The Big Reveal

Chapter 2-The Pack finds out

Their announcement was met with mixed reviews from smiles, laughter, to outright disapproval.

The first one to react was Peter and he said, "Finally, It's about time, nephew. I was beginning to wander if you would ever make a move. I knew the beginning that Stiles would be good for all of us."

"No, you didn't. You tried to kill me." Stiles pointed out.

"I offered you the bite pretty much right away." Peter pointed out to the teen.

"So?" Stiles questioned him confused.

"Stiles, you should know by now that werewolves especially out of control alphas don't ask, they will just do it." Derek explained while pulling his mate closer to him.

"Oh" Stiles said and he instantly shut up. There was still so much he didn't know about werewolves and their dynamics. Now, he would have to research again being that he was Derek's mate.

Your talkative nature and determined attitude will hopefully bring our Alpha into the 21st century. You'll be good for my nephew." He said before pulling his nephew and his newest family member into a hug.

"I'll try my best." Stiles said as he hugged awkwardly back and laughed. He would probably never be 100% comfortable with Peter but he was still pack and one of Derek's last remaining family members, so he would push that aside.

"You can't be serious." Erica scoffed.

"He's human and a poor example of one to begin with, how can he possibly understand what werewolves are going through?" Isaac sneered.

"That's it exactly, he is human." Jackson said.

"Jacks, maybe you shouldn't say this." Lydia whispered to him.

"No, this needs to be said." Jackson answered. He stood up from where he was tangled up with Lydia.

"Stiles is a loud, sarcastic, a danger to himself and to others most of the time. Let's not forget that he can be an a**hole, but he is also stupidly brave and loyal to those he loves and trusts. He reminds me that I'm still human and more importantly, he keeps me grounded in a way that sometimes not even Lydia is able to accomplish. Honestly, that is something we all need especially our esteemed Alpha here." The next thing he knew, his arms were full of said human boy. He looked over Stiles' shoulder to see his girlfriend smiling widely at him and Derek with an actual smile on his face.

"It makes perfect sense to me. Opposites do attract after all." Lydia said. "Stiles is open, warm and talkative, so he is the perfect companion to a quiet, reserved, and stoic Derek."

Cora just hugged them both and told them to keep each other happy. "My brother deserves to be happy and I know you'll do just that. But Stiles, you have become one of my closest friends so all I want to say is keep each other happy."

Allison hugged Stiles and told them to love each other. She whispered to Stiles to take care of him.

Boyd smiled approvingly at them and said, "He has my vote. I can already tell that he has made our Alpha happy."

Danny just smiled and said, "I knew it. Pay up, Jackson." before opening his hand and receiving a hundred from Jackson.

"Jackson, explain now." Derek told him.

"Oh we both knew that you two would eventually get together, I was just off on the timing. I bet that you wouldn't tell Derek until right before you leave for college which would I predicted this summer, probably June. Come on, you couldn't have waited a few more months and then I would be $100 richer." Jackson complained as he explained himself.

"Thanks Stiles, some of this should be yours anyway." Danny told him as he handed him a $20.

"What's this for?" Stiles questioned. "Oh, is this why you were pushing me to tell Derek how I felt a few months ago." Understanding finally dawned on him on Danny's insistent attitude a few months ago. Danny had already known about his feelings for Derek because of the whole Miguel thing. Danny saw the looks he was shooting his 'cousin'

"Yep." Danny smirked as he put the rest of the money in his pocket.

"That's cheating." Jackson exclaimed.

"No, we never actually went over the rules so I did whatever I needed to do in order to win. Now, stop whining, it's not like you can't afford a measly $100." Danny smirked at his best friend.

"It's the principle of the thing, Danny. Just remember, cheaters never prosper." Jackson told his friend as he punched him.

"Neither do sore losers, Jackie." Danny replied as he headbutted his friend back.

"Guys, break it up." Stiles commented.

"See, another reason why I knew they were meant to be together, Stiles is a natural 'caretaker' which this pack and Derek needs." Lydia spoke up as she smiled at Stiles.

"So, he's human and I guess Jackson is right, he does remind us that we're human which is great especially when the full moon comes around but he's just that, a weak human." Isaac said.

"Hey, I may be weak and defenseless especially when compared to supernatural creatures, but that does not mean that I am not capable of defending myself." Stiles answered.

"Never underestimate Stiles. He has saved all of us several times over, never lost his human side, protected his dad and this town. Helped bring down an Alpha pack, the Darrach, survived torture. My best friend overcame possession by the nogustine, for one thing…" Scott spoke up before he was cut off.

"Thanks buddy, he's got it." Stiles wrapped his arms around his best friend and brother, Scott.

"I'm sorry Stiles. I let your sarcastic, a**hole personality cloud my judgment

"Erica, what's your problem with me?" Stiles asked.

"With you, nothing. You're my Batman. I want you to be happy. I just don't think that's with Derek." Erica told him honestly.

"Why not?" Stiles asked her.

"Please don't hate me for saying this. You're so different. You're funny, compassionate, caring, generous, and a dreamer. Derek's more of a lone wolf. While he has gotten better, he's still quiet, reserved, standoffish, and a real homebody. I don't see the relationship lasting and I don't want your heart broken."

"That's exactly why I think we will work, he completes me. He's already made me a better leader and friend. He makes me want to be a better man, the man I know I can be if I let myself be happy and realize I can't change my past." Derek explained as he welcomed Peter and Stiles' hugs.

"Erica, we've been dating for over a year now."

"1 year, 2 months, 2 weeks and 4 days." Derek muttered

"Huh, der-bear, do you remember the exact time too?" Stiles teased his boyfriend.

"5 hours and 37 minutes" Derek muttered into Stiles' neck.

"How do you remember that? I certainly didn't." Stiles asked him

"How could I forget the day I opened my heart for the first time since my family died." Derek answered.

"Dude, don't be that romantic. I can't even remember dates, let alone when we started going out. Now, I have to up my game with Lydia." Jackson told him as he noticed his girlfriend glaring at him.

"Good luck with that. My big brother has always been a romantic, cuddly softy." Cora spoke up as she smiled at her brother.

"I love Derek and I know he loves me. He can instantly calm me, only my mom could do that. I love you, Catwoman. But, you don't have to worry about me. He's it for me, I've known that for years even when I was chasing Lydia." Stiles explained to his friend as he left his boyfriend's arms and approached Erica.

"Okay then, I give you my congratulations." Erica told them as she hugged Stiles tightly. She noticed Derek give her a smile and a nod behind his back.

"Now that all the gushy moments are over, can we start planning our monthly pack outing." Peter spoke up.

"I vote for camping and hiking." Isaac spoke up.

"No, the spa." Lydia argued back.

"What about paintball?" Scott asked.

"We did that last month, we're not doing it again especially when someone cheats." Stiles said pointedly.

"Stiles, I didn't cheat, I'm just that good." Allison replied. With that, an argument broke out and the entire reveal was soon forgotten.