A/N Disclaimer: All character names and likenesses belong to Stephanie Meyer, the story and plot belong to Karen Robards. I liked the story and thought it would be even better with my favorite characters.



"Please, please don't do this." Rosalie King's voice broke. Tears flowing as she looked over her shoulder at the man prodding her forward, the wet tracks sliding down her pale cheeks.

"Walk down to the end of the car." The gun aimed at her back never wavered. The eyes of the man holding it were as cold and soulless as the dark waters of South Carolina's Lake Moultrie, which spread out like a black tinted mirror before them.

"I'm begging you. Please." Rosalie stumbled, unsteady, her boots crunching the fallen leaves. Her voice was high pitched and near hysteria. I would have told her that that begging for her life wasn't going to do any good. I would have told her if the duct tape covering my mouth would have allowed me to.

I'm pretty sure I had at least six broken ribs based on how hard it was to breathe. I tried to keep focusing on her voice but I could barely stand. My hands cuffed behind my back and a gun digging into my spine while blinking away the blood that was pouring into my eyes from the gash on my forehead.

I watched as she stumbled forward again, and silently apologized for not recognizing the danger earlier, in time to save us both. I'd been stupid and cocky and so sure of my ability to follow the devil down to hell and come back out again smelling like a rose.

I snorted a laugh as I thought 'this is the story of my life' and now it was going to get me and Rosalie - the twenty two year old blond bombshell that made the mistake of trusting me with both the deadly secret she'd uncovered as well as her safety - killed.

As I moved the pain cutting through me nearly drove out the terror I was feeling. I had to take short shallow breaths while trying not to pass out from lack of oxygen because if I did that then there was no way we'd have a chance.

But really who was I kidding? We didn't have a chance to get out of this despite all of my highly specialized training; I knew we were going to die. One of the four men- I knew all of them, had worked and played with them as friends even while doing the job the government paid us to do- surrounding the vehicle had popped the trunk.

This was it; I was looking at what was sure to be mine and Rosalie's tomb. They'd beaten what they needed out of me and now I was disposable, as Rosalie was, even though she was the boss's son's wife.

"Emmett, do something." Her eyes were wide and terrified as she looked around. "They're going to kill us. Please, don't let them kill us." She started to sob.

"Don't kill us." She cried out to our captures. "I'll do anything." She pleaded.

"You shouldn't have done what you did." He spat grabbing her by the shoulder and spinning her around. "Get in the trunk."

"No! Please." She was gasping and crying hysterically when suddenly Rosalie broke free surprising everyone and bolted as she fled towards the road.

"Get her!" They all, with the exception of the one man standing behind me, took off after her. I knew it was my last and best chance to make my move. Gritting my teeth I turned and kicked my leg out taking my captor by surprise and he went down.

Sprinting away hoping to reach the line of trees was the only chance we had, but with agonizing pain that increased with every step, I knew I wasn't going to make it. And then, in the distance, I heard a shot and a gurgling scream: Rosalie.

My heart leaped and tears poured from my eyes. When the bullet caught me, it was almost a relief. It hit me like a kick from a mule, knocking me forward, sending me down on the cold, hard ground. It wasn't long before I was lying in a puddle of my own blood.

The good news was that I felt nothing, not the pain and I wasn't afraid anymore. I just felt cold. The bad news is that I wasn't going to make it to see my grandmother, mother, or brother again. More tears leaked from my eyes at the thought.

By the time they came for me, two of them, lifting me up by my armpits and knees, carried my back to the car, I was able to look up into the star studded sky with a tiny smile. They shoved me into the trunk next to Rosalie's body and shut the lid. I barely noticed the sound of water or the sway of the car as we sank further into the icy cold lake.