Highschool DXD: Devils, Dragons and Demonic Artifacts

C20: Battling the Khaos Brigade

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Kuoh Academy School Grounds

The moment Ikoraiza took to the air, he was confronted with an entire army of devils that seemed to want to fight him. He only smirked and unleashed a bit of his power, incinerating them instantly, which seemed to shock the others a bit.

Issei had meanwhile also activated his Balance Breaker and was fighting alongside Kiba and Xenovia, cleaving a way through the Magicians, and it looked the three of them were having a great time doing it. Even Vali looked impressive in his White Dragon Form as he was cutting his way through the Magicians and Fallen Angels.

Not wanting to be left behind, Ikoraiza summoned more of his power, more so than he had done in the fight against Kokabiel, before charging head first in the onslaught of Devils, Fallen Angels and Magicians.

Suddenly a crazed laugh sounded across the battlefield, and he growled when he saw who that laugh came from, and her appearance seemed to give the survivors a boost of confidence, attacking with renewed vigor.

A quick glance downwards showed him that his lovers and of course his sister and her peerage were also fighting the Magicians, except for his wife and sister-in-law, who were charging towards Katerea Leviathan.

Seeing that several Devils were also charging towards them, something inside of him snapped at the thought of any danger to his wife and her sister.

He roared loudly as two more demonic wings sprouted from his back, now counting eight in total, as well as two demonic horns that sprouted from his head. His hands glowed an eerie purple as he charged the threats to his wife and her sister, cutting Magicians, Fallen Angels and Devils in half with his powers.

Sona and Serafall faced off against Katerea, who had some significant changes done to her, mostly in her face that had some darker energy showing on it.

"Katerea, you traitor. You have chosen the path to your own destruction. Stand down now and we might show you mercy." Serafall said seriously.

The woman smirked at that. "I don't need your mercy, little girl. You are the usurper of my rightful title. I will end you and everyone you hold dear." She said before summoning a pale green sigil and firing a volley of energy bolts towards them.

"That sigil belongs to Ophis, the Ourobouros Dragon. If she is involved you have to protect those you love if you want them to live. Also, you might want to tone back your power, if you do not want to change into a Demon." Moloch's voice sounded in Ikoraiza's mind.

He growled from the voice in his mind, and charged Katerea without thought, something darker overwhelming his mind as he collided with her. "You will not harm them. I will destroy you so utterly that there will not be enough of you to send back to your patron. You work for the Ourobouros Dragon, and she will know that the Avatar of Moloch has returned to finish what he started all those millennia ago."

That seemed to shock her as his eyes started to glow. "The Power of Four, into one, Moloch's wrath, incarnated in Death, War, Plague and Famine. Give me the power to send this creature to eternal damnation." He said as his power disintegrated the woman.

She screamed as her skin and flesh were seared from her bones and in the course of a minute her ashes fell down to the ground.

Ikoraiza wasn't done though, he channeled his power into large purple tentacles that sliced through every opponent that he could find, only turning to his wife and her sister once every enemy was dead, although he didn't revert back to his original form.

His eyes were still glowing a bright purple and while the tentacles had reverted back into his body, his horns and wings remained.

"Iko, is that you my love?" Sona asked softly as their lovers joined them.

He managed a faint nod, even though he wanted nothing more than to change back into his normal form and hug his girls.

"I warned you what would happen if you didn't tone down your power. There is little to be done. You are mine now and I order you to go to the Dimensional Gap and destroy the Ourobouros Dragon." Moloch's voice said into his mind with an audible smirk.

"No, I will not be your servant. I am stronger than you, I've proved that before when I claimed your power for my own."

"Foolish boy. To think you could harness the power of the Gods and not expect a price to be paid. I only used a small fraction of my power, and now you will find out why God, Azazel and even the Devil Kings are afraid of me."

Ikoraiza screamed as he felt Moloch's influence claim his mind, only able to say a few words to his wife before it overtook him. "Sona, Tome, Destroy it." He said before he was forcibly teleported away.

The girls screamed in horror as they witnessed this, the others having visible trouble restraining them. "We'll get him back Sona, that I promise you." Rias said as she hugged her best friend and sister-in-law from behind.

"Oh we will, even if I have to tear down every town on this planet and the Underworld to find him. But we have something more important to do first. I need to destroy that Tome which gave him those powers." Sona said angrily.

Rias smiled and nodded. "I will take us there immediately, and I will be giving my big brother a piece of my mind. I told him that Tome was dangerous when I saw its power used against Riser."

"While you do that, we'll destroy that Tome, perhaps it will bring our lover back."

Rias nodded and led the five girls to Sirzechs and the others. "Rias, what happened back there, where is Ikoraiza?" He asked confused, and he was sure he wouldn't have believed what just happened if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes.

"What happened? That is seriously your first question? What happened is exactly what I was afraid of and what I warned you about. That Tome is dangerous and my its powers have apparently taken over our brother. We are going to destroy that Tome in an attempt to get Iko back." Rias said angrily, for once not talking to the Great Devil King Lucifer, but to her brother, who she felt was responsible for this disaster.

He only nodded and created a portal to their home. "I'm sorry sister, I didn't expect so much power to still remain in that Tome after so many years. I thought they were safe for him to handle."

Rias only glared at him as she and the five girls stepped through. "We will be talking about this later, when we get Iko back."

Sirzechs nodded and transported them to Gremory Mansion in the Underworld, while he was thinking how he was going to fix his mess.

The Underworld, Gremory Mansion

When the six women arrived at the Manor, they all felt something was not right. There was a darker presence here than they were used to, and the closer they got to the Mansion, the stronger that presence seemed to become.

"Something is not right, there is something else here." Rias said softly.

"I feel it too, it's strikingly similar to what I felt in Ikoraiza's mind just before he started to change." Sona said in an equally soft tone.

Rias nodded at that. "We have to be very careful. If this presence we are feeling is Moloch, we may have the hardest fight we ever had on our hands."

"Then we better take the appropriate precautions." Koneko said as she sprouted her twin tails and ears.

They all nodded and focused their power, and the presence they were feeling seemed to respond by forming into a purple cloud above the mansion, a demonic figure clearly visible in the mist.

"How sweet, six young Devils trying to stop me from fulfilling my destiny. You will not be able to stop me. Thanks to Sirzechs I have taken control of the strongest host I had in ages, and even if you somehow manage to defeat me, it will not bring him back. Only when he has completed his task in the Dimensional Gap, will I consider breaking his bond to me, but I think I will keep him for myself for a little while longer. He shows great potential, and I plan to use that to take over all three Realms." The figure said with a wide smirk.

The six girls glared at him. "You have been defeated before and we will do it again." Sona said angrily.

It smirked at her. "Least of all you could defeat me. Your bond with him prevents you from damaging me, because any damage I will sustain will be absorbed and send back to him twice as strong. See it as a preventive method."

All of the girls glared at him. "We will find a way to defeat you and keep him safe from your influence." Koneko said with a growl.

Again it smirked at them. "You are of course welcome to try, but your struggles will be in vain none the less."

The girls scoffed at that as they made their way to the mansion, finding it completely deserted.

"The library is this way, but if our encounter with Moloch just now is any indication, he is a lot more powerful than we originally thought. We need to be careful for any type of traps." Rias said softly.

"I can't sense anything, and I doubt he will have had time to place them. I noticed some things that are beneficial for us." Kuroka said softly.

"Like what sis?" Koneko asked with clear hope in her voice.

Kuroka smiled and motioned them into one of the rooms, which happened to be Ikoraiza's and Rias' bedroom when they were younger. "He is a lot less powerful than he lets on. He is not able to transfer his damage to Iko, and he needs a lot of concentration to maintain his hold on Iko. Destroying his Tome will force him to show himself to us and he will need Iko to survive our combined power. So he will either have to summon Ikoraiza here or face his destruction. There is no in between anymore."

They all sighed in relief from that. "But what will happen to Iko when he summons him here?" Akeno asked softly.

"Then I suspect we will have to fight him, but I'm sure the love all six of us feel for him will win against Moloch's control. He won't harm us and Shirone and I will be able to pull Moloch's presence out of him without causing him harm." Kuroka said with a soft smile.

"Are you absolutely sure about that Kuroka?" Tsubaki asked softly.

She nodded at them. "I'm sure. Magical energies are my specialty, and Moloch's feel particularly weak right now. I think he transferred most of his power to Iko."

The girls smiled at that. "Then lets go and show that bastard what it means to screw with your lover, and with my family." Rias said softly.

They all nodded and followed the red head through the halls of the mansion to the library, the halls leading towards the room growing more dark and were covered with a thick purple energy.

The Dimensional Gap, roughly the same time

When Ikoraiza appeared in the endless nothingness that was the Dimensional Gap, he had lost all control of his body and mind. He was a mere spectator to his body's actions, powerless to stop the things that he was doing. He couldn't even fight back against Moloch's influence anymore, and he knew that this would probably be his death, and while he regretted a lot of things, the one thing he regretted most was that he couldn't see his lovers again. Just one last time would have been enough for him to find peace.

As he flew through the endless space, he heard an echoing giggle around him, his advanced sight seeing Ophis smiling at him. "What a sight to see you here Ikoraiza Sitri, I never figured your kind could survive the Gap."

"You've got it all wrong, you filthy reptile, I have returned at long last to claim the Gap as my dominion once again." He forcibly said with Moloch's voice.

Ophis smirked at that. "Ah Moloch, it's been too long. So you finally found another Avatar, and imbued him with even more of your power. When will you learn that no type of creature is strong enough to kill Dragons. I will exorcise you just like I did last time."

He smirked right back at her. "And you think that I don't have a contingency plan this time around. If you exorcise me, the Gremory boy will die, and I know that his sister, who is mated to the Red Dragon Emperor, as well as his own mates will stop at nothing to hunt you down if that happens."

"The Red Dragon Emperor has other things on his mind right now, and so does the White. Great Red is here, and he is disturbing my peace." She said with a smirk as she focused her power, getting ready to battle with the ancient Demon Lord.

At that moment Moloch sensed his Tome was in danger, and he flashed a smirk to Ophis. "I seems you are lucky this time Ophis. The dumb sluts have found a way to my inner sanctum. See you in another era." He said before he again teleported away.

Ophis only smiled at him. "I think not Moloch, this is your end. The girls will see to that, and I think I will pay a visit to the mortal world to celebrate this."

When Ikoraiza appeared in the library of Gremory Mansion, his pushed back consciousness couldn't help but smile brightly at the sight of his five lovers and his sister battling the power of the Tome, and it was at this point he felt some of his own increased power flow back into the Tome, giving him some control back.

This was all he needed to focus his own powers, the powers given to him through his parents, and he focused them to destroy Moloch from the inside out.

On the outside the girls were startled when he fell to the floor and started to scream. "Quickly, focus your power on the Tome, Iko is fighting him from the inside." Kuroka said hurried.

They nodded and blasted everything they had to the Tome, Akeno and Tsubaki working together, utilizing Tsubaki's Sacred Gear to the fullest.

Bit by bit the Tome disintegrated, and the presence of Moloch in the room shrunk with each passing minute, and even Ikoraiza seemed to regain his former features, as the horns on his head retracted and his wings also reverted back to something more akin to Devil wings, although he kept all eight of them.

"No! This cannot be. I am Moloch, I will not be defeated by weak Devil sluts." Moloch screamed as his Tome was incinerated.

"You screwed up the moment you took control of my body, you bastard. We will end you once and for all and make sure no one will ever utter your name again." Ikoraiza said as he stood up shakily, adding his power to that of the girls.

They all looked at him worriedly, afraid that he might use too much power at this moment. He looked terrible weak and they were sure he would collapse before this was all said and done.

Within the next couple of minutes the Tome and Moloch were gone, and as they expected Ikoraiza collapsed to a knee, barely remaining conscious.

His five lovers immediately gathered around him. "Are you okay love?" Koneko asked softly.

He smiled faintly at them. "I've felt better love, this possession has taken a lot out of me."

They smiled and softly kissed his cheeks before helping him up, so he could talk to his sister. "It seems you saved me again sis. Thank you."

She smiled and hugged him gently. "Like I would allow anyone to possess you. The only one who is allowed to drive you crazy is me." She said softly, but clearly emotional.

He only smiled at that. "That is most certainly true, but would you mind if we continued this conversation at another time, I can barely keep conscious at point.

She nodded and summoned a portal, supporting her brother as they traveled home.

Occult Research Club Room, two days later.

When Sona and her peerage walked into the Club room of Rias two days later, they were unsurprised to see Sirzechs and Grayfia there as well. "Good morning Rias, Sirzechs. I trust you are doing well today?" She asked with a smile.

"Yes we are, thank you Sona, and I think our brother has something to say to your husband." Rias said with a pointed look to the Devil King.

Sirzechs smiled at her. "Yes indeed. I'm sorry for everything Ikoraiza, I should have done more research on the Tome's power before I sent you to get it. I hope you can forgive me for this."

Ikoraiza smiled at him. "Of course I forgive you brother, and while this experience is one I never want to have again, it has taught me a lot about the abuse of power, and I hope you have done the same."

Sirzechs nodded at that. "I certainly have, and I promise to never again endanger anyone with these things ever again. Some powers are not meant to be used, by Devils, humans or anyone else."

Ikoraiza smiled and nodded. "I agree with that, we could of course claim them and store them for the purpose of keeping them out of enemy hands, but I'm sure the temptation of using these powers will be too great in the end."

Again Sirzechs nodded, but kept quiet for now. "Well I for one am glad to see you are feeling better, Iko." Rias said with a smile only a sister could have for her twin.

He smiled at her. "I'm glad to be back, as much as I like to be in bed and surrounded by my lovers, battling the exhaustion and remnants of that possession, I'm glad to be back among my friends again."

"And we are glad to have you back and at full strength again, my love, but there is one more thing that needs to be done. We had a visit right after the battle, and she would like to talk to you about what happened.

"Let me guess, the Ourobouros Dragon?" He asked with a smile.

They all nodded at him. "She's waiting for us in the Student Council Chambers, and you don't have to worry, she's not mad at you or anything." Sona said with a smile.

Ikoraiza only smiled and kissed her softly. "Then let's get this over with, I'm done with all of this Moloch crap."

"That is something we understand love, but she promised us to keep it brief. She understands what you have been through more than anyone." Kuroka said with a smile.

He only nodded and kissed her as well before bidding his sister and brother a nice day and giving Akeno a deep and passionate kiss, promising her something special tonight.

They entered the Student Council Chambers a few minutes later, all of them a bit weary of Ophis, since they all knew who she was and her reputation. "It's nice to finally meet the real Ikoraiza Sitri. I see you've recovered pretty well from Moloch's influence, and all clean of it as well, which was one of the main reasons I wanted to talk to you. Moloch has always tried to take over my home in the Dimensional Gap, and I have known him for millennia. He creates an Avatar once a century, and although this was the first time he chose a Devil, he made the mistake of confronting me directly. I am deeply sorry for everything that happened, and that includes giving my power to Katerea Leviathan. I just wanted peace in the Gap without Great Red there, and that seemed to be the fastest way to achieve that. I see now that there were other ways to achieve this."

"You should go and talk to the Red Dragon Emperor, he is usually willing to help pretty women." Koneko said in her deadpan voice.

Ophis smiled at that. "I will, thank you, but there was another reason I wanted to talk to you, Ikoraiza. I would like to thank you and your mates for destroying Moloch. Thanks to what you did, he will never be able to return to this world, and as a thank you, I want to give you a gift. I know the power Moloch gifted you was strong, but it was wild and uncontrollable. The power I want to gift you is just as powerful, and can be easily controlled, and unlike Katerea, your power will not bind you to me. You will always keep your sense of self."

"We are thankful for this gift Lady Ophis, but could we have a little while to think this over?" Ikoraiza asked respectfully.

She nodded and smiled before handing Sona a runic sigil. "Of course, use this to call me when you make your decision, but for now I will pay a visit to the Red Dragon Emperor."

They nodded as she used her magic to teleport away. "Now that we got that over with, I think we should call this a day and go home. I have a special surprise for all of you tonight."

The girls smiled at that. "Are you sure you feel up for that love?" Kuroka asked softly.

"Of course I am. You girls deserve that from me after what you have done for me. My strength has returned and I want to show you all exactly how grateful I am." He said with a soft smile.

The girls shared a look with each other and smiled at him. "If you are sure love, then we won't say no, so why don't you go and get Akeno, and we'll prepare a few things at home." Tsubaki said with a slight husk to her voice.

He smiled and nodded before he kissed them softly. "Of course, my loves. I'll see you soon." He said with heavy suggestion in his voice.

They blushed softly as he made his way to the Occult Research Club to get their lover.

Sona's Home, an hour later

When Ikoraiza and Akeno stepped out of his portal, the entire bedroom was bathed in a warm orange light coming from several candles, but what really got them going was that their lovers were all on the bed and naked. "Why don't you go and join them, my love. I will be there shortly." He said huskily.

Akeno smiled and kissed his cheek softly before magically stripping herself and joining the four other girls on the bed, all of them kissing each other softly as Ikoraiza made his way to the bathroom.

Minutes later Ikoraiza entered the bedroom again, wearing nothing but the sultry smile on his face as he stalked towards them like a predator going for his prey.

"You girls are so amazingly beautiful, I am going to everything you girls want me tonight. You deserve nothing less from me tonight, especially after everything you did for me."

The girls smiled and pulled him to the bed. "Our wish for tonight is to shower you with every bit of love and affection we can give you, to reassure ourselves that you are okay and with us again." Sona said huskily.

"I will make the promise here and now that I will never voluntarily leave any of you ever again. I'm yours to do to whatever you please tonight." He said softly.

They all smirked and pounced on him, peppering his body with kisses, while Kuroka focused her attention on his rapidly hardening cock. "I still love the fact that you need so little coaxing to get hard for us." She said huskily.

He smiled at that. "Any man would have little trouble getting hard for you. I'm just lucky to have all of you in bed every night."

The girls smiled at him. "I think you know it is not luck that makes you have us in your bed. We all love you more than anything and want to spend the rest of our very long lives with you." Sona said with a soft smile..

Ikoraiza smiled and groaned softly as Kuroka lowered herself on his cock, moaning herself as she started riding him, under the watchful eye of her lovers.

Tsubaki, Koneko and Akeno busied themselves with peppering kisses across his face and body, and he tried to kiss them both back with equal passion.

Sona straddled her husband, smiling down on him as she kissed him softly. "Enjoying yourself, my love?"

He only nodded as he pulled her into a kiss. "Of course I am, my lovers are all here and close to me, and you are showing me exactly how much you love me."

Sona smiled at him. "And let me guess, you want to show us exactly the same?" She asked softly.

"What kind of lover would I be if I didn't have your pleasure as my first priority. All of you deserve something special from me tonight." He said with a soft smile.

The girls all smiled at him. "We would of course love to be pleasured by you, but only after Kuroka has pleasured you. You deserve it as much as we do." Tsubaki said softly.

He smiled at them as Kuroka increased her pace, being close to cumming herself and by the feel of his pulsing cock inside of her, he was close as well.

Wanting to try something new for her lover, she got off him and put his cock between her generous cleavage, being rewarded with his delicious cum seconds later.

"That was amazing as ever love, but I believe we are far from done." Kuroka said with a smile.

He only nodded and after regaining his breath, he flipped them over, so that all five of his lovers were flat against the mattress, naked and ready for him. Deciding to switch things up a little, he started with Koneko, who was in her usual petite form and her pussy was beyond wet and her nipples seemed to be hard enough to cut glass.

He wasted little time eating her out, making the little nekomata moan and mewl beneath him. "It's been too long since we have done this Iko. I don't know if I can last long tonight." She said softly.

"You don't have to hold back on my account love. We have all the time in the world to make love to each other." He said with a soft smile.

Koneko moaned loudly as she bucked up her hips as she came, screaming his name over and over as she came undone.

He lapped up her juices with relish, and when she had come down from her high a bit, she gave him a gentle smile. "You were amazing love, but you really tired me out."

"Then rest, my love." He said before pecking her on the nose.

She smiled and kissed him properly before curling up against the blankets and he moved on to Akeno, who immediately pulled him into a passionate kiss. "I've been waiting a long time to feel you inside of me again, Iko, and tonight I will do exactly what I have planning to do for a while."

He just smiled at her. "You may do whatever you want to me, after I have pleasured you. You deserve it."

Akeno smiled but shook her head. "I will get enough pleasure from getting fucked by you, now stick that cock inside of before I ride you as Kuroka did just now."

He flashed her a cheeky smirk and kissed her softly. "Like I said love, I'm yours to do whatever you please. I was just teasing you."

Akeno smirked and pushed him to the bed, straddling him with practiced ease. "Then I will make sure to pleasure us both, my dear Iko, there are still three other women that are craving a turn with you." She said as she slid onto his cock, pinching her nipples with a loud moan.

Ikoraiza had to smile as she rode him, loving to see her in her element. He knew she was a dominatrix at heart, and as much as she loved him, she knew he wanted her to be happy and letting out those urges on him every once in a while, made her more than happy.

Because she had worked herself up for this the entire day, it didn't take her long to scream out her orgasm, shuddering on top of him as she rode out her high.

When she stopped shaking in post orgasmic bliss, she got off him and gave him a soft kiss. "You were amazing love, as you always are, but you really wore me out."

"That's a bit unlike you my love. Usually you are a lot more energetic. Are you feeling okay?" He asked softly.

She nodded and kissed him. "The last few days have taken a lot out of all of us. You were nearly dead when we got you to bed, and all of us were needed to heal you from your injuries, and that drained us a lot." Akeno said softly before rolling towards Kuroka.

"And you girls are still sure you want to make this an all-nighter? If you girls are tired I would love to cuddle up to you girls as you get some well earned rest." He said softly.

The girls all shared a look with each other before nodding. "Okay love, but I hope you don't mind if Tsubaki and I claim your shoulders tonight. We need to be close to you again." Sona said softly.

He just smiled as he pulled them against him, the two girls smiling softly as they got comfortable against him as they slowly fell asleep, the others not far behind as they cuddled into their lovers.

Sona's Home, two weeks later

Two weeks later Ikoraiza and the girls had come to a decision. He had accepted Ophis' offer, mostly because he had felt drained over the last week since being rid of Moloch, and the girls suspected this had something to do with the sheer power that the Demon had given him.

The dragon had promised that there would not be any other changes to his body or mind, and now that she was in front of them again, they could see the sincerity in her mere presence.

The last couple of weeks also saw a fair slew of changes in attacks from the Khaos Brigade, which had stopped almost overnight.

Right now Ikoraiza was still adjusting to the power he had been given, and the girls noticed the change a little, because he was even more affectionate with them, and to top it all off, Sona was pregnant with their first baby.

The others felt their maternal instincts rise as well and spent every waking moment with each other, which only made their already unbreakable bond even better.

They all knew their lives would change tremendously from this point forward, since the girls knew that once the little Sitri was born, the rest of them would be pregnant soon enough, which is all they all ever wanted from their lover.

Ikoraiza himself couldn't have wished for a better life than the one he was leading right now. His wife was pregnant, his lovers were happy and with his new power he could protect his little family forever, and all of this because a Demonic Artifact, the Devils he loved, and the Dragon that made his sister happier than he had ever seen her.