When his sons were born, Jareth's first thoughts were apprehensive. As a being that could conceivably live forever and never relinquish a throne, it seemed inevitable that they would develop a poor relationship based on that alone. He would know, after all. He and his father Kendryck did not exactly share a cordial relationship.

Moreover, he was at heart, selfish. Now that the woman he loved was his, he did not really want to forego precious time with her. She dismissed his concern as silly. They would only be children a short time and he would have Eluned for eternity.

His second thoughts were of the possibilities. With two children he could further expand his reach in the Underground. While he was undoubtedly powerful within his own domain, there were corners of the Underground that were simply impossible for him to both capture and keep a firm grasp on. His own father's crumbling kingdom was proof of that. He had over stretched himself and did not have the magic to protect it. If Jareth was able to maintain a good relationship with the boys it could only help him to grow in power and prestige.

Eluned called the twins Declan and Brennan.

He supposed they were attractive babies. Declan took strongly after Jareth with his pale blond hair and blue eyes. Brennan more closely resembled Eluned with dark hair and eyes and delicate features.

Jareth spared no expense, bringing in tutors for the boys, although more often than not he preferred to train them himself: statecraft, magic, swordplay. He was determined that they would grow to be strong leaders who would make him proud one day.

Little did Jareth or Eluned realize that one of their beloved children would one day tip their entire world on its head.

Nearly four years had passed since Sarah escaped the Labyrinth and rescued Toby. It had been the defining moment in her childhood, giving her that push she needed into adulthood.

That isn't to say that there weren't certain parts of her childhood that she clung to.

As she approached the door to her off campus apartment she heard a thump within and hastily dug her keys from her purse. Typically, freshmen were not allowed to live off campus, but Sarah had leaned on her father heavily, until he had written a letter to the school and rented her an apartment. Of course, she didn't tell him why she needed the privacy of her own place.

Quickly, she slid the key home and bumped the door with her hip. As it swung open, she saw a flash of fur scurrying down the dark hallway and disappear into the second bedroom. She stepped into the room, dumping her school bag and purse unceremoniously into her battered, secondhand arm chair.

"Didymus, Ludo…" she called with a sigh. "Come out here, please."

Slowly, face downcast with guilt, Sir Didymus inched back into the room, Ambrosius at his heels, while Ludo, looking equally as guilty, shuffled behind them.

Sarah put her hands on her hips and looked severely at them. "Didn't we talk about training in the apartment?"

"Yes, M'lady," mumbled Didymus.

Ludo said nothing, but groaned, softly.

Sarah sighed again. "I'm sorry. I know you are bored. I wish you could be free. But, after Jareth killed Hoggle, we agreed this was the safest option." Her eyes filled with tears as she thought about the poor dwarf. When she had gotten safely through her adventure in the Underground, she had never thought about Jareth's rage in the aftermath. The others had fled to her and she was determined to keep them safe.

Ludo looked utterly despondent has he dropped onto her outrageously ugly floral couch. He looked so incongruous sitting there, Sarah couldn't help it, she laughed. She stepped over and hugged him, sweeping Didymus into the embrace as well.

"I can't stay mad at you! But no more, I'm serious!"

"Sowwy," Ludo grumbled.

"On my honor, we will concede to your wishes, M'lady," Sir Didymus piped with a twirling bow.

Sarah moved to sit on the floor in front of the chair and looked at them. She reached over and absently stroked Ambrosius, who curled up next to her on the floor. "I really am sorry. Maybe I can offer to babysit Toby soon. That might liven things up for you, if only for a little while."

Didymus eagerly responded, "Of course, M'lady!" as Ludo swung his head up and down in a slow nod.

Sarah grinned at them. As she began to tell them about her day, they had no idea what kind of change was coming into their lives. The Underground had not finished with them yet.