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Fifth Year, Fifth Encounter
Chapter 1 - The Cloak, The Mask and The Letter

Harry woke to the sound of Dudley thundering down the stairs screaming that his computer had broken and he wanted a new one- NOW!

It might help, thought Harry, looking through a crack in his bedroom door and seeing the smoking remains of his cousin's computer. It might help if he hadn't kicked a hole in the screen!

But oh well, only two more weeks to go till he was back on the train to his real home- Hogwarts.

Since his Aunt and Uncle didn't care about him anymore and just pretended he wasn't there, and as long as he stayed in his bedroom Harry could do what ever he wanted, the threat of Sirius was enough to stop the Dursleys taking his school things.

Hedwig had just returned from a nights hunting and settled herself on his shoulder peering at the book he was reading - "150 Ways of Getting out of Difficult Situations"

Sirius had told him to read it before he went back to school.

Harry suddenly got up, sending Hedwig hurtling towards the door screeching.

"Sorry Hedwig" apologised Harry. "But are you up to a delivery?"

Hedwig screeched with delight.

"Right then" said Harry. "I'll write to Ron"

Harry got his quill and ink from his desk and settled down to write a long letter to his best friend Ron.

But as he dipped his quill into the shinning black ink something Sirius had said came floating into his mind.

"Harry you've got to tell me if anything strange happens. I've got to know, promise you'll tell me."

So as he had promised he decided to write to Sirius instead and tell him something that had been bothering him for a very long time.

Sirius, You told me to write and tell you if anything strange happens and it has. I've been seeing strange people hanging around Privet Drive always at night, cloaked in black. Some of them have masks on to. I don't know if I'm just being paranoid but I thought I'd tell you anyway. Well that's all, I hope your well Harry.

At that Harry attached the letter to Hedwig's leg and watched her fly out the window hoping that Sirius would reply soon.

Then Harry saw another owl flying towards the window. He stood back and watched this new owl soar through the window and land neatly on Hedwig's perch.

Harry took the letter from the owl and read it as the huge brown bird drank gratefully from Hedwig's bowl.

The letter was from Hagrid:

Harry, How are ye'? I'm fine so is Fang. I'm lookin' forward t seein' ye at school, hope you aren't lettin' those muggles bully ye. Your better than they are, remember tha' Well see ye soon.


Harry put Hagrid's letter down and then suddenly realising how hungry he was he stroked this new owl on the head, gave him an owl treat, hoping Hedwig wouldn't mind, and went down to breakfast.

As Harry entered the kitchen he got an evil look from his Aunt Petunia as she slammed a plate of bread and butter and half a glass of odd-looking juice down on the table.

Harry sat down and ate as he listened to Dudley moan about his computer.

He finished his pitiful meal, washed up his plate and ran upstairs half hoping to see Hedwig but knowing that she couldn't possibly be back yet. (The brown owl had now gone).

So as he had nothing else to do Harry decided to finish his Herbology homework: "List 20 properties of the Saprophytes Fungus"

Harry had a real urge to write that it was " a stupid pinkie coloured mushroom with no more magical properties than an old boot" but he didn't think that Professor Sprout would like that very much.

But as he was riffling through all the Herbology books he could find, his mind started wandering. Only two more weeks he thought, half way between turning the page of a rather tattered volume. Only two more weeks.

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