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Kins Way.

Chapter 1

The cute blonde boy

Somewhere deep in the hidden sound village.

"Kin!?" yelled Zaku "kin where are you, orochimaru has summoned us."

Zaku a genin was running around the compound made by orochimaru searching for his squad partner Kin. She was never the same after they took a visit to the hidden leaf a couple weeks ago. They were in hiding behind black cloaks doing recon. While Kin was walking around the village she walked through an area where the village was doing construction. While walking a beam that was being lifted into the air by damaged ropes snapped,dropping the beam with her under it.

When Kin heard the snap she looked up to see a beam falling fast in her location. She froze in fear and couldn't move and all she could see in her future was death. Before it dropped on her a shadowy figure jumped out nowhere grabbing her tightly and jumping out of the way before the beam hit the ground. When Kin realised what had happened her her eyes filled with tears and cried into the shadows shoulder. After 2 minutes of crying she looked to see A blonde boy wearing a leaf headband stroking her hair saying "there there".

She reached her hands out of her cloak and hugged him tightly and repeatedly thanked about 5 minutes she let go and Naruto helped her up. "Are you injured."asked Naruto. She shook her head no as she wiped her eyes of tears. Well i'm "Naruto by the way."holding his hand out for her to shake it.

"I'm kin" said kin shaking his hand.

"Well something like this doesn't happen very often." explained Naruto. "Well sorry if that took you by surprise they need to replace those damn ropes"

"It's Quite alright Naruto I'm just glad you jumped in and save me when you did, who knows what would've happened to me." she stated.

"You would of been crushed flat and like a cartoon character." Joked Naruto. Kin giggled like a tiny child.

"Your really funny Naruto." Kin replied with blush on her face. She was about to say something to naruto, but out of nowhere a pink haired girl jumped out of nowhere punching naruto in the head, forcing him to fall down.

"Naruto!" yelled the pink haired girl. "Why are you harassing this girl?" Naruto was about to respond but the pink haired girl kick naruto in the face making stay on the ground. She then turned to Kin and smiled like she was doing the right thing. "I'm so sorry about him he can be a real creep sometimes, i'm sakura by the way." said Sakura with a smile.

"What the hell is wrong with you asshole!" yelled kin. Sakura looked at her confused." Naruto saved me,why on earth would you do that?" Before Sakura could answer,Kin pushed Sakura out of the way to check on him. She helped him up and check to see if he's ok.

"What are you talking about,naruto look like he was bothering you,so i stopped him." said sakura trying to explain herself. Kin then stop checking up on Naruto and got in sakura's face.

"Well instead bothering naruto every time he talks to someone why don't you get a life of your own to focus on!" yelled kin. Sakura was about to say something,but was interrupted. "You keep complaining about how Naruto is harassing people, so what do you call what you do to naruto, cause seems like what you're doing to to naruto is harassment. You know what, even though i just met you ,Sakura was it, i can tell you are a real cunt, i'm not sure if naruto is your friend or something but a real friend would treat someone like this!" Sakura's eyes filled with tears and she ran away crying

She then went up to naruto and helped him up by grabbing his hand and pulling him up. "I'm sorry about her, she does this every time i talk to a girl." Explained Naruto. "I can't believe i have a crush on her." Kins eyebrow raised.

"Naruto how could you have a crush on a girl like that, for kami sake she treats you like shit!" Naruto looked down in shame. "Naruto you deserve a girl who will treat you with respect and will be there for you and enjoy your company." said Kin slowly getting closer to naruto's face. "Someone like me" said kin as she leaned forward and kissed naruto. Naruto sat there surprised.

Naruto didn't know what to do he had feeling for sakura and was interested in hinata, but now there's some girl he just met kissing him. Naruto grabbed her and pushed her off. "I'm sorry i just met you and this is a little weird." said naruto trying to make the situation less awkward. Kin smile went to a frown and tilted her head down. "How about we could go out and get to know each other."

Kin smiled. "I would like that" Before Kin could say more the microphone in her ear reacted.

"Kin it's time to go" said Zoku in the microphone.

"I'm sorry Naruto but i have to go." Naruto frowned. "How about we go out next time we see each other." Naruto shook his head yes and smiled, which made kin smile as well. Kin began to walk away, oh naruto. Naruto looked at her and she leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips and ran off.

In an alleyway 50 feet away from naruto was sakura hiding behind the corner crying. "I thought i could stop him…...from falling in love whi someone else. Damn it." said sakura crying and whining. "Naruto was supposed to be mine…. I…..I just needed time"

"Oh don't worry Sakura." said inner sakura. "That hussy kin lives in another village there's a slim chance that naruto will see her again, you can still have him." Sakura wiped her eyes and sniffled. "All you have to do is keep sabotaging naruto's relationship with other girls. Sakura smiled a deventent smile. "But remember you can't let any girl ask him out or you will lose him"

Sakura stood up and smiled a devilish smile. From that day forward sakura did everything to ruin naruto's reputation with girl and ruined potential girlfriends for him. Naruto felt sad everyday and now felt even worse today. Naruto and his squad got back from helping the bridge builder. Naruto was about to go home but sakura stopped him.

Kin had watched over naruto from that day forward any chance she got

"Hey Naruto can we talk" asked sakura. Naruto turned to face her. "Um well not here meet me on top of apartment 457 ok at 9:30?" Naruto shook yes.

It's not going to take to long right,cause i got a date tonight." Sakura started to panic but didn't show it and shook her head no.

"Say naruto who are going out with tonight?" asked sakura trying not to freak out.

"Ino" said naruto as he headed towards his apartment. As soon as Naruto and her squad was out of sight Sakura freaked out and ran to find ino.

Back at naruto's apartment.

"Ugg i'm so hungry." yelled naruto. Naruto got up and went to his kitchen to get food but his fridge was empty and so was his cuberes. Naruto was too tired to go to the store and wanted rest up for his date so he sent one of his clones. "Shadow clone jutsu" yelled Naruto causing a clone to spawn right next to him. Naruto pointed to the door and told the clone to get him snacks.

The clone responded and grabbed naruto's wallet and went to the store. When the clone got to the store he grabbed a bunch of stuff naruto liked and started walking back to the apartment. While the clone was walking he saw ino and want to stop and say hi. But before he did he saw sakura standing next to her. Naruto snuck around the build behind them and went through an alleyway and listened to their conversation.

"Ino i should tell you naruto is very creepy and has mental issues and has a drooling problem and also he will just look at your boobs the whole time. This is the stuff he always does with me, you're my friend and i thought i should warn you before you embarrass him or yourself" said sakura.

Thank you sakura i don't think i would be able to get through an entire evening of that. I think i'm going to cancel thanks again." said ino as she hugged and walked away from sakura to get to naruto's apartment.

"Good Naruto will finally be mine" said Sakura. Naruto's clone quickly left and tried to get to the apartment before ino but was too late. When ino arrived naruto was ready and open the door smelling and looking nice.

"Ready ino" asked Naruto. Ino shook her head no.

"I'm sorry naruto i can't go on a date with you tonight something's come up." said ino lying.

"But i thought you clear your schedule for this and you said you were excited to hang with me"

"I'm sorry naruto i just can't" replied ino walking away. Naruto shut his door and cried he sat and cried until his clone came home.

"Boss you gotta see this." Said the clone dropping the bags and after Naruto got the memory of sakura and ino's discussion. Naruto felt confused and didn't know what to do.. It was 9:25 so naruto went to the top of apartment of 457 and waited for sakura. When sakura got there she was smiling and was wearing dark red lip gloss. She approached naruto and she decided to confess.

"Naruto, this is kinda embarrassing but i been meaning to tell you this for a long time, Naruto you are really special to me and i see you differently than other girls and i'd like you to understand that i….i...i...i like you alot and like to be your girlfriend and i really want you to be close to me in anyway possible and i'd like you to be close to me. So please naruto will you be my boyfriend.

Said sakura meaning every word.

"Hell no" said naruto. Sakura's eyes widened. "Ever scene that day i met kin you sabotaged me dating life anyway possible i wanted to have a good time with ino tonight and you came along and ruined it. No girl will come near me because if you and now you want me to just forget all of this and become your boyfriend, oh ok you want me to forget all those time you hit kicked punched choked and head bang me. You said horrible things about me just so you could date me. So you know what you can fuck off and go to hell!" yelled naruto.

"That fair naruto" said sakura trying not to cry. "I liked you first and i did that because i cared about you it was just tough love, naruto that all i was doi…" sakura was cut off from her sentence cause naruto walked forward and slapped her across the face.

"Did you not hear me Sakura i said fuck off and go to hell." yelled naruto. Naruto walked past her and left the roof. After that naruto refused to talk to sakura and sakura tried to talk to naruto. After a couple of weeks kakashi called them forth to tell them of the chunin exams.

Orochimaru's compound.

Zaku had finally found kin. She was in her room listening to music while looking at picture of naruto. Dosu appears randomly. "You summoned us?" hissed dosu.

Yes i need you to go to the chuunin exams so you help me take down the leaf. . without question they shook their heads yes. Kin was excited she finally would be able to see naruto again but she didn't want him to get hurt.

"Um lord orochimaru?'

"Yes Kin." responded orochimaru.

"May i take a prisoner?"

"Whom would that be?"

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Be my guest Kin."

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