By Red Crystal

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Chapter 1

Galway, Ireland, 1700

Liam was bored so he went to the tavern. He met some of his friends there and they started their daily drinking. Soon they started to fight. Liam was thrown to the table, and when he landed, he saw a beautiful young woman. The woman smiled at him and stood up to leave. Liam, as if in a trance, followed her.

The next night, in the cemetery, the same young women walked to the fresh grave of Liam O'Connor, age 27, beloved son and brother. Suddenly, the soft soil of the grave stirred, and then a hand came out of the grave. Angelus, the vampire, took his first look at the night sky. A couple of hours later all of his family laid dead in their home, and Angelus left town with his sire Darla. They traveled through Ireland, Scotland, and they stopped when they reached London, England.


London, England, 1705

Angelus was on the hunt. Just when he finished draining his latest victim, his senses pick up a demonic presence. "Who are you?"

"I'm a demon who is going to tell you your destiny." The demon stated matter-of-factly, and then stepped out of the shadows. The demon was small, with unmatched clothes and a hat. "My name is Whistler, and you kid, are Angelus, one of the most evil vampires who ever walked this earth."

Angelus regarded the small demon with a smirk on his face. "And that great destiny you're talking about would be what?"

"I will show you, come with me." Whistler ordered and then started walking. Angelus followed him through the poor streets until they came to an area of London that was not so poor. There middle class houses. Whistler led Angelus to a house that was brightly lit. The people were having a party.

"You didn't drag me through London to show me the party did you?" Angelus was getting irritated by the second.

Whistler merely smiled and shook his head. "Tell me Angelus, why you staying with Darla?"

"She is my sire, my companion, and my mate."

"See now, there's where you are wrong. Yes, she is your sire, but she is not your mate."


"To be your mate, she would have had to be your soul mate when she was human."

"Then why does she call me her mate?"

"Vampires sometimes sire people because he or she wants them. Younger vampires make a mistake between a soul mate and a pretty face. Now go inside, and when you see her, you will know. Go, it is your path to greatness." Angelus grinned and walked inside, not needing an invitation, because Whistler had cast the spell allowing vamps to enter.

Whistler watched as Angelus entered the house, and then smiled. The Powers that Be will be very happy. "I never said that you will have destiny as an evil vampire did I?" With that, Whistler disappeared in a gleaming white light.


At the house,

Henry Brown was fuming because his only daughter, Drusilla Edith, had another of her insanity attacks. She had screamed that darkness is coming for them. Henry had long decided that Drusilla should be locked up. So that his family, his wife and son, wouldn't be ashamed of her insane babbling about the stars, moon, and so on. However, since his niece from the American colonies came to live with them, after an unfortunate accident which resulted with death of her parents, it was difficult because Elizabeth would sneak into the south wing of the house. Nurses and guardians failed to spot her. He walked to Drusilla's padded room and opened the door. The sight that greeted him only enraged him more.

On the top floor, were two young women dressing for the party. Drusilla was a beautiful 19 year old, with black straight hair, soft brown eyes, pale, and gentle facial features. She was dressed in a simple white dress. Elizabeth was shorter than Drusilla, a year younger, with long golden hair, and green eyes. She wasn't, in Henry's opinion, an ideal noblewoman. She had a mind of her own, and before her parents were killed, she went to school which, in Henry's opinion, was waste of time and money.

"Elizabeth Ann Summers, what are you doing here" He bellowed. Elizabeth looked at him with no fear in her eyes.

// Here we go.// Elizabeth mused, and then answered her uncle's question.

"Drusilla was afraid, so I came and calmed her down because the other people might be frightened with you yelling at her."

Henry became red like tomato from anger, because his niece once again dared to contradict his beliefs, of him being right about everything. "That does not explain your disobedience of my orders. Nobody is allowed enter Drusilla's room, except the doctors, nurses and Mrs. and Mr. Green." With that, he pulled Elizabeth by her arm out of the room, down the corridor straight to her own room." Get ready, we have a party in the evening, and you must look presentable, there will be some noble people amidst our guests, do not embarrass me" With that he was gone.

Elizabeth watched the closed door with disbelief. //Well that was rude, I mean, honestly, my uncle has ego problems. Well, I had better get ready for the party.// Later that evening the guests began to arrive, along with a certain vampire looking for his future mate.

Chapter 2

The reception room was lit with oil lamps, while people were coming through the door. The servants took their coats and announced their titles and names. Elizabeth generally liked parties, but the parties thrown by her patents and her uncle had big differences. Her parents' parties were full of laughter; they were fun and warm, not stiff and cold. Elizabeth mused to herself. //The party resembles a theater because everybody acts. Well except for some of the women and young girls, they act like mindless dolls. All they think about is whom they will marry. It's funny that the only person I like spend time with is the insane girl upstairs.//

"Baron, Riley Finn." The next announcement ran through the room, and a tall blond man stepped into the ballroom. His blue eyes quickly scanned the room, looking for a petite blond girl. When he spotted her, he beamed and started walking towards her. //Oh no, he is coming this way, no go away. Yep, I am definitely cursed with boring Fish Boy, well as soon he's not paying attention, I will run away.//

"Elizabeth, my dear, you look lovely. Wonderful party isn't?" Riley greeted her, beaming.

"Thank you my lord," //Now go away// "and yes this is beautiful evening." //It was a minute ago anyway.//

"Would you like something to drink, I saw the servants setting out the punch." Riley offered.

"Thank you, that is very nice of you." Elizabeth answered with a fake smile on her face, not that he noticed the difference. //Now that was easy.//

"I will bring some punch and then I can tell you about a book, which my father wrote." Riley gushed enthusiastically.

//Nothing is ever easy; he could not just go away. No, he has to bore me to death with his story which even if it is interesting he would make it boring.//

"I would like to propose to you, you know ask for your uncle's permission to court you and then marry you. I am sure that we would have wonderful life."

//WHAT! Ugh I have to calm down, just breathe, well I have get myself of that, now let's think. Oh! I know.//

"We would live in the mansion with my parents." Riley started planning their life in his head.

"I think you should slow down, I'm-" Elizabeth started to say.

"Grieving for your parents' death. Yes, I'm sorry that I forgot. I will bring you the drinks." With that, he left to go to the table with various drinks.

// I meant to say that I'm not ready for commitment, not that I don't care about my parents but they would be very disappointed if I do not marry for love. He is gone to the table, why I still standing here? I'm gone.//

Elizabeth started inching toward the gardens. While she was moving, she felt that somebody was watching her. She would normally be annoyed by the sensation but somehow this was different. She turned around and saw the most handsome man she ever came across. He was tall, not as tall as Riley was, but he gave an impression of someone who would not allow other people to command him. He had dark hair, chocolate brown eyes, broad shoulders and he was dressed in the most expensive silk shirt and linen trousers, he looked extremely classy and not at all like some pompous moron whose name shall not be mentioned. //Is he coming my way? Oh my god, he is coming my way.//

''Your invitation please?" Asked the servant the next guest. The man gave him his invitation and the second servant takes his coat.

'' Mr. Angelus O'Connor." Announces the third servant by the door to the ballroom.

The moment Angelus entered the ballroom he felt her presence. //Well what do you know, that annoying demon was right after all, now let's find the girl.// His gaze soon fell on the petite blond girl in a midnight blue dress who was frozen to her footsteps. //Has she felt my presence just like I felt hers.// Not sparing a second thought, he casually walked up to her, while she slowly started to turn around. When they were a step apart, their eyes met. Deep brown eyes met grassy green ones. //She is a beauty, I can't look away from her, and if I would need to breathe, I would be in serious trouble here. Oh, I hope she is not as boring and simple minded like most noblewomen I met while I was human.//

"Hello there." Angelus greeted. // I'm expected to talk.//

'' Hello! Do I know you? I'm Elizabeth." //Nice going, way to embarrass yourself with the stuttering, he must think I'm a moron. What's with that smirk of his, I would prefer it if he would smile nicely. OK stop musing.//

'' Elizabeth is a beautiful name, for a beautiful lady such as yourself."

"Thank you, but most people call me Beth, well only my closest friends and my parents of course."

//She is so cute when she is embarrassed and her babbling is nice.// ''Where are you parents?" He asked, then immediately noticed the change in her eyes. ''Is something wrong?"

"My parents are dead, why did you think that something was wrong?"

"The color of you eyes darkened." Angelus replied.

"Oh, you have known me for like a minute, and yet you act like you have known me my whole life."

"I have a feeling I do." Angelus said honestly.

"Strange, I feel that I know you too." //Except for that smirk of his.//

//I will have to approach that carefully, she is not a vampire yet, she is still human and I don't want to frighten her, and there is Darla and her jealous temper. Well one thing at the time. I will have to be patient.// Angelus' musing was interrupted by Riley who chose this moment to return with his drinks.

''There you go Elizabeth, my dear." He said while offering her a glass of punch.

//Great, I completely forgot abut him, why did he have to come?//

Riley took in Angelus' appearance and said, "Good evening, I am Baron Fin, a friend of the family, and who are you?"

Angelus mentally growled he almost vamped out at the intrusion of the man. //This is the most pathetic fool I have ever seen, he is definitely on my kill list.// He carefully watched Elizabeth's reaction taking in her annoyed expression. '' My name is Angelus O'Connor and I was invited to this party and Beth here was very good for me."

Elizabeth blush at his phrasing of the words but smiled at him, telling him silently with a smile that she doesn't mind of him talking to her so informal. Riley however, was not pleased at Angelus' tone and his obvious possessiveness towards Elizabeth.

"I believe I have never seen you at any high social event. Therefore, you are of no importance. Come along my dear, there will be fireworks soon." With that, he lopped his arm with Elizabeth's and proceeded to guide her past Angelus to the garden. What he didn't notice was her hand quickly touching and holding his for a short spell and he failed to see Angelus' and Elizabeth's eyes locking for a brief moment, the look of the promise only they understand.


Angelus was standing before Master Nest, while Darla stood next to him.

"My sire here tells me that you're some sort of Master"

"The Master." Darla corrected him. ''He commands our order."

''The Order of Aurelius," the Master added, "we are the select-the elite."

Angelus looked around at his surroundings. "And you live in the sewers, do you?" He asked.

"We live below, giving tribute to the old ones. Waiting for their return and then we will lay waste on this world." The Master laughed.

'' Why do you want that? Have been above lately? It's quite nice. I could never live in rat infested stink hole." Angelus taunted.

"We only walk the surface to heighten our numbers and to feed!" The Master bellowed.

Angelus gave him his trademark smirk ''Having a face like that you probably don't have much choice." Darla approached her childe, but the Master was there before she could silence him. The Master punched him, before throwing him against the wall. Angelus just pushed himself off the wall, as if nothing had happened.

"It was nice to meet you Master Nest, I will be going now. Goodbye Darla." Angelus mock saluted. //Well, it looks like the Darla problem just went away.//

One of The Master's minions growled and blocked Angelus' path. "No," The Master spoke, "let him go." The minion did what his Master commanded.

"He won't last. I give it a century. Tops." The Master retorted, and then turned to Darla. "Now my dear, why don't we discus the finding of the hell mouth, we finally found the location. It's in the small town of Sunydale, California in America."


Three days and three nights later

Angelus was waiting by the fountain when he felt her approach. He turned and his breath caught in his throat. She looked stunning, her golden locks were lose, falling too her shoulders framing her face. They meet here regularly these past nights, but tonight she was sad, her eyes were puffy from crying.

"What's the matter love, tell me?" Angelus asked worriedly.

"My uncle arranged for Drusilla to be shipped to an insane asylum and he arranged for me to marry Riley Finn in three weeks, but I don't love Riley I love."

"Yes." He prodded gently.

"You. I love you, I think I fell in love with you the moment I saw you, there was this feeling telling me that you're the one." She answered honestly. //Well, it is true, I do love Angelus, but I can't shake the feeling that something is missing.//

"I love you to Beth and I want spend eternity with you." She heard him answer.

"I want to be forever with you too." Angelus leaned down and to capture her mouth in passionate kiss. //This is the night I have been waiting for.// He kissed her long and hard, until she started moaning. Then he peppered kissed along her jaw-line to her neck. She tilted her head to allow him better access and closed her eyes. He was slowly kissing and nibbling her neck right above her pulsing vein, and then he vamped out and sank his fangs into her soft flesh. She struggled at the sudden pain, but he held her in hid iron grip. One hand holding her by the waist, and the other running through her hair. Elizabeth was growing dizzy, and she felt tingly all over her body, something that terrified her and amazed her at the same time. She didn't know what was going on. The only thing she was sure of was that Angelus was holding her, then there was a sudden unexpected pain on her neck, but as soon she felt it, it was gone, as if the pain was never there. Then in a split second, she felt fire run through her veins, a sudden rush of power, but she didn't pay much attention, because she was getting dizzy. A minute later she heard through the fog.

"Drink, Lover, drink."

Therefore, she did.


Same time, in France

A Watcher helplessly watched, while his Slayer Jocelyn was standing with shocked look on her face, at the sight of her own stake penetrating her heart. While a vampire, the oldest child of Darla, Lucas stood behind her, holding the same stake pushing it into the Slayer. One Slayer dies, another is called. Every Watcher knows this. However, they didn't know that they missed one Elizabeth Ann Summers, nor did they know that in the moment of Jocelyn's death she was called as the next Slayer, only to die, and be turned by Angelus. That incident resulted in the calling of the next Slayer, a girl who was raised by the Watcher's Council. A Slayer named Sara.


Chapter 3

When Elizabeth woke, she found that she was lying on a large bed, with black and red silk sheets. She felt different too, stronger, wicked, and well better. // I think a will love my new life or rather un-life.//She let her eyes wonder and then she saw him. Angelus was sitting on the massive chair, watching her intently. She scooted closer to him and he stood and took her hand in his.

"I 'm hungry." He smiled and tilted his neck, something that he would have never done for Darla even if his un-life depended on it. She kissed his neck, vamped out and bit down. When her hunger was sated, she withdrew her fangs and licked the wound closed.

"So my love, would you please tell me about yourself? Because you have neglected to tell me, oh I don't know that you're a vampire." Buffy smirked.

He chuckled and joined her on the bed wrapping his arms around her. He told her abut his mortal life, about Darla, and he described his meeting with the Master. She listened intently to every word he spoke, smiling constantly, on his description of his family death. Growling softly when he told her about Darla. When he told her about his meeting with the Master, she started laughing and arched her neck to kiss him on the lips.

"What you did was arrogant, disrespectful and completely brilliant." She said between the laughter and kissed him again. Their passion grew and they shifted seeking a more comfortable position. While they shifted, they accidentally rolled off the bed and fell on the floor, with her on top, to tell the truth they were kissing so they didn't notice their change of location. When they stopped, she shifted, straddling his waist.

"You don't look up to anyone do you?" She said. "With the exception of me of course."

Angelus looked puzzled. "You?"

She looked at him with an amused look in her eyes and a grin on her lips. "If you didn't notice you are looking up to me."

Angelus let out a bark of laughter. "How amusing Beth." Then he pulled her down kissing her, and then he rolled them over so that he was on top. They didn't talk for long though.


Later that night, they started planning. They left an abduction note at the doorstep of her former home, to explain her absence, and demanding money. Angelus located Drusilla in the asylum and went there the next night. Meanwhile Elizabeth went to her uncle's house.


Police officers stood before Henry Brown and Baron Riley Finn discussing the kidnapping of Elizabeth when there was a knock on the door. Henry went to open the door and there stood his niece, her dress torn and she was sobbing.

"Dear God, child what happened?" He asked silently hoping that the worst didn't happen, because that would mean disgrace to his family and all planning for the wedding to the Baron would be terminated.

"They wanted to hurt me, I escaped," more sobbing, "Oh uncle, it was so horrible."

Riley stepped through the doorstep, hugging her.

While her uncle let out a sigh of relief. "Come in child, it's not polite to stand outside in a torn dress, what will the neighbors say."

Beth stepped in the house and Riley closed the front door. "I have some questions to ask you Miss, about your kidnappers, there is no way of telling if they will try again."

"May I dress in something else and refresh first?" Beth asked.

"Of course Miss." With that, she went upstairs in her room. When she was finished, there was a knock on the door. "Come in." Henry opened the door and stepped in her room. He opened his mouth to speak, but she beat him to and spoke first. "Why uncle are you worried about me or you precious reputation."

Henry scowled, "You will not speak to me with that tone young lady. I came to talk about the wedding. There is no reason for it not to continue as we planned."

"Oh, but there is, dear Uncle Henry, you see I wouldn't marry Fish boy if he was the last men on this world. Especially after last night."

Henry's eyes narrowed. "What happened last night?"

"My, uncle, prying on my personal life, shame on you, but for putting your curiosity at rest, I spent all last night making love with the man whom I met three days ago on that party you forced me to attend," she said to her uncle and smiled sweetly, "and the kidnapping was just a cover." She finished with a smirk.

Henry became red as tomato, "You hooker!" He hissed.

"Now uncle, don't be mean, I after all acted in the name of love, and I will live with Angelus whether you like it or not."

Henry got in her face. "I will not allow this. I would rather lock you up than allow you to disgrace me. Do you understand?"

"You can't stop me, you see I'm not the same person I was a day ago." //That's an understatement, now how to prove it to him. Oh, I know, yes, that will do nicely.//

"You, young lady, don't have any other choice than to obey me, you will stay in this room until further notice." He said, and turned around to walk out of the room.

"Henry turn around, there is something you should see." She said motioning to her right.

Henry turned and saw himself in the mirror. He saw the whole room in the mirror's reflection but he was the only one present. Thinking that she tricked him and left the room he quickly turned around and came face to face with his niece. He opened his mouth but no sound came out.

"You see, I was right." Elizabeth said with a big smile on her face, morphing before his eyes.

Henry didn't react, he was frozen with the terror, not able to move or scream. She loved his fear, enjoyed his terror when she grabbed him and sank her fangs into his neck. The body of Henry Brown fell to the floor completely drained of blood. Horror on his face remained evident on his face even in death.

//One down, two to go, and of course, the servant girl here tonight, I have to get rid of the bitter taste of my uncle. God, he was bitter, I need something younger.// With that on her mind, she rang for service. A minute later young servant girl came in the room and saw a drained body of her employer on the floor; she didn't have time to scream because Elizabeth grabbed her in a split second using her vampiric speed drinking quickly. //Now was sweet. Mm. Now, on my plan. First, I must take care of that man in blue, I think that he will be a useful minion, and then Fish boy. I wonder if Angelus found Drusilla yet, I can't wait to be with her once more, her visions will be extremely useful.//

With that, Elizabeth went downstairs, leaving two bodies upstairs. She found Riley and the police officer in the study.

"I would like to answer your questions now officer."

Riley made no move to leave.

"But before that, I would like to talk with my fiancé in private." She added, as an after thought.

The police officer nodded and left the room and closed the door.

"Elizabeth, my dear I am so glad you are safe. So we can marry and live happily ever after in my."

//Ok, change of the plans, I will kill him quickly, before he bores me to death. Since I am already dead, so that is kind of moot point, but he is still boring. No, I will torture him mentally and then kill him, serves him right!// Elizabeth smiled sweetly and silenced Riley with a finger over his mouth. "Shh. Fishes don't talk and I won't marry you, you pathetic excuse for a human being."

Riley was in shock, he certainly didn't expect this. He just stood there gaping at her, opening and collapsing his mouth like a guppy.

//Great, now he gives me an impression of a fish, this is boring, let's finish this. // Beth didn't bother drinking his blood; she just reached out and snapped his neck. //He probably would have tasted like a fish too.// She purposely walked down the hall where the police officer was waiting.

"I believe that we weren't introduced, I am Frank Cole, I came here to find you and your kidnappers."

"Tell me Frank, are you content with your new job."

"It is a job ma'am."

She smiled; "You just got a new one," with that she grabbed him. He attempted to free himself, but his struggles made no difference. He was drained, and forced to drink a small amount of her blood. Then he slid to the ground only to become awake at night. //I did it exactly like Angelus told me how to.//


They were laying on the bed, spent after making love. There are four kinds of vampires, first there are masters, they are the leaders of the nests, and they share their power only with their mates or consorts as they call them. Then, there are childer, they are the same as masters, they can live with them or go and make families of their own, becoming masters as well. Then, there are minions, they do their bidding, they guard them, clean the nest, they are servants, to create a minion you don't give a lot blood as you do with creating a childe.

"So I'm your child and consort and you are a master, but we don't have minions do we?"

"No, Lover we don't have a minion, yet, but if you see somebody who you think would be appropriate you can change him, but because you will create a minion you can leave him wherever you kill him."

~End flashback~

After collecting her yellow dresses along with Drusilla's favorite doll, Miss Edith, she went to her new home. Angelus was already waiting for her, with a turned Drusilla. She went to the bed where Drusilla was laying and put the doll next to her, so when she rises, he doll will be the first thing she sees.

The next day, the police discovered bodies in the Brown's residence, and they buried them. At night, a minion rose and went in search of his masters. In the rich house, another freshly risen vampire cradled the doll and looked expectedly at the two vampires standing before her. "Mommy, daddy I'm hungry, I want to eat." Drusilla said in her sweet voice.