LoliRock at Las Vegas

Las Vegas: Hotel

At the front of a Las Vegas hotel, a van pulled up, and from it, exited the LoliRock members: Iris, Talia, and Auriana, along with their pet, Amaru, and their friends, Lyna and Carissa.

"Wow, here we are, Las Vegas." Iris said. "I'm still amazed that we were offered to join the Battle of the Bands, here in Vegas!"

"Come on, let's get our rooms and get ready for the show." Talia said.

In the hotel, the girls and Amaru went up to the front desk.

The woman behind the desk checked the girls in and then she came around to take Amaru somewhere else.

"No pets allowed in the rooms, but we do have an area where guests can leave their pets." the woman said as she took Amaru to a room that had other people's pets.

At the upper floors, a bellhop showed the girls to their rooms: one for Iris, Talia, and Auriana, and another for Lyna and Carissa, with each rooms next door to each other.

The room had orange wallpaper, a widescreen TV, three grand beds, a nice terrace with a great view of the beach, a nice dining table was in there as well, ideal for mealtimes, and a mini-fridge was inside with plenty of drinks.

"Whoa, now this is fancy." Auriana said.

Lyna and Carissa came over from their room to the LoliRock room.

"This place is so magnificent!" Lyna said. "It's like something out of a dream."

"Well, to be fair, Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities on Earth." Iris said. "In fact, this city is loaded with entertainment."

At dinnertime, the girls went down to the restaurant and were amazed by all the different varieties of food they served, and so, they got a lot of things they wanted and ate.

Later that night, after practicing for the show, the LoliRock girls were ready to sleep, while Lyna and Carissa returned to their room.

The next day, after some more practice, the girls decided to take a load off.

The girls picked up Amaru and went around to explore the city and look around.

Las Vegas: Downtown

The girls saw the replicas of famous landmarks all around the world, such as: the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids, and etc.

"Wow, those things were something else." Lyna said. "Who knew there could be so much landmarks here in one city."

"Actually, some of the things we've seen are replicas of landmarks from somewhere else." Iris said. "Those replicas are smaller compared to the original."

And then, Auriana noticed something suspicious.

"Hey, check that out!" Auriana said.

Las Vegas: Casino

A suspicious looking man had gotten out of a black car parked in front of a casino.

He wore black clothes, black suit, black sunglasses, black fedora, and black gloves, and he was accompanied by two large bodyguards, who also wore all black.

They opened up the car's trunk and took out a briefcase, which was filled with money.

The man and his bodyguards nodded with each other before heading into the casino.

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