The sun rose over the sleeping figures the sun bathed their skin in a light that looks as if the heavens shone upon them.

Tara slowly opened her eyes feeling the warmth of the sun and Sam give her a feeling of wearing a warm sweater.

She looked at her sleeping husband and smiled he was even handsome sleeping with bedhead.

"Mmm, you keep staring at me like that your never getting out of this bed." Sam sleepily said.

"We spent all day yesterday in this bed Sam in spite of how much the idea sound fanfuckingtastic to me you have to meet the guy about the security on your properties and I have to continue our magical training," Tara replied.

"Our properties Cher what's mine is yours remember," Sam said.

"You don't need to do that Sam," Tara replied.

"I want to do it I want you to come with me today to see my lawyer so we can put your name on the properties as co-owner," Sam said.

"I don't know what to say, Sam," Tara replied.

"You don't have to say anything your my wife I love you and nothing is ever going to change that I want to share everything with you," Sam said.

"I love you too Sam and thank you," Tara replied.

"No need to thank me, Tara, for its what I want," Sam said.

Sam gets on his phone calling Desmond Cataliades he agrees to meet them at Thornton house.

An hour later Desmond arrives with his two nieces in tow.

"Tara this is my lawyer Desmond Cataliades and his nieces Diantha and Gladiola, " Sam said.

"Nice to meet you I'm Tara Thornton Merlotte," Tara replied.

"Ah yes, your one of Lionel and Shawna's grandchildren," Desmond said.

"Yes, I'm Lettie's youngest daughter," Tara replied.

"Ah yes I recall Lionel and Shawna bragging about their grandchildren.

"And now you're married to Sam that's wonderful please tell me what I can help you with?" Desmond asked.

"Well Desmond I want to add Tara as co-owner to everything I own and I want to add her to my bank account," Sam replied.

"Oh, how wonderful we can take care of that now," Desmond said.

Opening up a briefcase he pulls out all the paperwork needed for Tara to sign.

"Okay just sign your name under Sam's and I'll file them so it will be legal." Desmond continued.

"Here you go," Tara said as she signed the last of the papers.

"You'll have to call the bank and have them issue you a card so you'll get access to the account," Desmond replied.

Once that was done Sam called the bank to have a bank card issued for Tara.

Once that was over Cyrus Daniel Ruby Cherice and the others entered the room.

"You two have gotten more comfortable with being married which will only help your love to grow," Cherice said.

"I personally have always wanted a relationship that was like what my brother sister and I saw growing up," Sam replied.

"That too will come but for now education of the world hidden behind the shell of this one will serve you well," Cyrus said.

"Everywhere all over the world supernatural history underlines that of historical events.

"People fear what they don't understand resonates even in today's times. Great Grandma Mae and Grandma Winnie used their powers to heal ease pain and protect I'm not saying that witches throughout history used their powers for the same reasons which were why a lot of light and dark side witches died because people called them devil worshippers or evil, to say the least." Ruby replied.

"When you were babies we had to prepare for the days when the supernatural was going to make a big move and since the vampires put this bill on the table they have made people fearful yet curious as to what other beings are out there.

"But beyond that what this means for you both is there was a prophecy that said a god will choose a bloodline to bestow a magical heritage that will merge with their natural born heritage and from that bloodline will come a ruler of their supernatural race," Cyrus said.

"And you think that's me," Tara replied.

"All of you together are meant for this that's why we are making sure you know everything there is about your abilities," Ruby said.

"I understand Aunt Ruby," Tara replied.

"Good because you will be using a lot of these for any situation that calls for it." Aunt Cherice said.

"We've all been reading up on everything we could find mom," Nile replied.

"Something else you all have to understand is that you have the power to take power from others but also gain powers of other supernaturals excluding the weaknesses.

"Really how so?" Tara asked.

"Basically making a hybrid supernatural with magic similar to Frankenstein," Ruby replied.

"That sounds like the makings of a good tv show or book," Rashawn said.

"I guess that could be nowadays," Cyrus replied.

"The point is as the saying goes knowledge is power and we want you to have that as the best weapon in your arsenal," Cherice said.

"You make it sound like were x men or something," Tara replied.

"They had to learn to control their abilities that is something that they aren't born knowing," Ruby said.

"You are all deities you also must learn to tap into that power," Orunmila replied.

"Is that harder than tapping into a witches power?" Sasha asked.

"No there is no extra effort needed to tap into that power you just have to keep focus," Orunmila replied.

"That's easy enough," Rashawn said.

They trained as much as possible when work and other things didn't come up Sam and Tara continued to enjoy being married being each other's ear and shoulder when there was a need for one.

Sam turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to Tara he spoiled her rotten respected her in ways she never dreamed and loved her deeply.

"Tara I only have one regret and that is not having married you sooner," Sam said.

"No place for regrets now babe we have each other," Tara replied.

"I couldn't have said it better myself," Sam said.

While Sam and Tara are in their room Cyrus Cherice Ruby and Daniel were preparing the things they would need to teach the kids.

Rashawn Sasha Nile and Yvonne sat in the living room discussing everything they had been researching.

"What are you thinking about?" Sam asked.

"The lawyer I didn't know he knew my grandparents," Tara replied.

"I'm not shocked that he does Desmond is a top-notch lawyer," Sam said.

"When you put it that way I can see why my grandparents chose him," Tara replied.

"Yeah, I imagine your grandparents were good people for Desmond to take them on as clients," Sam said.

"Yes good down to earth solid hard working people and well respected like Mrs. Stackhouse or Mrs. Bellefleur," Tara replied.

"Come we have more training to do, "Orunmila said.

"What about Tara?" Rashawn asked.

"She will learn as you learn that is another gift of being a god or goddess," Orunmila said.

"Ok, great grandpa show us the way," Yvonne replied.

"I will do just that great granddaughter I will teach all," Orunmila said.

The others went to bed the next morning Orunmila and his grandchildren would continue their training.

Sam and Tara emerge from their bedroom Sam's arm wrapped around her shoulder holding her close to his side.

Tara snuggles close to Sam with her arm around his waist. Ruby and Daniel had called Lafayette over so their most important lessons could be learned.

They sat in the living room waiting for Orunmila to start.

"Alright let's start with fate. Fate is defined by the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

"It's that power that put me as a guide for mankind I got to see what would affect the world positively and negatively and from that guide, those affected on their proper course that is not to say they go off course which the King James Bible speaks of many souls did that was against their fated path changing their fate and those around them.

"All of you will be mentally open to everything not just people here in town but the world. All the supernatural races have someone among their ranks that do that for their kind" Orunmila said.

"I'm confused it sounds like how Sookie can read peoples thoughts," Tara replied.

"Then allow me to make you less confused. Try picturing a persons fate as a long thread or yarn that is woven together with family friends and anyone they encounter throughout their lives every moment directly or indirectly changing their fate. "Orunmila said.

Doing as they were told they could see the thin threads that created a bigger picture.

"You will also begin to have enhanced intelligence, nigh omniscience, which will give you information of everything yet on a limited scale.

"Also order manipulation we restore the balance of things that have gone unbalanced.

"And finally prescience which goes along with your enhanced intelligence," Orunmila said.

"One thing we do that I think is the best way is use our thoughts when using our powers so we can cast our spells in secret," Cyrus replied.

"I can see how that can be useful Cher," Sam said.

"I can see it too babe," Tara replied.

"These two remind me of us when we were that age," Cherice said.

"Yeah, they are something special," Daniel replied.

"These young ones with our experience and teaching will make Bon Temps what it was meant to be the mecca of light side supernaturals this is what my son and Shawna were preparing you for so that you can prepare your children," Orunmila said.

Lafayette walks in the back door a few minutes later.

"How was work LaLa? "Sasha asked.

"Same as usual Jane Bodehouse got stank face drunk and of course her son had to come and get her fool self again" Lafayette replied.

"Now now son that woman is clearly in pain self medicating with alcohol." Daniel said.

"Okay you two we have bigger fish to fry. "Ruby scolded.

Tara laid across her and Sam's bed looking at her laptop and books that she had been reading.

She didn't hear Sam come in suddenly she felt a light touch on her foot that slowly turned firm as she moaned in pleasure feeling lips trail up her leg to her lower back and shoulders to her neck.

"Oh Sam. "Tara said through hitching breath.

"Just relax Cher let me take care of you. "Sam replied whispering in her ear with a seductive tone that dripped of pure carnal sin.

Taking the books and laptop setting them aside Sam proceeded to once again show Tara just how much he loved her leaving her body trembling with need.

Hours later Sam and Tara lay in the middle of the bed panting with light sheens of sweat dripping off their tired bodies.

Settling themselves against the headboard with what strength they could muster to discuss what Tara was studying.

"I can't believe how much information their is about the supernatural written in books and on the internet it is hard to believe that regular human beings especially here in Bon Temps were surprised by vampires coming out in the open." Tara said.

"Let's face it Cher Bon Temps is a small town filled with football fans rednecks and factory Workers for the most part none of which I consider the reading type and I'm not sure they even know how to turn a computer on much less research supernaturals in fact, I'm sure anything they know about supernaturals had to come from the movies." Sam replied.

"I know your right Sam." Tara said.

"Right or wrong Cher we are in this together." Sam replied.

"I love you Sam and I am so happy that for whatever reason I was chosen to be your wife. "Tara said.

"I have learned to never question a blessing just be grateful for them with everyday and every breath and I am forever grateful for you and this family." Sam replied.