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**************************************************************************** **********

Zoom to Decepticon base. Skywarp is patching up Astrotrain, who was badly beaten up by the illustrious Decepticon leader for the metal squeegee incident. Megatron then forced everyone to paint Astrotrain fluorescent pink afterwards. Soundwave walks up to the two before covering his eyes, due to the brightness of the pink.

Soundwave: Have either of you seen Rumble or Frenzy?

Skywarp: Nope, but Thundercracker disappeared too, Starscream went to find him, after trying to beat some sense into Megatron, but he ended up getting a bucket of bright yellow paint on him.

Astrotrain: (Scoffing)That seems to be Megatron's favorite thing to do ever since we hit that paint store on accident.

(Wavy screen) Flashback (more wavy screen)

Megatron: In there is all the energy we could fathom! (Collected Cons sweatdrop)

Bob: You guys gonna stand there or you gonna buy something.

Megatron: Puny flesh thing, BBWWAAAA (Trips on paint can stand, getting covered with multiple colors of paints) Curse you human, you've outwitted me this time, DECEPTICONS RETREAT!

Skywarp: Sir...you're not damaged

Megatron: You're right, BBWWWAAAA (Shoots himself in the leg) Now, if you're happy Skywarp, DECEPTICONS RETREAT! (Megatron tries to get up, but can't) A little help?

Bob: I could patch that up for ya.


(wavy lines) End Flashback (more wavy)

Soundwave: How did we end up getting the paint then?

Skywarp: That guy sent us it all free for being such good customers...

Soundwave: Wow, I believe that I shall walk in this direction now. (Walks away quickly)

Astrotrain: Now about the pink (tapping foot)

Skywarp: Aaawww relax, no one will notice.

Astrotrain: You had better be right.

**************************************************************************** **********

Zoom to the Autobot base. Our dynamic duo is in the ventilation shaft, watching a rather interesting incident with one Autobot leader. Prime had his back to the door, gun drawn. There were multiple blast marks in various areas. You could see Jazz trying to push the door open, as his hand kept peeking through.

Jazz: Prime, open up, what's wrong with you man?

Prime: (Optics darting everywhere, randomly aiming his gun) They're after me...they could come from anywhere...

Jazz: Who?

Prime: The vertically challenged men that ornate our lawns!

Jazz: Say what!?


Jazz: Ok..I think its time for you to take a nice long recharge. (Motions for Wheeljack, Ironhide, and Prowl to come by the door, but be quiet)

Prime: If I open the door...they'll get in!!

Jazz: It's ok, we're all friends here (Starts to inch away as the others charge their weapons)

Prime: I bet I know...you're in cahoots with them!!!!

Jazz: No I'm no..NOW! (Jumps away as the door gets blasted, all four bots jumping Prime.)

Prime: NNNOOOO, they got you all too, my loyal Autobots! (Starts shooting and punching, but only after giving Prowl a good beat down do they restrain him.) NNNOOOOO

Wheeljack: Sorry Prime, but you're unfit to lead, Jazz will have to take over until you get over this.

Prime: GGGAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (They hook him to the recharge bed before proping the door up and ignoring his pleas.)

Rumble: Notice any disturbing similarities?

Frenzy: Yup, but I also have a fiendish idea, come on, we need some supplies. (The two scuttle off as Prime keeps screaming.)

**************************************************************************** **********

Zoom onto a beach behind Decepticon HQ. We see Dirge and Thrust sitting at a commentary booth while the Combaticons and Stunticons engaged in a heavy volleyball game. Vortex hovers up and spikes the ball, hitting the dirt as Drag Strip and Breakdown jump to hit it, but its to no avail. Ramjet counts the point as Motormaster tackles him.

Thrust: Ooohhh, yet another perfect play by the Combaticons.

Dirge: Yeah, but I don't think they liked Ramjet's last call (Winces as his fellow seeker gets punched in the face by Motormaster)

Motormaster: (Shaking Ramjet) How can you call that, Vortex cheated, he was FLYING, no one else can fly!!!

Ramjet: (Groggily) Well..I was thinking about calling it but now that you've punched me! (Rub's head) Vortex can fly all he damn wants!

Dirge: Ouch, tough officiating. Looks like the Combaticon's might pull this one off.

Thrust: Yeah, but it looks like Scrapper has his boys ready to go.

Pan over to the Constructicons, Scrapper with a whistle around his neck, the rest doing jumping jacks.

Scrapper: Come on girls, no pain no gain!

Hook: (Aside to Mixmaster) Is it just me, or is he nuts.

Mixmaster: Oh yeah, he's nuts, but nothing compared to Megatron.

Bonecrusher: True that.

Wildrider: (Diving after another spike, misses and eats dirt) BASTARDS! (Vortex puts his thumb to his err.nose area and twiddles his fingers, Brawl and Swindle high-five)

Dirge: And another beautiful spike for Vortex, looks like Motormaster has something to say about this.

Motormaster: HE'S CHEATING, FREAKING CHEATING! (Throws hands in the air.)

Onslaught: Bite me Motormaster.

Dead End: Bite this! (Takes the ball and hits it right into Blast-off's head).

Ramjet: ALRIGHT, break it up! (Both sides slowly put away their blasters and keep playing, Vortex spikes the ball again.)

Motormaster: GAAAHHH!!! (Pulls out his gun and shoots Vortex)

Thrust: That's gonna leave a mark.

**************************************************************************** **********

Ratchet winced as he pulled yet another expired animal from the offline Perceptor's chest compartment. He hucks it behind him, where a large pile of animals sit. Brawn is trying to coax the Dinobots into eating them, but it wasn't going to well.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock no like fleshy things!

Sludge: Me Sludge agrees with Grimlock, fleshy things icky.

Slag: We Dinobots should eat little bot.(Licks lips.)

Brawn: Errr..That wouldn't be so good.(backs away.)

Just then Swoop walks in, in robot mode, with a monocle, top hat, and cane.

Swoop: (British accent) I do say old chaps, why would we be eating our dear friend Brawn, I say offer him some fish and chips.

Dinobots: O_o

Brawn takes this opportunity to run like a bat out of hell as Swoop wonders whats wrong.

Swoop: I do say, did I miss tea time?

Grimlock: Me Grimlock going to take a nap-nap now (Runs out of the room, followed by Slag and Sludge)

Ratchet: Soooooooooo Swoop, why the new voice.and personality.

Swoop: I don't know ole chap, all I know is one minute Wheeljack asked me to power down, then I woke up like this.


Wheeljack: (From other room) WWWWHHHAAAAAA!!!

Ratchet: (Still yelling) WHAT'D YA DO TO SWOOP!

Wheeljack: I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING (Sounds nervous)

Ratchet: That's it! (Storms out, Swoop spots dead forest animals)

Swoop: Well, I suppose this will do better than fish and chips (Down's a dead squirrel, then picks up a familiar rabbit) Hmmm..*Munch Munch* This one looks like it's skin was pulled back eh wot?

Perceptor: (Groggy) What happened..where am I (Looks over, sees rabbit ears sticking out of Swoop's mouth) POOKIE!

Swoop: Hmm? *gulp* What?

Perceptor: My dear Pookie! You killed her! GAH! (Leaps at Swoop, the two begin to scuffle as a ventilation shaft opens)

Rumble: Why do we always come in at bad times?

Frenzy: I have no clue..ah! I see the stuff we need, let's grab it quick.

Rumble: Wow..I don't know if we're gonna die of laughter or Prime's laser after this one, heh. (Picks up paint and pointy hat)

Frenzy: He's tied down remember, *Evil Laugh*. (Tosses Rumble a pair of Spike's overalls) Oh we're gonna look damn good, hah!

Rumble: I must say, this is genius (Grabs fake beard) HAH, I think that's it, lets move (The both exit into vents as Swoop pins down Perceptor)

Swoop: I do say ole chum, you've got quite the fight in you, eh wot?

Perceptor: (Sobbing) Pookie..

**************************************************************************** **********

Starscream, bright yellow, landed in the clearing where he last detected Thundercracker. He gazed about before finding him with Runamuck, Runabout, and Blitzwing sitting there hunched over, beeping noises sounding.

Runamuck: Go Plusle! Use helping hand on Runabout's Minum!

Blitzwing: Stupid team Pokemon, smash the little bugger Rhyhorn! Earthquake!

Thundercracker: What are you doing! Earthquake hits everything, even my Raichu!

Blitzwing: Opps..

Earthquake misses both Minum and Plusle, but knock's out Raichu.


Runabout: Luckily, we both put Lax Insence on our Pokemon (Runamuck and Runabout high five as the Minum and Plusle proceed to gang rape Rhyhorn.)

Thundercracker: DAMNIT!

Starscream: What the hell are you all doing!

All: Playing Pokemon Sapphire and/or Ruby!

Starscream: I came all the way out here for this...

Runamuck: Here give it a try.

Starscream: Well.it's either that or back to base (Quickly grabs Gameboy)

~4 Hours later~


Runabout: Heh.least it matches the yellow.

Starscream: (Raises an optic) What was that?

Runabout: Nothing!

Starscream: Thought so.

**************************************************************************** **********

We find out dynamic duo inside the ventilation systems, like usual, but dressed up. What did they look like you ask, just listen to Prime's hysteric screams.

Prime: I CAN HEAR THE LAWN GNOMES...they're...they're..(Optics narrow)..in the ventilation system..

Frenzy: (Covering mouth, fake beard, overalls, and pointy hat on) This is gonna be great, lets to it!

Rumble: Right! (Looks just like Frenzy, except different colored outfit. The two jump out as Prime lets out the girliest scream imaginable)


Frenzy: WE ARE THE LAWN GNOMES! (Scary pose.)

Rumble: (French accent) We have come for you women and your wine!

Frenzy: O_o (Kicks Rumble in the groin, he goes down for the usual 5 minutes)

Rumble: Ooowww..

Prime: What do you cretians want with me..wait.(optics narrow again).I know what you want.....AND YOU'LL EVER GET IT!

Frenzy: Uhhh...Give it to us now! Or face the wrath of..

Rumble: (Scary pose) The Lawn Gnomes!

Prime: NNOOOO, I'll never give in, I don't care how much you torture me!

Frenzy: (Shrugs at Rumble) Well.errr..I'll use my.ummm..Gnome..LEAF on you!

Rumble puts his face in his hand, but then looks up when Prime starts to cry like a girl.

Prime: (Sobbing loudly) No, I've heard the horror stories of that, go take my most precious possession, just don't do that!

Rumble: Errr..whats that?

Prime: (Wails loudly before continuing) In the box, under the desk!

Frenzy grabs it and opens it to find...a G1 Bluestreak toy.

Frenzy: Wha.?

Prime: He's so dreamy....and now you're gonna take him away!! (Sobs more)

Rumble: This is too freaky for me, let's jet!

Frenzy: Agreed! (Both make like Starscream who just got proved wrong and scram).

Prime: Wha..Where'd the Lawn Gnomes go?

Jazz: Prime! (Calls from other side of door) You ready to admit theres no Lawn Gnomes?

Prime: (In awe) They..left.

Jazz: Whew, glad to have you back! (Comes in, frees Prime, then leaves)

Prime: (Picks up the Bluestreak toy) Hmmm..

**************************************************************************** **********

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