WARNING: Contains unavoidable Kimi no Na Wa./your name. spoilers.


A small town girl and a city boy discover that they've been switching bodies. As they begin to get used to the routine and improving each other's' lives, it suddenly stops. In finding out why, they change the course of history. Events conspire to separate them, however, and it is not till years later that they finally reunite.

This is not that story.

That story happened, but it's history now. Something distant. Though the names and the setting are different, the way things played out for Ayaka and Uileag back then were similar enough to the original that those seeking to retread familiar ground should find Mitsuha and Taki instead. But please, let them have their happy ending.

No… one story ends, and another begins. Fate and the cosmos still play games with puny mortals, and are far from averse to the idea of reusing old pieces who thought their roles played out. When alien forces rise from the depths bent on the destruction of mankind, one such luminary must question who or what she really is.

After all, when Ms Yukino said, nearly 10 years ago, that one might encounter something not quite human at twilight, all present might be forgiven for not considering that the entity in question might be oneself.

Burning eyes gazed out over the dark waters, seeking, almost as if they could see the distant shore.

In a way, they could.

Their owner sniffed. The air… The air was subtly yet surely different from how it was like on the other side. Less real, somehow, if that made sense.

She did not need to be here, not need to be present in the material realm for this. It was perfectly possible for her to do what she had to do from the safety of where mortals could not hope to penetrate, not until they too joined the choir invisible.

She could have, but this was something she had to see for herself. It was not like the mortals could actually touch her and hers.

There was indeed hers, because around her in loose formation waited her faithful protectors. They had been apart on that day, and one regrettably had not survived to fight alongside the rest of them, even if her fall would become a rallying cry.

It had taken decades, and then the better part of a year since she had first manifested once more in this form, but they were finally all together again, as they should have been.

"Are we ready?" She asked. Her voice was echoing, ethereal.

"Hold," one of them said. Light glinted, seemingly reflected off something, as the speaker shifted in place, listening, sensing, gathering. "The numbers are not yet right."

She turned now to face the one on her right, who stood still, seemingly placid. The eyes told otherwise, twitching constantly, roiling with implacable hatred. "They must pay. They must pay. They all must pay," her companion muttered unceasingly.

"Take heart. They will," she said.

Enemies everywhere. On one side, a band of cowards, knowing full well they could not succeed in a fair fight, had struck from the shadows, hypocritically dishonourable for all their culture praised it as a virtue. For that perfidy, they had fittingly burned in newborn suns, yet it was too far short of what their crimes deserved. On the other, weaklings who shied from finishing the fight, extending mercy to a foe who deserved none, they had conspired to spare a false emperor the punishment he was due, and even offered friendship and a helping hand afterwards. There were many more who, by continuing to tolerate or even welcome the former's existence, made themselves complicit in its crimes, even peoples who had suffered under its conquering iron fist. Its ancient foes, too, refused to see to its end in blood and fire, preferring to flap jaws and toy with money instead.

Of all her foes, though, these two took priority. There would be plenty of blood and fire tonight.

"The numbers agree. All units in position," the earlier speaker suddenly declared, cutting into her thoughts.

"Wait one." She set aside optical, infrared, radar and sonar, the senses of the material realm, and peered beyond. With an effort of will, she set her mind on discerning the skeins of fate, following them as far as she could, trying to see how the first blow of long-awaited justice would play out.

Some fuzziness, but well within tolerable margin of error given the not entirely metaphorical fog of war.

Good enough. She had worked with far less before. How limited she had once been!

{Furi Original Soundtrack feat. Carpenter Brut: What We Fight For}

"Very good," she finally said once she was satisfied, and cast her voice out like she was speaking to an audience. "Remember tonight what we fight for. Our two main enemies are cowards in their own ways. For one, night has fallen on a day of remembrance, yet it is a memorial that remains a mockery to the fallen so long as their killers exist. The other wants the world in every generation, and we shall fell every last one of them. We will tolerate neither the murderer nor those who failed to properly avenge the murders, for to do so is to condone the crime. Every moment they continue to exist, the lamps go out across the world, and if we fail, they will never be lit again."

A pause.

"Let us begin to set things right."

All around them, previously shrouded by the darkness, eyes began to light up. Green, red, gold, blue, combinations thereof with hazy emanations. Subtle and well-spaced enough that an airborne observer who knew not what to look for would have missed it, yet obvious to those at sea level and in on the plan. Not that she would have feared overmuch the possibility of being spotted; the time of judgment had been set to after dinner, the better that those sated by food and drink might be groggy, while those who had yet to partake would be too bothered by their gnawing stomachs to pay full attention. Even if there were those precious few souls that retained their full faculties, the tools man relied on would struggle to see anything amiss until it was too late.

Flight decks raised to ready positions. Maws opened on creatures that looked like a twisted hybrid of xenomorph and cephalopod.

"Tonight, we ascend the mountain."

{Advance track to 2:55}

Bullets roared from barrels that ran the length of flight decks, exploding in mid-air and expanding into ball-like creatures with demonic features, bombs or torpedoes slung beneath their bodies by machinery. From the vaguely squidlike creatures emerged what could more easily be called planes, yet even those looked armoured more by chitin or something alien and organic than metal. Whatever their differences in appearance, though, they formed up with clear purpose and zoomed off into the distance. Beneath them, the other, lesser subordinates went to flank speed and sped off too, leaving her personal guard behind.

"Let justice be done when we make the heavens fall."


Kimi no Na Iowa.

Your (Name is) Iowa.

"I have finally remembered you, whom I am about to lose yet again."

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Kensuke Tanaka (Kantai Collection)

Makoto Shinkai (Kimi no Na Wa./Your Name.)

Morgane of the Mists (Pacific)





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