Hi there! Prism here! So, the English dub of Diabolik Lovers More Blood came out just a few days ago and I absolutely loved it. I had this idea floating around for awhile, so I just thought I'd see the response it gets since I'm in a Diabolik Lovers mood at the moment. I own nothing other than the plot and my OC. And with that, I hope you all enjoy!

Second Victim

Chapter 1: Attacked By A Hunter

Living with six sadistic, constantly thirsty vampire brothers wasn't an easy life for Yui Komori. She still had no idea how long it had really been since she started living with the Sakamaki brothers but every day seemed to be a new nightmare for her. Every day she'd go to night school with them, then they'd nearly drain her of her blood one after another. Sometimes they'd take so much that they'd nearly run her dry.

And, ever since the defeat of Cordelia and Richter it seemed that the brothers were demanding much more of her than before. It seemed that nearly every time she encountered one of the six Sakamaki brothers, they all but forced her blood from her. They would grab her out of nowhere, pin her against walls, throw her on the floor or beds and suck her blood right out of her. They'd torment her nearly every free moment they had and she had fresh bite marks all over her body that were already starting to bruise.

It was nearly time to return to the mansion from night school as the final bell had just rang. All the other students had started to leave the room until only Yui remained.

She was packing up her school bag as she released a deep sigh. She knew what was waiting for her back at the mansion was more of her living nightmare. She wanted to run. She desperately wanted to leave and escape the parasites who dominated her but they'd always drag her back before she got too far. There truly was no escape.

"Hey there, pancake. Running a little late, are you?" A familiar voice spoke up from behind her the moment Yui finished packing up her bag. Yui released a small gasp and spun around, finding none other than Ayato Sakamaki standing before her with that sadistic smirk she came to know so well present on his lips.

"A-Ayato." Yui mumbled. No matter how many times the vampire brothers snuck up on her, it always made her nervous. "I thought you were outside with the others already."

Ayato gave a small chuckle as he pushed her into a nearby window, causing Yui to drop her bag. "Heh. And give you a chance to try and run off from yours truly? I don't think so."

"I-I wasn't going to." Yui said nervously.

"Yeah, sure you weren't. Now shut up and let me drink your blood." Ayato didn't give her a second to respond before he pressed Yui's body into the window. He took one wrist in each and and sank his fangs deep into her neck. Yui squirmed and cringed in discomfort as the red-haired vampire drank her blood. Ayato just couldn't help himself, he wanted her. Her blood always made him go mad. He just wanted to make her his no matter what

"A-Ayato...please. Stop...that hurts." Yui protested in between pained gasps. She already felt so faint, she wasn't sure if she could stay awake much longer. She just wanted it to end, she wanted the pain to stop.

But just then, Ayato heard a faint rustling in the bushes beneath the window. Even with his powerful hearing, it was still almost unnoticeable. Sensing that someone was watching them, Ayato pulled away from Yui's neck and glared out the window. A small ribbon of blood dripped down his chin, so he wiped it off with the back of his hand as he continued to scan the school grounds outside.

Could someone have seen what he'd done? Did someone know what he was? Ayato really didn't like the sound of that. Just by looking at the disturbed bushes beneath them, he could immediately tell someone had been there recently. Wether or not they saw anything was another mystery alltogether.

Deciding not to take any more chances that night, Ayato picked up Yui's bag and shoved it into her arms.

"Come on, pancake." Ayato growled in irritation as he roughly took her wrist in his hand. "Let's go; we kept the others waiting long enough."

Yui remained silent and confused as Ayato led her out of the classroom all the way to where the limo was parked. Ayato never gave up on drinking her blood so quickly before. What was going on with him? Something inside her told her that she'd find out soon.

"Disgraceful. Utterly and completely disgraceful." Reiji growled in annoyance after Ayato had told them about what he thought he saw through the window. Yui and the six Sakamaki brothers were currently sitting in the luxury limo on their way back to the mansion.

Yui still wasn't sure how long she'd been staying with the Sakamaki brothers, but she had learned quite a bit about them in the time she'd been with them. The eldest brother was Shu. For some reason he seemed to need a lot of sleep and always had music playing in his ears from the MP3 player he always wore around his neck. The next brother was Reiji. Despite being the second oldest, he always appeared to take more responsibility and had a tendency to spend a lot of time in his lab or with a book in his hand.

Next in line were the triplets Ayato, Kanato and Laito. Ayato was very full of himself and often referred to himself as "yours truly" and gave Yui the nickname "pancake" because the first day they met he told her she was as flag as a pancake. Kanato was one Yui was always nervous to be around. He may look sweet and adorable one moment with the teddy bear he always carried around but anything could cause him to snap. Laito often referred to Yui as "little bitch" and made Yui very uncomfortable with his flirtatious and sometimes sexual advances. Lastly was Subaru. He had some definite anger issues and often punched walls when he got too upset.

"I still find it appauling that you'd engage in that sort of behaviour at school. I told you multiple times to take such activities to your private room. But now I learn there's a chance someone saw you two?!" Snarled Reiji as he glared darkly at Ayato and Yui.

"Oh lighten up, Reiji." Laito purred. "So what if someone saw Ayato feeding on little bitch?"

Kanato nodded in agreement as he clutched Teddy tightly against his chest. "Yes, we'll just kill them."

Yui released a nervous gasp. "Kill them? Do you really need to go that far?"

"I don't recall you having any say in this." Shu mumbled lazily. "Now would you all be quiet. You're disturbing my music."

Subaru crossed his arms and groaned. "Oh let's just drop it already. How are we sure someone even saw Ayato?!"

"You calling me a liar, Subaru?!" Snarled Ayato, clenching his fists.

"So what if I am?!" Subaru spat back.

"SHUT UP!" Snapped Kanato. "Can't you see you're upsetting Teddy?!"

Yui got so nervous that a fight would break out but as luck would have it, the limo stopped right in front of the mansion. The driver opened the door and one by one, they all stepped out. Yui released a sigh as she held her school bag close to her chest, knowing just like any other day here in this hellhole that they'd be demanding her blood soon.

Just as she thought, the moment she stepped out of the limo, Laito wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"So, little bitch. I was thinking I could stop by your room later and we could have a little fun." Laito purred as he twirled a piece of her blonde hair in his fingers. The limo drove away, leaving Yui alone once again in the company of six hungry vampires.

"But, I have homework to do." Yui protested as she tried to move out of Laito's grip but he wouldn't let her go that easily.

"Do you really think I care about that?" Laito chuckled.

"Laito. Shut up." Subaru suddenly said.

Laito pouted. "Aww c'mon Subaru. If you want to join in all you have to do is ask. Little bitch belongs to all of us, after all."

"No. Seriously, shut up." He growled as his eyes scanned the mansion grounds. When he listened closely, he could faintly hear the rustling of leaves coming from the forest area. "We're not alone."

Then, just at that moment, an arrow zipped past them, just barely missing Laito's arm. The group was in complete shock. How had someone snuck in the locked gates? Why were they being shot at? Shu turned to a nearby tree where the arrow had been lodged in. He effortlessly pulled the arrow out of the tree and held it in his hand.

"Silver-tipped." Shu said. "Someone knows our secret and they're trying to kill us."

"See?! I told you someone saw me feeding on pancake!" Ayato exclaimed.

Subaru scoffed. "And who's fault is that?" That statement earned him a glare from Ayato just as another arrow shot at them, just missing Kanato and Teddy.

"Well, this person clearly means business." Reiji said as he adjusted his glasses. "Fan out and find the shooter. We'll teach them a lesson."

"Fine. Whatever." Subaru growled as he vanished into the woods.

"No one shoots at Teddy!" Snarled Kanato as he followed Subaru.

"Ohh, this will be fun." Laito said as he let go of Yui and followed his brothers into the woods, leaving Reiji, Shu, Ayato and Yui behind at the mansion's entrance. Ayato didn't wait to grab on to Yui's arm and hid her behind him.

"W-what's going on?" Yui asked nervously.

Reiji rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Must be an amateur vampire hunter. A human. I can smell them now; they know we're on to them so they're running."

"Vampire hunter?" Gasped Yui. "Those exist?"

"Why are you so surprised, pancake?" Groaned Ayato. "It doesn't matter. We'll deal with this one just like we've dealt with any other worthless human who's stupid enough to try and fight against us."

But then, a sharp knife sped past Ayato. The group of three vampires and one human turned around to find their assailant. They were dressed in a black hoodie with the hood up, black combat vest, baggy dark jeans, brown lace-up boots that reached halfway up their calves and two silver guns were strapped to their thighs. They were wearing a black gas mask over their face so they couldn't see any identifying features. They were holding a hand full of silver knives was pointing them at Ayato.

"Oh now this just got interesting." Smirked Ayato. "Not many vampire hunters have the guts to try and face us head-on. Usually, you guys just run once you find out we're much more than you humans can handle."

Shu released a lazy yawn as the hunter grabbed another knife and threw it at him, only for Shu to catch it just before it hit him. The hunter released a startled gasp behind their mask just as Reiji moved in front of them and knocked the knives out of their hand. But then, the hunter reached for the guns strapped to their legs and started shooting at the three brothers.

The vampire hunter shot at Ayato next, forcing him to let go of Yui. That gave them the chance they needed to store away one of their guns, grab Yui's arm and run away from Ayato, Shu and Reiji, only to be cornered by Subaru, Kanato and Laito. Now they were surrounded by the six sadistic vampire brothers. Subaru was holding a bow and a handful of silver arrows; the same bow and arrows they had used to shoot at them before.

"Well well, trying to run off with little bitch are you? Trying to save her from us? We can't have that." Laito smirked.

"So you're the one who shot at Teddy. No one shoots at Teddy!" Growled Kanato as he stormed up to the masked vampire hunter, and violently shoved them off their feet, causing them to drop their gun. But, before they could grab their other gun, Ayato bent down, grabbed their arms and roughly pinned them behind their back.

"Heh. Not so tough now are you?" Grinned Ayato.

Subaru growled as he tossed the bow and cluster of arrows to the stone ground and stomped his foot on it, destroying them. "I'm guessing that was yours?" He spat. "Next time don't leave your junk lying around."

"That's enough." Reiji said as he adjusted his glasses. "Let's take a look at the face of this so-called vampire hunter."

"Oh, now I'm interested; allow me." Purred Laito. With that, he knelt right in front of the struggling hunter while Yui watched nervously. Laito pulled down her black hood and unbuckled the gas mask from their face, revealing a girl who looked to be only sixteen. She had unkept, straight chocolate brown hair that was tied in a ponytail with a blue ribbon. That ponytail was casually draped over her shoulder. Her eyes were a deep sky blue and were full of hate as she glared at the vampires who now held her captive.

"Well this is a surprise." Shu said as the girl continued to struggle against Ayato. "A girl. So, the youngest vampire hunter we've ever encountered is also the most brave. Or stupid. Yeah, I'm going with stupid." The human girl glared daggers at him.

Laito smirked as he took her chin in his hand. "So, are you self taught, cutie?"

The girl growled at him. "None of your business." She spat.

"Amaya Senshi, huh?" Reiji said as he picked up a simple black wallet off the ground. It was filled with multiple fake IDs, stolen credit cards, and fake gun lisences. He only found one old school ID that looked to be real. The girl, Amaya turned her head and gasped at the sight of Reiji looking through her wallet.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" Amaya yelled, struggling even harder against Ayato. "Stay out of my stuff!"

"That's not your concern. Not after you foolishly tried to kill us." Shu said lazily.

"Quit your struggling already." Snarled Ayato as he tightened his grip on her wrists so hard that Amaya released a hiss of pain. "You're in our hands now."

Laito smirked. "Well, I must admit we've never had such a cute girl vampire hunter before. Makes me a little excited."

"Yes. I wonder what her blood tastes like." Kanato said. "I think she owes us a little taste."

"Especially since we're almost running pancake dry, we could use another little blood bag." Ayato smirked.

Amaya didn't take that news well and started struggling even harder but couldn't break free of Ayato's grip. "Not a chance you monsters! Let go!"

Reiji thought for a moment while Amaya screamed. "Lock her up for now. We'll discuss what to do with her." Amaya kept screaming in protest until Subaru took her away from Ayato and painfully twisted her arm at an awkward angle. Then, one after another the others all entered the mansion until only Yui and Ayato remained.

Yui turned to Ayato as they made their way up the mansion. "What's going to happen to Amaya?" She asked with worry in her voice.

"Not your concern, pancake." Ayato said as he took her arm and led her through the mansion's front door.

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