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Chapter one.

It was a cold night. Li Shang could feel the rain pounding on his back. He spotted a stable closeby, and quickly rode to it on his white stallion. Dismounting his horse, he opened the stable doors and entered.

"Glad you could make it." spoke a genial but sinister voice.

"Show yourself." Shang said confidently. A massive figure emerged from the darkness into a patch of moonlight coming from a nearby window. He looked closer, and realized that it wasn't just one figure, but two. "Shan-Yu" he muttered under his breath as he slowly drew his sword. Shang's eyes grew wider as he recognized the second person. He said nothing.

"Now, I suppose you'll try to stop me," came Shan-Yu's voice over the chattering rain. Shang retained his calm composure. He knew somehow that he had to stop Shan-Yu. He would continue to go after the emperor, letting nothing get in his way. Not Shang himself, or even Mulan, whose writhing figure was struggling to escape his grasp. "..which is why I decided to take an extra precaution." Shan-Yu told him as he also drew his sword. He layed the blade on Mulan's neck, unafraid to press harder and draw blood. "Drop your sword."

It took Shang awhile to do what he was told. He felt his face grow hot. There was no way he could get to Mulan. It was a hard decision for him to make-- between the emperor whom he was sworn to serve, and the woman whom he loved. A line of blood appeared on the neck of Mulan. She let out a cry. She was trying to be brave, but the pain was nearly unbearable. "DROP IT" came Shan-Yu's commanding voice again. Shang's sword clattered to the stone floor. The stable was momentarily lit by some sheet lightning. "Now I have you where I want you." Shan-Yu said softly as he jerked his sword into Mulan's neck. He held out her limp, lifeless body at arm's length, and simply let go. It collapsed into a heap on the cold stone floor.

"No!!" yelled Shang. But his voice was carried away with the sound of Thunder.. or was it just sinister laughter? Shang rushed forward to Mulan, but realized it was already too late. She was dead. Shang quickly lifted his sword from the cold, hard floor, and turned to advance toward Shan-Yu. But he was gone. Tears flowed steadily down his face as he ran to the stable doors, his cape flowing gracefully with every movement. He couldn't bear the pain. He had to run.. Hard. When he stopped, he found himself in the outskirts of a forest, on a cliff over looking a breathtaking waterfall. He walked to the edge. He knew he wasn't going to kill himself-- he had to avenge Mulan's death. He heard that laughter again. He turned around quickly, but his vigor was gone.

"Stop me now" said the deep voice of Shan-Yu as he slowly advanced toward Shang. He pushed his face into Shang's. "Just try." Shan- Yu spoke slowly. He widened his eyes, and they gave off a blinding flash.


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