Kazuma - part-time half-ass Adventurer, other the Devil King's Advocate/lackey - stood before the fallen Megumin. He eyed the matured traits of her body: arms, legs, taller height. But the breasts didn't change at all, a cruel act god can grant to any man.

"Oh, she inflated." A demonic eye hovered into Kazuma's peripherals. "Interesting, this is the first type of Pupil Lock to ever happen. How does it feel to be the tool of a historical moment?"

"Fuck you," Kazuma snarled. "And where were you when I needed your help?"

"Waiting." Spike's eye blinked with no sign of guilt in its form or disembodied voice. "It's your mess. Don't put this shit on me. And stop being clueless, get to work making your claim. This is on the same level as a marriage; she's your eighteen-year old burden now. Have at it."

The Advocate's hatred evaporated into confusion. He figured Spike was joking about the marriage bit; it was the other fact that caught him off guard.

"Eighteen? She's eighteen?"

"Oh yeah, you're from a different world that demonizes my people." Spike shook his eye-shaped body. "Time and age here works on a different scale. The crimson-eyed folks are the worst because they kept changing their culture since the first of them existed on this dirtball of a planet."

The Demon Lord aimed its pupil at the fallen Megumin. "And with the exchange of magical energy happening between you both, she may actually have reached the full extent of her physical potential. For any dumbass who doesn't get it, this bundle of explosions has grown into someone she could have become had it not been for the poor conditions of her idiotic heritage."

Kazuma nodded. It pleased him that this ritual presented more benefits than he and his temp teacher had realized.

"K-kazuma, who are you talking to?"

Megumin stirred. The Advocate jumped. When he tried to look at Spike, the eye had already spirited away - out of sight, out of mind.

"W-was that Spike? You hentai, I don't want him to see me like this. He might do ecchi things."

The lone man smirked a kitty smile and kneeled before the mage's new body. "Don't worry, I'm the only one here. And Spike told me he doesn't want to touch you, you're not his type."

The weak Megumin opened her eyes. "Oh, good. Now would you like to tell me why you're being ecchi?"

Kazuma stroke four of his fingers against the swimsuit's stomach. The digits touched the soft fabric like a claw. The mage whimpered from the harmless graze. "Ecchi? I thought it was fine when we made a pact with the Pupil's Lock."

"Th-that ceremony doesn't mean-."

"Oh yes it does." The Advocate flicked his fingers at a nipple to make the mage moan. "Because I know the Lock is almost the same as getting married."

Megumin's face turned red. "N-no, I didn't do it to make that kind of a relationship! It-it just means we're better friends! Honest!"

Kazuma could tell when the mage lied. This was not one of such times, especially when there was no bullshit in her scarlet eyes. "Did your parents tell you that?"

"Yeah. Or at least my mom said becoming better friends is more important than marriage. You pervert, why would you think of it like that in the first place?"

The Adventurer could only deduce that Megumin's parents were either too conservative or misleading. According to Spike, two generations of the crimson-eyed folks hardly understood the Pupil's Lock. On his part, he felt guilty that he assumed the mage knew this, only slightly. He still intended to carry out his main objective, complete the ritual's physical portion.

"Well, we are becoming better friends." Kazuma dropped onto his arms, placed his head near Megumin's heated face. He took in her aroma, a sweet natural smell that reminded him of peaches. "Because this Lock is trading energy between us. It's not just magic, there's also passion."

The midget brunette's eyes shrunk. She stammered, "P-p-passion?!" She tried to say more, but could not after Kazuma's lips met her smaller pair. Although a brief smooch, the contact left the victim flabbergasted. "D-did you just kiss me?! That was my first real one. It's what couples are supposed to do!"

"Not just couples, friends with benefits." Kazuma rubbed his finger against Megumin's breast. He slid the tip around the fabric until she gasped. The Adventurer struck the same spot to hear the same response; he found her nipple. "From where I came from, better friends means we can do all sorts of things normal buddies can't do."

"L-like kissing?"

"More." Kazuma pinched the nipple. This stimulation caused the second mound to harden, reveal itself on the other half of the mage's chest. He clenched and rubbed that nipple with his teeth. When Megumin jerked around from his touch, he rolled onto his knees until his body hovered above his partner's

This new position helped him finger and fondle the breasts. Merciless, he delighted in kneading the play-doh pair. His victim gripped his arms to not push, just hold as a reaction to his love gropes. The rest of her body kept moving until Kazuma's knee pressed into her crotch, kept it still and rubbed against the covered vagina.

"Let me go. It feels weird down there."

Megumin's pleading did not stop the Adventurer. He only continued until she squealed, declared in a high-pitch groan that she came. He squeezed the breasts to make the extra fat spill through his fingers. This hold continued until she relaxed from her orgasm.

"Ka-kazuma, you made me wet myself!" Tears welled in the mage's eyes. "You jerk. Now I feel like a baby."

"You're a baby if you cry, so stop it." The stern Advocate glared at Megumin. He waited until she calmed down her sniffles. "All I did was give you a fun massage. All grown-ups, especially fwbs, give this to each other. The wet part is normal, but it's not really pee."

The mage frowned and huffed, "You mean cum? I know what happened down there, but it's still dirtying up that part of my swimsuit, idiot."

Kazuma didn't expect the gal to correct him. This relieved him as he originally thought she knew nothing about sex (he's forgetting that he wasn't much better than her a month earlier). However, he didn't appreciate her snap. Such aggression reminded the Advocate of her sin, a wrong he vowed to make right in any possible manner.

"Did you just call me an idiot?" The Adventurer dug his fingers below the magician's side. He flung up his arms, rolled Megumin onto her front so her back faced the ceiling. He eyed her buttocks, a small fanny that barely had enough flesh for him to see a nice shape. Kazuma smacked the cheeks to see them bounce once, confirm there was enough ass for his desired use.

"Ow, why did you spank me?"

The Advocate tapped the spot again with his hand. Megumin threw her limbs around like a punished child (bitch) in the process of getting her deserved whipping. "Why? I know what that dumb cat of yours did when I was asleep! Next time, change me after it makes a mess on my unconscious body, you idiot!"

The sneering punisher assaulted the booty with many slaps. Amidst the claps, the victim cried and clawed the floor. Kazuma stopped once he was sure the entire ass's mark looked like the burned face of a meteor falling through a planet's atmosphere.

Megumin groaned, "Stop," as her partner massaged her sore ass. After the cheeks were spread wide, she gasped. The Adventurer lowered his head and spread the swimsuit's crotch part to kiss the lips of her vagina.

"Ah!" The mage jumped. She turned her head to see Kazuma in his lower position. "No, don't lick there! It's dirty! Myah!"

The Advocate flicked his tongue all over the snatch. His licks tapped different parts of the pink flesh. All the meanwhile, Megumin bit her thumb. When she tried to kick him, he barred his arms against her thighs to keep the legs far from his head.

"Oh Kazuma. Kazuma, please!" The mage's body shuddered. "It's happening again. Agh, it feels so hot, so...good?"

The perverted man lapped up the juices. When he got up, he massaged the pussy with his finger. He also slid his lips up his partner's back, left a trail of her own essence on the fabric. Megumin cooed, "That is so ecchi. Is it supposed to feel good?"

Kazuma stopped at the base of the mage's neck and raised his head. After he turned her head with one hand, he descended again to kiss her, the messy French sort. As his digit kneaded the crotch's mouth, the man sucked and played with Megumin's tongue. Her gasps and shakes turned him on when he realized she was a virgin.

Just as the mage's body quaked for another orgasm, Kazuma stopped all acts of stimulation. He got on his knees and turned his teammate's body over. This new pose painted the picture of a tired gal breathing hard, keeping limbs sprawled all over the ground.

"Why did you stop? I was almost there." Megumin froze after the Advocate pushed down his pants. His erection hung almost to his knees, a good seven inches. This looked like a decent size, Kazuma assumed, for a first-timer. "Wh-why did you do that? Kazuma, are you about to rape me?"

"No, you're going to lick this." Kazuma swung his hips to make his dick swing around like leaps and bounds (the rod thing you use to make the cat run around like a fool). "But it's your choice. You can leave now and pretend this never happened. Or, we keep going, become better friends."

Megumin looked down and twiddled her thumbs together. She paused to contemplate on her dilemma. Kazuma tapped his feet to showcase his impatience. Seconds later, she whimpered, "I-I know licking and touching your wand means giving a mouth treat. Will we really become better friends this way? "

The Adventurer smiled, found the alternate term for blowjob somewhat cute - at least coming from a shy Megumin. "If it doesn't, we'll still be friends. There's nothing to lose, so try your best." These words were really all bullshit in his head; the Advocate had no idea if the two would ever be the same after this. Still, he remained true to his original objective. It pleased him to see Megumin lean her head towards his wobbling dong.

"It-it looks big." The mage grasped the pole with her hands. Slowly, she stuck out her tongue to dab it against the tip. She exerted more force to swallow in the bulbous head. Almost halfway down, she gagged and retched.

"Whoa!" Kazuma pulled away. A line of spit followed his exiting penis. Megumin grabbed her throat and coughed hard to ward off the pain. "What the hell? Why did you try to take all of it?!"

The mage wiped spit from her mouth. She breathed, "Because my mom said men love the mouth treatment. She also said to save it for my husband, but I know anyone at our age would do this for another person." Megumin made eye contact with Kazuma. "And it's really important this turns out good for us because...well, who else would ever care about the Pupil's Lock like you?"

The Advocate didn't expect his teammate to cherish the Lock so much. Likely more because it was something from her culture, he also reasoned she was under the influence of his devilish charm. Plus, her lonely gaze made him resolve to get rid of it.

"Then we don't have to do that. We can just go straight to the main play." Kazuma placed his hand against Megumin's chest - tried not to think too hard about their flatness. Gently, he pushed until her back met the floor. The Adventurer raised her legs and spread them wide, opened the way to her entrance, pink lips of her succulent fruit.

"Y-you're about to put it in?"

Kazuma nodded and moved on to place his dick on top of the soft entrance. He slid the dong back and forth, around the clitoris area. Megumin whimpered, "Stop teasing me and put it in."

"Okay." The Advocate pressed the head of his penis into the pussy. He didn't stop when the mage begged, "Slow down!" He just pushed through the tightening walls. At a blockage, he humped until his dick tore through. By the time his entire length reached inside, his partner convulsed and screamed at the top of her lungs. This noise came out brief before Kazuma locked lips with her again. Muffled cries filled the large bathroom for minutes; trails of hymen blood spilled onto the floor. These effects died down along with the owner's frantic flailing. Her inner walls also softened, an orgasm passing through her system.

When he pulled back his head, the Adventurer asked, "Does it feel good now?" He pulled on the swimsuit's strap to bare his partner's chest.

"No," Megumin sniffed. Tears came down her eyes; Kazuma kissed one away. "B-but I know it feels better the more we do it, kind of like an exercise. Be gentle, okay?"

"Sure," Kazuma breathed. He pulled his hips up and high. When it stretched the farthest it could go, the Adventurer nailed it back inside, straight into the cervix. His balls slapped into Megumin's ass from the strong thrust.

"Gah, gh, Kazuma." The victim gasped for air as her limbs shook like an abused kitten. Her voice sounded strained; she did her best to hold in a scream. "Th-that really hurts. Why-."

The Adventurer smiled at the mage. "I'm still mad about the bed. Plus, you look really cute this way." He didn't allow his compliment to sink in before he initiated his next dick ram. When the meat pole snug fit inside the vagina, he rotated his hips, swirled his breeding wand all about to hit every nerve. Megumin could only shriek and quiver from her lain position, powerless to stop the overwhelming sensations.

Kazuma increased his speed, pounded into his partner. The mage body rocked and back forth like a ragdoll. Both lovers made their own noise as fluids spilled from their joined areas. He did more, encased a nipple in his mouth and slapped her ass. During his thrusts, he placed her legs on his shoulders to deepen his insertions. He willed his cock to grow a bit longer, just enough to almost reach the womb.

By then, Megumin gasped incoherent words and came in spurts. Disoriented by the powerful fucks, she unwillingly gave control to her lover. This ravage connection resumed until Kazuma's balls felt heavy.

"Megumin, I'm going to cum."

"What?!" The bottom gal tried to push away from the man. "No, that can't happen! I was okay with having sex, but I can't get pregnant now!" Despite her struggling, Kazuma managed to resume the lovemaking. As fear molded onto her face, she panted, "Please pull out. D-don't give me a baby. I'm too young."

The Adventurer slowed down. With greater force, he smashed the mage's sore pussy. Megumin squealed out of fright and pleasure; she no longer did anything to stop the insemination. This delighted the man enough to pull his dick out and yank on his partner's arm, make her sit up.

Kazuma pumped his cock. "Here you go, have a taste of my explosion." White semen spurted from the hole. This gooey string shot into Megumin's face. A huge amount sprayed out before the meat hose ran empty. The Advocate admired his handiwork, his teammate's new mask made of his slimy strings.

"Eww, gross." The mage pressed her hands on the mess. She moved them to see the paste on her fingers. "Why did you do that when you have the whole restroom here?"

"It's hotter this way." Kazuma grabbed Megumin's shoulders to pull her up. He draped one of her arms over his neck to help her towards the bath. "Come on, I'll help you wash this off."

"Is there cold water in there? I feel kind of hot."

The Adventurer paused when a red glow encased the mage's body. Its eerie blinks made him feel wary. "Whoa, what is going on here?"

"I-I don't know why, but there's a huge amount of magic building up inside me." Megumin scratched at the mark on her belly. "It's so hot here. Kazuma, do you think the Lock is transferring all of your magic inside me?"

Aghast, Kazuma nodded, "Yeah, that's probably it." He gulped when the glow intensified, turned the mage into a human torch. "Wh-whoa, maybe you should get into the bath by yourself just in case something happens." The Adventurer released his hold. It irked him to see Megumin wrap arms around his hips. "What are you doing? Let go!"

"Please don't leave me." The mage's hold tightened, stronger than her state would have allowed. "I-I'm scared. It feels like I might explode."

The last word, a trigger, set off alarms in Kazuma's head. He forced off the mage's hug. "No, not with me here. Just go outside to a safe spot and let it off there!"

"But I don't want to be alone!" Megumin dove for the Adventurer's foot. This grab made him slip on a wet tile, fall until his chin slammed into the floor. The unexpected pain and a day's worth of constant sex left him in shock.

"Damn it, first you couldn't grow those tiny breasts, now you're going to kill me with this explosion?!" Kazuma bit his tongue after the mage stood up. Her new height appeared menacing with her twisted face.

"Tiny?!" Megumin threw back her arm. Empowered by rage, she yelled, "You jerk! Hentai! If you like big boobs, go find them in hell!"

The mage struck out her fist. Too weak to move, Kazuma took on the blow with his cheek. A flash shined from the hand, a prelude to the terror made most notorious by the angered mage.

When the light vanished, fire spread across the area with incredible force. The tub, walls, most of the area crumbled from the pressure. Outside, bystanders would have seen one portion of the mansion collapse into a pile of fire and smoke. The same people would have known it was Megumin, then pity the financial woes its residents would bear in the near future.

"Damn son, you had that punch coming."

"Shut up." A fully-clothed Kazuma rubbed a hand against his cheek. He walked down a path busy with the usual street business, people buying and selling products at the cheapest prices. All of this took place under a blue and orange sky, a sight that heralded the approaching nighttime. "Shit, it still hurts."

Spike, in his dark-skinned body and clothes, laughed out loud. He hawked up loogy, then spat it at the head of an innocent child. "Hey, just be glad the Advocate class comes with good defense, penis included. Kind of ironic that your first lay healed you up before she left for that gathering."

"Well, Aqua probably doesn't want to go there alone." The Adventurer shivered when he remembered his own encounter with the Axis followers, especially those from the capital city dominated by the cult. "It's a pain, but I'm hoping this new group could be easier to deal with than the previous fanatics."

Spike flipped a coin out of his pocket. By the time he snatched a red fruit from a stand and swallowed it, the golden currency tapped on the merchant's table - shopping in style. "Buddy, correct me if I'm wrong, but you want to get her involved with those psychos to see how the word of their cockamamie religion can be spread and accepted, right?"

"Sort of." Kazuma took out a brown paper from his pocket, the flyer given by the Axis follower (Spike's afternoon delight). "I might just lend some support. Aqua's power came in handy against Hans. It wouldn't be so bad to see when and why they pray. Hosting rallies could become a useful fail-safe."

The Demon Lord chuckled, "So just another boost for your party, huh? Good initiative. Would have said the same for Megumin if you didn't let your penis think for you first." He wagged eyebrows at his friend. "And don't lie. My third eye sees all. It also predicts that you're going to have to deal with that little fireball when she wakes up later."

Kazuma groaned as he remembered Megumin's unconscious state. Darkness volunteered to look after the little mage, also figured the explosion occurred on accident. "It's kind of a shame that she shrunk back to her original size. That new body would have convinced people that she's actually eighteen-years old."

"Don't complain so much. She's your lolipop now to devour, at least when she's in the mood. And she can grow back, but you two need to figure this whole exchange thing out, semen and magic power."

Spike hopped ahead of his friend. He turned around to walk backwards with hands behind his head. "But dude, you're getting quite the fuck streak going on here. Two knocked-out ladies in one day. The bitchess didn't give you shit about it when she healed you up before she went on ahead to check out the rally."

"Yeah, it's kind of weird," Kazuma stated. The goddess's lack of wrath and complaints did strike him odd. He didn't fully accept that she actually enjoyed the impromptu anal sex. This theory came to a halt after people ran by. Their terrified faces relayed bad news.

When the Adventurer saw someone he recognized from the bar, he called, "Hey! What's happening?"

"Rock demon, run!" When the man dashed away, a large boulder smashed into the ground near Kazuma. He looked up to see another heading his way. He prepared to dodge until Spike jumped and kicked the rock to the side like a soccer ball. After his landing, the Demon Lord snickered, "Looks like the folks are getting more stoned than me. And didn't that come from the place you were supposed to have that rally at, buddy?"

The Advocate spun his head to see the Lord was right. Huge stones spouted out of his destination. When he hoped it wasn't right at the place - prayed to whichever god determined his luck, a familiar blue-haired woman ran up to him. Right as he realized Spike had vanished, the newcomer shouted, "Kazuma, some rock bastard is bullying my followers! We need to go help them!"

The Adventurer hung his head as the voice matched her appearance. Aqua had arrived to deliver the news that was going to damn his evening with troubles, the life-or-death scenario he vowed to avoid at every possible moment.

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