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It took a few months for all the paperwork, both on the Muggle and Magical ends, but finally Lucius Malfoy and his small family came to pick up the newest additions to their family. Jasmine was gathering her meager belongings and Artemis was sitting with her legs swinging back and forth over the edge of her bed while the girls around them were holding back from cheering and congratulating them. It was the moment Jasmine set the last of her ragged dresses in a small bag that they rushed forward. They all knew or had an idea how much Jasmine longed for a family, and to be adopted, so they cheered for her. Some of the older girls lifted Artemis up and hugged her as they congratulated her. This went on until one of the women in charge slammed her hand flat against the door.

"Quiet!" she bellowed. A fearful silence filled the room and Jasmine lifted Artemis into her arms. "Jasmine, bring the brat. It's about time I got rid of you both." Jasmine nodded and followed, a sort of excitement bubbling up inside her. A part of her felt guilt, as the other girls were in the same sort of situation as before, but she couldn't stop that excitement. "And you lot, do your damned chores! I want this whole house sparkling clean!" The elderly woman snarled over her shoulder, only for her to come face to face with not only the Malfoy family, but a rather professional looking woman in a suit and glasses, a clipboard held tightly in her hand.

"It would seem that the concerns I've heard from several families aren't unfounded. Once all the paperwork for the current adoptions are finished, I will be touring the home and interviewing the girls. You will not be seeing any of them until I'm finished."

The woman in front of Jasmine and Artemis sputtered a moment before seeming to give up and nodding. The paperwork was done and the two girls were inspected for injuries, the bruise covering the right side of Jasmine's torso more than enough evidence, but they still checked Artemis and found a few cuts over her back and chest. After everything was photographed Jasmine and Artemis were allowed to go home with their new family.

"Now, girls, you may be a bit surprised by what we're about to do, but I will explain everything when we get home, okay?" Mr. Malfoy told them. When they both nodded, and he offered his hand to Jasmine. She hesitated a moment before seeing Narcissa nod as she rested her hand on Lucius's shoulder. She nodded and took his hand, letting out a yelp as it felt like she was being pulled inside out, holding Artemis tighter. Suddenly they weren't in downtown London, but on the lawn of a beautiful mansion. There wasn't any other way to describe it. The vast home was made of what seemed to be solid marble, with gold colored bordering and stained glass windows. All this, however, was overridden by the fact that they had just… teleported?!

"Wh-what just happened?!" Jasmine yelped, but it was Artemis that answered.

"Magic!" she said with a grin, looking between the blonde man and her adoptive sister.

"That's right, Artemis. Now, come on inside. We'll explain everything once we get in, alright?" Lucius smiled at them both and Jasmine hesitated only a moment before they all went inside. Once again they were stunned by the home, not to mention the Albino Peacocks that roamed the grounds. The drawing room was cozy, the armchairs looking like they would be pleasantly comfortable, but Jasmine didn't dare sit in one. She knew she wasn't clean enough, and didn't want to make anything in the room dirty. She did, however, set Artemis down, who clung to her dress.

"Darling, you can sit. I won't yell at you and the cleaning is easy." Narcissa smiled. "Watch." She looked around a moment and saw Draco had just accidentally knocked a small plant over, the dirt getting ground into the carpet. Without a word, she pulled a long… stick? Out of her sleeve and flicked it. The entire scene, save for the small boy, reversed. The dirt was suddenly back in the pot, the pot back on the table, and the carpet back to its immaculate state. Jasmine was in a state of shock. Vaguely she remembered times that Artemis seemed to do impossible things, like making her bed, perfectly, without touching it. Even a few times when her wounds had healed far too quickly, or even her own wounds had healed near instantly.

"I… this isn't a dream?"

"No, it's not." Lucius walked toward her, slowly so he didn't scare her, and stood before her. "We are wizards and witches. There's a community of us. We don't intend to harm you, sweetie. You see, when we realized we wanted to adopt you, we looked into your history. If you were a Muggle, which is what we call non-magical folk, then it would have been harder to adopt you on the magical side, but it turns out you had magical heritage." The shocked look on Jasmine's face almost made him laugh. "It appears, my dear, that your father was a wizard by the name of Cygnus Black III." Narcissa smiled at her as she stood, looking a little excited.

"What does that mean for me?"

Lucius smiled. "Well, unfortunately, you only have a small amount of magic within you. In fact, you're what most call a Squib. They usually have only a single magical skill, or none at all. You see, your mother was a muggle, and it seemed she died shortly after you were born, as well as your father."

Jasmine's face fell. They had found her family, but they were dead. "So, I don't have any family?"

"Actually…" Lucius started, but Narcissa finished for him.

"Cygnus Black had three other daughters," she finished with a wide grin, and finally Jasmine understood.

"You're maiden name is Black?" she asked with a grin, getting a nod in response. Before the others in the room could blink, the two women embraced in a tearful hug. Artemis smiled, glad that her favorite person had found her family. Jasmine looked around at her family, her blood family.

"That's why when we adopted you, we named you Jasmine Lilia Black."

Jasmine smiled as a sense of belonging enveloped her. Artemis looked around, wondering if she would ever feel like her sister did. They talked for many hours, explaining magic and everything, before finally Lucius turned to the toddler who sat playing with Draco.

"Artemis, there is a potion that I can use to find out who your parents are. Would you like to know?" Artemis shot up and nodded frantically.

"Yes, please!" Lucius smiled and offered to pick her up, which she accepted. The toddler clung to him as the entire family went into his office. He took a vial with a green liquid inside of it and dropped a single drop onto the parchment. "I need to prick your finger, I just need a tiny drop of blood." As he said this she held out her finger and they were all shocked when a drop beaded on her fingertip before dropping into the potion. The cut healed immediately and they watched as the green and red sunk into the parchment. Slowly Artemis's image, or what seemed to be her, appeared. The difference was that she had thin fur covering her face, her eyes were even more cat-like, and she had a small Mohawk-like mane of curly hair on top of her head. A line connected her up to her parents, and the images revealed sent all of them into shock.

"Bellatrix is her mother?!" Narcissa gasped, looking faint.

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"And… and Fenrir is her father…" Lucius gulped.

"That's impossible! They hated each other!" she hissed back. She knew this was not something Bellatrix would have done willingly. "And more importantly, why does her portrait look like that? Artemis's I mean…" She let her anger turn to worry and the toddler found herself in the other adult's arms.

"Wait, who is Bellatrix?" Jasmine asked while her sister looked over the other child.

"She's… well she's my sister. Our sister. The oldest, actually. And she actually has a husband, Roldolphus," Narcissa answered, her tone showing she was distracted until she got to Artemis's right ring finger. "Ah ha!" she grinned and waved her hand over it, revealing a thick band of black metal, emeralds shining from around the Black family crest. "Merlin's beard, she named her the Heir to the Black family…" Realizing the ring also served as a wearable glamour, she carefully removed it after Artemis let her do so. Before their eyes, the toddler changed. Gone was the pale skin, so reminiscent of her mother, and long dark hair. In its place, Artemis was covered in a light coating of black fuzz, similar to the downy fur of a lion cub. Her face had thicker tuffs of fur at her cheekbones and her eyes were slits, similar to a lions. Her ears remained at the side of her head, but were slightly more pointed at the tips. Her hands and feet also still looked much the same, but the fur was thicker there and each finger and toe was tipped with a bone white claw. A tail flicked behind her, also black with a blue-black tip and her hair was indeed a small Mohawk of curly black hair. Narcissa set her down in wonder and watched as she started to try and catch her flicking tail.

"Merlin!" Lucius muttered, reaching behind him for his chair.

"I think we should look into what could have caused this…"

Artemis stopped and frowned and looked up at Narcissa, Lucius and Jasmine. "Do you still like me? Even if I look like this?"

Eyebrows shot up and they all were quick to gather her in a hug, which really turned into an awkward group hug as they reassured her that they loved her as she was. Draco quickly became jealous that he couldn't find a spot to join and they put him in the middle of them all with a few laughs.

"So, it I'm your sister, that makes Artemis my niece by blood?" Jasmine asked with a grin. They all nodded and she grinned and the two girls hugged each other as they realized they had family all along.


Three years later

Artemis ran past her aunt with her cousin, Draco, close behind her. Her ring was on a silver chain around her neck, and her fur was out. She hadn't changed much, only growing a bit, her fur a little thicker and her mane was a little longer. The most noticeable thing was her growing control of her magic and agility. Narcissa watched as she easily avoided Draco catching her by jumping up into a tree, her claws digging into the bark to allow her to climb up.

"Artie! That's no fair!" Draco huffed, crossing his arms. Artemis laughed and hung upside down on a branch, offering her hands and pulling him up. Any other mother would be worried, but Narcissa knew she wouldn't do anything that would hurt her cousin. Jasmine was beside the older witch, working with a furrowed brow with the injured bird before her. They had found out quickly that the dark skinned woman's talent was healing. She was brilliant for being a squib, and excelled in wandless healing. They often found her in the library with Artemis studying or looking through books. The bird before her was suffering from a broken wing, and they had found her under one of their trees. Jasmine had already preformed a diagnostic spell, and was working on healing the bones.

"Episkey!" she whispered, the bird let out a screech before it hopped up and chirped at her before flying off.

"Excellent, sister," Narcissa grinned, receiving a smile in return. "I think that should be all for today. Now I―" A breach of her wards warned her of an intruder and she quickly summoned the children to her, slipping Artemis's ring from around her neck and onto her finger, the glamour encasing her body once more. Moments later, a group of ministry officials burst through the gates, Arthur Weasley at the lead. Narcissa frowned and held her children closer, Jasmine instinctually sticking close to her sister.

"What is the meaning of this, Mr. Weasley?" she asked with a deep frown.

"An investigation. It would seem you have been in contact with Bellatrix Lastrange," he sneered at her, his thick head of red hair looking rather dull in the afternoon sun, though his pale freckled face had an odd shine to it. Artemis scrunched up her nose when she realized it was because he was covered in sweat, but recognized the name of her mother, the woman she had yet to ever meet, and frowned along with her aunt.

"Yes. She may be in prison, but she is still my sister. If it is against the law to contact her, its news to me and you better be investigating all the other people that owl their family." The kind and caring mother was pushed to back somewhat and in her place stood the regal and elegant matriarch of the Malfoy family. "Not to mention it's ministry policy that you give warning before barging into someone home. Surely someone of your standing would know such a thing." The taller Wizard frowned and shook his head.

"My superiors will overlook such a thing."

Suddenly Lucius strode through the gate with a tall dark skinned man in blue robes, his brown eyes roaming over the scene. Aurors all over the grounds, searching for god knows what, and Arthur arguing with a calm looking Narcissa. Lucius growled and walked quickly to his family, lifting his son into his arms as he turned to face the redhead.

"I'm afraid I must order you to leave my family alone, and leave my property," he spoke firmly, but calmly as he stood in what seemed to everyone to be a protective stance.

"I have every right to be here by order of―"

"The only order that should have been given was mine," came the booming voice of the other newcomer. Arthur gulped and turned around.

"K-Kingsley… I was just―"

"Breaking every rule in the book. You just started as an Auror, just finished your training. Now, give me one good reason I shouldn't kick your ass to the curb? What the bloody hell possessed you to think you could do this?! If it weren't for the fact that you have a substantially large family, I would kick your ass to the curb," he growled, gaining the other Aurors attentions, who stopped working. "And all of you! Don't think you won't be disciplined as well!" They all gulped and in the blink of an eye started scrambling out of the now rather damaged front yard. Narcissa growled and waved her wand, watching all the displaced and ruined grass and hedges repair themselves. Jasmine looked around for her familiar and relaxed when she saw her Chimera Peacock strutting toward her proudly. The offspring of a normal peacock and an albino one, she looked much like her pure white feathers and brilliant blue and green ones were separated by a solid line, save for a few spots where both colors seemed to mingle.

"Pulchram, thank god," she sighed in relief, smiling as he started pecking at her fingers and circling her, making sure she was alright. Once he was satisfied he did his rounds over the whole family, even bumping heads with Artemis before relaxing.

"Lucius, what was that all about?" Narcissa asked, lifting the young werecat into her arms, letting her take off her glamour ring and attach it back to her chain.

"Arthur has been looking for a reason to search our home for ages. Dumbledore put him up to it." Narcissa growled at the name of the so called "light's" leader. "Something about a prophecy. I don't know, but unlike normal prophecies, this one doesn't have any actual names on it. It's vague, and if what I heard was right, the subjects of the prophecy are the ones that will tip the scale. More powerful than Potter's."

"So, we guessed right? He will come back?"

He nodded, leading everyone into the house. "What have you been telling Bella?" Artemis tilted her head, curious to hear this part.

"I haven't told her about Art. She won't believe it without seeing her, you know how she is." He nodded. "I just said we had adopted two new family members. I haven't gotten much back. They don't let her have much time with anything sharp, apparently."

"Aunty?" Artemis asked softly, gaining Narcissa's attention. "Who is 'He'? The one that will come back?"

Narcissa hesitated a moment before sighing. "The Dark Lord, sweetie. He was around a few years ago, when you were about a year old, almost two."

"Was he a good man?"

"That depends on who you ask, sweetheart."

Artemis adopted a thoughtful look and nodded. "Okay. I'm going to go to the library, okay?" They nodded and let her down. Draco followed his cousin as she headed up the stairs, tail flicking behind her.


Three years later

Artemis sat high in a tree, three days after her eighth birthday. It was the beginning of November, her birthday having fallen on October 31st, and she had grown to stand at 4'7, slightly taller than her peers. Her mane remained a thick Mohawk of black and blue-black curls, though it now stretched down her neck. Her fur was thicker now, and she actually had whiskers growing from her chin and cheeks. Her tail hung behind her, flicking back and forth as she held a book in her clawed hands. Instead of wearing dresses and skirts like her aunt, she decided on trousers and a button up shirt, leaving the top two buttons open. Her green eyes focused on the words in front of her.

Not much is known of born werewolves, as most of the worry is of those bitten. It is believed that unlike a child being bitten, a child born with the curse may have better control, and may not even feel the need to shift until they're older (speculated to be around thirteen to sixteen). Though it can only be assumed that a werewolf would bare another werewolf, it is believed by some that if a werewolf mates with a human, the resulting child will have an inner beast that reflects a bit of both parents, or simply reflects what resides inside themselves.

"Well, that's a bit obvious…" Artemis grumbled, but realized she was making progress. She knew other children that had been fathered by werewolves, even if they were given the curse, looked normal. Hopefully she was closer to finding out why she looked as she did. She continued reading until she reached a section about mating. "Mating? They really call it that? Oh… I suppose that's what we call it, then…"

It is commonly known that the most sacred thing to a were-creature of any kind is its mate. This is the only thing that can stop them on the full moon, and can calm them when in human form. While they also value their extended family and pack, they value their Mate and pups above anything else. It is nearly impossible for a were-creature to lay with another after finding their mate. Only a combination of the Imperius curse and an exceptionally strong Confundus charm can override this, but the act causes an additional curse to be placed on both the were-creature and the offspring.

This is it! Artemis grinned and sat up straighter.

While normally a were-creature will look just like any human, the curse placed on the parent were-creature will cause them to take on characteristics of their beast. Fur may cover their jaw, cheeks, and forehead, as well as much of their torso and arms. The offspring will look much the same, and in some cases may even have a tail or ears like their beast. Because of this, without a glamour they can never avoid the persecution of humans.

The book snapped closed and Artemis rolled out of the tree, landing twenty feet below without a sound and running into the house. "Aunty?" she called, seeing her come down the stairs.

"What is it, sweetie?"

"I found something." Understanding shone on Narcissa's face and she followed her niece down the stairs and into the drawing room. Artemis showed her the passage and they poured over it before it dawned on them.

"Does Fenrir have a mate?" Artemis asked.

"I don't know. But we will find out in time. I don't know if it would be fair to tell one without the other. I want your mother's side of this first."

"I agree." Artemis frowned and looked back at the book, one of her fangs poking out of her bottom lip.


Three years later-July

Draco was searching the house for his cousin, his now shorter blonde hair slicked back like his father's and his attire casual, consisting of simple trousers and a button up, though they were tailored to him of course. Their school letters had just come in and he huffed as he looked for the black fur or tail. Suddenly it dawned on him that she may be either outside with Aunt Jasmine, or in her favorite tree. He slapped his hand over his forehead and shook his head, heading outside and immediately spotting the dark skinned woman reading one of her sister's books with Pulchrum lying beside her.

"Aunt Jay, where's Arty?" Draco called. Jasmine looked up and chuckled.

"Where she always is, of course," she told him as he joined her, pointing up at the tail flicking above them. Artemis grinned down at her cousin and jumped down, landing before him and straightening up. She was now 4'11, her mane of hair stretching down between her shoulder blades and beginning to fan out around her neck. The new curls were thin, similar to a lion barely getting its mane, and the tuffs of fur on her cheeks were even thicker now. Even though she was only eleven, soon to be twelve, she was well built, reflecting her inner beast with lean but powerful muscle. Draco had seen her leap straight into the first branch of the tree, nearly fifteen feet high, without breaking a sweat. She tilted her head and he noticed her fangs were longer and her ears were a bit rounded.

"What's up, Drake?" she asked with a grin, her tail flicking behind her and her button up, silver in color, ruffling a little in the wind.

"We got our letters! Come on!" Jasmine grinned when she saw her niece and nephew run back into the house. She shook her head and ran a hand over her familiar's feathers lovingly. The two eleven year olds burst into the drawing room, savoring the joy of receiving their first Hogwarts letter before they sat down and carefully opened it. Artemis poured over the page with a grin plastered on her face.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confred. Of Wizards)

Dear Ms. Black,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Artemis read over the entire thing before her eyes fell on a PS.

Your mother has spoken to the Headmaster and you have been given a note for your school robes, allowing you access to the men's uniform. Have a good day.

Artemis relaxed and read over all the supplies, remembering that she had Draco would both be supplied custom wands by a master wand maker. Draco peaked over her shoulder and chuckled.

"I suppose they do believe mum to be your mother. We need to remember that when at school."

"Indeed we do. We should get use to calling each other brother and sister." Draco grinned at this and they both turned when Narcissa and Lucius came in.

"I suspect you got your letters?"

"Yes, we did," Draco grinned.

"Then we should head to Diagon Alley and get your things. Come along," Lucius chuckled and they all headed toward the fireplace and Artemis slipped her ring from her chain and onto her ring finger, feeling the glamour take hold. The strange thing about this glamour was that it felt real to her, instead of just feeling real to everyone else. Her hair now fell down to the middle of her back, the curls falling in thick black ringlets. Her fangs remained, but her pupils were rounded and her black fur was replaced by smooth tanned skin. She straightened her shirt, buttoning it up the rest of the way until only two buttons were undone instead of five. Her shoes went on and Draco stepped up first, taking a handful of green powder from the basin beside the fireplace. Throwing it in he yelled "Diagon Alley!" Before stepping in and vanishing. Jasmine, who had just joined them, felt her eyebrows shoot up. She hadn't actually done this often, but every time they did, she was amazed all over again. One by one they filed through, until it was Narcissa and Jasmine, who went together. The instant their feet touched down at the Leaky Cauldron, they all lost their carefree demeanor and became the purebloods and half-blood they were. Narcissa and Lucius both looked regal, faces void of almost all emotion, while Draco and Artemis stood straight, hands clasped behind their backs while Jasmine mimicked her sister as best she could.

"Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy! Can I get you anything?"

"No, thank you, Tom. We're just picking up the supplies for our children," Lucius replied smoothly as they headed into the alley behind the bar. Whipping his wand from his walking stick, he tapped the correct brick and Artemis grinned as the bricks moved themselves into a large archway. They moved as a unit and Lucius pulled Draco's letter from his robes while Artemis handed hers to Narcissa. "Alright, let's get your robes first, then we can get your supplies." The two children nodded with big grins.

"Maybe we should split up. Lucius, you go with Draco to get his robes first and I'll take Jasmine and Artemis to get her books, as well as Draco's. Then we can get their wands and you can get their other supplies while Art get's fitted," Narcissa said with a smile. Lucius nodded.

"Sounds like a plan. Come on, Draco. Let your sister enjoy her books," he chuckled and Draco followed the man into the shop nearby while Artemis followed her aunts into Flourish and Blotts. "Alright, Art, we must get all your school books first, then you can choose two book for fun reading, okay?" Artemis grinned and nodded, feeling a strange scent tickling her nose that she hadn't encountered before. It was a good scent, sakura and vanilla, and something that was likely all the owner of such a scent. She was reaching for a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them when her hand was brushed by a pale hand reaching for the same copy. Surprised, Artemis looks down at the slightly shorter girl with bushy chestnut hair and hazel eyes.

"Sorry, did you want that book?" she asked with a smile.

"Y-yes. Sorry, you can have it," she said with a blush.

"Nonsense, there are plenty. Here," she reached up and plucked two of the thick books down, handing one to the other girl. "I've never seen you around here before. I'm Artemis Black," she grinned and offered her hand, which was taken by the other girl rather quickly.

"I'm Hermione Granger," she smiled back. Artemis tilted her head a little.

"Granger… that doesn't sound like a magical name. Are you muggleborn?" Her question caused the bushy haired girl to blush.

"Yes. Is that a problem?" Suddenly a fire seemed to burn within her and the werecat put up her hands in surrender.

"No, not at all. I have no problem with it. My aunt and I were both in an orphanage until I was three, so I thought I was, too, until I learned my heritage." Hermione's eyebrows shot up a little and she relaxed.

"Okay good. I was warned that there was a chance some would give me a hard time."

"I won't lie to you, that's true. But I won't," Artemis reassured with a smile.

"Artemis, what's taking you so― Oh!" Narcissa exclaimed as she came around the bookcase. "Who's this?"

"Mum, this is Hermione Granger." Something seemed to dawn on her. "Say, are you going to Hogwarts?"

"Oh, yes!" she beamed.

"Fantastic! Anyway, this is my mum," Artemis grinned as she introduced them.

"Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Black," Hermione smiled, offering her hand.

"Malfoy, actually. It's nice to meet you, too, Hermione. Where are your parents?" Hermione looked around before pointing out the man and woman walking toward them. Narcissa seemed to pick up that they were muggles quickly, but a pleading look from Artemis led her to simply smile and greet them kindly. Hermione noticed.

"Does she…?"

"The Malfoy line is very purest, but the black line isn't. Mom knows I like you so she's letting it go."

Hermione relaxed and smiled. "Thank you."

"Of course. And if anyone, no matter what house, gives you crap for your blood status, tell me. I'll beat 'em up," Artemis grinned and flexed playfully, causing a laugh to erupt from the muggleborn's throat.


Draco and Lucius met up with the other two later to pick up their wands. The man, whose name was Jericho, was rather tall, nearly reaching seven feet, and stooped slightly. He had long, straight black hair despite his obvious age and clouded over eyes, indicating that he was blind. He grinned at the sight of them. "Ah, young Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Black. Your wands were finished just this morning. Come, come!" He waved them over with a thin hand and both children stepped up.

"First we have Mr. Malfoy's wand. Ten inches, Hawthorn wood. When presented with your blood, two of my creatures offered your core. Entwined together are a unicorn hair, dragon heartstring, and your blood seals them together. Only you will ever be able to use this wand, even if you are disarmed." He presented a sleek black wand with a dragon carved to look like it wrapped around it. Draco took it and red sparks flew from it. Jericho handed him a forearm holster, which he took gratefully and let Artemis step up.

"For you, Ms. Black, we have thirteen inches, Blackthorn wood. When I presented your blood, I got a response from four of my creatures. Your wand is an intertwining of a Phoenix feather from two of my Phoenixes, unicorn hair, and dragon heartstring, held together with your blood. Just as with your cousin, this wand will only preform for you, and is the wand of a warrior, much like your mother's wand." The wand was a light brown, but the handle and carved lion that seemed to climb the wand were darker, showing the outer bark of the blackthorn wood. It occurred to her that he seemed to know what she was.


"Those without eyes can often see far better than those with them," he smiled. "Fear not, I will not reveal you. Now, here is your holster." She took it and her aunt paid for the wands before they left the shop. Draco quickly spotted the Magical Managerie and ran inside. Lucius chuckled and they headed inside. Draco had spotted a midsized black owl with small silver spots over his feathers.

"Father, may I have him?" he asked softly, grinning. Lucius chuckled and nodded while Artemis was drawn to a small black cat that she quickly realized was actually a panther cub. Jasmine tilted her head and followed her, Narcissa calling out that she could pick out her familiar. Artemis tilted her head and looked at the small cub, watching it uncurl from the back of the cage and stalk forward, tilting it's head back.

"That's strange. He hasn't left the back of the cage since we got him. It would seem he has picked you, young one," came a soft voice from the desk behind the two women. Artemis smiled and looked at the elderly store owner.

"Then who am I to deny him. Mum," she called, gaining the woman's attention. "I found my familiar."

They both brought forth their picks, watching as they were magically bound to their new owners. Draco had named his owl, a barn owl, Onyx. Artemis named her now purring Panther Noctis, remembering that it meant Night in Latin. With all their things gathered and bought, they headed home.


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