Ghost in the Graveyard

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The jingle for the news channel plays as the logo shows before it cuts to the Anchorwoman in her studio. "Breaking news." She said as the words appeared in a row below her. "The three Dinosaur Kings have just announced to the world that Seth Ancient, the man responsible for the attack on Sanjo City in January, is still alive." As she spoke, a picture of Seth, or the best one that could be accessed since there weren't any mugshots or proper portraits to use, appeared on the screen next to her.

At the D-Lab, Rex gathered all of the dinosaurs that had appeared after Seth's first defeat and was having a similar conversation with them. "This traitor." Rex growled as he pointed to a similar picture posted on a whiteboard with a pointer. "Not only is the cause for why you all ended up here instead of in the future, but also murdered my father, his own brother, IN COLD BLOOD!" He angrily shouted the last part, making many of the audience gasp in shock at this new information.

"With the recent attack on Washington D.C and the kidnapping of Princess Zahrah, several of the world's governments have placed a bounty on Seth's head, as well as those of the rest of the Alpha Gang." The Anchorwoman continued reporting, showing wanted posters for dead or alive on screen with the prices. Seth had the majority with an amount that was over a million dollars. "However, when sending spies to the presumed location of Zeta Point from previous sightings, all squadrons came back with finding nothing."

"From what Jonathan has told me, this sudden vanishment means that they have reactivated the Backland's main systems." Rex explained as he pointed to a blueprint of the Backland time machine on the board that Jonathan created from memory. "Among those systems includes a stealth feature that would turn the ship invisible, allowing it to go anywhere undetected, even by radar."

Back with the news, the camera now showed several of the dinosaurs from Season One training in the D-Lab's training room: Wind Dinosaurs running on treadmills, Lightning Dinosaurs were practicing their horn attacks on punching bags, Fire and Water Dinos were lifting enormous weights, and Grass and Earth Dinosaurs were training their tail swings. "Because of this startling knowledge, the dinosaurs of the D-Team have begun training vigorously for any possible attack."

"They beat us before because we weren't prepared." Zoe said as the camera showed her in an interview, her name and title appearing below as is custom. "And assuming Seth has been pulling strings ever since he faked his death, gathering allies and creating new equipment, we need to be prepared more than ever. Right, Max?"

Max, who was joining her on the interview, seemed distracted by something else, constantly looking at either the training going on behind them or out the window into the sanctuary where Rex was giving his speech. It wasn't until Zoe nudged him that he remembered where he was. "Ahem!" The pinkette also cleared her throat to get his attention.

"Huh? Oh, uh-huh!" He quickly nodded in agreement.

While the report was going on, in another location, Beta was carrying a large bag in her mouth. "With there still being six more Dinosaur Cards out there to rescue, we encourage everyone to do their part and help us locate them before the Alpha Gang can capture them and use them for whatever evil they have planned." Zoe spoke over the scene.

"Seth is a ruthless man who will stop at nothing to achieve his end goal. What that is, we can't say for certainty beyond wanting the throne of Dinosaur King, but I know it goes beyond that." Rex spoke as he was now pacing in front of the board. "One thing is for certain, he has foolishly made the mistake of revealing himself to us. So, the bastard better be ready for war. Because he is going to get one like no other if he wants to take over this kingdom!" The blond shouted loudly again.

The dinosaurs in the audience roared and cheered in response. "YEAH!"



"Watch out, Seth, we are coming for you." Rex and Zoe said simultaneously before the camera pulled out back to the Anchorwoman.

"With the drums of war sounding loudly in the Dinosaur Kingdom, the world can only watch with held breath." The Anchorwoman said as she finished her report. "And now a message from our sponsors." She said before the TV turned off and an angry-looking Dr.Z sat in his bed with his henchmen standing to the side.

"This is such bull!" He whined like a little kid before throwing the remote.

"What do you mean?" Ed asked.

"I mean, I'm the leader of this organization and yet Seth is the one who gets a massive news segment and a million-dollar bounty on him! I'm only worth a measly few thousands!" Dr.Z shouted before he huffed and crossed his arms like a toddler having a tantrum. "It's not fair! Hmph!"

"Would you really want a bounty on your head?" Ursula asked him. "I mean, the attention is great and all. But even I draw the line when I have to worry about being shot at. Ooooooh." She shivered at the thought.

"And that's why you're not even worth a thousand dollars!" Dr.Z turned and yelled at her.

"Somehow, that still hurts." Ursula muttered in reply with a dry look, but Dr.Z just ignored her.

In his lab, Seth had just finished watching the same report alongside Shi. "It would seem that everyone wants your blood." Shi told Seth once the screen was turned off.

"An obvious outcome that was predicted ever since I miraculously survived that faithful day." Seth responded, showing no signs of alarm or panic at the war being declared against him specifically. "My nephew and his friends would obviously convince the dinosaurs to fight to the last."

"Which they could very much do given their numbers advantage." Shi pointed out. "I have been wondering this ever since I learned of the existence of your teleporter. Why not just use it to teleport the D-Team's dinosaurs here and take them out one by one?"

"Well, besides the fact that would take all the fun out of the game, and I would like a challenge before our uprising comes." Seth said. "The main reason would be that something is preventing me from doing so."

"What do you mean?" Shi asked as Seth walked over to his teleporter, bringing the hologram with him.

"Observe, My Lord." Seth simply said as he typed in the coordinates for the D-Lab into the teleporter. However, when he pressed the button that activated the device, nothing happened. "It would appear there is something interfering with me bringing the D-Lab here. No doubt it is the Stone Plates they have collected at the start. Those same plates also prevent me from teleporting dinosaurs that have been summoned by the D-Lab here for an ambush."

"Ah." Shi nodded in understanding. "My sister no doubt has something to do with this. Her stones are designed to protect the dinosaurs from my rath after all Seems, she added more to them as the centuries went by. However, knowing you, my faithful acolyte, you should already have a plan to get around that."

Seth gave his trapped friend a smirk. "It will take some time." He warned him.

"I have waited sixty-five million years for revenge. I can wait however long you will take." Shi said in a similar smirking tone, despite not smiling himself.

(Intro Theme)

Next day, things at the D-Lab were slowly going back to normal. The excitement about Seth's survival, though still in the back of everyone's minds, had died down and now everyone was currently focusing more on their day-to-day lives, which for those currently present at the lab was breakfast. The food came out of the chute and into the troughs and the hungry dinosaurs immediately began to chow down.

However, as they ate, they were all unaware of the approaching disaster that was about to unfold. It all started with the appearance of some smoke from the trees. At first, no one seemed to notice. No one except Beta. She looked up from her meal, saw the smoke, and turned her head to see none of the other dinosaurs taking any heed of what was happening. Rolling her eyes at their obliviousness, she decided to take matters into her own hands. "Does anyone smell something smoking?"

"Probably the beef jerky." Sweet Tooth replied while still eating.

"Ugh." Beta groaned while rolling her eyes again before trying a different approach. Walking over to Salty, she nudged him while clearing her throat to get his attention. "Ahem!"

"What?" Salty asked as he looked up from his food. As he raised his head, he finally noticed the incoming smoke, now accompanied by an orange glow. "Oh my god, there's a fire!" He shouted in panic, dropping the food in his mouth.

This finally got the others to notice. "Fire?!"


"What do we do?!" Rocko, Sushi, and Champ shouted respectively as panic began to rise amongst the herd.

"Okay, everyone, calm down!" Beta tried to get their attention, but Toro was doing a better job at that.

"STAY FUCKING CALM! EVERYBODY CALM FUCKING DOWN!" Toro shouted loudly. "We just need to evacuate as soon as possible!"

No one had any objections to that as they ran to the exit of the sanctuary. But when they arrived, they saw that it was sealed shut. This made Toro come to a sudden halt, only to have everyone else crash into him from behind. "Oooff!" "Ooooh!" "Oooowww!"

"The door's closed!" Teddy shouted in panic, hugging Diamond for comfort.

"How is that even possible?!" Diamond yelled from her brother's grasp, making sure not to get poked by the large claws.

The answer was given in the form of the familiar roar of an Acrocanthosaurus through the trees. And since Beta was with them, though not in the pile, they all knew exactly who that was. "It's Pyro!" Salty screamed in terror.

"It's begun!" Thorn exclaimed as he struggled to get off from the top of the dinosaur pile. "Seth's already launched his attack!"

"Quick! Try a different option!" Beta told them.

"Ooofff!" "Uggh!" "Get off me!" Dinosaurs complained to each other as they struggled to break their pile. Once, they were free, they proceeded to stampede towards the waterhole. But they then heard the roar of a Megalosaurus. "Ah! It's that female clone of me!" Grumpy shouted as again there was a sudden halt, with thankfully no crashing and pile this time.

"Where do we go now!?" Delta shouted as he looked around frantically before seeing another frightening sight. "Aaah!"

Looking where the Deltadromeus was, the panicked dinosaurs saw the silhouettes of a Megaraptor and Pentaceratops appearing against a rock. "Not The Professor and Sharphorn!" Hana yelled.

"Okay, they have us surrounded. What do we do now?" Beta asked the group.

They all responded with the same plan. "EVERY DINO FOR THEMSELVES!" They screamed as all hell broke loose.

Everyone started running in random directions while Beta just continued getting frustrated. "NO, YOU MORONS! STICK TOGETHER!" She screamed before dodging the incoming stampede. "WHOA!"

While running, Thorn looked up and saw something that gave him an idea. "Wait, the vents!" He shouted as he stopped.

"What!?" Salty asked as he stopped next to him.

"We can use the vents to escape!" Thorn told the Saltasaurus. "Quick, throw me up!"

"Are you sure that will-"

"JUST THROW ME, DAMN IT!" The Styracosaurus roared in response to Salty's question. His panic increasing, the brown sauropod grabbed Thorn by the tail and threw him up towards the ceiling. At first, it seemed like he was actually going to make it. But that changed when Thorn got his nose horn stuck.

"Uuuuuuuh." Salty said in response to his failure before slowly walking away.

"HEY! DON'T LEAVE ME!" Thorn yelled as he saw his thrower leave. "SOMEONE GET ME DOWN!"

But nobody else heard him, as it was an every dinosaur for themselves moment. "Diamond, what do we do!?" Teddy asked while still hugging his Pachycephalosaurus sister tight.

"We just need to use our heads and think!" Diamond responded, trying and failing to keep her cool.

Unfortunately for her, Rocko heard that and got the wrong idea. "That's it!" He said as he grabbed Diamond in his arms.

"Wh-HEY!" Diamond yelped in surprise.

"Use your head!" Rocko said as he tossed her towards the door.

"I didn't mean my literal head!" She shouted before colliding with the door. Anyone on the other side, if anyone was there, would've seen a dome-shaped dent form. "Ow." She groaned as she slowly fell to the floor.

"It didn't work!" Rocko shouted, putting his arms to his mandible like a screaming person.

"We need more force!" Toro said as he ran over to the Altrhinus before turning his head around and roaring to get any other dinosaurs to come over and help.

All the while Beta just banged her head against a tree. "MORONS! I'M SURRONDED BY MORONS!"

Things only got more crazy when there was suddenly a loud popping sound. "AUUGGGH! What's going on!" Boulder shouted as he and those not helping with the door looked around in panic.


"DUCK AND COVER!" Sushi quickly added before their group fell to the ground and covered their heads.

Back at the door, Toro, Rocko, Teddy, Salty, and other dinosaurs lifted up Diamond and prepared to try breaking out again. "ALL RIGHT! COMPANY CHARGE!" Toro shouted before they all charged forward with a yell. "AAAAAAAAHHHH!"

"AAAAAAAHHHH!" Diamond instead was screaming.

But once again, her head collided with the door and just made another dent. "IT STILL DIDN'T WORK!" Toro shouted in disbelief.

"NOW WHAT?!" Salty asked anyone in panic.

He got his answer in the form of Beta giving the loudest roar she could muster, getting everyone's attention. "ATTENTION, EVERYONE!" She shouted as loud as she could. "THIS HAS ALL BEEN A TEST OF OUR EMERGENCY PREPARDNESS!"

Everyone stood there, staring at the Acrocanthosaurus in silence before someone finally spoke up. "WHAT!?" Thorn shouted before his horn finally broke off from the ceiling and he fell to the ground, too stunned to scream.

"THERE IS NO ATTACK! IT WAS ONLY A SIMULATION!" Beta continued. She then proceeded to point to all the effects she used: a smoke machine with an orange lantern for the glow, voice recorders for the roars, large cutouts for the shadows, and a firecracker for the gun noises. "And from what I saw, if this was real, you'd all be screwed."

This led to everyone glaring at her angrily for what they just endured. The only exception was Teddy, having a hand on his chest as he wobbled around, struggling to stand. "I-What-I-You." He struggled to say before he collapsed on the floor.

"TEDDY!" Diamond screamed as she ran over to him. "Speak to me!" She pleaded as she got into his face.

"He's having a heart attack!" Rocko shouted. "Someone give him mouth-to-mouth!"

"No, give him the Heimlich maneuver!" Salty objected.

"No, you fools, we give him CPR!" Toro shouted as he ran over to the downed Therizinosaurus and placed a foot on his chest and began pushing down slowly.

"You're going too slow!" Sushi yelled at him as she pushed him out of the way and took over.

"Your feet are too small!" Grumpy retorted as he pushed her out of the way and took over.

"Stop screwing around and let me help my brother!" Diamond shouted at all three as she took over the pressing.

All while this happened, Beta just shook her head in disappointment. "What a waste of twenty bucks." She complained to herself.


Naturally, once Teddy was saved and at the hospital, the other dinosaurs complained to the Kings about what Beta had just done. And that is how Beta found herself in the D-Lab's conference room with Max, Rex, and Ace, each giving her disapproving looks. For a while, the only audible noise was the ticking of the clock before Rex finally spoke up. "Beta, what exactly were you thinking when you came up with your plan?" He asked her.

"I was thinking that we needed to be prepared in case of an Alpha Gang attack." Beta responded like the answer was obvious.

"And you decided that the best way to prepare everyone was to start shouting 'fire', leading to over half the herd to go into a blind panic." Rex recapped her plan.

"For the record, I shouting advice and tips for everyone to use." Beta corrected the blond's claim. "It's not my fault that everyone present was too stupid to take heed of said advice."

"Beta." Ace calmly said from beside her. "I love you, but this was going too far."

"Yeah, why didn't you tell anyone you were planning on doing an attack drill?" Max asked her.

"Because then they wouldn't have taken it seriously enough." She countered. "I know what it's like when schools have fire or tornado drills. No one takes it seriously because they know it's fake."

"That's not the point." Rex said sternly, slamming his fist on the table for effect. "You held a drill without my, Max, or Zoe's permission, caused a mass panic for everyone involved, and nearly killed Teddy."

"OK, how was I supposed to know Teddy would get a heart attack?" The Acrocanthosaurus asked in response to the last claim.

Her answer came from a loud pounding on the door to the room. "Don't start making jokes about his pain while I'm around!" Diamond shouted from the other side.

"Thank you, Diamond! We can handle it from here!" Rex told the enraged Pachycephalosaurus.

"Hmph!" Diamond snorted in response before leaving.

Once they were sure she was gone, Rex gestured to the door, as if trying to make a point. "Honey, why didn't you at least ask me to help you?" Ace asked. Beta was about to respond, but he beat her to it. "It's because I would have said no and told Rex, wasn't it?"

All his lover could do was nod in response. "Yes." She admitted.

"And it didn't occur to you that if Rex or the other Kings would've disagreed with your plan that it might not be worth going through with?" The Carnotaurus asked.

Beta just growled in response before begrudgingly saying. "No, it did not."

"Beta." Rex spoke to her in a softer tone. "I get what you're trying to say and why you did what you did, we all do. But we are a team. And a team needs to work together. As a former leader, I expect you should already know this."

The orange theropod lowered her head in submission. "My role as a pack leader was not as exceptional as you think." She said.

"Regardless, we expect you to apologize to everyone for this. Especially Teddy once he is out of the hospital tomorrow." Rex instructed her, signaling with his hand that she could leave.

"Of course, Your Majesty." Beta said with a bow before walking out the door.

Once she was gone, Rex reclined back in his chair. "That was not how I planned to start today off." He said with a groan.

"You can say that again." Max agreed as he copied his friend.

Ace decided to give the two a moment to collect their thoughts before he spoke up. "I didn't want to say this while she was here, but I do think Beta had a point, to some extent."

"And that extent is?" Rex asked.

"We never know if or when Seth is going to make his next move. For all we know, it could be an attack on the D-Lab itself. We should have some preparedness in case of an emergency." Ace explained. "Because if everyone panics like they did today, they would be sitting ducks."

"You have a point there." Rex had to agree.

"So, what do you suggest we do?" Max asked.

"Once everyone's calmed down from the whole ordeal, I'd say we get some actual emergency drills underway." Ace told his plan before adding. "With their knowledge, of course."

"That sounds like a great idea, Ace." Rex complemented his partner with a smile. "We should tell Zoe and the others about it immediately."

"Yeah, you guys do that." Max said quietly, his frown never going away.

Ace and Rex took notice of this and looked at the brunet curiously. "Something on your mind, Max?" Rex asked.

"Do you not like the idea of training exercises?" Ace tried to guess the reason for Max's unhappiness.

"No, no! It's a great idea." Max quickly said once he realized what his attitude was implying. "It's just." He paused and looked down at his hands. "All this talk about Seth has been getting me thinking."

"Thinking about what?" Rex asked him.

"About what we need to do with him." Was Max's reply.

Rex looked at his friend with confusion. "What's there to think about? We kill him. Plain and simple." He replied like the answer was obvious.

"Even if we capture him and throw him into prison?" Max asked as he looked up at the blond.

Rex's face started to turn to one of frustration. "Yes! He's too dangerous to be left alive!" He emphasized.

"Rex..." Max was hesitating to say this next part, as he worried this might offend his best friend. "I know you're still angry at Seth for killing your father. But do you really think he would want you to kill your uncle just to get reven-Ah!"

Max could barely finish when Rex grabbed him by the shirt collar and pulled him directly into his own face. "Don't you dare talk to me about what my father would want!" He said threateningly to Max, scaring the brunet deeply. But he wasn't done yet. "Listen to me well, Max, because I am not repeating this again! Killing Seth has nothing to do with revenge! When I became King, I made a promise to protect my subjects. And when I extended my title to you and Zoe, you did the same thing. My father told me himself that I would have to take a life if it meant for this kingdom's safety. Are you saying you wouldn't do the same?"

"Put him down, Rex." Ace firmly told the blond. "He's not the enemy here. He just doesn't see it as we do."

Knowing his partner was right, Rex sighed to calm himself down and released Max. "If you're not comfortable with doing whatever it takes, then do those of us that are a favor and don't get in the way." Was all Rex said as he and Ace left the room, leaving Max alone to think about what Rex told him.

"Is Rex right?" Max asked himself. "Would I just get in the way for thinking like this?"


There was a full moon shining over the Dinosaur Park Formation in Alberta, Canada as some late-night diggers were just about finishing their work. They had all gathered in the main tent and were having dinner while discussing their latest finds. "I'm telling you, it's a complete skeleton." One digger said to his friends as they sat at a table.

His friends just laughed and brushed him off. "Ha, ha!" "Yeah, sure it is!"

"There's easily going to be a bone missing. There always is."

"Yeah, remember when Steven said the same about that Daspletosaurus only to find out that there was no tail?"

"I still say someone dug it up just to spite me!"

"Well, it's not like Steven's failure, because I know the tail is there this time!" The first digger retorted.

As the discussion continued, a pair of eyes appeared in the darkness of the night. Listening in on what was being said in the tent, they narrowed in furry. Whoever these talking mammals were, they had no right to be here, much less disrupting the graves that were under their protection.

Back in the tent, the chatter continued until there was a sudden gust of wind that blew its way inside. The diggers felt the chill and shivered. "Brrr! Who left the flap open?" One of them asked.

"Don't get mad at me. They said it wasn't going to be so windy tonight." Another replied as they went over to close the flap. But as they approached, the wind blew in even stronger. Strong enough to blow the man away from the flap and crash into the table. "Whoa!"

"Hey, watch it!" One of those at the table snapped, having their food and drinks spilled on the floor.

"It wasn't on purpose!" The one blown defended himself. "The wind blew me away from the tarp!"

"Now that he mentions it." Another digger said as all of them started looking around the inside of the tent and seeing wind coming in from all sides. "It is starting to get windy in here. Brrrr!" They said as now everyone started to shiver from the cold the increasing wind was bringing.

The wind began to come in even faster, now blowing lanterns to the ground and making everyone inside struggle to keep themselves stable. "Wh-What's happening!?" Someone screamed in terror as they were on all fours and still felt themselves getting blown away.

"I don't know!" The first digger shouted.

Suddenly, the tent's pegs were uprooted and everything and everyone started spinning around in a mini tornado. "WHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" The diggers all screamed as they went around and around in the vortex of wind. Eventually, the wind came to a sudden stop, leaving the diggers all in midair. "AHHHHHHH!" They all screamed as they fell to the ground and hit it hard.

Upon impact, everyone was either knocked unconscious or very close to it. "Ugh." Those that held on groaned and slowly lifted their heads. When they did, they saw a theropod silhouette roaring in the moonlight. After all that happened, they all came to the same conclusion. "G-G-G-GHOST!" They all screamed at the top of their lungs, wasting no time in grabbing the unconscious and quickly dragging them as they ran away as fast as possible while the silhouette roared again at its success at driving them away.


"And it was wrong of me to conduct such an experiment without your approval, so I apologize for that." Beta said to Diamond and Teddy in the sanctuary the next morning. She had been going around since sunrise talking to everyone who was there during her failed training exercise, with Ace joining her for support and in case things took an aggressive turn. Naturally, this is why she saved the two Secret Dinosaur siblings for last.

Diamond was tapping her foot impatiently, waiting for the Acrocanthosaurus to say something else. "Ahem!" She cleared her throat as a hint as to what else she wanted said.

Beta took the hint and sighed. "And for giving Teddy a heart attack." She added in a defeated tone.

"That's better." Diamond nodded in approval.

"Diamond, I'm fine and she said she was sorry." Teddy told her. "Can't you forgive her?"

"I can." Diamond said to him before she looked at Beta with a serious look that could kill. "But if you ever harm my baby brother again I will break every single bone in your goddamn body, even the smallest ones!" She threatened.

"Okay, Diamond! I can assure you that won't happen!" Ace quickly interjected as he leapt in between the two.

The Pachycephalosaurus just gave Beta an 'I'm watching you' gesture before she and Teddy left, leaving the theropod couple alone.

Once he was sure they were out of earshot, Ace spoke up. "That honestly went better than I thought it would."

"I'm just happy that's over." Beta said as she turned around to leave herself.

Ace followed and joined her side. "There's no need to be embarrassed. We've all had our moments of stupidity. This herd is a melting pot of wacky personalities." He told his lover.

"I'm not embarrassed." Beta responded, even if her tone suggested otherwise. "I still think this herd needs to be trained in case of emergency. I already lost one family. I refuse to let it happen again."

"I agree with you. I really do." The Carnotaurus said. "But there are better ways we can prepare ourselves."

"If you have any, I would like to hear them." Beta said. While her tone suggested otherwise, Ace knew she was being sincere.

However, as has been normal in these situations, the heartfelt talk was cut short when Ace suddenly glowed white and returned to his card. But in a twist, Beta was also glowing and was called back to her card.

The cards appeared in Rex's hand and he swiped the Carnotaurus Card in reverse, calling out a chibi Ace. "I take it there is another dinosaur loose?" Ace asked his partner.

"Why else would we interrupt you having a moment with Beta?" Tank commented from behind Rex.

"How did-" Ace started to ask before Tank cut him off.

"Besides the fact we could see you out the window, I've had the same happen to me at least twice." She explained before giving Rex and knowing look, making the blond rub his head and blush in embarrassment.

"Eh, he, he." He chuckled.

They joined up with the others at the teleporter, and it was then that Ace noticed Rex had Beta's card in his hand. "You're bringing Beta?" The Carnotaurus asked.

"We figured some community service would do her some good." Zoe said as Rex handed the card to Max.

"Here you go, Max." Rex said as the brunet silently took the card, having difficulty looking at his friend.

Zoe saw this and frowned. "Hmmm." There was something going on between those two that she didn't know about, and she was going to find out what.

After taking the card from Rex, Max swiped it on his Dino Holder and the Acrocanthosaurus appeared in a red glow. Looking around at her location, she was able to deduce what was happening almost instantly. "Community service?" She said to Ace.

"Yep." The Carnotaurus simply replied.

"Figures." His mate shrugged before saying. "Well, I haven't been on a mission yet, so I'm not going to complain."

"Just so you know, the whole thing was my idea." Terry said as he walked over to the couple before smugly whispering. "You're welcome."

"So, where is the dinosaur this time?" Chomp asked Reese.

"Alberta, Canada. Specifically the Dinosaur Formation Park." The blonde woman replied.

Hearing this, Spike began banging his head on the wall while crying. "Always gets the cool spots!"

While the others just looked at the sobbing grown man in confusion, Reese just sighed and shook her head in annoyance. "Just ignore him. Giving him attention will only encourage him to continue having tantrums."

"When have we gotten to where we're the adults and our parents are the children?" Zoe asked anyone as they walked over to the teleporter.

"I think it's always been this way, we just never noticed." Max answered as he looked at his dad with embarrassment.


Onboard the Backland, it was once again breakfast time for the dinosaurs. Now that the island was gone, and there were no more plants and trees to forage from, or a pond to fish and drink from, everybody had to eat together. This led to an uneasy environment being created every time Helga dropped their food in the troughs. The non-clone dinosaurs were constantly looking at the clones with dirty looks that the receivers sent right back at them. Only Brontikens was absent, having just grabbed the largest cycads and left while eating them. Pyro stood in the center of it all, watching with amusement in his eyes. "Now, what's with all the hostility?" He casually asked. "We're all friends here. There's no need for all this drama."

"Well, they're the ones glaring at us." Thud told him, being the only one to take his eyes off the dinosaurs on the other side.

"That's because we don't trust that you sneaks won't take all the food for yourselves." Gigas said in defense.

"Besides, they're the ones that started it." Maximus added.

"We did not." Bailey retorted.

"You did so!" The Triceratops countered before she and the Clone Baryonyx started going back and forth.

"Did not."

"Did so!"

"Did not."

"Did so!"

"Did so."

"Did N-Hey, wait a minute!" Maximus quickly caught onto what Bailey was trying to do. "Nice try, but I'm not going to fall for that Looney Tunes trick."

"OK, Sheila, I think you made your point." Armatus said as he pulled her away by the tail.

"Bailey, behave yourself." The Professor told his fellow clone as Sharphorn did the same with her.

Seeing the scuffle diffused, Pyro took the opportunity to speak again and turned to the non-clone dinosaurs. "Look. We're all friends here. Isn't that what pack mentality is all about? Sharing what we have and enjoying each other's company?"

"If it is then you guys have a very weird way of showing it." Gigas said in response as he grabbed the largest piece of meat he could and began tearing into it.

"Oh, come on! We've said we're sorry for picking on you. Isn't that enough to get you to trust us?" Fang asked.

"You never apologized, ever, for any of that." Maximus pointed out.

"Well, yeah. It'd be really embarrassing so we'd have to wait for the right time." The Carcharodontosaurus Clone responded before adding. "It's your own fault for not giving us an opportunity."

"Oh, for the love of-" Maximus muttered to herself in frustration.

"Guess that's one thing that Brontikens has above all of you." Armatus said as he finished his meal. "He at least has the gal to admit when he's wrong whenever he messes up."

After saying that, the Stegosaurus and his friends left, leaving behind a fuming Pyro as shown by his glare, curling of toe claws, and quiet growl. "Ignore them, honey." Yeager comforted her boyfriend with a nuzzle.

"I'd listen to her." The Professor advised. "It's unlikely they know Brontikens as well as they think they do."

"You think I don't know that?" Pyro responded annoyingly. "If that sauropod was as great as they say he is, he would've been here eating with us." He pointed out. "Instead, he's just being a coward and deciding to eat and run."

"And that bothers you why?" Screamer asked.

"Because it will make isolating him again that much harder." Pyro told the Mapusaurus before resuming his meal alongside the other clones.

Speaking of Brontikens, The Apatosaurus was walking down the halls of Zeta Point. He utterly refused to eat in the same room as Pyro and had taken what he could carry and ate elsewhere. Now he was having some much-needed alone time. But with the island gone, he was confined to the halls of the Backland.

As he walked by Dr.Z's main laboratory, he paused as he heard the doctor speaking to Seth and the trio. "Seems to be coming from Alberta, Canada." Seth said as he zoomed in on the large map.

"Oh, Canada." Dr.Z said as he began to visualize. "So-

"We get it. You hate Canadians, too. We don't need a list." Seth cut him off, not interested in what racist things the old doctor had to say about another country.

"It wasn't a long one." Dr.Z pouted quietly before turning to Ursula and her team. "Ursula! Zander! Ed! Go and get that dinosaur!"

"Yes, sir!" The trio saluted and were about to leave before Seth stopped them.

"Not so fast." He told them, making the trio fearfully freeze in place. Dr.Z's ideas were already dangerous enough for them, but Seth's were even worse.

They slowly turned around with nervous expressions while Dr.Z just looked at Seth with slight annoyance. "What is it now?" He asked.

"There's no need to take an Alpha Craft there anymore. The Backland will be able to take us there within a few hours, and completely cloaked." Seth explained.

"Oh, yeah."

"I totally forgot."

"Phew! That's okay with me." The trio said as they sighed in relief from not having to experience any more near-death experiences on their way to the locations of dinosaurs.

Dr.Z. however, was against this change in strategy for odd reasons. "Aww! But them nearly dying is the only way I can get any enjoyment out of their failures." He said in disappointment.

"Gee, thanks." Ursula quietly said through her teeth.

"Well, now you can enjoy them actually having success for a change with them not wasting time and energy trying to survive." Seth pointed out.

Dr.Z stroked his beard as he pondered what his number two told him. "Hmm. I do like success."

"Besides, I have something else for this mission."

Before anyone could ask Seth what he meant, they heard the sound of someone grunting, like they were carrying something heavy. "Eeeh! Aaaah! Come on! Hey, Brontikens." They all looked in the direction of the door and saw D.R.O.I.D entering. The Alpha Droid leader was currently carrying a large crate, having his legs extended all the way to give himself all the strength he could muster. "Errr-Aaah!" Eventually, his body couldn't take anymore and he fell to the floor, dropping the crate in front of himself. "" He said as he pointed an arm accusingly at Seth.

Those present looked at Seth in confusion. "What exactly did you have him bring?" Zander asked.

"I knew invention of mine." Seth replied, before adding. "Though I don't know what the crate is for."

"Eeagh!" D.R.O.I.D groaned as he got back onto his feet and explained himself. "I had to use a crate as they wouldn't listen to anything I told them, and I'm worried they'd dismantle me if I tried to bring them any other way."

"Err, what exactly are you afraid of?" Ed asked nervously as he and Zander slowly backed away.

Ursula, on the other hand, did not look intimidated and instead was disinterested, having already figured out what Seth's new creations were. "Oh, more Droids. How goody." She said with an eye roll.

"Oh, these Droids aren't the ones you can boss around." D.R.O.I.D said with fear in his voice as he unscrewed the bolts hatching down the front of the crate before it fell to the floor and the robots inside slowly walked out.

It was clear from the moment they emerged that these Alpha Droids were not the same as the clumsy ones that the Alpha Gang normally used. These ones were much larger, much bulkier, and much meaner looking.

The men present, obviously besides Seth, gulped loudly and hid behind Ursula, shaking fearfully. The greenette, on the other hand, was still not impressed and actually put a hand to her mouth as she yawned. "You can make them as buff as you can. An Alpha Droid is still an Alpha Droid." She told Seth.

Seth said nothing and instead decided to let the results speak for themselves. Possibly taking offense to her comment, one of the Droids walked right up to Ursula, looking her dead in the eyes. Those hiding behind her quickly scampered away in fear while Ursula started to show nervousness herself. "Uh, why's it looking at me like that?" She asked Seth, not daring to take her eyes off the robot. Seth still said nothing and just gestured with his hand. This seemed to be the cue for the Alpha Droid to punch Ursula straight in the face. The greenette woman was sent flying across the room and ended up crashing into a wall, leaving a large hole in it. "Uuuuuuhh." Ursula groaned from the force of both impacts.

Dr.Z, Zander, and Ed peeked their heads in the hole and saw Ursula's condition. "Oh, geez." Ed said in shock.

"Please tell me that wasn't a minor setting." Zander nervously pleaded as they slowly turned around to look at Seth. But his smirking face was all the answer that Zander needed. "Holy crap."

Dr.Z stroked his beard as he looked back at the damage just one of those new Alpha Droids caused. "Very impressive." He said before another thought came into his head. "If that's how much they can do on a minor setting, I'm betting they're even more effective when not holding back." He guessed with a smile.

"This new dinosaur would be the perfect test subject." Seth replied.

"That's what I was afraid of." Zander and Ed thought simultaneously.

Even D.R.O.I.D showed signs of concern. "This will not end well for us normal Alpha Droids." He thought worryingly due to how much more effective these new models were at following orders. It didn't take much imagination to guess where the clumsier Droids would be headed in the not-so-far future. "It'll be the scrap heap for us all!" He was really scared for his own safety as without any Alpha Droids to command what would be the point of keeping him around? Seth hadn't had any jobs for him since after his failed invasion. It was unlikely he still considered the Alpha Droid leader a part of his court of followers, so he had no reason to trust him. "We'll need to plan for our escape." With that declaration, he silently rolled away, so as to not bring attention to himself that way Seth or Dr.Z couldn't possibly already figure out his plans.

Only Brontikens watched him leave, following the Droid with frowned eyes. After D.R.O.I.D was gone, the Apatosaurus saw no reason to stay himself. He already knew that he was not going to be selected for this mission, so he decided he'd just go back to wandering the halls of the Backland. "These new Alpha Droids could be a problem." He muttered to himself and he began thinking about a change in his overall strategy.

The sauropod was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't pay much attention to where he was heading and eventually found himself in a dark room. Looking around, Brontikens didn't recognize the location. Understandable as he never did much walking around the Backland's halls until now, preferring to spend his time on the island surface.

Before the Apatosaurus could wonder what this room was for, or simply turn around and leave, the sound of static could be heard as holographic purple smoke started to rise from the purple orb in the center before it took the form of Shi. The dark phoenix spread his wings and opened his eyes before noticing the dinosaur in front of him. "Well, well." He said with interest. "I wasn't expecting anyone other than Seth to come down here. To what is the occasion for this tribute?"

"Nothing that concerns you." Brontikens responded, not at all showing any fear to the fact that he was speaking to one of the Gods of the Dinosaurs.

Something that Shi immediately took notice of. "You seem to be feeling high and mighty today if you are speaking to your God with such disrespect."

"You asked a question, and I answered it truthfully. I fail to see how that is any form of disrespect." Was the Apatosaur's reply.

"You forgot to say Lord Shi, or just My Lord in general." Shi pointed out. At that moment, a smaller version of Shi, one of his past lives, appeared next to the current incarnation and whispered something to him. "Yes, he does seem familiar." The main body said.

This conversation was currently happening within Shi's prison. Only Shi could see the previous incarnation, and hear the whispers of knowledge his past life was giving him. As a result, Brontikens was confused by what was going on. "What are you talking about?"

Shi ignored him and looked more closely at the Apatosaurus. "Not just his appearance, but the way he talks. It's a spitting image of him." He said to his offshoot.

Now Brontikens was getting annoyed as well as confused. "A splitting image of who? What are you even saying?!" He yelled at the deity.

This outburst seemed to do the job as Shi responded to Brontikens' question this time. "Considering your lack of respect, I have all intentions to leave you in the dark." He said with a glare before it lightened slightly. "However, I guess your outburst can be overlooked due to you mortal's tendency to want answers. So, I will tell you this, return to me after dark and I will tell you who you were."

Having said that, Shi went back into the stone and the hologram stopped. Brontikens just remained there, taking in what Shi just said. "I still have no idea what he was talking about. But if he claims to know something about me that even I'm not aware of, then like it or not I should believe him. Perhaps this information could be useful in my plans." He thought to himself as he decided that he would return at night to hear just what Shi had to tell him.


In Alberta, the locals of the town near the dig site were going about their normal business when the D-Team arrived. "Well, this is the place." Max said as they took in their surroundings.

"Seems like a nice town." Paris commented.

"Too nice for a dinosaur to be roaming around." Chomp pointed out. "Must be in the woods or something."

Just as they were about to decide their next move, the team heard someone call out to them. "Rex! Kids!" Turning in the direction of the voice, they saw Dr. Owen and Patrick coming towards them, Rex's adoptive father waving his hand so they'd notice him approaching. "Nice to see you all again!"

"And at just the right time, too!" Patrick added.

"Dad!" Rex said as he waved back. "What are you doing here?" He asked his father once they convened.

"Oh, just some digging for fossils. You know? Regular day in the office." Dr. Owen replied.

"Yeah, same thing with us." Tank said. "Chasing after some dinosaur in the area."

Hearing this, Dr. Owen responded with. "Well, that's good news."

"Huh?" The D-Team said in confusion before Spiny asked. "Did you gain a new definition of good news since we last saw you?"

"Oh, no, no. It's not that we think it's good that a wild dinosaur is running around." Dr. Owen quickly clarified.

"Si, it's more to do with what happened the night before we arrived here." Patrick added.

This raised the D-Team's curiosity and concerns. "What happened?" Terry asked.

"Did it eat everyone?" Spiny asked, earning a whack on the head from Tank.

"You'll need to hear it for yourselves from those present for it to make complete sense." Dr. Owen said as he gestured for them to come with him to the hospital. "Follow us."


Arriving at the local hospital, a doctor showed the D-Team to the ward where the victims of last night's incident were being held. What surprised them wasn't the number of injured, which actually was a lot lower than expected, and even then those injured only suffered one or two broken limbs at worst. No, what surprised them was just how horrified all the patients looked. "Holy.." Zoe gasped at the condition of the patients.

"What happened to them all?" Max shakingly asked.

Before Dr. Owen could respond, one of the diggers from the previous night answered. "I'll tell you what happened. It was a ghost!" He exclaimed

"A ghost?" The D-Team repeated with surprised and confused expressions.

"Yeah!" Another digger took over. "It's a spirit of one of the dinosaurs from that dig site! All of our digging has disturbed it from its grave and now it wants revenge on us all!" He cried.

Hearing what the diggers were saying, Ace and Beta, who was sticking her head through a window since the room was too small, shared a look and nodded in agreement, seemingly agreeing on what they were going to say next. "How exactly do you know it was a ghost that attacked you?" The Acrocanthosaurus asked.

"What else could it be?" A digger asked back. "It used its powers to summon a tornado that lifted our tent off the ground!"

"I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't experienced it myself!" Another digger said, gesturing to their broken arm.

"And you believe that it was a ghost?" Ace asked with a raised eye.

"What else could it have been? It summoned a storm out of nowhere and then taunted us before disappearing without a trace!" A digger asked him back.

"Given the fact we are here, I would say that it was a dinosaur with a Wind Move Card that makes a tornado." Ace said.

The response was not the one he was hoping for. "Don't mock our suffering with your jibber jabber!" One of the injured yelled at him.

"I wasn't-" Ace tried to say before he was cut off by another injured digger.

"You think we did this to ourselves and just made this story up!?"

"I'm not saying your story is fake. I'm saying that it couldn't have been a ghost. There is no such thing!" The Carnotaurus told them.

While the rest of the D-Team agreed with the blue theropod, Chomp did have one question. "But what about that time that Rex talked with his father?" He asked Ace.

"Oh, yeah. That did happen." Terry said as he remembered Rex saying that happened after he woke up from surgery.

"That wasn't a ghost." Ace told them both.

"Are you sure?" Tank asked. "Because I'm pretty sure that having a conversation with the dead requires a ghost to exist."

"That was in Rex's dreamscape. It doesn't count as a ghost." Ace corrected the Saichania, starting to get annoyed.

"Or does it?" Spiny rhetorically asked with a creepy voice before Ace pushed his face into his.

"NO, IT DOESN'T!" He snapped.

"Sorry! I was just playing devil's advocate!" Spiny squeaked out in fear. Ace just rolled his eyes at Spiny's shenanigans and walked off, allowing the Spinosaurus to breathe a sigh of relief. "Phew!"

"Look, buddy, if there's no ghost, then how do you explain the appearing and disappearing then?" A digger asked Ace.

The other diggers nodded in agreement. "Yeah." "Yeah." "He's got a point." They muttered amongst themselves.

"Ugh. It probably just used the darkness to sneak up on you and escape." Beta said with her own eye roll. "If it is a Wind Element, it would most definitely be fast enough to do that."

The diggers all looked at each other before they all said the same thing simultaneously. "You're crazy, woman."

A few seconds later, the doors swung open as Ace angrily walked out with the rest of the D-Team following behind him. "Of all the idiotic," Ace grumbled as they walked down the hall to exit the building and meet with Beta. "How stupid can those so-called scientists be? And I thought Cambodia was going to be the height of stupidity when it came to locals."

"Ace, I really think you need to calm down." Paris tried to reason with him. "They're all probably still scared from what happened the night before and aren't thinking straight."

The blue Carnotaurus looked at her with irritation. "There's not thinking straight, and then there's being plain stupid. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. There are no ghosts. Just like there is no Loch Ness Monster." Team Max all shared a look with each other, silently debating if they should tell him John's secret or not.

"What about a Queen of England?" Spiny asked with a raised hand.

"Depends on when you ask that." Was Ace's response.

"Still, you should just ignore them, Ace." Max told him. "If being on the internet has taught me anything, is that some people are so hard set on their ideals that no matter what you say, or evidence you give saying otherwise, they won't change their minds."

"It's true." Zoe chimed in, having her own experience in dealing with stubborn people online.

They opened the exit doors of the hospital, where Beta was already waiting for them. "Regardless of what they think, we need to focus on getting that Dinosaur Card before the Alpha Gang." Dr. Owen said, to which everyone nodded in agreement.


"So, how would we do it?" Terry asked. "All we know is that it was last seen at the dig site."

"Then that would be our best place to start." Max said.

"But the formation is huge. How would we find it?" Tank pointed out.

"We'll have to split up." Rex said.

"Except if there is one thing those diggers said that was true is that the dinosaur attacked them, meaning this is one that either doesn't like humans or is very territorial." Beta reminded them.

"Then each team will travel in pairs." Spiny said.

"Spiny." Tank said calmly to him. "How can we do that when there are only three teams!?" She yelled at him before whacking his head.

"Tank's right. One of us would still have to travel alone." Max said.

"Not quite." Dr. Owen said as he and Patrick stepped up. "We'll go with you."

"Dad, we appreciate the thought, but you do realize you can't fight a dinosaur, right?" Rex told his father.

"Yes, we can't do the fighting. But I've been to this formation so many times I know this place like the back of my hand." The paleontologist assured his son.

"And trust me, that is one messy backhand with all the digging he does." Patrick added.

"Point is, we'd be able to help you track down the dinosaur before the Alpha Gang shows up." Dr. Owen finished explaining.

Max and Rex both still looked unsure. Rex was obviously worried his dad could get hurt or worse if he went along. As for Max, going off of his experience with his own father, he was more worried the two of them would slow him, or whoever they went with, down.

But before either of them could voice an objection, Zoe stepped up. "I think that would be a great idea."

"You do?" Both boys said in confusion at her sudden decision.

"I do." Zoe said confidently without looking behind herself to see the confused faces. She only turned around when she decided on the pairings. "Here's what I propose. Dr. Owen and Patrick will go with Max while Rex and I look together."

"Wait, why with me?" Rex and Max both asked at the same time before Max asked. "Shouldn't it be me and you while Rex is with his dad?"

"I have my reasons for why I'm going with Rex." The pinkette responded.

While the others were still confused by this, Spiny did have one idea in mind. "Are you using this as an opportunity to hit on Rex because something happened with Max?" He asked with a raised hand.

"Wh-What, NO!" Zoe exclaimed with a sudden blush. "Not everything I do is related to my love life!" She said, almost kicking the chibi Spinosaurus in embarrassment before Tank beat her to the punch with a whack on the head. "I just think that these pairings would be best for our mission."

"If you say so." Rex said, eyeing Zoe shrewdly. He could tell she had an alternate reason for wanting to go with him, but he didn't know what just yet.

"We should probably get going. It'll be dark in a few hours, and I doubt any of us want to encounter the dinosaur then." Dr. Owen said.

"Agreed." Everyone else said as the two groups split off. But not before Rex pulled out his Dino Holder. "Wait, Dad!"

"Yes, Rex?"

The blond removed the cap covering where his stones were held and pulled out the Wind Stone and took out his deck of Wind Move Cards before handing the device over to his father. "You should take this."

"Your Dino Holder?" Dr. Owen said as he looked at the object in his hand. "But won't you-"

"I have Ace, and Beta's definitely going to be coming with us, so you'll need Tank more than me." His son told him.

"Well, if you say so." Dr. Owen said with uncertainty as he pocketed the summoning device.

"Don't worry, Rex. I'll keep your father safe." Tank assured her partner as she walked over to Dr. Owen and Max's group.

"Thank you, Tank." Rex said before looking at his dad again. "Good luck." He said before going to join Zoe and their dinos.

"You too!" Dr. Owen called out as he waved Rex and the others goodbye before he went over to Max, Patrick, and the dinosaurs accompanying them.

"Wow, señior. Your own dinosaur." Patrick said, sounding impressed, as his boss came over with them. "Must be such an honor."

"Yes, a real honor." Dr. Owen replied with uncertainty.

Something that Patrick picked up on. "Huh? Is there something wrong?" He asked, confused by his boss's lack of excitement.

"What, you'd rather have someone other than me?" Tank assumed his answer, frowning at the blond paleontologist.

"No, no! It's not that at all!" Dr. Owen assured her with the frantic waving of his hands. "It's just that.." He leaned close to Max and whispered into his ear. "Do not let your father know about this."

"Oh." Max said as he realized how upset his father would be if he found out his best friend got to summon a dinosaur before him and nodded. "Yeah, gotcha."


Once they arrived at the park, the D-Team split up and the groups went their separate ways. With Rex and Zoe's team, Beta was currently leading the pack, being the only dinosaur currently full-sized, with Ace, Paris, and Spiny following close behind like hatchlings with their mother. Zoe and Rex were walking silently together in the back. By now the blond definitely knew that Zoe wanted to speak with him about something. But what it was or when she was going to start the conversation, or if she was waiting for him to start it, he didn't know. After seeing that the dinosaurs were far enough ahead that they wouldn't overhear them, Rex decided to break the ice. "You want to speak to me about something, Zoe?" He asked.

The pinkette turned to look at Rex with a neutral face. "What happened with you and Max?" She asked him.

"What do you mean?" Rex asked back, confused by the sudden question. "Nothing happened between us. Why would you ask?"

Zoe frowned at him. "Seriously? He's been acting nervously around you all day, afraid to even talk to you, and you didn't notice?"

"I...guess not." Rex admitted.

Zoe frowned at him, which just made him slightly nervous. "Rex, I'm not going to yell at you, if that's what you're thinking. But something happened between you two the other day and I want to know what it is." She told the blond.

At first, Rex was still confused about what Zoe said, but then he remembered what happened after he and Max gave Beta her punishment and frowned himself. "I don't want to talk about it."

"This isn't a matter of if you want to talk about it or not. This is about not having friction between the three of us." Zoe sternly told him. Despite what she just said, she was starting to get impatient with Rex's stalling.

But now Rex himself was also starting to get impatient. "Didn't Max tell you?" He asked her. Zoe's frown only increased and she grabbed Rex by the shirt, pulling him back to her. "Hey!" He exclaimed at the sudden action.

"I decided it was best to hear your side of the story first because I was worried I would form biases if I listened to Max's first instead. Now, tell me what happened!" Zoe all but threatened him.

From her piercing glare to the fact that he was basically trapped, Rex sighed and decided to come clean. "After we talked with Beta, me and Max and a disagreement."

"A disagreement?" Zoe repeated in confusion as she let go of Rex.

"This wasn't just any disagreement, Zoe." The blond told her. "It was about Seth." Hearing that name surprised Zoe, but she kept quiet and let Rex continue. "When I suggested that we start doing some training exercises, Max said that he wasn't sure what we should do with him once he's defeated."

"And what do you think?" Zoe asked him.

Rex looked her dead in the eyes when he replied. "What else? We kill him." He paused to sigh. "But Max seemed to have reservations about that and I got angry and lashed out at him." He looked away in shame, expecting Zoe to yell at him for doing the same to her boyfriend.

But, true to her word, and to Rex's surprise, the pinkette didn't raise her voice at him. Instead, she just nodded and calmly said. "I see."

Sensing that she wanted more info, Rex continued. "He assumed that I thought this was out of revenge for what he did to my birth father. But that's not true!" He shouted as he kicked the ground in frustration.

"Then what is it for?" Zoe asked him.

Rex turned around and looked at her with a frustrated look. "What, are you also siding with him? It's to protect our kingdom! What else!?" He yelled at her, angrily stomping his foot.

Zoe backed up slightly, but didn't show any signs of fear. "Don't go putting words in my mouth, Rex. I'm not saying what you're thinking is wrong any more than whatever Max is thinking. But I still feel that there is more to this."

"There is nothing more to this!" Rex refuted her claim.

"So, then why are you so angry?" Zoe asked him. "It can't just be because Seth has survived. I know you, Rex. You're normally able to keep your cool during hard times. That's why you were seen as a leader even before you became King. And I'm not shaming you for losing your temper now. But if you are going to continue ruling, then you need a clearer head." She said as she started pointing at her own scalp for emphasis. "So, I will ask again. What or who are you mad at?"

"I-" Rex paused as he was about to say Seth again, but he knew that wasn't the correct answer. But the more he tried to figure out who he blamed the most, the more stressed he became. And all that stress started to build up.

"Is it Zahrah for what she said when Genie was captured? Is it Spectre or your father for not saying Seth was alive sooner when they should have known?" Zoe listed off possible culprits while he paced around in thought.

Eventually, all that stress reached a breaking point and he erupted. "I DON'T KNOW!" Rex snapped. The sudden outburst made the dinosaurs in front stop and turn around to see what was going on.

"Yes, I'm upset with what Zahrah said to us all! And I am also upset that none of those who supposedly watch over everything didn't know or warn us about this! Especially my father when he came to me specifically to warn me about this!" The blond shouted as he stomped around. "And I'm..I'm..I'M MAD AT MYSELF FOR GIVING SETH THE CHANCE TO SURVIVE!" He screamed to the heavens so loud it scared some birds away. "HE OBVIOUSLY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF MY NAIVETY! AND NOW LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!"

"Rex-" Ace tried to tell him, but he was cut off.

"I know, Ace. I shouldn't be thinking like that." Rex told him. "And I keep telling myself that it wasn't my fault. But that feeling won't go away no matter how many times I say it." He said as he slumped over in defeat.

"That's the biggest burden of leadership." Beta said with a sigh, causing the others to look at her before she continued. "You always feel that when things go wrong that you have to redeem yourself. And when that happens, you don't always make the best decisions." Ace knew that she wasn't just talking about what happened yesterday with her drill, but also her failures of being Pack Leader in the prehistoric days, and gently nuzzled her to comfort her.

"Perhaps." Rex said before looking at Zoe. " Are you satisfied with that answer?" He asked her.

"Depends. Are you less angry now?" She asked in return.

Rex thought for a bit, looking down at his hands before he clenched them into fists. "I can't be sure about that. What I can be sure is that my stance on what needs to be done with Seth has not changed at all."

Zoe nodded in understanding. "I figured as such. And I'm not going to tell you that you are wrong." She said with sympathy before her look turned much more serious. "But I will tell you that you need to talk with Max about this after I talk with him. Not just so he understands your point of view more clearly, but so you can understand his."

"I'll try." Rex said with a sigh. "But I can't promise things will go as you hope." He told her as they continued with their search.

"All right." Zoe said as she ran ahead to walk with her partners, leaving Rex in the back.

"I really hope you can get him to see things my way, Zoe." He thought with a frown. "I hate myself every time the thought comes into my head, but Max has let us down before. Please make sure it doesn't happen."


Meanwhile, as the sun began to set, Max's group was still on their search for the dinosaur, having so far not found any sign of it. "Ugh! We have been walking for hours!" Tank yelled angrily. "When are we going to find this stupid dinosaur!?"

"Probably a lot sooner if you don't scare them off with your yelling." Terry mumbled.

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's just that I expected better from the guy who always brags about how great a nose he has!" Tank shot back.

"I wasn't bragging this time!" Terry retorted.

"Bro, literally two seconds after we'd entered this forest you said, and I quote, 'I'll sniff it out under the hour'." Chomp pointed out.

"And I would have if it was in the area. But it wasn't because Tank has been screaming all day." The Tyrannosaurus shot back with a glare at the ankylosaur.

"Bite me." Was her reply.

"Uh, Tank? I wouldn't dare a Tyrannosaurus to bite me." Dr. Owen warned her.

"That's because you have weak human skin, not natural armor like me." Tank reminded him.

"That's...actually a good point." The paleontologist admitted.

"Exactly." The Saichania said smugly.

That is until Patrick realized something. "Wait, senorita, what about your-"

"Nope!" Tank quickly cut him off, already knowing what he was thinking and not wanting Terry to get any ideas. But it was already too late as she felt the red theropod bite her leg. "Oww!" She yelped before hitting him on the head with her club tail.

"Worth it!" Terry said as he rubbed his head, or at least attempted to given the length of his arms.

What none of the group realized was that their squabbling had attracted some unwanted attention. "Seems the brats have decided to split up to cover more ground." Zander reported to his teammates as he watched Max's team walk by through a pair of binoculars as they hid in a bush.

"Perhaps we should do the same." Ed suggested.

"If we were going to do that, then you should have thought about it earlier." Ursula frustratingly told him. "Because if those reports we heard from the locals are anything to go by, it will strike us at night."

"But, Ursula, I thought you didn't believe in ghosts?" Ed asked her.

That earned him a head-bashing. "I don't! But they are obviously referring to the dinosaur, and I am not putting my life in danger looking for what is most definitely a carnivore alone in the dark."

"Yeah, it'd probably pick us all off one by one if we did that." Zander agreed before looking back at the D-Team members in front of them before noticing who was among them. "Uh-oh." He said nervously.

"Uh-oh? What do you mean uh-oh?" Ursula asked, gaining some nervousness at Zander's tone.

"Don't look now, but there's someone with the brat that I don't think you want to see. Or rather let them see you." He cautioned her before handing the greenette the binoculars.

"What are you talking abo..." Ursula stopped talking when she saw Dr. Owen through the binoculars. Sheer terror filled her face as she saw the man she feared more than anything in the world. "E-E-Ed, launch the attack!" She shakingly told the short man as his head popped out just in time to be hit by the binoculars that fell out of her hands

"Oooh!" He yelped in pain before asking her. "But, Ursula-"

"Don't 'but, Ursula' me!" She hissed at him before declaring. "That man has been stalking me for a year, and I am not going to put up with it anymore! And since I can't get a restraining order, I'm going to settle for the next best thing."

"I'm assuming your plan for revenge involves getting the T-Rex, Triceratops, and Saichania as well?" Zander asked as he took back his binoculars and looked to see what dinosaurs were present. "Along with whatever other dinosaurs that brat may have?"

"You haven't felt the force of those new Alpha Droids, Zander." Ursula reminded him as she looked back at the small army of robots they had with them, standing idly by for commands. "I have. They can handle them. Besides, whatever the new dinosaur is, it can't be any better than those three."

"Can't argue with that logic." Zander said as Ed grabbed out a remote device and started pressing buttons. "Still, isn't this a little extreme using them to kill a man? Even if he is annoying, like those flies that somehow end up in the bathroom."

"I'm the woman, everyone would be on my side if this went public." Ursula pointed out.

"Fair enough." Zander shrugged as the Droids yellow eyes glowed red.

Back on the path, everyone was still continuing the search when they heard the sudden sound of a twig snap. "What's that!?" Max exclaimed as he flipped in the direction the sound came from.

"Probably just some small animal." Tank assured him, not showing any alarm unlike the others.

"When a dinosaur is running around attacking people?" Chomp asked while looking at her like she was crazy,

"This isn't a monster movie, Chomp. Not every time a twig snaps does it mean a dinosaur." The Saichania pointed out.

Right as she said that, the Alpha Droids, numbering at thirteen, leapt from the bushes and surrounded the group. "What the?!" Max exclaimed at the sudden appearance of the robots.

"You were saying?!" Chomp glared at Tank.

The Saichania raised her forelegs in defense. "Hey, I said it wasn't a dinosaur, and it wasn't!" She retorted.

"How is this better!?" The Triceratops yelled back.

"Calm down, Bro! They're just robots. We can take them." Terry assured his brother before he was recalled.

"You're right about that, Terry." Max said before swiping the card.


Despite the appearance of the full-sized theropod, the Alpha Droids paid no attention to him. Instead, they seemed to be scanning the group until all eyes locked on Dr. Owen. When the blond paleontologist noticed they were all looking at him, he backed up nervously while beginning to sweat. "Uh, why are they all staring at me?"

"I have a theory." Patrick worryingly said before the Droids spoke.

"Crush and Destroy." They all said in unison.

"And that was my theory." Patrick sighed in defeat as Dr. Owen's blood left his face before the paleontologist hid himself behind Tank. And since she was in chibi-form at the time, it was basically him crouching down and covering his head.

"Aaah!" He screamed as he hid, trembling in fear. "Don't let them get me!" He pleaded with Max.

"Don't worry, Dr. Owen! We'll scrap these rust buckets in seconds." Max assured him as Terry roared and charged forward.

The Alpha Droids noticed the advancing dinosaur and stood their ground. "Brace for impact." One of the Droids said as it looked ready to take Terry head-on.

This didn't surprise anybody, as they just assumed this was more Alpha Droid stupidity. But that lack of surprise soon turned into genuine surprise when that front Alpha Droid put its arm forward and actually managed to stop Terry's attack by grabbing his jaw. "WHAT!?" They all shouted in surprise at the strength of the robot.

It only got even more surprising when the Alpha Droid turned its arms to the left and caused Terry to fall to the ground with a loud thud. With the Tyrannosaurus down, another Droid grabbed Terry by the tail and threw him into a nearby rock wall where another Droid was waiting at the top. When Terry was in place, it jumped down and performed an elbow drop right onto Terry's neck, causing him to roar in pain from the wind being knocked out of him.

"TERRY!" Max and Chomp cried out before their faces turned to ones of anger as Max recalled Chomp.


Before he fully landed, Chomp already was charging towards the Alpha Droids that were now stomping on his brother like schoolyard bullies. "GET AWAY FROM HIM!" He roared at the robots. However, the Droids responded to this by one of them leaping in front of the Triceratops' path and, similar to what happened to Terry, grabbed him by the horns before it surprised everyone and lifted Chomp over itself before slamming him down on the other side. "Whoaaa-ooofff!" The Triceratops exclaimed during said actions.

"CHOMP!" Max cried out as he watched his other partner get kicked away like a piece of trash.

From their hiding spot, clutching against a large rock, Dr. Owen and Patrick watched on in fear as the fight was not going in their favor. "Señior, what'd we do?! What'd we do?!" Patrick asked frantically.

While he was still scared to the bone, Dr. Owen knew that Chomp and Terry were out there getting pummeled to protect him from those Alpha Droids. That fact was enough to get him to suck up his fears and put on a brave face. "There's only one thing we can do, Patrick. When the going gets tough, the tough get going." He punched his hand for emphasis. "That's our motto!"

"But I thought our motto was 'No te pierdas las cosas buenas de la vida'." Patrick reminded him.

"Patrick, stop living in the past." Dr. Owen told him. "We need a new motto." He said before running out towards the fight.

"SEÑIOR, NOOO!" Patrick cried, reaching out his hand in vain, as his friend ran past him.

Dr. Owen kept running until he reached the center of the Battlefield and stated loudly. "My darling Ursula!"

"Eeeep!" Ursula squeaked in fright and hid behind a tree. "Do not tell him I'm here!"

I know you're out there!" Dr. Owen announced while pointing a finger out forward, not in Ursula's direction but the point was still made.

"Do not make eye contact!" Ursula told her partners from her hiding place.

"Hear me! My heart still burns with the passion for you that it has since the day I first laid my eyes upon your beautiful face." The blond man said with a blissful look on his face as it seemed he was about to go on about how much he loved Ursula again before it changed to a more serious look. "However, even if we aren't related by blood the love as a parent for my son is stronger. And as such, I cannot allow you and your friends to go unpunished after what you did to my boy's birth father!"

"What the heck is he even talking about now?" Ursula asked, confused by what she was hearing. "We had nothing to do with the Backland malfunctioning!"

"Must be some misinformation campaign the brats started so Dr. Ancient's death wouldn't be seen as an accident." Zander guessed.

"Hmph! And they call us villains." Ed frowned with crossed arms.

"As much as it pains me, I must strike you down in order for justice to prevail!" Dr. Owen continued his speech as he pulled out the Dino Holder from his pocket, surprising Zander.

"Hold on? Where did he get that?" He asked aloud.

"Now what is he doing?" Ursula fearfully asked when she heard Zander.

"The creep just pulled out what looks like one of the brat's not Alpha Scanners." Zander reported as he looked into the binoculars to see if he could identify which one it was.

He got his answer when Dr. Owen pressed the buttons on the device, taking a bit to figure out which was the recall button, and a purple card appeared in his hands. "With my love, it gives me the strength to take you down!" He declared as he swiped the card and a purple glow appeared. Only instead of a large Saichania appearing in front of him, it was a miniature, and annoyed, Tank. "Uuuh." He gawked at his failure before stammering out. "O-Obliviously that wasn't the right way to do it."

"You moron! You swiped it backwards!" Tank yelled at him.

"I-I'm sorry! I never did this before!" Dr. Owen stammered as he quickly pressed buttons again and Tank's card reappeared in his fingers. "Now for real this time!" He declared as he swiped the card the right way this time, leading to a full-sized Tank appearing this time. "There we go!" He said with a pumped fist.

"Now it's time for some heads to roll!" Tank declared as she slammed her club tail on the ground.

"Wait, señorita! If you charge in then you'll just be clobbered like Chomp and Terry are!" Patrick warned her.

"Then use a Move Card!" The Saichania said in reply.

"Y-yeah! But which one?!" Dr. Owen asked as he pulled out the deck and looked through his options.

"If you don't want me getting up in there then try Spike Arrows." Tank suggested to him.

The blond man looked through the deck for the specific Move Tank mentioned until he noticed one that showed a picture that fit the description of Spike Arrows, or at least what the name sounded like. "Please work!" He silently pleaded before swiping the card against the stone.

Tank roared and glowed purple as her body surged with energy that went to her tail before spikes started firing from it. "Droid?" The Alpha Droids heard the roar and a few turned around to see what was going on only to end up getting impaled with spikes. Surprisingly, this did not cause them to short-circuit and fall over. Instead, they seemed to just shrug it off and a majority of them turned their attention to the Saichania.

However, Tank did not show any signs of concern that her Spike Arrows seemed to have no effect, or at least didn't disable all of the Alpha Droids. Instead, she crouched as Dr. Owen prepared another Move Card. "Quake Saber!"

The tip of Tank's tail extended to form the Quake Saber before she swung it at the advancing robots. At first, it seemed nothing happened and the Alpha Droids just stood there, not sure what just happened. "Droid?" They once again said in confusion before all of their top halves suddenly exploded in an orderly fashion.

From their hiding place, The Alpha Gang watched in shock. "W-What just happened?" Ursula stammered. She didn't see what happened from her hiding place, but she knew from the explosions that something bad happened.

"Let's just say that we might need stronger metal for those Alpha Droids." Ed answered quietly.

With most of the Alpha Droids now out of commission, those that remained, now numbering at only four, found themselves vulnerable to attacks from the other combatants. Not being held down any more, Terry rose to his feet and went for the nearest Alpha Droid. "Hey, rust bucket!" He called out to the robot before he pressed his right foot directly down on top of it.

Normally the Droid would have been able to push the T-Rex off of itself with ease, but Tank's Spike Arrow had damaged its systems and left it weakened. As a result, all it could do was struggle to keep Terry's foot from crushing it as the pressure increased. "Systems failing." It said as it began to short-circuit before its eyes turned into blue screens. "System failure." Was all it could say with a droned voice before its strength finally gave and it was crushed beneath Terry's large foot.

"Couldn't brace for that impact, could ya!?" Terry mocked the scraps of the destroyed robot before kicking them away.

At the same time, Max and Chomp decided to finish off the three remaining Droids in style. "Chomp, Lightning Spear!" Max called out as he swiped the Move Card.

Chomp roared as the Move was activated and charged towards the stunned robots. He leapt like he was going to pounce on them and proceeded to impale the frontmost Droid with his horns. Thanks to the Move Card, a spear of lightning not only went straight through that robot. but also the other two. If the impalement wasn't enough to put the three of them out of commission for good, the overload of electricity certainly did the trick as all three of them exploded.

The blast knocked Chomp back, but he wasn't injured any more than being thrown the first time. "Awesome job, guys!" Max cheered as he leapt into the air in victory with a pumped fist as his partners roared together.

"And that's why you don't bring robots to a dino fight." Tank said smugly before roaring herself.

From their hiding spot, Zander and Ed, both sharing the binoculars, slowly lowered them with shocked looks on their faces. "Uuuuuuuuuhhhhh." They struggled to form words as they looked at each other.

"They killed all the Alpha Droids, didn't they?" Ursula guessed what the silence from her teammates meant.

"Uh-huh." Both men nodded without closing their mouths.

"And because we were so confident in the Droids' abilities, we didn't bring any of our dinosaurs along, didn't we?" The greenette continued guessing.

"Uh-huh." Zander and Ed nodded with open mouths again.

"Okay. If we just don't leave this spot, they should just move on and leave us alone." Ursula told them.

It was only now that Zander and Ed were able to regain the ability to speak as Ed pointed out. "But won't the T-Rex be able to sniff us out?"

Ursula didn't respond to that, confusing the two men. "Ursula?" Zander asked before he and Ed looked behind the tree she was hiding behind and saw that she wasn't there. Instead, she was already miles away and still running, clearly wanting to be as far away from Dr. Owen as possible. "Yeah, that makes sense." Zander commented before he and Ed ran after her.

Just as Ed said he would, Terry sniffed the air and picked up the Alpha Gang's scent fading away. "Seems they've decided to turn chicken." He told his allies.

"Hmph! Cowards!" Tank smugly replied.

It was at this moment that Dr. Owen was finally overwhelmed by the exhilaration and he fell onto his behind. "Señior!" Patrick called out as he ran to his boss' side. "You bueno?"

"I'm fine, Patrick." Dr. Owen assured him as his aid helped him to his feet. "It's just-"

"You felt the thrill of being in a dinosaur fight for the first time?" Max said as he leaned in with a smug smile.

"Yeah. Exactly!" Dr. Owen said, pointing at the boy before his look became more worried. "But seriously. Do NOT tell your father about this! He'll just hurt himself trying to catch up."

"Oh, trust me, after seeing him break his own ass more than once, I'm as tight as a vault." Max said as he made a zipping and locking motion with his mouth.


It was now night when Rex, Zoe, and their dinos now found themselves at the site of the attack from the night before. "Egh." Beta said in disgust as they entered the scene. "Of all the places we could've searched it just had to be the spot where it last attacked."

"You were the one who said that the dinosaur would probably make its territory here." Zoe pointed out.

"And I still stand by that decision. My problem is that we chose to come here in the dark of night where it can easily ambush us in this already eerie setting." Beta responded.

"What? Are you chicken?" Spiny mockingly asked.

The Acrocanthosaur's eye looked down at the chibi Spinosaurus with irritation. "I'm. Not. Scared, okay?" She empathized before she stopped when it looked like Spiny was about to say something. "If I hear a single chicken noise from you, you're going to find out how they are made into food the hard way." She warned him, making Spiny shut his mouth and nod nervously.

"Okay!" He squeaked as they continued walking, Beta looking pleased her point was made.

As the search continued, a pair of eyes shined from the bushes and looked directly at the group. They did not like what they were seeing. More oversized mammals was already bad enough, but now there was a large, orange theropod with what was assumed to be her adoptive brood of hatchlings. 'This would not be tolerated. This area was under their protection'. Were just some of the thoughts going through the head the eyes were attached to as they disappeared into the darkness.

The search party continued looking when all of a sudden there was a chill as a cold breeze blew past them. "Brrr!" Zoe shivered as she hugged herself to stay warm. "You guys feel that? It's suddenly getting really cold here."

"Well, you are the one wearing a T-shirt." Rex pointed out, not feeling any colder than normal.

"Maybe it was the ghost?" Spiny suggested in a spooky voice.

"Spiny." Ace growled at the Spinosaur's shenanigans.

"He's just goofing around, Ace. It's nothing to get worked up about." Paris assured him.

That seemed to calm him down. But what didn't was the sudden howling that followed. This put most of the group on edge as they stopped in their tracks. "Uh, what was that?" Rex nervously asked.

"Spiny." Ace growled as he looked back at the Spinosaurus, assuming the noise was coming from him as an attempt to sound like a ghost.

"That wasn't me. My howls are much more obnoxious." Was his reply.

"That is true. I can speak from experience." Zoe added, frowning as she recalled the times Spiny would sit on her balcony and howl, or rather attempt to howl, at the full moon for whatever reason.

Another howl was heard and everyone tensed again. Instinctively, they all slowly backed up closer to Beta, the only dinosaur full-sized at the time, until they were all hiding under her like baby birds seeking cover in their mother's wings. Ace was the only one who didn't move, instead looking at everyone with annoyance. "Seriously? You're all still believing in this ghost nonsense?"

"It's not a matter of there being a ghost, so much as something is clearly nearby." Rex answered.

"King Rex is right, dear. We should be proceeding with caution." Beta told her lover.

"There's no need to because there's nothing to be cautious about!" Ace retorted. "You're all just disillusioning yourselves over some stupid stories to add some more excitement to your adventure." He told them. As the Carnotaurus spoke, he was unaware of the presence lurking in the shadows behind him.

It seemed those he was scolding also didn't notice. That is except for one. "Hey, Ace?" Spiny raised his hand.

Against his better judgment, Ace answered. "What is it, Spiny?"

"You know that joke where you're talking about somebody behind their back but then it turns out they're right behind yours?" The Spinosaurus asked.

Ace groaned in annoyance. "Ugh. Spiny, I do not want to hear any more jokes from you."

"Well, that joke just became a reality."

Before anyone could question what he meant, Ace suddenly found himself getting kicked from behind by a theropod's foot. The force of the kick sent Ace flying straight to a nearby tree, where he crashed into it and fell to the ground. "ACE!" Everyone cried at what they just witnessed before turning to see who the attacker was.

It was a reddish-brown theropod with streaks of gold stripes going from its snout, which was also gold, to its tail from the height of near the top of its back and spines to in between the knee and ankle joints where the rest of the foot was gray like its hands and underbelly.

"An Afrovenator!" Zoe identified the dinosaur.

"I knew there was no ghost!" Spiny exclaimed, earning him some confused looks. "That's what Ace would say if he wasn't currently out of it." He explained himself, pointing to the unconscious Carnotaurus.

"Yeah, he probably would." Rex couldn't help but agree.

The Afrovenator roared at the group, to which Beta responded with her own roar as Battlefield colors appeared in the sky and painted the landscape. "Get out? You have some nerve ordering me around after your little sneak attack on my boyfriend." The Afrovenator snorted and Beta's eyes narrowed in rage. "Oh, you are dead!" She yelled as she went and attacked.

Rex and Zoe didn't know what the Afrovenator said, but clearly it wasn't pleasant if it got Beta that upset. They turned to Spiny and Paris and saw one blushing heavily while the other was giggling like the idiot they were. "Uh, can you tell me what exactly it was the Afrovenator said?" Rex asked.

"Hehe." Spiny giggled again before answering. "He called Beta a pedo because he thinks Ace is a hatchling she adopted."

Hearing that made Rex and Zoe unsure of how to respond to that. "Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh."

Meanwhile, the battle had begun. The two theropods ran at each other and met in a headlock. They proceeded to both back up slightly, only to then bang their heads together again and again in an attempt to push the other one away. Eventually, size was the factor as Beta shoved the Afrovenator away, where he crashed into a nearby wall.

This seemed to infuriate the Afrovenator as he roared loudly at Beta before going in for the attack again. "Something's going on here." Paris commented as the rest of them watched the fight.

"What do you mean, Paris?" Rex asked.

"The Afrovenator is constantly telling Beta to 'get out' and 'leave this place'. I just don't know why." She responded.

"Ugh." Hearing a groan, the group turned around and saw Ace slowly getting back onto his feet. "What on Earth hit me?" He asked while stumbling.

"Ace!" They exclaimed in delight at seeing their Carnotaurus friend uninjured. "Are you all right, pal?" Rex asked him as he ran over to check his partner out.

"Aside from a massive headache, yeah, I'm good." Ace responded before looking back at the fight between Beta and the new dinosaur. "So it's an Afrovenator." He identified his mate's opponent.

"A really territorial one at that." Zoe added. "Keeps roaring angrily at Beta and wanting her to leave."

Taking in the information Zoe gave him, Ace watched as the Afrovenator and Beta continued on trying to knock the other down with their heads. Eventually, the Afrovenator realized pushing wasn't going to wield any new results and tried a different approach by backing up and hitting Beta's face with his tail.

Ace narrowed his eyes. Something about the way the Afrovenator fought was off-putting. He could tell from the tail attacks currently being used. Yes, there was a size difference between him and Beta, but the Carnotaurus also knew that with enough force he could knock Beta over and go in for the attack while she was down. If he had the right Move Card, he could even defeat her. So why wasn't he doing that now? This was not a simple territory dispute, or the Afrovenator would take any chance to throw out his rival. "What are you doing?" He wondered as Beta seemed to have enough of having her face slapped by a tail and proceeded to grab said tail and throw the attached dinosaur.

The Afrovenator crash-landed on the ground a few feet away from where Beta threw him. Shakingly standing back onto his feet, he looked down at where he landed and growled furiously at Beta. Ace took interest in this behavior change. "Something about that clearly upset him. That wasn't an extremely powerful hit, or a cheap shot. So what is the reason behind his anger?" Looking at where the Afrovenator was standing, Ace was sure that he saw something sticking out. "Zoe." He said to the pinkette. "Can you zoom in on where the Afrovenator is standing? There's something in the ground."

"All right." Zoe complied and put on her goggles. She zoomed in on the Afrovenator's feet and was able to faintly make out what she believed to be teeth in the rocks. "There seem to be fossilized teeth over there." She informed the rest.

"Makes sense. This is a dig-site." Rex pointed out.

"It is." Ace said as he came to the realization. "That's it!" He suddenly gasped, startling the others.

"What?" Paris asked.

"He's a Grave Keeper." Ace informed them all.

"I thought we said he was an Afrovenator?" Spiny said, not catching onto what Ace meant. More so than the others.

"No, Spiny." Ace shook his head at the Spinosaur's obliviousness before giving an example to the group. "Remember how Beta was extremely protective of those fossils of her family when we first met her?" They nodded. "That's essentially what a Grave Keeper is. They make it their duty to guard the remains of other dinosaurs from those that might disturb them."

"So these fossils are of his family?" Zoe guessed.

"Possibly." Ace replied. "Sometimes they guard the remains of relatives or members of their herds and packs. But he also could have been passed on the position as part of a family tradition." He explained before adding. "That is assuming that these are the same fossils and he's not just confused after waking up in this new world."

"That must've been why he attacked those diggers last night." Rex realized. "He must've thought they were going to harm the fossils."

"So, what? Do we just leave him be?" Spiny asked, now starting to get an understanding of the situation.

"If we do that, he'll be vulnerable to getting captured by Seth." Paris told him.

"Paris is right." Rex said as he got out his Stone Plate. "Ace, we're going to need you and Beta to end this fast."

"Speed and brains are my specialty." Ace bragged as he was recalled.


Back with the fight, the Afrovenator had gotten right up in Beta's face and was roaring in it before Ace knocked him away with a kick to his own face. "Heh. Took you long enough to join in." Beta said flirtatiously.

Ace looked back at his girlfriend and gave a dinosaur smile. "You seemed like you had it under control." He responded in a similar tone before he got serious and looked back at their downed opponent. "We're dealing with a Grave Keeper. He doesn't want anyone damaging the fossils in this place." The Carnotaurus informed the larger carnivore.

"I know the feeling." Beta replied, referencing how she was defending the fossils of her family when she first met the D-Team, as the Afrovenator was getting back onto his feet. "Who's the sick one now!?" She roared mocking at her opponent once he saw both theropods he was up against.

Ace was confused by what Beta just said. "Umm?" He looked over to the rest of the team for an answer.

"Let's just say there was a misunderstanding that got under Beta's skin." Zoe told him.

Deciding to take that as the best answer, at least until the battle was over, Ace nodded and he and Beta both went in for the attack. But to their surprise, so did the Afrovenator with a white glow. The couple knew a Move Card was coming, they just didn't know which one and prepared themselves for a head-on attack. But instead of a powerful gust of wind or being pelted by Afrovenator clones, the Afrovenator actually moved out of the way. "What?!" The two surprised theropods came to a halt as they looked behind themselves to see that the Afrovenator was running in a circle around them.

Their confusion continued to grow as the Afrovenator continued circling them, not knowing what his angle of attack was. They started to get their answer as the running theropod started to speed up. In fact, he was going so fast that it seemed that the wind was starting to pick up. And that wasn't the only thing getting picked up as soon Ace and Beta felt their feet leave the ground as they were lifted into the air. "Wh-what's going on!?" Beta asked as she flailed and kicked her legs in a vain attempt to escape.

"I believe we're about to experience a Tornado Toss!" Ace answered while doing the same to no avail as the aforementioned tornado formed around them as the Afrovenator reached top speed. The two of them were lifted high into the air until the tornado suddenly vanished. "Brace for impact!" Ace warned as gravity pulled him and Beta down.

"Speak for yourself!" Beta said as she used her larger size to her advantage, making sure to crash on the ground first so Ace would land on top of her.

When the Acrocanthosaurus crashed, a cloud of dust formed that blocked everyone's view of the couple. "ACE! BETA!" Rex cried out for a response from them.

"We're fine, Rex." Ace assured him. The dust cleared and it was revealed that Beta was successful in her plan to absorb Ace's fall damage.

"Ugh. Speak for yourself." Beta groaned as Ace got off of her.

"Come on, honey. You know I'm grateful for you saving me." Ace told her.

"Yeah, doesn't mean it wasn't any less of a literal gut punch." Beta joked before looking at the Afrovenator. The Jurassic theropod was currently standing across from them, back turned, and panting heavily. "Seems that Move took a lot out of him."

"I'd be exhausted too if I ran so fast I created a literal tornado from under my feet." Ace replied. "I would be so exhausted that I'd be perfectly left open to an enemy's attack."

"Well, if that's the case." Beta said as she crouched into a pouncing stance before looking at her mate. "May I have this dance?"

Ace wasted no time following suit and answering. "You most certainly may, M'lady."

The theropod couple then began their counterattack, moving in unison, almost like they were actually dancing, as they approached the panting Afrovenator and smacked him away with their tails.

The Afrovenator crashed and once again stood on his feet enraged, but he had barely had time to react as Ace and Beta head-butted him from both sides, sandwiching him between their heads.

The force of both impacts made the Afrovenator stumble and struggle to stay on his feet once his opponents separated, giving Beta the perfect opportunity to get under him and toss him into the air with her head, almost like she was performing Neck Crusher. This gave Ace the opening to finish him off with the Move Card Rex swiped for him. "Hurricane Beat!"

A tornado formed around the Carnotaurus that split into two smaller tornadoes that went over to the Afrovenator and formed back into a single, large one that picked up the brown theropod. With his target in the air, Ace leapt at him with his feet at the ready and proceeded to kick the Afrovenator in the head several times. He kept up the process until he ended the attack with a mixture of a backflip and kick that knocked the other theropod away and carded him.

The Afrovenator Card and Move Card floated to the ground and Rex picked them up. "Good job, Ace, Beta." He said as he looked at the Dinosaur Card with Zoe. "You think we can convince him to stay with us?" He asked her. "If what Ace said is true, he might not be willing to leave this place and won't take kindly to waking up in a lab on the other side of the ocean."

"I think we can come to an understanding." Zoe assured him. "We just need those diggers to be able to cooperate."


It was around midnight when the doors to the room opened and Brontikens stepped through them. It was pitch black, so dark that the Apatosaurus could barely see in front of himself. He was going to demand the one who called this secret meeting to reveal himself, but he didn't need to as a purple light began to fill the room as Shi appeared in his hologram. "If you're expecting me to be surprised by you actually coming, I hate to disappoint but I knew you wouldn't be able to resist the opportunity.

"If we both know the answers to the question, then there's no point in asking, is there?" Was Bronikens' unamused response.

"Not one for small talk, are you?" Shi commented before jokingly saying. "Figures. With the lack of respect you give others, I doubt you have many friends."

"I don't need friends." Brontikens told the phoenix. "Now, are you going to tell me what you know, or was this all just a lie so you could have someone to talk to?"

"Hmm, hmm." Shi chuckled at the Apatosaur's impatience. "You really must be desperate to reclaim your throne if you've resulted to insulting your god to get some answers. I heard about your Mashin-Kai with Pyro and how he defeated you."

Brontikens glared at the hologram. But before he could voice any displease, Shi said. "However, I wasn't referring to your leadership over the dinosaurs here. Oh, no. I was talking about the real throne. The one of the Dinosaur King. The one you had."

Brontikens was surprised and had a hard time believing what he just heard come from the dark phoenix. "What are you talking about? If I was the Dinosaur King, as you claim, then why is it that I am stuck with a bunch of idiots and terrorists instead of leading the other survivors back to our rightful glory?"

"You can thank my sister for that." Shi told him. "But we're getting ahead of ourselves. It is best to start this story at the beginning." The phoenix then started to morph as his entire body began to swirl like a large spiral before it began to show an image like a TV screen.

The image in question was showing an Apatosaurus standing on a ledge with a large crowd of dinosaurs looking up at him from the ground. The crown on his forehead symbolized that he was the King. Brontikens instantly recognized the dinosaur on screen. "Impossible." He nearly gasped. "That's-"

"You when you were King." Shi's voiceover finished for him. "I believe it was about five, maybe ten, years after you had reached the rich greens of the North. You had challenged the current King to a Mashin-Kai and had emerged victorious. Quite the achievement for a dinosaur so young. Perhaps that's part of the reason you went down in infamy."

"Infamy? Is that so?" Brontikens said with heightened curiosity.

"Oh, I wouldn't go getting excited if I were you." Shi said as he briefly returned to his normal form. "For you were well known for a very different reason. You were the King that nearly destroyed his kingdom."

The first surprise made Brontikens gasp. This revelation made him almost choke on his breath. "What?!" Was all he could say once his breathing fixed itself.

Shi swirled again and showed an image of King Brontikens fighting off several dinosaurs. "You weren't much different back then than you are now. The death of your herd, family, and especially your mother had hardened your heart, as my sister put it. You believed in strength above all else." On-screen, King Brontikens was showing himself to be much more merciless than the current Brontikens was.

The Apatosaurus king grabbed a Stegosaurus by the neck, unfazed by the spikes, and then proceeded to crush it between his jaws. He did that while also suffocating two Allosaurus by standing on their necks. With three of his opponents dead, he turned his attention to the Seismosaurus. Using the spikes on his feet, King Brontikens attacked the legs of the larger sauropod. With no way of keeping themselves upright, they fell to the ground and were helpless as the King went straight for their heart.

"You looked down upon all of those who were weaker than you." Shi resumed narration. "Seeing them as a waste of space and not worth the effort of protecting. This not only led to many opposing you, which you slaughtered without any hesitation, but also you neglected the environment beyond your own needs."

Once again the scene changed, not it was showing King Brontikens looking down upon an army of Apatosaurus marching past him. "You should already know that sauropods can live well past a hundred. And you took clear advantage of that, making an army out of your offspring. Offspring coming from multiple wives, oh, sorry, I meant to say concubines, that spread out all over the world to enforce your rule." The scene changed again to show several bodies of various Jurassic species. "A rule which led to the extinction of many species of dinosaurs. A rule effectively ended the Jurassic period. A rule that could've gone on much longer had you not made one fatal mistake."

The anger in Shi's voice started to grow as the scene now changed to show King Brontikens standing below purple storm clouds. "You claimed you were a god. And the me of that time took extra offense to that." Purple lightning struck the screen. When the light died down, it showed the charred body of the former king. At least, it was assumed that was the body of King Brontikens due to the unharmed crown on the head because the body shown did not look like the carcass of any kind of dinosaur.

"With your demise, those who survived your oppression rose up and took their revenge on your bloodline, killing every single last one of them." Shi said over a scene of many Apatosaurs being killed and showing their dead bodies before laughing crudely. "Heh, heh! I guess that's one more species that went extinct because of you."

Brontikens rarely emoted anything beyond annoyance and anger, but hearing and witnessing all of the atrocities he had committed shook his core if the look on his face was anything to go by, looking like he just had his throat ripped out.

But Shi wasn't done yet with his story. "Seth told me that all of the dinosaurs that are alive today were chosen by my sister. Even if the circumstances surrounding how you were found were different than the majority, I have no hesitations in believing she still manipulated the events leading up to how you are still breathing now. It made me wonder, why would she do that? Why take such an important figure in the history of dinosaurs, the one responsible for the change from Jurassic to Cretaceous, and give him another chance at life instead of letting him rot in hell where he belongs? I fail to see how she saw any good in you. I fail to see any now and you haven't even become that dinosaur yet. But, my past lives helped me realize the simple answer. She wanted to remove my heroism from history so I would always be looked at as the villain. So she can be remembered as the one sibling that cared for the dinosaurs. To make herself the victim!" The dark phoenix yelled as purple lightning struck around him and the boom of thunder shook the room, causing even the mighty Brontikens to back up in fear. "Had she not trapped me for millions of years, I would say I was surprised by this betrayal. As it is, you only exist now as part of my sister's plan. Let's hope for your sake that I decide to honor her choice of redemption for you when I am free."

Having said all he needed to say, Shi went back into the stone, leaving Brontikens alone in the room. It took the Apatosaurus almost an hour before he remembered how to walk and left to get some much-needed sleep. Not that sleep would be coming to him easily tonight as thoughts of what he had just learned plagued his mind. "What that demon showed me means nothing. It's a history that is now invalid." He kept on telling himself. "You are not the tyrant that Seth and Dr.Z are. When you become King, it will be a better future for all." No matter how many times he kept repeating those thoughts, he found no peace within himself.


The next morning, the D-Team regrouped and met at the hospital where they showed the injured diggers the culprit behind the attacks; Phantom the Afrovenator. "So, you're saying he's the one who attacked us?" A digger asked once the story from the previous night was done being explained, pointing a finger at the brown theropod.

"Yes. We literally just explained that." Tank said with rolling eyes.

"And he did so because he felt we were disturbing the resting place he swore to protect?" Another asked.

"That is correct." Zoe confirmed.

"So, no ghost?" A third digger asked.

"No ghost!" Ace said smugly, standing outside full-sized with Beta and sticking his head in a window. "Let's hear it for gibber jabber! WHOOOO!" He cheered.

As the rest of the D-Team rolled their eyes and sweat dropped at Ace's gloating, Phantom took this moment to speak to the diggers. "Listen, The King and his co-rulers have explained to me how things have changed since the Cretaceous. I cannot confirm if this dig site is the burial ground I swore to protect. Even if it is, I will allow you to continue your work here."

"You will?" The diggers said with surprised and hopeful looks.

The Afrovenator nodded before his look turned deadly serious. "But know this. If I find out that any of you, or any paleontologist, disrespect a dinosaur's fossils I will personally hunt you down. Is that understood?"

The diggers looks turned into ones of absolute terror as they all swallowed huge lumps in their throats. "Understood." They all said unanimously.

From the side, Dr. Owen seemed to be impressed with Phantom's dedication. "Hmm. Maybe when things have calmed down with Seth." He thought to himself.

"Señior." Patrick shook his head, already knowing what his boss was thinking and not sure if he would be able to handle it.


That following night, peace had returned to the dig site. Phantom was in Sanjo City with the rest of the dinosaurs, and the diggers were able to sleep without fear of an attack by a ghost. However, there was one man who was still out and about.

Having heard the information two nights ago from his spies and having waited for the Afrovenator to be dealt with, Seth searched the dig site for the find he was looking for. The flashlight in his hand moved around slowly from side to side with each step he took, like a predator scanning for its prey.

Eventually, he found the skull of a Tyrannosaurus and approached it. Sure enough, this was it. "It's just as the digger said. A flawless Tyrannosaurus skeleton." He said as he observed all the fossilized remains and found no bones missing. He then pulled out a device and scanned the remains. What the results showed greatly pleased him. "And it seems I'm in luck. There's still some DNA intact. That settles it. This is the one." He put the scanner away and pulled out his Dino Holder. "Professor, send down a digging team. I've found just what I'm looking for."

Next time on Dinosaur King:

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(A gun is pointed directly at Max)

Ungaro: The question now is if I should have you mounted or stuffed?

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