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Maddy's POV

Rhydian was perched in the window seat with his forehead pressed to the pane, looking eagerly down the long, snow covered drive. I smiled softly just watching him, his eyes bright and that excited grin on his lips, it wasn't often that you got to see him like this, see him acting his age. He was always so mature.

He was bouncing on the balls of his feet, his breath making the glass fog as he exhaled, so I wrapped my arms over his shoulders and kissed the spot behind his ear. "You're cute." He rolled his eyes and sat down, pulling me into his lap with my back to his chest and nuzzling at my neck.

"And you're nervous..." He went from nuzzling to nipping and kissing, moving up from my neck to my ear, and my eyes fluttered closed. "Why?"

I shrugged, running my chin over the top of his head. "It's the whole big family meeting thing... The Smith's and the Morris' finally all under one roof... What if they don't like me..?"

He pulled back, brushing my hair away and made a face at me, like he thought I was being ridiculous. "Of course they like you, and you've spoken to them on Skype, it's not like you've never met them before."

"I've been there when you speak to them on Skype." I corrected. I'd spoken to his dad a handful of times, but then Gerwyn seemed to be the type of bloke that could talk to anyone, about anything…He joked on with me, mostly at Rhydian's expense, and I got on well with him. Ceri on the other hand... "Your mum never says much when I'm there." I murmured.

He sighed lightly, fingers threading though my hair. "She doesn't speak to me much on the webcam either to be honest. She's still unsure about computers in general."

I nodded but… "She hated me in the beginning…"

He rolled his eyes and leaned in. "Yeah." He grinned against my lips. "'Cause you're the wicked she-wolf that corrupted her beautiful boy, and turned him tame."

I snorted and kissed him back.

"She's different now." He said gently once we'd pulled away. "Less… Erratic." I smiled weakly at him, I got the impression that she'd calmed down a lot since she'd started living in Stoneybridge, since Rhydian's dad had come back… and Shannon and Tom seemed to get on well with her… but I guess I'd have to see it to believe it. "I know she likes you." He reassured. "She told me."


"Mmmhmm… You make me happy, and I love you." He said simply. "And that's good enough for her." His arms tightened around my waist and pressed his lips to my cheek, rocking us back and forth. "Besides, she can't criticise you for being tame anymore, she's practically there herself. She actually went shopping for clothes the other day, and enjoyed it."

I laughed, turning so I could see him better. "You don't take after her in that respect then, huh?" Rhydian hated clothes shopping with a passion, something I'd realised soon after he'd come to live with us after his time in the wild. He'd tried to carry on wearing his old clothes that the Vaughn's sent over, apparently not caring that his jeans were several inches too short in the legs, until finally mam and I had gone out and gotten him some new ones.

When he'd moved out here he'd spent weeks washing and rewashing the same two sets of clothes he arrived with, or borrowing dad's shirts, and I finally realised that he'd probably carry on that way until someone went and got him more… and of course since he'd only been back a few weeks and I was apparently still an absolute pushover, I'd been the sucker that had gone and got them for him.

"Why would I need to take after my mum when I've got my own personal shopper." He smirked and nuzzled up against my neck.

I leaned away from him and scoffed. "Ha! No way! You're on your own from now on, mate."

"Mads!" He whined, and I turned in his arms kneeling with my legs either side of his lap.

"You think I enjoy shopping any more than you do?" I gripped the collar of his shirt, one that I had bought, and tugged. "It's bad enough without having to figure out yours as well." I shoved him gently. "Men's sizes are weird."

He groaned and let his head fall against my chest. "You're telling me... I've been confused since my clothes stopped coming in kids sizes."

I laughed and sat back on his legs, lifting a hand to stroke his hair. "When mum was explaining it to me she said it was like bra sizes."

"Cause I have so much more experience with those." I batted him upside the head and he laughed against me.

I'd teach him not to get sarcastic with me. "With bras there's a number and a letter, just like men's jeans."

"Maddy." He laughed awkwardly, so of course I carried on.

"On bra's the number measures this bit.." I pulled back and drew my finger across the bottom of my bra over my shirt. He hummed in acknowledgment glancing at where I'd pointed before averting his eyes again and looking out the window. "On your jeans the number measures this bit. " I made a grab for his sides, where I knew he was ridiculously ticklish.

"Maddy! Stop!" He pleaded, squirming beneath me and grabbing my hands. I laughed giddily and let myself lean into his chest, turning my head up to press my face against his neck. "Can we please stop talking about your bras?"

"Why?" I grinned evilly.

"Cause thinking about them is really very… distracting." He groaned, running his hands up my sides. I laughed and tilted my head back up to press my lips to his, giggling though the kiss.

He slipped his hands under my shirt and pressed them to the bare skin at the small of my back. I gasped and bit at his lip and growled at him 'cause. "Jesus! Rhydian! Your hands are freezing!"

"They're a lot warmer now though." He laughed, turning them over and pressed the cold side on a spot higher up my back.

I arched away from his hands and into him. "You little shit." Rhydian always had cold hands, and it wasn't just the Canadian weather either, cause they'd been like this in Stoneybridge, either way his favourite way to overcome his crappy circulation seemed to be to warm them up on me. "Make the most of it, pretty soon we're gonna have two sets of parents keeping an eye on us… and your parents have much better hearing than mine."

It was a running joke that Rhydian would scarcely hold my hand when my parents were around, I don't think he was scared so to speak, perhaps a little nervous, mostly he was just adorably awkward that way. "My parents would have to stop making out with each other long enough to notice." He scoffed.

I rolled my eyes. "They're not that bad."

I leaned in to kiss him but he pulled back enough to smirk. "We'll see if you're still saying that in three weeks time." I scoffed and tried to capture his lips again. "Pretty sure they think they're eighteen again."

I gripped his face between my palms to keep him still. "I'm starting to wonder how your mum gets him to stop talking long enough for a kiss!"

Rhydian was different than he had been back in Stoneybridge, he'd come so far from the boy I'd first met a year and a half ago... I don't know, he just finally seemed comfortable in his own skin, at peace with what he was and who he was. Finding his parents had helped a lot with that, but he had worked hard to get here, and I was so proud of him.

He was a lot chattier now. Something I'd see sporadically in Stoneybridge whenever he felt particularly relaxed, now seemed to be his natural demeanor. A trait I soon realized was inherited from Gerwyn. I smiled, I saw more and more of his dad in him everyday.

Rhydian smiled up at me, head tilted to the side and a lopsided grin on his lips, which had become infuriatingly endearing. He leaned in to kiss me and I moved my hands to the back of his neck before kissing him back.

His fingers traced the curve of my spine and made me shiver despite how hard I tried to stop it. His lips were open and soft against mine, and I could feel his pulse beating against my palm, strong and slightly fast… the thought made me smile and I ran a hand down over his shoulder and across his chest to feel it better.

I pulled back just enough to trail my lips down over his jaw and neck. He'd not long gotten out of the shower, so he smelt really good, fresh, like his body wash and shampoo. His natural scent was also more prominent this way, and I secretly kind of wished that his parents wouldn't be here so soon so I could spend a few more hours curled up against his chest and breathing him in… and it was thoughts like these that made me roll my eyes at myself, cause seriously, when did I become that kind of lass?

When I finally worked my way back to his lips, I nipped playfully at them and…

There was a sharp rapping knock on the window by our heads, making us both startle. Rhydian turned his head so fast that it collided with the window with a low thunk, and I think I may have ended up nipping him a little harder than I'd meant to.

Rhydian hissed in pain and lifted a hand to rub at his forehead, and we both turned to find Gerwyn, laughing and waving at us from the other side of the glass. I only just had time to see Ceri scold him and bat him playfully away from the window, before I groaned and hid my face against Rhydian's chest, completely mortified.