2 - Not Exactly Suzy Homemaker

The trek home from the convenience store was not a long one but for Marty, who was still somewhat surprised by his sudden reunion with Rory Gilmore, it seemed to be taking twice its original time to traverse.

Naturally his thoughts lingered on their previous encounter, that incredibly disastrous dinner between Rory, Lucy, Logan and himself. How could Marty not think about it? That night had to be one of his worst experiences while attending Yale. When the memories began to stir up a familiar but thought to be long forgotten bitterness in his stomach, Marty began to lowly mutter the first song that came to mind in an attempt to bury those unpleasant emotions.

"Keep me closer...I'm a lazy dancer...when you move...I move with you..."

Andy loves that song, he mused with an affectionate smile.

As he pulled one of the two chocolate bars from the plastic bag, Marty decided to be grateful that things had gone the way they had that night. If Lucy hadn't broken up with him back then, Marty would probably never taken the job offer from a respected architectural firm in Chicago. He'd most likely would've followed Lucy to Manhattan like they'd originally planned. Which meant he'd never have met Andy, and Marty could not imagine how his life would be otherwise. Hell, he didn't want to imagine that sort of life.

About a half block from his townhouse, Marty's thoughts returned to Rory. After the whole debacle that was their last meeting, Marty hadn't really kept track of his former friend and crush. Of course, he'd heard of Logan's proposal thanks to the gossip between two of his catering co-workers but beyond that, Marty knew nothing. He briefly wondered why Rory had refused but shook his head at the thought. It wasn't any of his business.

His chocolate bar finished, Marty dumped the waste into the nearest trash bin before picking up his pace.

"Honey, I'm home," Marty called out upon entering the house.


"Oh, that's not good," he deadpanned at the panicky voice, his keys and purchases placed on the foyer table while heading towards the aforementioned kitchen. His worries were confirmed upon entering the room as the smell of smoke lingered in the air despite the window being opened to its widest. His gaze fell on what looked to be the charred remains of a pie inside the stove then slowly shifted over to the table where a slim blonde woman was now seated with a defeated expression of her face. "You know, when I said I was going for a walk, that was not me giving you permission to burn our home down."

"Oh, shut up, you big jerk," she huffed, miserable. "I was trying to surprise you with that horrible peach pie you love so much but I screwed it up."

"It's the thought that counts," he shrugged. "But considering your history with anything kitchen related, I have to ask. Why?"

"I had this weird, irresistible urge to be a domestic goddess," she answered with a defeated sigh. "I really should've known better."

"Well, that's what happens when you pour all your efforts into learning the piano and guitar instead of basic cooking skills," he quipped, only to quickly add at her sharp glare. "Not that I'm complaining because, hey, I love you."

"Nice recovery, Martin," the blonde smirked, now standing up from the table to approach him. She threw her arms around his shoulders then pulled Marty in for a soft, quick kiss. "So, how was your little walkabout?"

"Other than running into an old classmate from Yale, not all that interesting, to be honest," the taller of the couple stated.

"I still can't believe you went to that snobby school," Andy teased.

"Hey, not all of us mere mortals have the talents of a rock goddess like you, babe," he bantered.

"Such a flatterer," she kissed him again, only deeper this time. After about ten seconds of this, the curly haired blonde pulled back to meet his eyes. "You had chocolate, didn't you?"

"Yours is on the foyer table," Marty told his girlfriend, who squealed in delight as she disentangled herself from him in order to go grab her treat. He rolled his eyes at the childish display with mock exasperation before beginning the process of cleaning up his girlfriend's mess. Not even halfway to the still opened oven though, Andy stuck her head back through the door to gaze adoringly at him. "Yes?"

"Oh, nothing," she smiled. "Just wanted to tell you that I love you, too, Martin."

With that said Andy disappeared out of the room again to leave a smiling Marty to his task, any and all thoughts of Rory Gilmore now forgotten.

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