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A/N: Here is chapter 30, this will prove that the heroes won't always win, and sometimes for the story to progress the bad guys need to take a few points. Warning Character deaths in the chapter.

Ministry of Magic

A loan figure quickly made his way down the long corridor. They were constantly looking over their shoulder. As they got closer to their destination their pace quickened. Sweat was pouring down the brow of the man who was about to betray the world he had grown up in. However, he had little choice. Two days ago Death eaters had raided his home, and taken his wife and daughter. The Death Eaters had given him a warning. Complete his task tonight or his family would be executed.

Mark Jenkins was the Assistant Manager for the department of magical transport. It was his job to deal with all port-keys, licenses for aparation and all type of magical transport including the floo network. It was the Ministry ball tonight, and all the main floo networks were being overlooked by tight security. However, Mark had his own private floo, which he was going to open. As he approached the door, he began to fumble with the keys in his hands. Suddenly Mark froze has he heard distance laughter. He looked down the corridor, but couldn't see anything. He opened the door and hurried inside before slamming the door shut. Not only was he to open his floo, but he was to lock down all the other floos in the Ministry.

Mark approached his private fireplace and used his wand to activate it. He then went over to a wall where lots of different runes were glowing. He carefully manipulated all the runes into the right position to lock down all the floo's. As he finished his fireplace flared and out stepped Lord Voldemort. His red eyes glowed as he watched his pawn cower at his feet.

"Please I have done, what you ask, please let my family go."

Voldemort grinned and raised his yew wand. "First I need a strand of your hai, and your wand!"

Mark Jenkins moved his hand to his hair and pulled a single strand, he then surrendered his wand, which Voldemort took, he now had everything he needed. Voldemort then stunned Jenkins, with his Yew wand. The wizard fell to the floor, with a thud.

Voldemort then removed a vial from his robe and uncorked the top. He placed the strand of hair in the bottle and shook the vial, before drinking it. A mirror was in the office. He watched the reflection has his features morphed to that of Mark Jenkins. Soon Mark Jenkins was staring back at him in the mirror. Voldemort then transfigured his robes and then enervated Mark Jenkins, who looked up at the carbon copy of himself.

"My God! You can't!"

Voldemort grinned and raised his wand. "Yes I can, now has promised I will reunite you with your family. Avada Kadavra!"

The killing curse hit Mark squarely in the chest and he fell to the floor with a thud. Voldemort stepped away from the fireplace, where soon he was joined by over twenty black hooded figures in silver masks, including Bella who had recently returned with new recruits for his growing army. Already the Giants and Werewolves had pledged their allegiance to him, and soon he would have a handful of Dementors who were going to be liberated from their prison Azkaban.

Voldemort turned to his gathered follower. "Bella you know what to do, wait for my sign."

Bella bowed and kissed the hem of her master robes. "I will not fail you master." She then stood up and left with the group of death eaters. They were going to be the distraction. Voldemort checked himself in the mirror one more time. "It is time, that this world bows to a new master." He then left the office and made his way towards the large ballroom, where the Ministry ball was being held.

Ball Room

Harry was standing in the shadow sipping a glass of pumpkin juice. He had tried to get out of attending the Ministry Ball, but the alliance had agreed that if he didn't show himself then it would look bad on the alliance and it would weaken their position in the Wizengamot. Harry didn't know how not attending a social event would weaken their position, after all, he pretty much had the neutrals in his pocket. Not to mention he had both Bones and Longbottom. However to avoid argument he had agreed to come on the condition he came alone. of course, the girls had tried to protest, but it was no good.

The moment he had got through the floo he was approached by aurors who checked for his invitation. They checked his wand and did a quick search of his robes. The aurors under Alastor Moody had become more efficient and had become a powerful force in the defense of the Ministry and the wizarding world. Now they were allowed to use deadly force against Death Eaters. After the inspection, he was allowed to head to the Ministry ballroom, where he was greeted by Amelia.

She was happy that he had attended and encouraged him to meet the other heads and guests, at first Harry wasn't so sure, but when Amelia had mentioned the idea of expanding the Alliance his attitude had changed. He had spoken to few of heads but would clear it with the members of the Alliance before taking things furthers. Several candidates had popped up including Diggory and Abbots. Both had surprised Harry as both were firm followers of Dumbledore plus of course Diggory had lost his son, Harry still blamed himself for Cedric's death.

Amelia was busy talking with the gathered crowd who had circled her. Many were asking questions and she was trying to answer them all. Being Minister was a lot harder than being the head of the DMLE that was for sure.

"Minister, might I have a word in your office? It's a private matter."

Amelia turned to see Mark Jenkins. "Can it not wait until after the Yule celebrations Mr Jekins?"

Mark Jenkins shook his head. "No, please Minister I need to speak to you."

Amelia groaned. "Very well we go to my office." Amelia left the ballroom with Mark following close behind, she had no idea that in fact, she was leading Voldemort towards her office and towards her doom.

It didn't take them long to reach the office. Amelia used her keys to open the door, she then walked in and around to her desk.

"Well, what is so urgent?"

Amelia never got a chance to say anything else. She found herself silenced and her wand removed. She was then tied in ropes to the chair. Amelia tried to fight her bonds but it was no use.

"You know Bones you have been a real thorn in my side for years. It is a shame you didn't die along with your brother and sister all those years ago, you have made things very difficult for me."

Amelia watched as Mark removed a familiar wand from his robe, it couldn't be, The Dark Lord here?

"And now with the new laws you have helped to push through, and the purge of all my minions from the Ministry you have made my job harder and that can't be forgiven. Did you really think I would let this little gathering happen? Let the wizarding world laugh and celebrate. The wizarding world no longer fear me, and that needs to be rectified right now. So Goodbye Minister. Avada Kadavra!"

The killing curse left Voldemort wand and hit Amelia squarely in the chest. He then used a spell to smash the window drawing the attention of those in the lobby.


The Dark Mark appeared in the air, it was the signal soon the lobby was filled with spellfire, several of the group of death eaters had broken off and were heading towards the ballroom. Voldemort laughed and dipped his hand into his pocket and grabbed his port key. The wizarding world would fear him once more. He then vanished.

Ministry Ball room

Harry had taken cover with several others as the spellfire spread across the ballroom. He knew this Ministry ball was a bad idea, there was no way Voldemort would have allowed it to take place. Harry was just pleased the girls were safely back at the Manor, however, he did have some support. A Few DA members were in attendance and now crouched down with him. They followed Harry's lead as he rose up and fired off several dark curses two hitting their mark. One was cutting curse that sliced a death eater arm off, the other wasn't so lucky as he was hit with a decapitation spell. Seeing two of their comrades fall caused the others to slow down with their casting. Harry, Neville and the Patel twins carried on fighting back. Soon more death eaters were falling, this caused one of them to scream and remove their mask.


Harry's eyes narrowed, it was the demented bitch Bella. "You guys keep the others busy, Bella is mine!"

Harry charged forward exchanging spellfire, soon though the Aurors had joined the fight and now the death eaters were in full retreat and many were soon using their port keys, however, Bella refused to retreat. One of the Aurors had tried to attack her but was stopped by Alastor.

"She belongs to Lord Potter-Black-Slytherin lad, lower your wand."

Harry and Bella soon found themselves alone, inside a dueling field that Alastor had quickly erected to make sure no one else was going to be hurt. Harry moved forward preparing to cast.

"You die tonight bitch, Sirius death will be avenged, this time I will take more than your arm."

Bella sneered. "You got lucky Potter! You caught me off guard, I will make you suffer for what you did to my husband and brother-in-law. Then once your dead, I will find your sluts and kill them too. Yes, Potter, the Dark Lord knows all about them." Bella manic laughter filled the dueling field.

Harry's eyes glowed neon green. "Enough! It is time we finish this, experience the power of the true Lord Slytherin."

Harry hissed and several spells left his wand causing Bella to defend, however she wasn't standing idle and sent several dark spells of her own. Which Harry was forced to create a shield. however, unlike a simple protego, this shield was stronger, plus it covered his entire being. Salazar himself had taught him the spell. Since he and Daphne had discovered Salazar private room, he had been learning more parseltongue magic from a true Parseltongue master.

Bella was doing her best to defend, but because the boy was casting in Parseltongue, she didn't know what he was using, however, she wasn't going to be bested by a teenager, especially not this one. Her spells increased in power and soon she was hurling curses left and center, but the shield was blocking all her spells.

Harry meanwhile watched and grinned as Bella exhausted herself by casting spell after spell, none would breach this shield, in fact, the only spells that could breach it was other parseltongue magic. He could finish this duel when he liked, but he wanted to make sure she spent all her magic. Then he would publically execute her.

Bella was growing desperate, the brat had stopped casting and was now just standing there smirking, just what was that bloody shield. Every spell in her arsenal was being cast, but none of them were breaching it, soon she felt herself tiring. She went to grab her port key, but found it wouldn't work, why wouldn't work.

Harry lowered his shield and walked towards a desperate Bella who was trying to escape she heard a hiss. "Crucio!"

Bella fell to the floor and began to scream as the torture curse took hold of her body, she wriggled around on the floor in agony, but the curse wasn't lifted.

Harry was using all his anger, and hate he had for Bella, he could see she was now foaming at the mouth, but he didn't stop. This bitch had put so many under this curse and now she would know what it was like to suffer like she had made so many others.

The crowd watched in silence, eventually, Harry lifted the curse. He then forced Bella to kneel using his wand and manipulated her body into the required position. He then bound her in ropes. Harry then pointed his wand towards Bella. "Your time is up." Harry hissed and the decapitation spell left his wand and severed Bella head from her shoulders. He watched as the head rolled across the floor. He then used a summoning spell and the pork key from her robes shot into his outstretched hand. He walked over to the severed head, and then tied the port-key to several locks of Bella's hair. The dueling field had already been brought down. Harry turned his eyes to one of the death eaters now being held by an Auror.

"Activation phrase now."

The Death Eater was trembling, he had just watched one of their best killed, and now the boy was looking at him, with his wand raised.

"Secret location."

Harry turned back to the severed head and used his wand to tap the port key. "Secret location." The head instantly vanished. The ministry ballroom was covered in blood which was pooling out from the body of Bella. Harry then pointed his wand at the body and hissed. The body vanished, leaving only the pool of blood behind. Harry turned and noticed everyone was stood in silence.

"Where is the Minister"

It was Alastor who answered. "Lord Potter-Black-Slytherin, the Minister has been murdered. Her body was found in her office, and the Dark Mark was over it."

Harry's head dropped, one of his most powerful allies were now dead, how was he going to break this to the others at the Manor, especially when it was Christmas Eve. This was supposed to be a time of celebration, but with Amelia dead, it wasn't going to be that anymore.

Riddle Manor

Voldemort was sitting down in his throne-like chair, the plan to assassinate the Minister had gone like clockwork, however, several had returned with serious injuries and were now being seen to by the medi-witch and Severus, who was still recovering from his own ordeal at the hand of Voldemort. He had made sure Severus suffered for losing Draco and disrupting one of his many plans. however, he was now more concerned that Bella was yet to return.

Suddenly there was a loud knock at his door, and one of his followers barged through the door. "Master come quickly, its Lady Bella shes.." The Death eater never got a chance to finish has the killing curse had struck. Voldemort didn't like it when people just barged into his room. He pointed his wand at Nagani who was now slivering towards the dead body.

"Lunch later my pet." Voldemort shrunk his familiar and the wrapped her around his neck.

he then stood from his throne-like chair and walked towards the door. He looked out onto the corridor and noticed a group of death eaters was huddled around something.

"Move, Move out of my way!"

The death eaters parted allowing their master to see. However, when Voldemort eyes laid on the severed head of Bella, his eyes blazed.

"Who did this!" Voldemort whipped his head around to a death eater who was now cowering, covered in blood.

"It was the Potter boy, Lady Bella started to duel him, it seems she lost..." Before he could say anymore he was struck by the killing curse.

Voldemort turned back to the Severed head. Potter would pay for this.

Potter Manor

Harry appeared in the hallway, several pops were heard before a handful of elves appeared to assist him.

"Inform everyone that I need to see them in my study immediately."

The elves all popped away, leaving just Dobby. "Is Lord Potter, alright sir."

Harry managed a weak smile. "I will be fine Dobby, please could you ask the kitchen to prepare drinks. We will be needing them."

Dobby bowed and popped away, suddenly there was the sound of loud footstep running, Daphne, Luna, and Hermione appeared from around the corner, looking worried.

"Harry whats wrong why are you covered in blood?" Hermione looked on horrified as the boy she loved, robes were stained with blood and looked like he had been dueling.

Harry slumped against the door. "Voldemort attacked the Ministry he killed Amelia, the Ministry is in a mess."

Daphne's hand went to her mouth in shock, what happened?"

Harry got to his feet with Luna's support and Hermione's. "I don't know, one minute it was peaceful next minute Death eaters were flooding the Ministry hall, and a fight broke out. I assumed Amelia was elsewhere at the time and that was when Voldemort struck. The group of death eaters that attacked the ballroom was lead by Bella."

Hermione's eyes widened. "Is that where you got the blood from on your robes?"

Harry nodded. "I dueled her one on one, and eventually decapitated her. I then sent the severed head back to Voldemort. Sirius has finally been avenged and that demented bitch will hurt no one else. However, her death has come at a huge loss to us. Now Amelia has been killed, there is no telling what will happen to the Ministry. Come I asked everyone to gather in the study."

Harry and the girls walked towards the study so that Harry could deliver the awful news.