Death Delivery

Author: FaenAki

Rated: T-M

Pairing: Probably none. Most likely none.



Prologue: I swear

He was someone everyone kept an eye on, but not in the good way no. Mothers would hide their children's eyes and turn away, while the fathers would step up and hide his loved ones behind his back as he glared at him. No, not many liked him at all when he was around. Like an uninvited guest at dinner, he would creep around in silence. And that never ended up well. That's why; he was often hiding before your blind eyes.

It wasn't that he was loud spoken, no he was a quiet guy, and that's what scared a lot of people. He was known by many, yet, no one really knew him. He was the one friend you never knew you had until you met him. But if you saw him too early, he was not a person you wanted to hang around with. Even though, he was there for everyone all the time, even when he was the unspoken friend, many feared him, despised him. Only a few, greeted him like an old friend would. That's why he never really stayed around.

He was charming, and elegant, if I may say so myself. But there was always this dark mystery looming over his very soul, if he had one. He was soft spoken, timid yet fearless. He held the most beautiful jade eyes you would ever lay upon. Like small glass stones on the bottom of the sea. They held a lot of knowledge, and timelessness. He was a short person, his footsteps would be soundless, yet they would echo like thunder in the distance when his eyes turned pitch black.

He never had a problem of starvation, for he never felt hunger. Yet, he enjoyed the feeling of a full stomach. And if there was anything he loved, it was pizza and fat food. That's why he showed up when he shouldn't.

He always wore black or red, it was his color, and it always had been. Often wearing a t-shirt with a pair of jeans, sometimes topped with a leather jacket. But he always had a deep brown leather back pack slung around his shoulder, for he never left it. His backpack was always filled with interesting stuff. Around his neck he had what would look like a necklace of chicken bones, but they were in fact small homo sapiens bones. He never took that off either. Parts of his body were marred by small black scars, scarification, some may know it as tribal scars. You could see it especially on his left arm and leg. The small cuts formed a picture of the bones that laid underneath his skin. Though, he never really knew where they've come from, for they've always been there. A few cuts, on his stomach and arms he had made himself, but the left side had always been there. All the way from his shoulder to his fingers, from his hip to his toes. He knew that small tribes in Africa, practiced this form of 'art'. They would cut small cuts in a pattern, and smear either ash or sand, sometimes even with gunpowder, but that was not really a good idea, and they knew it.

Though, he doubted, no, he knew that there weren't many people left in those tribes. There wasn't many people left anymore. Only groans and moans of pain, were the only sounds you ever really heard these days. And a lot of work was put onto his shoulders.

"Lookin' at you, like a star.
From a place, the world forgot.
And there's nothing, that I can do,
except bury my love for you.

The brightness of the sun, will give me just enough,
to bury my love, in the moon dust."

Death had arrived to Atlanta.

A short Korean man was driving a red car like there was no tomorrow. The smell of burned tires filled the air behind him. The alarm was screaming in his ears, as he drove. But none of that mattered. He cheered and gave shouts of glee as he held on tight to the steering wheel. Yet, his mind was still filled with confusion as he drove, it was weird, but he didn't have time at the time. Yet guilt was eating his stomach. He made a turn to the valley where they had set up their camp.

As soon as the man stepped out of the car, he was greeted by his friends. Some were less happy, than others.

"Glenn! What the actual fuck?" shouted Shane, he looked really pissed off. "Are you trying to get them here?"

Glenn took a few step back and lifted his hands up in surrender as Shane looked like he would grab on to his collar. "Woah there."

Shane, was the un-,yet official leader of the small camp. He was a cop before it all started. Before Hell rose up to earth.

In time an elderly man, Dale, stepped in between "Shane, I don't think they can pinpoint where the sound is coming from, it echoes around here."

"And what the fuck is that" Shane shouted in anger, pointing at the car.

Dale sighed "…A stolen car is my guess?"

"Well yea, but can't you shut it up?"

Glenn laughed nervously "I don't know how."

Jim and Dale took apart the car, after Shane had ripped the alarm to pieces. Everyone ignoring Glenn's cries, as he saw them destroy the car, he really had wished to drive around with it more.
He was interrupted by Lori, a widowed woman who had lost her husband around the time everything had begun, though Glenn didn't know much about it. Carl, her son, was standing a little bit behind her.

"So where are the others? Did they make it?"

Glenn was just about to answer when Amy interrupted. "Is my sister ok?"

"Yea, we made it, they wer-." he was again interrupted by a truck as it drove up the small slope to the camp. "Well, looks like they're here!"

Glenn had been on a supply run to gather food and other useful things for the group. He often tended to go alone, yet this time, a few insisted they wanted to come with him, to gather more stuff and cover a larger area. This had backfired badly, by a surprise they weren't expecting. It was good that this surprise, led them to safety in the end.

Everyone stepped out of the truck and greeted the others. Jacqui, ran up to Jim and gave him a hug, walking a bit back to talk in private. Amy ran up to her big sister Andrea, who just stepped out of the car, barely having time to open her arms to hug Amy back. Amy cried as she held on tightly, she really had thought that Andrea wouldn't have come back. T-Dog sat down by the roots of a tree, looking like he just sold his butter.

Lori had put a hand behind her sons back, slowly walking up together. It hurt Carl more than Lori, that he never got to see his father again, always hoping that his father would come back.

"We wouldn't have made it back if it wasn't for the new guy." Glenn stated.

"Come on helicopter boy, meet everyone."

And the last man stepped out of the truck, carefully walking forward. He looked like he was in some pain, but was hiding it by silent grunts. He scratched his chin as he walked forward, but as soon as he raised his eyes up to meet everyone else's. He dropped to his knees and opened his arms in a cry. Carl was running downhill, Lori not far behind him.

"Dad!" Carl cried out as he jumped into his father's arms. Rick stood up, still holding Carl, lifting him with him, taking Lori into a hug as well as he kissed her cheek and murmured silent apologizes. What the other's didn't notice was that Lori was looking at Shane as she hugged Rick, Shane looking like a kicked puppy, but smiled back to her. Everyone was smiling down on the blessed family and giving small laughs of relief.

"Where's Merle?" someone said, breaking the happy moment.

Rick put Carl down on the ground and looked back up to the group. "I cuffed him up on the roof, we left him on the roof."

"You did what?" Dale exclaimed. "Daryl's gonna be pissed!"

"Who's Daryl?"

Dale scoffed "Who's Dar-…" rolling his eyes and slammed his palm to his forehead. "His brother."

Oh. Shit.

Andrea stepped up leaving Amy behind her. "Merle was a danger to us all, we had to cuff him there!"

"Well you could have opened the cuffs as you left!"

"No, I fell and dropped the keys in a drain. I tried, but at least I chained the door, it's only us that's getting back up there."

"Tell that to Daryl." Dale sighed. "You are going to go after him, right?"

Andrea seemed to snap. "Why would we go back there! He's done nothing good anyway!"

Everyone was silent, Dale looked at everyone in disbelief. Was this what humanity had come to? He could agree, that Merle had some problems, but he was a good man when you got to know him, he was good fire power.

"Yea, my intention is going back, alone or with a group. It's a risk, but I will take it" Rick exclaimed. "I left a big bag of guns behind on the street anyway."

Glenn stammered. "I think, we need to go back anyway. I know it sounds weird, but my guilt is killing me soon." Everyone stopped and stared at Glenn like he had grown a second head. What had made him feel guilty, surely not Merle?

"I was driving, as distraction so you guys would be safe. And as I was driving, I drove past this shop. And I swear, I swear on my life. That I saw a black haired kid eating pizza."

Merle was trashing around, laughing and crying. So ironic, a day before they were going to rob the entire camp, this had to happen. Couldn't they see he was trying to distract the geeks? He laughed.

Turning, his arm jerked. Looking back he saw his cuffed hand. He cried back "Nononononono." he chanted. Jerking his arm, hoping the cuff would magically disappear. The metal door slammed. He jerked his head towards the door, seeing geeks snarling at him, their arms stretched towards him. He could see a rusted chain holding the door, but no one knew how long that would hold the geeks back.

He laid down, and he didn't know how long he had laid there.

"Merle, Merle, Merle…" he heard. He opened his eyes and checked the door, there were still snarling geeks behind it, trying to bust it open. He saw feet dangling in front of him, just out of his reach.

"What are you most afraid of? Being alone? The Dead..?" the person said, his legs dangling back and forth.

"Or your father?" the pleasant voice changed into his father's voice.

He jerked up, almost slamming his head to the tube in front of his face. Finally face to face to a teen. The black haired teen looked like a rebel. Blood red t-shirt, black jeans and a leather bag next to him. The teen smirked at him, giving him a dark look, cocking his head. Merle swore he saw odd earrings on the kids ears.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" Merle grunted, sounding a bit pissed.

The teen gave a small laugh. "I know a lot of things about you, M-e-r-l-e. " he said with a sickening sweet voice. Was this kid in the drug circle as well? No, he had never seen him before.

"So, Merle. How are you gonna escape? Gonna saw your hand off?" the teen suggested. "Or am I gonna be so nice and help you?" the teen kicked the small saw towards Merle.

Merle was quiet, calculating every possibility. Checking the door, and then turning his gaze to the kid.
"I don't think you meant that you would saw my chain nor hand, when you said help."

The teen smirked once again.


Thus the teen broke something that looked like a chicken bone from his necklace.

This is my first ever attempt on HP x TWD crossover. (The song was Jaymes Young - Moondust)

I made it kinda like an AU, I won't add characters I don't seem…worthy this story, mostly side characters in the camp for example. And I don't have such good memory that I remember who said what lines, plus there are so many other fanfics that right copy the lines from the show, it gets quite boring to read the same lines in every fanfic. So don't expect that every line will be said, and it's maybe not the right person saying them. And I strive to have TWD characters in their character, the only 'out of character' is gonna be the teen ;) But I strive to make him a solid personality, and well, try to explain you within the chapter why he acts a certain way sometimes.

I hope you notice that the 'teen' (You probably already know who he is anyway) is acting that way because he knows that it's not Merles time yet, that's why he's acting a bit like a jerk.

I will try to update regularly, but do notice, that I'm in university, and I don't have really much free time at the moment. But I will try to update when I can.

Do note that English is not my tongue, so there might be some misspells.

Reviews would be lovely, so I'll know if I should continue, and it gives me a lot of motivation to keep on going.