Inspirational Idea.

Here is the next installment of Naruto/Inspector Gadget, I really wish someone would ether adopt or do their own version of this crossover, I mean, Naruto getting into Inspector Gadget's antics with Penny fancying him, is bound to cause trouble for him.

Inspector Naruto Gadget

Inspirational Idea

Chapter 2

A Year Later.

Naruto was seen, laying on Inspector Gadget and Penny's sofa, thinking of everything he's learnt so far, it took a while, but Naruto got use to things in the Gadget world, even his own Gadgets.

Slight Flashback.

During that time Naruto found out the reason why Kyuubi, since they were no longer in their own world they got along... kinda, wasn't destroyed or whatever when he became a cyborg, it was mostly because, the fox was a separate being altogether, yeah they now work together, but they weren't one being, just two entity sharing Naruto's body at the time.

After 6 months of his arrival, he asked the Chief if the doctors can make a cybernetic fox body, after explaining the reason behind it, having a 1000 something old fox sealed inside him, it was kinda a big stretch to get behind, but soon after the scientists got to work on making the fox a body of his own, granted it only had one tail, but after downloading the Kyuubi's spirit and chakra into the body, since Naruto no longer has chakra anymore, Kyuubi tweaked the body his own way.

For example, the body became an actual fur covered fox, became the size of a harley davidson chopper classic, though the fox was slightly bummed about not having 9 tails, he guessed it'll have to do, after all a fox his size was bound to turn a few heads, so having 9 tails was kinda pushing it.

During the last 6 months, both Naruto and the now known Kurama, trained in their now gadgets, as well as teamwork, since they both are the only ones from their world they both learned to watch each others backs.

Slight Flashback End.

Never noticing someone enter the room until they spoke, "Hey Naruto, is everything alright?"

Looking up from his place on the sofa, Naruto's eye locked onto Penny, the now 16 year old changed only slightly, she still wears her old style of clothing, a red and white hoodie, blue jeans, red boots with white laces, and red finger-less gloves, but now she became more mature-looking, with her body slightly filling out more, since she spent her time training along side Naruto and Kurama, sometimes against each other to form a better team, sometimes working together in the training simulator.

Naruto sitting up, giving his back a slight stretch, replied, "Nah, everything's fine, just remembering the last year I've been here, beautiful."

Oh, I also failed to mention, Naruto and Penny became a couple, since Naruto was finished with Inspector Gadget's "training" after 2 months, Naruto and Penny spent more time together training, getting to know each other better and better each time, slowly like each other more.

Then before they both knew it, they were dating, going to movies, eating out and having fun.

Penny's Uncle Gadget was happy for them, since they both told him about their time together, as long as both teens were happy together, with Naruto making Penny happy he was happy for them.

Penny sat down on Naruto's right, seeing Kurama in the corner, looking like a orange fur-covered beanbag with rabbit ears.

Naruto places an arm over Penny's shoulder, which the girl molds into, "How about we watch a movie that I bought earlier." Sending out an extendo-arm, not wanting to move from hugging Penny Naruto grabs a DVD and brings it towards Penny.

Right now life was looking up for Naruto, he had his Gadgets, his girlfriend and a true home, he couldn't be happier.

Never knowing that a mad man was about to make a grand return.

"Just you wait Gadget, my time to return will be sooner than you think. (Evil Laugh.)" (A.N. I'm not really sure how to write Claw's laugh.)

To Be Continued.

I know it's short but there isn't really much to do since in the 2015 Inspector Gadget Claw ended up being frozen in a block of ice.

Anyway, I hope someone adopts this story, it has a lot of promises.

This is purely for inspirational, I enjoy helping others by giving them ideas, ether how a story goes or if a certain idea sounds good for them.

I Do Not Own Naruto Or Inspector Gadget.