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Chapter One:

"Sir, excuse me, your father asked me to give you a message?" Logan's secretary tentatively peaked into his office.

"Come on in." Logan looked up from his desk and smiled at his secretary. She had been with him since he was in London and had happily moved with him when they moved back to Huntzberger head offices in New York. "And what did Daddy Dearest have to say?"

"Well," Matilda Jones stumbled over her words, "he wanted to remind you that it is your fourth wedding anniversary this evening, and he wanted to be sure that you...well...that you remember to make reservations and see your wife this evening."

"Til," Logan gave her a wide grin, "thank you for passing it along, and I will ask my Dad to keep you out of personal messages. I have not forgotten my anniversary and I have a plan, don't worry."

"Alright sir, thank you." she smiled as she left the room.

Logan looked quickly at his phone and sent an e-mail from it to make a dinner reservation, then he glanced in his desk drawer where there was a stack of blue boxes all with appropriately priced pieces of jewelry he could give his wife on special occasions, or when he seriously pissed her off. He was sure today would be both. After receiving confirmation that his reservation had been made he began to dial the familiar number and waited for her to answer, "Babe, hi. Happy anniversary."

"Oh Logan, sweetheart, I'm so glad to hear from you." Odette Huntzberger's voice filled his ear, "Happy anniversary my love."

Logan couldn't help but think she was laying it on a bit thick, "So tonight I was hoping you would meet me at Le Bernardin, I'll send a car and meet you there?" he told her, "I have a reservation for 7?"

"Logan that sounds lovely, but I actually had a bit of a surprise for you." she told him, "Do you think we could just spend the night in? Be home for 6?"

Logan had to admit he was surprised, normally his wife liked to be seen, she liked for them to go out, get dressed up and be talked about by anyone and everyone. Odette loved being a socialite in New York City, and she traded in the city for the Hamptons come summer. "That sounds perfect, do you want me to bring anything home?"

"I've got it all taken care of darling, I'll see you around 6?"

"Bye for now." Logan agreed and then hung up the phone quickly. He glanced at his watch, noting that he had another three hours before he had to be back at his Park Avenue apartment.

They had moved to New York City shortly after they were married and Logan had taken a bigger role in the company, he was in charge of Global Acquisitions, a promotion from his previous role that left him in charge of European Acquisitions. He worked with much of the same team but just in a larger capacity, and he was being groomed to take over the company from his father within the next two years. Although years earlier, that task seemed like his worst nightmare, it was a responsibility that he was now at least somewhat excited for. He was moving the company towards more digital publications, he had even convinced his father to purchase a large television network which had hugely helped HPG financially. By all accounts, Logan was happy, or happier than he had once thought he would ever be. After he had said goodbye to Rory, it had been rough, he had missed her and pined for her and hoped she would call, or that he would run into her somewhere, but it never seemed to happen. Instead, he focused on his wife, and his work. He and Odette had been married at a huge wedding in the South of France, attended by people who he was sure he had never even met. They had no children, something that his parents reminded him of often, and Odette was involved in designing for a fashion house based out of Paris. It may not have been the life he had envisioned for himself when he had proposed to Rory all those years ago, but he was happy enough.



"Rory, do you know where Charlotte's bag from daycare is?" Jess Mariano shouted down the hall. "She said she hid an apple in there!"

"I checked, no apple." Rory shouted back from the kitchen, "The bag is in the kitchen, with me." she continued.

Jess walked down the hall with the little girl hanging on his hip, "No apple?" he confirmed as they reached the kitchen.

"No apple." Rory repeated, "Thank you for picking her up." she smiled warmly as she took her daughter from his arms, "Happy birthday my sweet girl." Rory hugged her close.

"Mommy!" Charlotte squealed, "Today is not my birthday. I is three, no four."

Rory laughed and set her down on the kitchen floor, although Charlotte had spent the weeks leading up to her birthday excited for the occasion and would tell anyone who would listen that it was her special day, once the reality of turning four hit her, she was no longer interested. Rory had already gotten a call from her preschool explaining that Charlotte had cried when the kids in her class had sung to her that day at lunch. "Today is June 10," Rory told her, "And that my dear, makes it your birthday. So, what do you want for dinner?"

"I like Chinese." Charlotte grumbled as she began to play with her toy doll on the floor, still refusing to acknowledge her own birthday. She then turned her big blue eyes up to Jess and smiled at him, "Stay for dinner?"

"Kiddo, we talked about this in the car." Jess smiled, "I have to work tonight, that is why Mommy let me pick you up from school." he bent down to the same level as the little girl, "But I will be here for your party on Saturday. Grandma and Grandpa are coming, and your Great Grandma Emily, your Papa Chris and Aunt Gi." he explained, "So I will be here for that, alright?"

"Pwease?" Charlotte stuck her bottom lip out just enough to make it quiver.

"Charlotte." Rory spoke in a warning tone, she knew Jess had to work, he was publishing her second book, the one that she had written about motherhood, a follow up to her first book, Gilmore Girls, rather than focusing on the relationship she had with her own mother, this book focused on learning how to be a mother. Rory had moved to Philly while she was pregnant, Jess was publishing the book, and it seemed like the grownup thing to do. She got a job as a teacher, and worked her way through various edits of her book. After two years she had bought herself a house in a respectable neighbourhood, on a quiet, corner lot with trees, it wasn't huge, but it had four bedrooms for when family came to visit and room for Charlotte to play outside. She often wished she could have stayed in Stars Hollow, but she knew that she was living under a microscope there, she wanted to make her own memories and traditions, she wanted to make her own life.

"You know what Char," Jess laughed, "I will stay for dinner, and I will do my extra work tomorrow." he told her, "Does that sound good?" she nodded immediately in response and without saying a word, Jess accepted the bottle of beer that Rory slid across the counter towards him. "You my love, are your mothers daughter."


New York City

"O," Logan called as he entered his apartment, "I'm home. I have something for you." he was carrying a bouquet of flowers and the box he had selected from his desk drawer with a stunning pair of diamond earrings.

"The dining room, dear." Odette called, her voice bounced of the bare walls of the apartment, it had been decorated by the best designer in the city, but somehow Logan had always complained that it felt cold.

Logan glanced down at his watch, he was on time, it was only ten minutes after six, he hardly considered himself late. He walked into the dining room, white walls and a long black table, "These are for you." he set them down beside her and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before taking a seat beside her. The table was set for two and the wine was already poured. "You ok?" Odette didn't speak, she was sitting at the head of the table, her hair pulled back into a harsh bun, she wore beige pants and a white blouse with gold accessories, she silently slid a legal sized envelope to him. "What is this?" Logan asked as he picked it up.

"I want a divorce." Odette told him simply. "We have no children, I own this apartment, and the place in Paris, you own the house in Connecticut and the place in the Hamptons, I don't want your money, I have my own. I'll keep my cars, you keep yours." Logan barely had a chance to come to terms with what she was saying before she came out with more, "We aren't happy Logan, I don't know that we ever have been. I cannot continue to be the reason that you don't have the life you want, and I would like to think that you want me to be happy."

"A divorce?" was all he could manage to say, she wanted a divorce. A simple one from the sounds of it, she just wanted her own life, and he would have his.

"I've booked you the Presidential Suite at the Mandarin Oriental for the next few days, and I will leave on a flight to Paris tomorrow morning, my lawyers will announce the divorce next week."

"So I don't get a say in this? We're just done?" Logan got his wits about him, "O, we both know this wasn't about being madly in love with each other, but we were good, we worked, we were...happy enough. So what changed? What is going on?"

"I've been seeing someone Logan." Odette admitted, it wasn't something she was proud of. He had thought they were done with cheating long ago, before they had gotten married, his last hurrah with Rory was supposed to have been her last hurrah as well. "I didn't particularly mean for it to happen, and I've realized that this is no way to live life. This is half a life, and not the half I want to live. We both deserve to be happy, not just happy enough."

"I'm assuming you had a bag of my things sent to the hotel?" Logan swallowed the lump in his throat. How could he not have known? Odette nodded in response to his question, "I will be going then." he gathered the box with the earrings and the envelope with the divorce papers.

"Logan, read them." Odette told him, "Once you get to your hotel, read them."

He nodded his head, and with that he was out the door.


"Til, it's Logan." Logan breathed into the phone as he stepped into the elevator at the hotel. "I'm going to work from home tomorrow. If it's anything important, patch them through to my cell, if it's not important, just leave it. I need...I need to work some things out." he explained as he rode in silence to his room with a carryon suitcase beside him.

"Is everything alright?"

"She wants a divorce." Logan almost laughed as he said the words, "She has been cheating on me, and she wants a divorce."

"Logan, I'm so sorry." Matilda told him honestly.

"It's alright Til, just don't tell anyone, and I will deal with my Dad. Can you also go into my drawer and return the jewelry? If you see a piece you like, feel free to keep it." he added before he ended the call. The bellhop would follow behind him with the rest of his luggage, but he had one bag on his own, it made it look to a bystander as though he might just be on business, not that he was a new resident of the hotel. He had texted Colin and Finn on his way over to the hotel, they had both been shocked, if anything they had expected Odette to say she wanted half of his earnings, half of his past earnings, half of his future earnings, and the house in the Hamptons, but she hadn't asked for anything. They all agreed that she must be screwing someone who was great in bed to be willing to give it all up.

Logan graciously tipped the bellhop before pouring himself a drink and taking a seat on the couch and opening the package that she had given to him. He began to read through the paperwork, it was all as she had said. He would keep his property, she would keep hers, she didn't ask for any money, even what she was entitled to in the prenup. The package included a copy of the statement that her lawyers would release explaining their decision to dissolve their marriage with love and respect for each other, as well as the list of papers (all Huntzberger publications, of course) that would first print the statement and the entertainment shows that would get the first copy of the announcement. She would wait several months before coming out with her relationship, and he was free to do what he pleased. Logan was surprised, he hadn't expected that she would do this, but he also hadn't expected her to be so willing to give everything up without a fight. He reached the last page of the package and saw a familiar name, and what he read would change everything.

Sunday June 11, 2017

To: Logan Huntzberger HPG Group

From: Rory Gilmore

Subject: Please don't delete


I know it has been a long time since we've spoken, and I haven't heard anything about you as of late, so I hope that all is well. I know you will be furious with me when you read this, and I understand why. I had hoped to do this differently, but unfortunately things don't always go as planned, which is funny, considering I'm the planner, I make pro-con lists for my big decisions, but somehow my lists didn't tell me what to do this time. Yesterday, on Saturday June 10 at 4:32 in the morning you and I became parents to a beautiful little girl. She has my eyes, although I know that can change after birth, but something tells me they won't. I think I'd like to name her Charlotte. Charlotte Emily Gilmore, or maybe Gilmore-Huntzberger. I know that I should have told you sooner, I know that you would've been there had you known, but I screwed up, and I'm sorry. Please call me, my number hasn't changed, I am in Philly at Temple University Hospital and will probably be here until Tuesday. You're on the list of allowed visitors. Hopefully I will see you soon.

Ace, x

As soon as Logan read through the e-mail, he knew, he knew why she was being so civil and cordial. She had known, obviously she had known, this e-mail was addressed to him, but somehow he had never seen it, and she had a copy. On June 11, when the e-mail had been sent, they were either on their honeymoon or on a plane getting ready to leave for Fiji. He could remember Odette using his phone to look something up because hers was in her purse which had mistakenly been packed in her suitcase. She must have received the e-mail and deleted it, or somehow kept him from seeing it. They both know the truth, had he known about this e-mail, about existence of a child that was his, he never would have stayed with her. He would have left four years ago. And now, here he was and the reality set in - he had a four year old daughter, a daughter who thought he knew about her and had just chosen to walk away.