Lectori Salutem!

Don't get frightened by the title you just read, this story isn't written in old Latin or Spanish or Italian as it might have seemed to you. Just my English, which was pretty bad when I started this story two years ago. That's why I'm going to give it a new start again, trying to bring the story back to live while rewriting. The plot will stay the same however. Just can't alter the ideas that were formed in my head.

The story will start out from Launch's point of view, she's a character used in the old Dragonball series. In the older version I described her character along with a psychologic disorder- split personalities. Although I could write about it now with more sense, since I'm studying psychology at the moment, I decided to scip it. At times it would flair up the story, at times it would only complicate it more. Therefor her described character might not be the same during the chapters.

Through out the story the point of view will change along with the Vestal virgins we''ll meet up, Bulma, Chi Chi, Albruna, Claudia, Ganna and Chi Chi. Also Goku, Tien, Chiaotzu and of course Vegeta will play a big role. The romance is focussing mainly on the couples Tien and Launch, Bulma and Vegeta and Chi Chi and Goku.

I hope I made the right decision by rewriting this.

I haven't written over a half a year.

And I missed it like hell.


Chapter one : mermaids&goddesses - Launch point of view

I touched the ash blond head, caressing it absentmindedly. I was used to feel the soft fabric of the doll's head under my fingers. It had become a habit, holding the doll and caressing it like I'd do to a baby. I used to make myself believe it actually was a baby when I was younger. When I was still a child I would play with this same doll for endless hours.Tuli I would call her. Care free and losing myself in my imagination I would take my baby shopping, cook for her, care for her. It was a shadow from the past which I didn't want to lose. A thought, a memory I wanted to keep close. I wanted to keep the past as close as possible. I've already forgotten too much. Not the beginning, I still remember the beginning. Even the story of my live has a beginning.

10 years ago : Launch is eight

"One foot at a time," I slowly released the doll's leg in the water. "otherwise you'll catch a cold, won't you Tuli." I hummed a tune, deciding that I'd spend enough time letting Tuli get used to the water, I pushed her under. "Like a mermaid you'll swim." I said as I flowed her through the water of the fountain in our garden.

We had a lovely garden, or atrium as it is called in old Latin, narrow but long with many trees that would shade the field in between. A fountain was standing in the middle making the scenery ever more peaceful. It was my favorite place to play with Tuli.

But the peace was suddenly disturbed.

"Launch, come over here, father wants to talk to you!" It was Velaeda, my older sister, who told me with a tone of emergency. If that tone had been missing I would have hidden behind the fountain. I absolutely loved playing hide and seek with Velaeda, sometimes I tried to play it with Tuli as well - but that wasn't half as much fun. Now however there seemed to be no time for games, so I followed her inside.

My father was waiting for me in the entrance. He was an old man, who looked harsh and friendly at the same time. His forehead was drawn with sorrow. Which I never understood quite well.

He spoke to my sister first. "Velaeda, go and pick her things."

Great I would be going to my uncle again! I loved going to my uncle. He and my aunt don't have kids, so when I'm over they have all the time in the world to spend on me. My aunt would take me to the sea, and we'd play with the waves. There are mermaids swimming in those waves! I saw them once, my aunt told me she saw them as well! They're hard to see, because the color of their tail is the same as the water. But we saw them.

"Can I see the mermaids again, daddy?"

His frown deepened, yet he smiled. As if he was sorry to dissappoint me. "You know when we went to the temple last week? Do you remember the girls that lived their?"

I nodded.

"Well Philippus decided you may live there as well. He wants you to be a Vestal Virgin. Velaeda is packing your things. We'll be leaving immediately."

Although I wasn't sure what he was saying, I smiled. I remember the temple being enormous when we visited it last week.I could play with Tuli for weeks. Not for more than three weeks though, mother still promised to teach me Greek when Lucius went to school.

"Okay. So when will I get back?"

The smile on his face faltered. "The next ten year you will be thought how to act as a prober Vestal Virgin as a novice, then you'll serve for another ten years before the ten years you'll spend as a supervisor."

My smile faltered as well now. "But then I won't be back in time for mom's Greek lessons. And-"

"You'll be thought more than Greek, Launch. You will learn how to serve a goddess. Vesta, the goddess of fire."

A goddess? That was even way cooler than mermaids.

My sister entered the room. "I'll meet a goddess!" I beamed, my arms opening up to her. She bucked and held me for a few seconds.

"You sure will, honey. I'll miss you though."

I glanced at the bag my sister stuffed. Thinking of all the new adventured that would lie ahead of me.

"Me too." I replied.

Then my father picked up my bag and left the room. Still waving at my sister I followed him.

Having no clue about what was to happen, about what I would miss. Just following my father footsteps, believing that they'd bring me in the right direction.

They didn't.

I never saw my father again. I never saw my uncle, my aunt, or the mermaids I believed that flowed in the Mediterranean sea. I stopped believing that as well.