Title: Mission Possible

By Blue Topaz

Spoilers: very minor Nemesis, Unnatural Selection, Disclosure, Smoke and Mirror, Memento.

Disclaimers: Stragate SG-1 and its characters are not mine.

PRE-MISSION (Pre-Disclosure)

Dr. Caroline 'Carrie' King was walking down the corridor at Level 19 on her way to Major Carter's lab, the Major had requested her help for one of her projects. With stack of file on her hands, she walked slowly, concentrating on the load on her arms and balancing it carefully. She bumped into someone's back.

She looked up, "Oops, sor ..." her apology was cut short by the sight that presented upon her eyes. She blinked, half-dreading that the scene in front of her was just a figment of her imagination, the result of projecting too much (she was a real-life shipper). But to her delight, it was still there.

Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter were in what appeared to be a very compromising position. So compromising that it had to be in direct violation of some of the USAF's regulations. He had her pinned on the wall near her lab's entrance, her back was on the wall; she hugged a notebook close to her chest, trying unsuccessfully to hide behind it. He had both his hand on either side of her shoulders, preventing her from escaping. There was fear in her eyes.

"Now Carter, are you still saying 'no'?" the Colonel seemed to be enjoying her misery. The Major pursed her lip and refused to be baited into saying a word, she hugged the notebook closer for dear life. It was the only thing that she had between their bodies.

He moved closer towards her, his head was lowered slightly so that their eyes were in the same level, "I can't and won't order you to do this," he deliberately gave her a smile. The Major closed her eyes, and pressed her back closer to the wall, still didn't say a thing. She could deal with threats and violence, but a charming Colonel was a different matter all together, especially the one who was in a very close proximity with her right now.

He put one hand under her chin, "Major, look at me," he ordered her calmly. She was a good little soldier and he knew it, an order is an order, she had to comply. Slowly, she lifted both her eyelids.

The smile was still plastered across his face, "You know I would do anything for you, right?" his hand was still on her chin, the thumb was stroking her jaw line now. Her resistance was on the verge of being broken, she took a deep breath, "I know."

"So, why can't you do this?"

"I don't want to get too involved in your personal affairs," her voice was weak and unconvincing.

His smile was gone, replaced by a serious expression; it was a rare one coming from him, "Please," he was asking, not ordering. He didn't want her to feel pressurized or anything like that. Yeah, right. And Siler's dog could say 'I Love You' in 20 different languages.

She had a hard time keeping her defenses up, "Beside, the timing is bad," she was hoping that he would see her reason and leave her alone. No such luck. He was still standing so close to her, invading her personal space. The grip in her notebook was tightened.

His hand had finally left her face and resumed its previous position, by her shoulder. He put a weary expression, he really need her to say 'yes' so bad, she was still resisting. He was a man with a mission, he have to prevail, so he delivered the final blow, "Please ... for me." There, it was out. He knew that he was being unfair, she couldn't refuse that kind of request, but the situation was calling for a desperate move.

And what a move that was. Samantha Carter felt like someone had just put a leash around her neck and yanked it, she cursed his CO for using the sacred 'for me' speech; that was one dirty ploy. He had to go that far, huh? There was no way she could decline now. She bit her lower lip in nervousness, and then took a deep breath.

He raised his eyebrow, as if asking her for her answer.

Her eyes were narrowed, "FINE, FINE. I'll help you. Happy now?" she was clearly irritated by his unfair way of asking her assistant.

He drew his hands from the wall and stepped back from her; the boyish grin that was specially him was displayed, "Thanks Carter, I owe you one." Gone was the charming and irresistible Colonel, replace by his usual 'couldn't care less' persona. He got what he wanted. He stuffed his hands on his pocket and walk away from her, whistling happily to some Monty Python's song. The still annoyed Major just shook her head in defeat and disappeared inside her lab before muttering, "Men.". They were oblivious to the spectators that they managed to attract.

Carrie could practically hear if a pin dropped to the floor right now. It was that silent.

"Wow, and when I thought they were finally going for it," she said to no one in particular, still staring at the wall where the Colonel and the Major had the intriguing encounter earlier.

"You got that right," someone else muttered. It was the person that she bumped into earlier.

"Hey, you got any idea on what's that all about?" Carrie could see around 7 or 8 people that had witnessed the interesting conversation, didn't matter if they saw the whole thing or just stumbled upon the last 5 seconds. Most were scientists as Level 19 was where most of the labs were, but there were a couple Airmen as well.

"Yeah, I saw it from the beginning."


"What was the Colonel asking her?"

"What's with the flirting?"

"Yeah, what drove the Colonel to be so calculating like that?"

"Well, apparently it got something to do with Senator Kinsey."

"That goon?"

"The 'two faced' Senator?"

"The one whom the Colonel O'Neill shot?"

Silence encased.


"It wasn't the Colonel."

"I know that, I'm just saying. In a way, it *was* the Colonel who shot him."


"Ignore him, so what about Kinsey?"

"I'm not too sure about the details either, but it related to General Hammond's visit next week to Washington."

"About the disclosure plan for the Stargate?"


"Wow, must be something big then."

"No doubt about that."

"So what did the Colonel really want from the Major?"

"Don't know."

Everyone seemed to be lost in their own thought. They tried to guess what was really going on, but there was no guarantee when it came to SG1. They just had to wait and see.


The SCG was in suspense.

Not because they found out about a Goa'uld plan to attack Earth. Also not because of some disease or virus had been brought back to Earth. No, no, no. Nothing like that at all. The brave men and women serving under the NORAD base were in suspense because of one man, that's right, just because of *one man* had retreated and 'meditated' inside his own office for the last three days.

What had made the SGC's residents anxious was that the particular 'one man' happened to go by the name Colonel Jack O'Neill. The second in command of the SGC, the man who had more secrets than all the FBI and CIA could put together (this is a hyperbole, of course), the man who wouldn't spend three days of his time in his office for no good reason. He was plotting something. And that plot was probably the best-kept secret in the world at this moment, just because it was a secret inside the biggest secret in the world.

The Colonel only came out from the safety of his office to fulfill his need of nutrients, to answer calls of nature, to maintain personal hygiene, or to answer General Hammond's requests. Only his team members were allowed to enter his office. He was planning something big: that much was obvious. And big in the Colonel's dictionary meant astronomical. All non-SG1 (General Hammond not included) members were under the impression that Senator Kinsey would get what had been coming to him this time.

Naturally, they had tried to pry some information from the rest of the SG1. When they said the rest of SG1, it was just Jonas really. No one was foolish enough to bother Major Carter with 'none of your business' (as she nicely put it) matters or disturbed Teal'c from his Kel'no'reem. But to his credit, Jonas stood his ground and spilled nothing. Not even when they promised to ask Lt. Rush to go out on a date with him.

Next, they tried the security camera in his office, but nothing productive had come out from that. It just shown him totally engrossed in his own world, scribbling something down on a piece of paper or playing with his yo-yo and Gameboy to maintain his sanity. No doubt it was part of his plan. But they knew better than that, the Colonel had the whole thing designed inside his brain. If he put an effort into something, he could turn into a genius. Too bad that science didn't really appeal to him.

So, the suspense remained.

And increased as the minutes passed.


Major Samantha Carter frowned.

She stood in front of a safe, where she knew that a particular alien object that Colonel O'Neill requested was kept. She was one of a few people in the base who had the combination for the safe. The procedure clearly stated that in order to 'borrow' the object, she had to have permission from Hammond and it had to be done in the presence of another officer.

The Colonel didn't want anyone to know that he'd be using it. That was why she was standing in front of the safe in the middle of the night, when the storage room was barren and in complete darkness. She had a small flashlight with her, because she didn't want to rouse suspicion by turning the light on in the room. Jonas had made sure that the security camera would show a loop recording of an empty room for the next 20 minutes, plenty of time. Teal'c was securing the corridor against any unwanted witnesses. The Colonel? Well, he was in his office, pretending to work out a plan or playing with his yo-yo, creating a perfect diversion from curious SGC residents. They expected him to do all the work and his team-members just to tag along. They were wrong if they thought that they could outsmart him.

She quickly pulled out a pair of latex gloves and put them on, she didn't want to leave any evidence behind. She really didn't want to do this, when she told him that the timing was bad, it was the truth. She had a lot of work to be done, and she would prefer a good night sleep to sneaking around the SGC steali ... -- she meant 'borrowing' an alien object.

It made her wonder though about the things that she would do for her CO. Before she knew him, the thought of breaking any regulation was unimaginable, but now? When she started to enter the combination for the safe, she realised scarily that he could make her do *almost* anything.


Teal'c was guarding the corridor.

He was making sure that no one would pass it and therefore become a threat to Major Carter's position. The sight of the former First Prime of Apophis was a frightening sight, especially for the new recruits that had not gotten to know him yet.

O'Neill had expressed his dislike of this Senator. And suffice it to say, Teal'c shared his aversion towards the man. He would gladly help his friend in his battle against the Senator. Beside, Senator Kinsey was supporting the NID, who he had a personal feeling of resentment against. They had tried to use him as an experimental object on several occasions.

He had no idea of what O'Neill had in mind, but he trusted him. O'Neill had plotted the perfect plan, he would see to it personally that it was executed with precision.


Jonas Quinn was smiling in front of his computer.

He was glad that the Colonel had put so much trust in him. And he had also trusted him with another important task. But he couldn't tell anyone about it, not yet. What he could say for now was that the Colonel wanted him to learn a new skill. The Colonel had been very vague about his big master plan. He only ordered his team-members to do as he wanted, never once explaining the whole picture.

Sam and Teal'c were unfazed about the whole thing and just did what the Colonel asked them to do. They had a blind faith when it came to the Colonel, they said that the Colonel would tell them when the time was right. Jonas envied them, they were so comfortable and trusting in each other.

But he didn't mind, he was one of them now.

Maybe in time, he could be an integral part of SG1.


The next morning, all members of SG1 were present in Colonel Jack O'Neill's office.

The Colonel had just briefed them about his plan. H had swept clean his office from any kind of bugs that might have present, the security camera was left active, as it can only record images, not sound. No harm done.

"So, what do you think?"

A very innocent question that none of his team-mates had an answer for. Major Samantha Carter had a disbelieving look on her face, Jonas Quinn's mouth was slightly opened, meanwhile Teal'c raised one of his eyebrows and frowned.

"You really hate the Senator that bad, Sir?" his second-in-command asked still with her 'I cannot believe that we are going to do that' plus 'I should have seen it coming' expression.

He gave her a pointed look.

"I believe he does, Major Carter," Teal'c answered on behalf of his leader.

Jack nodded in the direction of his Jaffa as a thank you gesture, "He deserved every single thing that I had planned for him," he said firmly.

Jonas's mouth was still opened. And Jack took pity on him, "Okay kids, if you got no questions, that's all. You're dismissed."

Teal'c bowed his head and half-dragged Jonas out of the Jack's office. Jack only hoped that the Kelownan would recover from his shocked state; he needed him to make his plan worked. He then turned his attention to his Major who still in his office, no doubt she still had doubts about his plan. He knew that she had a tendency to think too much.

"Carter, do you want to say something?"

She considered his offer for a while, but she knew that there was nothing that she could do to change his mind. She shook her head in defeat, "No, Sir." She had gone this far, might as well go all the way. She took out the alien object that she had managed to stea ... -- she meant 'borrow' from her pocket and handed it to him.

He took it gratefully, "Thanks Carter. I couldn't do it without your help."

She smiled at him, "You're welcome, Sir. I'll leave you to it then." She turned around and left his office.

As soon as the door closed, he stared at the object in his hand. Time to make a long distance call.


Thor blinked his big black eyes.

"Did I hear you right, O'Neill?" he asked just to make sure.

O'Neill nodded his head, "Yes, can you do that?"

Thor could easily granted O'Neill's request, "Very well. I need the coordinate and the time for that."

"No problem. Thanks Thor, hey listen. That was just the official request. I have some personal ... assistance that I need from you as well."

Thor stared at O'Neill's holographic form, "I would help you in any way I can." O'Neill had helped him by dealing with the Replicator and his Goa'uld capture after all.

O'Neill smiled in satisfaction, "Sweet."

Little did the little gray alien realised what the human was going to ask.


Somewhere on the base.

"O'Neill had started his plan."


"Yeah, one of SF heard him talking to Thor inside his office."

"Thor? The Asgard, Thor?"



"What did he ask Thor?"

"The SF didn't say, he said that he couldn't hear the conversation clearly."

"O'Neill and Thor, lethal combination."

"Kinsey is a dead man walking."

"No doubt about that."

"Remind me to never, ever cross the Colonel."

"Do you really need reminding?"

"Good point."

"Hey, anyone have any idea what *exactly* the Colonel is planning?"


"Don't ask me."

"Drawing a blank."

"So ... what now?"

"Now we wait."


"I'm not so big on waiting."

"Tell me about it."

"When was the meeting due to be held anyway?"

"In four days time, why?"

"Man, I have a mission that day."

"Bad luck."

"It won't make a difference. There is no way that O'Neill will share his fun with us."


"SG1 members are so lucky. They get all the good times."

"Yeah, they are."

"Wait a minute, if Hammond is going to be in DC for the meeting, that means ..."

"Colonel O'Neill has to be here to take command of the Gate."

"Yes, that's right."

"So, there is no way that he could do whatever it is that he wants to do to Kinsey on that day."

No one said anything as the news sunk in.

"When then?"


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