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A/N: Written as a Comment Fic fill for Evil Little Dog who promped, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Dawn Summers+/Connor Reilly, They like the same kind of pizza."

Thanks to MaireAilbhe for the title!

Connor stays out of the actual fight like Angel asked him to, but when the recovery starts and the city puts out the call for volunteers to help clean up the mess of demon bodies and rubble, he heads back into the city to put his super strength to good use. Might as well, right?

There's a pizza place Fred used to take him to, over the summer two years ago. It's all create-your-own style with enough options for toppings to satisfy any clients, possibly including demons. It's about a block from the edge of the barricades and it's already opened back up.

The sun is setting and if Angel wants to talk to him, and Connor knows he's alive to do that because he has caught his scent a couple of times since coming down here, then this will give him a chance to.

The girls in front of him in line, also dusty and smelling like charred dragon, argue while they wait. The digging and the blood were familiar to one set of his memories, this bit's familiar to the other. It's kinda nice, actually.

"I think if I even say that out loud, I'm gonna bleck," says the blonde.

"Fine. I'll use my own money," says the brunette. "And if I can't afford school and have to drop out and work in the mines until I die from lung disease because you made me pay for the anchovies, you're gonna feel bad. Do you think they do the peanut butter as the sauce or just on top?"

"Bleck," says the blonde, like standard tomato sauce isn't itself disgusting. "Rapidly approaching terminal bleck."

"Hey," says Connor.

They both turn and eye him warily.

"I think you're creating my pizza," he says. "I always get the peanut butter as the sauce." Partly because Gunn reliably reacted like the blonde is reacting now and partly because peanut butter is good and maybe people in Quor'Toth would be a little less cranky if they had some.

The brunette girl gives a validated giggle.

The door to the shop opens and the blonde snaps her head up and her eyes go big. "Angel?"

Connor turns around and, yep, sure enough, there's Angel, looking just as big-eyed and unsure as the blonde woman. Spike edges into view from around his shoulder.

"Uh," says Angel.

Spike bolts back out of the store.

The blonde shoves Connor and the brunette girl away from her with way more strength than Connor would have suspected she had and charges out of the shop.

Angel gives him a look, hesitates for a second, looks almost like he's about to say something, and then runs after them both.

"Huh," says Connor.

"Ignore them," says the brunette girl. "What kind of cheese do you usually get?"