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Harry Potter and The Rebellion Of Hogwarts


Albus Dumbledore, Chief warlock of the Wizengamot, Headmaster of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry, sat quietly, looking around the large table. It had been a few months since the Department of Mysteries saga, six young wizards and witches, lead by one Harry Potter had infiltrated the Ministry due to receiving false information regarding the welfare of the late Lord Black, Sirius. Voldemort had used his connection with the boy and forced him, and his schoolmates to try rescue Sirius. Although Sirius was in no real danger, and the image Harry had seen of his godfather suffering at the hands of Voldemort had been cleverly fabricated.

Of course, the whole thing had been a complete trap. Harry and his friends had been cornered by Tom's inner circle who had ordered Harry to turn over the item he and the Order had desperately been trying to protect all year. The item in question was a small glass sphere that inside had a recording of a prophecy. A prophecy which was made concerning both Harry and Tom Riddle, Aka Voldemort. Fifteen years ago Tom had only heard half the prophecy and had attacked the Potters, intending to kill the one who threatened his power. There was another though who also could have fitted the prophecy a young Neville Longbottom to be precise.

If Tom had heard all of the prophecy he might had been more cautious and waited to attack. This year Tom had wanted to know the entire prophecy and had tricked young Harry into getting it for him. The prophecy could only be retrieved by the one in which the prophecy concerned. In this case Tom and Harry. It seems however Tom underestimated young Harry once more, and what should have been a simple act of taking candy from a baby, had turned out to be a great deal more difficult then he had hoped. Harry Potter being the boy who he was, stood up to the inner circle and with his friends bought enough time for himself and the Order to appear and ambush. That is where things had taken a turn for the worse. Albus had pleaded with Sirius to stay behind, but the old fool had rushed in head first, like any Gryffindor and had gotten himself killed, by being hit with the killing curse and falling through the veil of death.

Harry was already mad enough as it was, due to one of his close friends nearly being killed by a dark curse, but when he saw the man who had become a father figure fall through the veil all hell had broken lose. Harry had been using simple spells up till then, but after what had happened. His simple spells had turned into a mixture of more dangerous spells, several of which dropped a number of Death Eaters including the late Lord Malfoy. There was no remorse or reaction to what he had done. He had killed several witches and wizards and had thought nothing of it. The boy had then chased after Bellatrix Lestrange who had been the one to kill his godfather. The boy had gone down an even darker path and had cast an unforgivable. That had been when the real trouble had started. Voldemort, tired of waiting, had appeared in the Ministry and faced off briefly with the boy. Albus closed his eyes and slowly recalled what he had seen.

Ministry Of Magic front Entrance Hall

Dumbledore suddenly appeared and looked upon the fight now taking place between Tom and young Harry. What he saw truly frightened the elderly Wizard, both were exchanging unforgivables. Harry was trying to hit Tom with the torture curse, while he was using his all time favourite spell the killing curse. Dumbledore watched stunned as Harry used his environment to his advantage and was now at a stalemate against a wizard who had over fifty years more experience.

"So Potter, not so light after all are we? Who would have thought the great Harry Potter would be throwing around unforgivable and other dark curses. Dumbledore would be terribly disappointed in you knowing some of the spells you have been throwing at me."

Harry narrowed his eyes ducked, rolled and sent another chain of cutting curses towards the wizard who had made him an orphan, he watched the first swatted away and then second impact a shield that Tom had created. Harry's emotions were on over drive, the old wizard could see that. He had just watched his godfather fall through the veil. Sirius had meant the world to him. Before his third year Harry hadn't known about Remus and Sirius and the friendship they had shared between his mother and father. He had always thought he was alone and had no family left. Both men however had proved those thoughts wrong. He wasn't alone, He In fact did have family and that had meant the world to Harry. Now though that was all gone, sure, the boy still had Remus, but Harry never really connected to the eldest Marauder. He had been more close to Sirius and now that Bellatrix had killed him. Then the boy felt like he had nothing left.

Harry hadn't even noticed Dumbledore was watching him. He had lost the one person he cared the most about, and now thanks to that demented bitch, Sirius was dead. Still Harry was pleased he had given the bitch a few things to remember him by. Voldemort had been forced to use a port-key as the wounds he inflicted with several dark curses had caused the bitch to bleed out. He banished a large piece of rubble in front of the incoming killing curse. The rubble exploded. Harry side stepped another spell.

"No good using tame spells against you snake face! However, let's start to make this duel really interesting shall we?"

Dumbledore eyes widened as he heard Harry hiss in Parseltongue and sent several dark spells towards Voldemort, causing the surprised Wizard to shield both spells. Any other shield would have shattered under the power of the spells.

"Voldemort mouth curled. Well, well Parseltongue magic too. Potter, how long have you been keeping that secret from Dumbledore, I am rather intrigued. Where did you learn that?"

Harry hadn't sensed Dumbledore at all, so he had no problem revealing a few secrets. "The Chamber of Secrets. Once I killed the Basilisk I decided to explore the chamber, it turned out I stumbled across Salazar Slytherin's personal study. He had several books on Parseltongue magic that I was able to read thanks to your little gift. In fact I was very surprised you of all people never discovered it, after all weren't you the Heir of Slytherin?"

Voldemort sneered. "It seems I overlooked the chamber, all I was interested in was setting the Basilisk on the school and killing those I deemed unworthy, I never did explore the chamber." He hissed as a huge snake of flames began to form with his magic, he then sent the flaming snake towards Potter. Voldemort eyes narrowed as the boy flicked his wand slicing the curse in two and sent his own volley of Parseltongue magic back at him.

Dumbledore had seen enough, how had he missed all this? It was clear now Harry was hiding quite a bit from himself and others, but how could that be? Dumbledore had looked in the boy's mind several times and had seen no such memories, or Occlumency defenses. Severus had reported the same after their small sessions this year, where had he learnt all this dark magic? Albus had seen enough "That's enough Tom, leave Harry alone, you will deal with me now." Albus noticed both Wizards stopped and looked towards him surprise written all over their faces. "Behind me Harry!" However, the elderly wizard noticed Harry didn't even move. what surprised him more was the way Harry replied.

"No old man, this is between him and me, after all, one of us must die to fulfil this blasted prophecy and it certainly won't be me."

Albus blinked in surprise. "Harry you know?" The answer was written all over the young Wizard's face, his wand trained on his target at all times. "I heard it briefly before I smashed it an hour ago. By the look on his face though it seems he doesn't know it, what a shame Riddle, all this for nothing."

Tom eyes were blazing, the blasted boy knew the prophecy, but it wasn't just that, it was what the brat had called him. He had used his Filthy Muggle father's name to insult him. Tom raised his wand. "You dare! Now You die Potter, Avada Kedavra!

The sickly green streak left his wand and raced towards the boy who dived for cover and returned fire with a cutting curse that zoomed beneath his shield and hit his side. "Ahh you bastard, you will pay for that, another time Potter!" Tom grabbed his port-key when he noticed all the fireplaces in the foyer glowed green and the Minister stepped out and starred at him in disbelieve. He had no choice to retreat. He vanished away promising pain and torture on the brat who once again had bested him.

"He's back!"

After that Dumbledore had taken Harry back to Hogwarts and had demanded he was told everything, it seems not only had the boy been teaching students to duel and defend themselves, but he was also using a time-turner. Where had the boy got his hands on one? Black of course. He had used the spare time to train himself using Salazar Slytherin's spell book and other books he had managed to get his hands on. Albus had seriously underestimated Harry, it seems not even Hermione or Ron knew what he had been up to. He had been using a two way mirror to contact Sirius over the year who had been teaching him. The old man was once again surprised how Harry spoke to him.

"To be honest sir, I don't see how it is any of your fucking business what I do to protect myself, and those I care about. If you think I feel any remorse after what I did to those fuckers in the Ministry, then you are sadly mistaken. They murdered, raped and tortured, had I left them alive, the Ministry would have locked them up in Azkaban. Riddle's already broken them out once, he would do it again. This is a war Dumbledore, you said it yourself, simple stunners and other light spells are useless. If I want to go toe to toe with Riddle, then I need to learn spells that he would use."

Albus eyes narrowed. The more he heard, the more he was having flashbacks to Tom's years at school. He couldn't allow another student to go down that same path. Dumbledore frowned towards Harry "Such spells Harry are dangerous, not mention the two unforgivable you cast tonight. If the Ministry found out, they would have you in Azkaban in seconds. You're just lucky that no one was present except I in the foyer when you cast them. I am going to have to get an oath from yourself Harry that you will never use such magic again."

Harry just turned and looked at Dumbledore, was he being serious? He would do it took to stay alive, if that meant using a few dark curses to put the bastard down once and for all, then that is what he will do. Screw his greater good "Excuse the French sir, but fuck that. I need to prepare for war, such an oath would prevent me from doing that. We both know to fulfil the damn Prophecy I have to kill Riddle, only one of us can survive, and after the fucking hand fate has dealt me, I deserve a long peaceful life."

Albus sighed, he didn't want to do this, but it was for the boy's own good, clearly Harry had come to his own conclusions about the prophecy, but Dumbledore knew a dark secret. Harry would have to die at the hands of Tom due to what was lodged inside his scar. It had taken Albus a few years to finally discover how Tom had survived. He had used an ancient branch of dark magic to create soul anchors, also known as Horcruxes. Long as a piece of his soul was attached to a Horcrux, Tom couldn't be killed. It had been the diary in Harry's second year that had revealed to him the source of Tom's power, and he had come to realize that Harry's scar was more then just a cut, but it was in fact a Horcrux.

Albus raised his wand. "Obliviate!" The boy had been too slow to react, he would remember nothing of his advancement this year, and he would only learn of the dark secret when he was ready. Dumbledore left everything else alone and just erased the memories of his secret self study, he erased the memory of Harry learning the prophecy and what took place in the foyer, and planted a memory of himself fighting Voldemort and then the Minister appearing to see that Voldemort had returned. He now had a very confused emotional boy in front of him.

"I'm sorry for your loss Harry I truly am. Sirius was a good man, he didn't deserve that. Miss Granger was transported to the hospital wing and from what I understand from Madame Pomfrey she will be just fine. Your other schoolmates apart from the odd cut here and there are also fine. It was dangerous of you to try what you did tonight Harry, but I do understand to certain extent why you did it. I think it is time to reveal to you the prophecy that you were born to fulfil.


After that Harry had displayed his true power, and had made a complete mess of his office. All the silver gizmos Dumbledore had around his office to monitor Harry had shattered. The boy had finally learnt of why his family was attacked and the death of his godfather had just been too much for him to handle. He had soon collapsed of magical exhaustion.

Albus looked around the table at who else was attending Sirius will reading. There was Molly and her husband, along with all their children, minus the three eldest. Just down from them was Lady Malfoy and her son Draco Malfoy. A few seats down was a very subdue Remus and Tonks, both had tears in their eyes and were holding on to each other. Next to him was Hermione Granger, Dumbledore had tried to get the Goblins to dismiss her from the will reading, but had been informed Sirius had left her something. What that was he didn't know.

Dumbledore knew why Lady Malfoy was here, her son would be made the next head of house Black. Lucius was dead, killed by Harry. Taking up the Mantle of Black, would allow him to take up the Mantle of Lord Malfoy as well, granting Tom a serious boost in his finances. Dumbledore was ready though to challenge the claim. He suspected Draco had already been marked, if true then he could use his power as Chief Warlock to have the Black accounts frozen, preventing Tom from getting his hands on that little bit of income. It however would just be a short delay tactic on his part.

Harry was safely back at the Dursleys. No doubt Sirius had left him something, and he would be told of that something when he visited Harry later that month. He was also in need of another Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He retrieved Umbridge from the forest, and handed her over to the Aurors. He had moved Severus up to Defense, but this had left a gap for a Potion Professor. Dumbledore knew of one but he would need Harry's help in convincing him to join the staff. Dumbledore looked to the clock they should have been starting by now.

"Forgive me Director Ragnok but shouldn't we be starting by now? From looking around I assume we won't be expecting anyone else."

Ragnok was the Director of the London branch of Gringotts, he was the head of his clan, and respected member of the goblin elder council. Such task would not normally fall to him, but he had been asked specifically by the late Lord Black to oversee the will reading.

"We are waiting on one more headmaster, once he arrives then we can start." The goblin was interrupted by the doors swinging open and two of his clerks was now escorting a very scared and confused Harry Potter into the room.

Dumbledore immediately stood up just what were the Goblin playing at. "I demand to know, Director Ragnok, why Harry Potter is here, when I, his magical guardian, was not informed. He should be back home safe. Harry, pleased wait outside and I will be quick as I can to escort you back to your relatives." Albus noticed Harry wasn't alone and Alastor was with him.

"No need for that Albus, the boy is entitled to be here. In fact he received a letter and an authorized port-key from the Goblins to attend. Beside he safer in these walls then he is outside." The old auror/hit wizard who had been tasked to keeping an eye on the boy at his relatives, hobbled into the room and took a seat, his magic left eye whizzing around the room.

"Harry!" Hermione left her seat and wrapped her arms around her best friend. She had been told by Dumbledore, that due to what happened at the Ministry, it would be wise to leave Harry alone this summer and not contact him. That hadn't sat well with the witch and had made her question Dumbledore's motives. Harry had told her and Ron about the Prophecy and with the death of his Godfather, friends and people who loved him was just what he needed around him.

Harry broke the hug, he was still a little confused about everything, he had only received the letter a couple of days ago. He had wondered how he was going to attend when Moody had knocked at the door threatened Vernon and he had been released. They had used the port-key attached. Harry broke the hug and looked over to his headmaster, he still hadn't forgiven the old fool for keeping the prophecy from him. Had he known it, he wouldn't have rushed to the Ministry. Sirius death was on his hands. Harry's eye narrowed.

"Sir, Sirius Black was my Godfather, he wanted me at this will reading, and I am shocked and appalled you didn't even inform me that this meeting was taking place. Then again why should I be surprised, it seems all you do is keep secrets."

Albus flinched, that had hit home. Harry took his seat next to Hermione, Albus was just happy he had obliviated Harry, he would hate to be on the end of those spells he had learnt last year, and right now in the eyes of the young Wizard, he had a huge target on his back. Dumbledore sat quietly, avoiding all eye contact.

Ragnok had grinned in how the young wizard had rebuked the headmaster, and opened several files in front of him. "Good afternoon everyone, my name is Director Ragnok and at the request of the late Lord Black who asked me to oversee this will reading. We will now begin." Ragnok touched several runes on a device that was stood in the middle of the table. Upon the pedestal an orb rested, which suddenly lit up and projected an image of Sirius for everyone to see.

"I, Lord Sirius Orion Black, head of the Most Ancient and Noble house Black, hereby declare this my last will and testament. All wills prior to this are forfeited.

If everyone is listening to this then I am afraid this old dog has passed on into the next great adventure. I know many of you will be crying and sad that I have passed, some of you will be even happy in my passing. I love you all, especially you Harry, I just wish I could have had more time with you. Remus you old dog, you better make an honest woman of my niece or I will haunt you for the rest of your days. You're all the family he has left Remus, please take care of Harry for me."

Remus had tears in his eyes and nodded. "I promise Padfoot."

"I leave you the sum of 600,000 galleons which after this reading will be transferred into your vault, you have no excuse now old chap. Get some new robes and live a little.

"To The Weasley family, I thank you for taking in my godson Harry, and treating him as one of your own. For this I leave your family the sum of 400,000 galleons, which once again will be transferred into your family account after this will reading.

Molly was in tears, that was too much, she wouldn't have thought Sirius would have left that for her and Arthur.

"Hermione Granger I thank you for rescuing me and being a good friend to Harry, and maybe something more down the line. You have been there to support him when he needed you and I am grateful for that. I leave you the sum of 500,000 galleons and the entire contents of the Black family library, don't read them all at once Hermione."

Hermione eyes widened in disbelieve she leaned into Harry who put an arm around her.

"To Dumbledore, your intentions may have been good, but you went against a will of an Ancient and Noble house, and had Harry placed with his magic hating relatives. You then had me thrown into Azkaban without trial. I can't forgive you Albus, so you will be left with nothing, stick that in your pipe and smoke it."

Dumbledore flinched once more, he had hoped for a little something to help the Order, but it seems the old dog, wasn't in a generous mood. The fact was, he had aired what he had indeed done. He had gone against the will of James and Lily and had placed Harry in the care of the Dursleys. He noticed Harry was now glaring at him, he immediately avoided anymore eye contact.

"To my niece Tonks and her family I leave the sum of 500,000 galleons I will also ask the next Head of House Black to reinstate you and your family back into the Black family."

Draco sneered "Like that will ever happen."

"To my cousin Narcissa I will also ask the next head of house Black to grant your request, I am glad you finally have seen what that man really is. As for Draco Malfoy you will be cast out of the family as I have instructed the next head to do so. Thought you were going to be the next Lord Black did you, huh not on your life."

"To my other Cousin Bellatrix Lestrange, you bitch! I will have next Lord Black annul your marriage and cast you out of the family."

"Which finally leaves me with you Harry. I have named you my heir and the next Head of the Most Ancient Noble House Black, if any wish to contest this then the goblins will now reveal where my Godson has the right to the mantle. The goblin will now pause the Will for a brief moment."

Draco immediately stood up. "I challenge this, Potter isn't even related to House Black, he has no right to be named the next head of the Black family, that should be me!"

Ragnok grinned the late lord had expected this exact scenario. Ragnok removed a large piece of parchment that showed the Black family tree which laid out on the table. He then pointed where two name were connected. "Dorea Black and Charlus Potter married. They had one son James Potter, who married Lily's Evans and had one son Harry James Potter. This gives the late Lord Black the right to name Harry James Potter as the next Head of the Black family."

Draco eyes widened, it couldn't be, it must be some type of trick, he felt himself pulled down by his mother and sneered at her. She would be punished later for that lack of respect. He was now Lord Malfoy, head of house Malfoy, and her head of house, she had no right to treat him like a kid anymore.

Ragnok grinned and restarted the device which once again showed Sirius. "Harry that's not all I am leaving you. This should have been told to you when you turned fourteen. As the last living descendant of The Most Ancient Noble House Potter you are entitled to take up the headship. You of course however, will have to nominate two proxies for your seats on the Wizengamot until you come of age."

Dumbledore aged fifty years; this couldn't be, Black had given Harry the keys to his freedom, and there was little he could do to stop it. He had indeed neglected to inform Harry about his heritage and thanks to Black he knew the boy would be investigating. If to confirm his thought the director spoke towards Harry.

"Milord, now you have ascended to the mantle of House Black, we request your presence to hear and accept your heritage regarding House Potter. If you so wish, we can do that straight after this Will reading."

Harry looked to Dumbledore and then back to the Goblin. "I would like that Director Ragnok, thank you." The goblin nodded and continued to play the will reading.

"And as they say, that's all folks. I will miss you all and Harry I promise to say hi to Lily and James on the other side and tell them what a fine wizard you are turning into. I ask now that you carry out my last requests as the new head of the Black family."

Ragnok stopped the device and removed several sheets of parchment along with a small box which he opened and pushed across the table. Harry picked up the box and removed the Black house family ring. He placed it on his finger. Harry's head was suddenly filled with all the knowledge of past house heads, and all the family magic tied to the Black family. Harry noticed each parchment had a spot at the bottom where his ring would imprint. Harry looked to Lady Malfoy, and noticed the hope in her eyes.

"Narcissa Malfoy as requested by my late Godfather, I Harry James Potter-Black, hereby annul your marriage to one Lucius Malfoy. I also offer house protection if you so wish."

Narcissa fell to her knees. "Lord Black I ask for house protection, I fear with my now ex-husband dead and his spawn taking his place. I would be target of his needs. I also fear the Dark Lord and what he will do to me."

Harry nodded. "Narcissa Black have you taken his mark?" Harry noticed the crying woman raised her left sleeve, there was no Dark Mark. "Very well, I Harry James Potter-Black as the head of the Most Ancient Noble House of Black hereby take Narcissa Black as my ward. Any of those who try to harm her while she is under my protection will face the full wrath of my house, so mote it be." There was flash of magic and Narcissa wedding ring vanished and in its place was now a small ring with the Black crest embedded into it. Harry turned to Draco.

As requested by my late Godfather, you Draco Malfoy will be cast out of the Black family. I give you fair warning Draco Malfoy, you dare cross me or my house and I will end the house of Malfoy permanently So mote it be." The flash of magic caused Draco to fall and hold his chest as the Black family magic was ripped from him.

Harry wasn't sure where all this was coming from, and assumed it was something to do with the house ring he wore now. "Tonks, as request, your family and yourself are now reinstated back into the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, welcome back! "So mote it be." Another flash and Harry stamped the second piece of parchment. "I again offer you house protection for you and your family, that extends to you to Remus, I have already lost one father figure to this war, I don't want to lose another."

Tonks looked to Harry. "Well Milord, I can't speak for mother and father, but I would like to go under your house protection and I am sure when my mother and father realize they have been reinstated then they too will be asking." Harry nodded.

"In that case I will wait til all your family is available, that way I can cover you all." Harry looked down at the last piece of parchment. His fists were white and his eyes were glowing, as he looked at the name.

"Bellatrix Lestrange, as requested by the late Lord Black, I hereby annul your marriage and cast you out of the Black family, so mote it be." Harry for the last time that day stamped the parchment. Harry then turned to Dumbledore. "Will you stop me from reading my parents' will and finding out about my heritage? Or will you do the right thing for once and stay out of it."

Albus looked into the eyes of Harry, no longer was this a meek, small boy, but now was a confident wizard, who was the head of The Most Ancient Noble house Black and soon to be head of The Most Ancient Noble house Potter. The boy was a political powerhouse, and he dare not invoke his fury, at least until he had time to think of this latest setback.