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At exactly 2 am in the morning Dumbledore took his final breath alone in the Hospital wing. The soft sound of Fawkes's sad singing alerted the Aurors at the door, who entered, and finding Dumbledore unresponsive alerted Madame Pomfrey who had been fast asleep in her office. Madame Pomfrey confirmed the old wizard's death after checking for his vitals. She sent a Patronus off to alert the new headmistress as she covered Dumbledore's face with the bedding.


Dumbledore carried on walking towards the bright light, so this was the afterlife, he had finally died and the question of if there was life after death had been answered. As the light got dimmer Dumbledore could start to make out features he saw a number of lines and right in front of him was a tall pedestal and reading from a large book was a figure who was robed in white and was faceless.

"Ah yes Albus too bloody names Dumbledore, mmm this doesn't look good old man, the book of life is full of your misdeeds, lies, manipulation, manslaughter the list goes on for two whole pages. I am sorry but there is only one line for someone like you. Please go stand in the line to the far left."

Albus's shoulders slumped he had expected this, the old man walked over to a line and looked to the front of the line where two huge doors were now standing, and when they opened huge flames rose up engulfing whoever entered. Ear pitch scream caused those in the line to shiver as the sound of the door slamming was deafening. Eventually, Albus reached the front of the line, the old man heard the sound of the mechanical doors starting to open and the smell of charred flesh lingered in the air. Dumbledore silently walked into positions and watched as the flame rose up and engulfed him.

Dumbledore opened his eyes to find he was sat down chained to a chair. in front of him was what appeared to be a large screen, he tried to move from the chair however the chains kept him in place. The screen suddenly turned on and Albus watched three people on the screen who he immediately recognized arguing a girl had just entered the scene. It was his sister. Dumbledore's eyes widened no it couldn't be, why was he seeing this? what he was seeing was the three-way duel where he and his brother had been fighting with Gellert and his sister had got in the way of his spell and she had been killed. Dumbledore tried to cry as he watched his greatest fear on the screen but no tear was shed, image after image flashed and replayed again and again, the death of his sister at his hand, the torture and abuse of Harry at the Dursley, the countless innocent lives he had sacrificed for his so-called Greater Good. They replayed again and again repeating themselves in a never-ending cycle. Dumbledore would be forced to endure this nightmare for all eternity, he would have no sleep no food, and no water. He would just sit there and witness all his misdeeds played out before his very eyes unable to do anything about it even cry. This was his personal punishment.

Great Hall Hogwarts

The Great hall was draped in black flags which hung from the huge pillars. each one had the crest of Hogwarts on it. The mood in the hall was solemn as the headmistress had just informed them of the death of Albus Dumbledore. Although many were upset in the hall some were angry, particularly a sixth Year Slytherin who felt his destiny ripped away from him. He had been tasked with ending the old man's life, it was his responsibility, given to him by his Lord and Master now though the old man had passed away on his own. Theodore knew he had another task but ending the old fool's life was what he had been looking forward to. Little did he know he wouldn't see the end of the day.

Harry had told the girls last night about his confrontation with Dumbledore and how he had decided to forgive him, this had been met with mixed reaction Hermione was pleased that Harry had not held onto the Grudge, where Daphne and Luna felt the old man didn't deserve to be forgiven, however that didn't matter anymore now that he was dead. In light of the news, all classes had been canceled and the body of Dumbledore would lay in state in the Ministry encased in a glass coffin where witches and wizards could come and pay their final respects. Of course, the Coffin was being guarded by two Aurors around the clock.

Harry's mind however was on another matter, due to a letter he had sent to the Minister. Now Dumbledore was dead there was no reason to follow his orders about meddling in the affairs of Slytherin's house. Harry had decided now was the time to deal another blow to Voldemort. he wasn't going to wait around and see what snake lips had planned for the school. The Minister himself was going to be coming to Hogwarts along with a troop of Aurors. Due to the death of the headmaster, all students were to return to their dorm rooms after breakfast, where the Minister was to conduct a surprise raid on all houses. Slytherin would be the first house, as Lord Slytherin, Kingsley had asked him to be present when the raid was conducted, he was looking forward to seeing the faces of those who had the mark. Hermione was upset that she wasn't going to get see anything as she was in Gryffindor, Luna on the other hand hadn't been bothered. Harry promised he would let Hermione see his memory tonight of the events that were about to unfold in Slytherin House. Harry and everyone turned to the headmistress for her morning address.

"May I have your attention please, all students are to return to their dormitories immediately after breakfast, there will no lessons today and a further announcement will be made in due course." Minerva had been informed by a Ministry owl what was going to happen so that she could prepare the school for the arrival of the Minister. All head of houses had been informed except Severus, now the old man was dead, no one was sure where his allegiance laid.

Later that afternoon

Kingsley apparated just outside the wards of Hogwarts, and soon was joined by a large group of Aurors who were lead by the new head of DMLE, Alastor and Tonks were already stationed at Hogwarts and would join them inside the castle. Dumbledore's passing had not had that much effect on Kingsley. The old man was a legend yes, he had defeated a Dark Lord, but his recent actions against Lord Potter Black-Slytherin had changed the Opinion of the Minister. Harry had dropped all charges against the old man and insisted that his reputation wasn't tarnished. Those who knew the truth would know what type of man he had been, but the sheep as Harry called them still believed in the old man, he was the symbol of hope, their shining light, in these dark times, Harry didn't want to snuff that light out. It was just another thing Kingsley found admiring the young wizard for.

The Minister had been quite surprised when a house-elf had dropped into his office with a tied up and stunned Draco Malfoy. and a letter address to him. It seems Alastor had been correct Harry had been keeping Draco at Potter Manor until such a time when Dumbledore passed away. Now the old man was dead the young Lord had left Draco in their care. He was in one of the Ministry holding cells awaiting questioning, and if this surprise raid was successful then he wouldn't be alone for long. The Minister knew exactly what type of spells the Dark Lord would have taught his followers and he wasn't going to take any chances even if they were students.

"Let us go everyone" Kingsley felt the ward line and stepped over along with the group of Aurors and began to march up the drive towards Hogwarts.

Slytherin Common room

the snake pit was crowded many wanted to know why they were being forced to stay in their common rooms when lessons were canceled and it was a bright day outside. Many of the older years were growing impatient however suddenly their common room door opened allowing the Minister and Lord Slytherin to enter. along with several Aurors those with his mark were now getting very nervous. Kingsley unrolled some parchment.

"Due to the threat of the Dark Lord, this Ministry has decided to conduct a surprise visit, here at Hogwarts, news has reached the Ministry ears that several students in this house are marked and will now be arrested and questioned under truth serum as stated in the recently passed order 83. All students in this house are to raise their left sleeve and bare their forearm to one of the Ministry aurors. Should they be found with the Dark Mark, then they will be arrested."

Harry stepped into the doorway and grinned as those who were marked attempted to go for their wands however nothing happened, surprising everyone except Harry who stepped forward. "Magic dampening wards, quite effective don't you think? it ancient times Salazar Slytherin had issues with his house constantly fighting so as punishment he created a ward. This ward dampens all magic in Slytherin's house so that his students could not harm one another using spellfire. I predicted those with his mark would likely try to go for their wands and so activated the ward a few moments ago. I intended to do this at the beginning of the school year, but due to the headmaster interference I was forbidden but now Dumbledore is dead, then I can do what the hell I like after all I am Lord Slytherin and I intend to cleanse this house and return Slytherin house back to former glory."

Minister grinned. "Well said Lord Slytherin now surrender your wands, only those who in Slytherin's house are prevented from using magic we are not, and the last thing I want is to start stunning students. "

The wands of the older years cluttered on the floor and they raised their hands in surrender, Harry eyes turned to the sofa's and winked at Daphne and his vassals, he then turned his attention back to the far corner where Nott, Crabb, and Goyle were standing. his eyes flashed green.

"That includes you Nott. Surrender your wand, I know all about your secret mission from your so-called master. "

Nott growled he was so stupid that he cast the killing curse forgetting what Harry had just told them, Harry, however, reacted instantly and decapitated him there in the common room, there were screams and several raised eyebrows as the blood continued to squirt from where Notts head had once been. Hary used his wand to cauterize the wound and stop the bleeding. He then allowed the body to fall to the floor, poor Crabb and Goyle were covered in blood from head to toe having been the closes to him.

"You'll go to Azkaban for that Potter!"

Harry turned his head and grinned at the seventh year now being restrained by an auror. "Actually due to the Founder Law I am protected and as the last living member of my family, I am entitled to defend myself will deadly force. He was the one who cast first doesn't matter the spell never materialized everyone here heard it clearly he attempted to cast the killing curse on a Lord of three Ancient and noble houses. that itself would get him the death penalty. Besides I had personal business with Nott now that is taken care of I will leave. Minister, they are all yours. Daphne, Pansy, Blaise, Tracey follow me."

Those called were quickly checked and then allowed to leave, of course, none of them would have the mark, however, it was done to show that no one was above the law, and everyone was treated the same. Even Harry had been insistent he was checked. Every check was being recorded for the Ministry records. So there were no arguments of being bias and treated differently

Kingsley had been a little surprised by Harry's actions but he was well within his right to kill the boy, "Auror check everyone please after Slytherin we will move onto Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and then Gryffindor." Kingsley was certain that there would be no one in the other three houses with the Dark Mark, but he would check just to make sure.

Surprisingly by the end of the day, 35 students had been arrested, 25 from Slytherin, 5 from Ravenclaw 2 from Hufflepuff, and surprisingly 3 from Gryffindor all six and seventh years. That had surprised many of the lions including Minerva who had been so disappointed. Now though the school had been cleansed of those who served the Dark Lord, even Severus had been arrested and taken into custody, with Dumbledore dead he had no one in his corner anymore.

Riddle Manor

News had reached Voldemort of the Ministry raid at Hogwarts, he was furious all of his spies within the castle had been taken into custody, including his best potion brewer. The news of Dumbledore's death had bought a smile to the Dark Lord's face, the one person he feared was now dead, however, this latest report had snuffed that moment completely out. He was now blind within Hogwarts and only had about 100 witches and wizards in his main force, not including the other Dark creatures who had sworn their allegiance to him. It would do little good to break into Azkaban again and free his captured followers. Due to the Potter brat none would be going to Azkaban instead they would all be thrown through the Veil of death, or worse kissed.

All he could do was now lay low until an opportunity presented itself. He would Carry on training his small army and most importantly keep his familiar within arms reach. The only soul anchors he was certain he had left was his familiar, if she was destroyed then he would be mortal and he was too weak to split his soul further. However, news had reached his ear of the Elder wand. which was owned by the previous Dark Lord Gellert Grindlewald, the dark Lord had been surprised to learn the old wizard was still alive, imprisoned inside an impregnable fortress in Germany. Voldemort planned to infiltrate the prison and find out just exactly where the legendary wand was. As he had heard the wand was matched by no other. Hopefully, his forces would be ready soon. He would use the giants to smash the great walls and then his remaining force would keep the guards distracted while he would enter the old man's cell and force the information out of him.

Private Quarters

Harry was giving his family an update on the raid at Hogwarts he also mentioned he had killed Nott after the idiot had attempted to cast the killing curse at him. Everyone had been surprised about junior death eaters in the other houses. James and Lily had been speechless about the three found in Gryffindor, he seems there was no place that was saved from Voldemort's grasp. The death of the old man had little effect on the portraits in the rooms, not after what the old man had done to their family.

Lily had been surprised by Snapes's arrest but accepted that even if he had not earned the mark the way the other had, he had still followed the man who had killed them, and what made it even worse was the man had pleaded with the Dark Lord to spare her life but not that of James and Harry. Something she could never forgive the man for.

Harry and his family continued to discuss what had happened today and what the plan was going forward, now that Voldemort had been dealt another heavy blow. everyone decided that it was time to take the fight against Voldemort they needed to draw him out. hopefully the article in the Prophet tomorrow would do just that. Harry had sent a letter to Gringotts asking them to carry out the next stage of ruin a Dark Lord. Tomorrow the prophet would publish Voldermort's greatest secret and hopefully when everyone found out then that would push those still following him to have second thoughts. The fallout was going to be huge, and Harry doubted many of the reporters were going to get any rest tonight especially with what had happened today.