could be an adventure yet.


Thundercracker: BBBWWWAAAAAAA!!!!

**************************************************************************** **********

Well seeing all the comedies springing up as of late and my want to do a G1 fic, I've decided to try my hand at a funny comic and see what happens. Consider this my project in between my other fic. Anyways, next time we'll see..

Optimus Prime: LAWN GNOMES!

Cut to next scene

Motormaster: Vortex can't spike the ball, he can fly, cheaters!

Onslaught: Bite me!

Cut to next scene

Rumble: Hold me!

Frenzy: Dude..

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