Jason and Sam are soulmates. When he went missing GH did them a great injustice when they made Sam move on so quickly, and they compounded the mistake when they brought Jason back and paired him with someone other than the love of his life. There is absolutely no way that Jason wouldn't have fallen back in love with Sam instantly, even without his memories, and there is absolutely no way that Sam wouldn't have recognized her husband, even with a new face. So, my story plays out the way I KNOW Jason and Sam would've found each other again. His heart would know her anywhere, because she's his home, and Jason has proven that he will always go home to Sam. HEAVY SMUT!

Characters are owned by General Hospital and its creators (though the current writers could use a JaSam tutorial).

Chapter 1

There was just something about her. He couldn't explain it but he was just drawn to her. So inexplicably drawn to her, as if he'd known her his whole life. It was quite possible that he'd known her his whole life, seeing that he couldn't remember a damn thing about his life. Three months ago he'd woken up in a strange hospital, surrounded by strangers, bandaged from head to toe, and he couldn't remember anything, not even his own name. He had been branded Jake Doe, Jake being the only name he seemed familiar with, even though he couldn't place where he knew it from. He'd also remembered the name Elizabeth, had heard her crying in his head, saying he didn't choose them, again. He'd figured he had somehow hurt this Elizabeth and made her cry, but he couldn't remember anything else about her. Coincidentally, the nurse who'd tended him in the hospital was also named Elizabeth, and there was an almost immediate familiarity about her. She was kind and friendly, and they'd struck up an almost instant friendship. When she'd indicated that she wanted to take it further, he was quite open to it. Until he'd met her.

While Elizabeth was beautiful and sweet and kind, it wasn't her that made his blood boil whenever she was near. It wasn't her running around in his dreams, asleep or awake. It wasn't her that he wanted to touch and be near all the time. Samantha Morgan had been haunting him since the day they'd met in the hospital hallway. He'd been flirting with Elizabeth, toying with the idea of seeing where it could lead. Afterall, he was alone and she was a lonely, beautiful woman coming on to him. Just then beautiful came running around the corner towards him, chasing the little blonde blue eyed wonder that had run away from her and stuck himself to Jake's leg.

"Woah, woah, there buddy. Hello there?" Jake looked down and grabbed on to the little man clinging to his leg, a devilish smile on his handsome little face. As Jake looked up again, he saw truly beautiful running towards him then kneeling down to ply her son from Jake's leg. She looked at him apologetically, "I'm so sorry, we haven't quite covered the whole stranger danger thing just yet."

She was breathtaking. Petite, slender as a reed, long raven tresses brushing past her shoulders, her skin tight skinny jeans accenting some serious assets, with her matching black leather jacket and high heeled boots. Jake felt the breath leave his body and his attention was suddenly riveted on her, before he realized that Elizabeth was saying something.

"Hi, Danny. Jake, this is Samantha Morgan and her son Danny Morgan."

"Hello." There was that name again. He had heard the name Morgan several times since waking up, as almost everyone he'd met since then had mentioned the name Jason Morgan. From Carly Corinthos, to her son Michael, to Elizabeth, they'd all seemed to have a connection to the man. Now, here he was meeting the woman who had obviously captured that same man's heart, being that he had given her his last name and a child. The same woman who was now looking at him with the most amazing brown eyes he'd ever seen. He could imagine Jason Morgan getting lost in those beautiful orbs. Easily.

Elizabeth had gone on to explain that Danny had run into his room while he was in the coma and had held onto his hand and refused to let go. Ever since that day, Jake had not been able to get Sam and Danny out of his mind. He'd run into her at the hospital a few times after that day, and little by little, he'd begun getting to know her. She was a Private Investigator, which he'd found intriguing given her size, but he'd come to realize that you couldn't judge Samantha Morgan by her tininess. She was small but she was a fire cracker. He'd found out that she was friends with Dr. Patrick Drake, who Jake practically owed his life to. Jake had seen how the good doctor looked at her, that he wanted to be more than just a friend, and Jake couldn't blame the man, since he'd been having the same feelings too. Almost immediately after meeting Sam Morgan, Jake had lost any interest in pursuing the sweet nurse Webber. While Elizabeth continued to flirt with him openly he endeavored to keep things strictly friendly with her, seeing that his romantic interests had been captivated by the alluring Sam Morgan. From the moment they'd met all he thought about was her. He liked everything about her, her laugh, her spirit, her drive, her kindness. She had offered to help him find out who he was and he'd told himself that was the reason he eagerly anticipated her visits but he knew that was a lie. Every time she left he couldn't wait until she came back. He'd found himself missing her the moment she left a room, and he couldn't have explained it if his life depended on it. He was captivated…there was just something about her.

Sam couldn't understand what it was about Jake Doe that she couldn't shake. The man was a virtual stranger, yet she felt as though she'd known him forever. He was easygoing and smart and he'd instantly bonded with her son, which was another mystery to her. Danny hadn't warmed to anyone that easily since the day she and Jason had brought him home. He had bonded instantly with Jason on the roof of General Hospital. Sam had never seen a more beautiful sight than when Jason held Danny in his arms after rescuing him from crazy Heather Webber. Jason had always had an ease with children, but when he held Danny that day, Sam was transfixed by the beauty in front of her as father and son smiled at each other radiantly. The same ease was with them at home later that same evening as all three of them sat in bed together, taking their first and sadly, last family photo. The thought of that day always made Sam happy and sad at the same time. So happy that her family had been reunited, had been given those few precious hours together, then sad that it had all been ripped from them just as quickly when Jason was shot and killed that very night.

Life had a way of teasing Sam with pure bliss, right before it reached back out and bitch slapped her shitless with unbearable devastation. From her elated pregnancy with baby Lila that ended in a devastating stillbirth; to finding true happiness and love with Jason, only for Manny Ruiz to shoot her in the back, causing Jason to push her away for what he thought was her own safety; to having Jason come around to see that he didn't want to be without her, but not before his one night stand with Elizabeth had resulted in her getting pregnant; to trusting Jason wholly and completely, only to find out that he'd been lying and sneaking around with Elizabeth, keeping secrets and breaking her heart; to her finding love with Jason again, getting married and honeymooning in paradise, to have it invaded with the psycho from hell staging her rape in order to crush Jason; to her miraculously getting pregnant with the child they'd always wanted together, and led to believe that said child was the product of her rape; to believing Danny had died at birth but then Jason found out the truth and brought her miracle baby back to her, only for Jason to leave them that night and get shot in the back and kicked into the harbor; from finding out that Danny was her husband's biological child, made from their love, to realizing that Jason had died never knowing.

Yes, life liked to shit on her head every chance it got, but Sam Morgan was no quitter. She had been dealt so many lemons that she'd learnt to make one hell of a lemonade. When Jason died she'd wanted to die too, but she had her son to think of. Danny was her sole reason for getting out of bed when she gave in to believing that Jason wasn't alive out there like she'd thought for so long. He was depending on her and she'd wanted him forever, there was no way she'd ever let her son down. She knew that Jason would've wanted her to give Danny everything and every advantage that they never had so even as she would've died for Jason, now she'd live for him and for Danny.

Sam never saw herself moving on after Jason, and she knew she could never love again after loving her man the way she did. She had experienced the mountain top, literally and figuratively, with the man of her dreams, no way would that come her way twice. Jason had rocked her world to the core and she had loved him in a way that she didn't know even existed before she'd met him. There was no possible comparison, so she had resigned herself to a life of singledom where she would raise her son the way she and Jason had envisioned, and be content with that. She'd had her great love, and it filled her heart still. Now here comes Jake Doe. He was completely unexpected and Sam couldn't explain the power behind her feelings when she was around him. There was a familiarity that she recognized but didn't understand. That alone made her wary around him. She found it unnerving the way she couldn't breathe when he looked at her. Those eyes, those were her husband's eyes. They lacked the endearing love she'd always seen in them when Jason looked at her, but still. This stranger had her husband's eyes, and yesterday she could have sworn she had seen a passion in them that mirrored Jason's.

She had promised to help him find out who he was and Sam Morgan didn't break her promises. Something she'd learned from her beloved, and something she was eager to teach their son. She was determined to be everything to Danny that Jason wanted for him too, something that he'd always said, to make sure that their child felt safe and loved, no matter what. Danny made that mission quite easy. He was the spitting image of his father, sharing the same blue eyes that Sam loved so much. The same blue eyes that Jake had too. Sam thought about how attached Danny was to Jake also. How he'd been drawn to him ever since that first day when he ran into Jake's room and held onto his hand for dear life. Sam would've expected her son to be scared of Jake's bandages at the time, but no, not her fearless little tyke. He had made himself a friend and he instantly liked Jake, in and out of the coma. She would help their friend, just like she'd promised.

Today, Sam walked down the hall of General Hospital towards Jake's room. He was being released and she was more determined than ever to get a breakthrough in his case. He was going to need a job and a means to support himself, and he was going to find that pretty hard to do if he had no identity. His door was open so she walked in as she knocked. He was sitting on the bed, Elizabeth standing next to him, taking his blood pressure.

He greeted her with his usual smile. "Hey, Sam. Come on in."

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow curiously. She was just about to remove the strap from his arm and declare his blood pressure normal when it suddenly shot way up. She also noticed that his smile from earlier during their conversation, suddenly brightened about a hundred watts. This fool was falling for Sam Morgan too? What the hell was wrong with the men in this town that they never could see the con artist for the worthless bimbo that she was?

"Hey, Jake. Ready to get sprung from this miserable place? No offense, Elizabeth."

The nurse put her reserved fake smile in place as she faced Sam. "Lord knows you've known some miserable places I'm sure, Sam." She couldn't stand the woman.

Jake looked at the nurse like she was crazy. Did she really just insult Sam for no reason? He started to address her when Sam spoke again.

"C'mon, don't tell me you've decided to rent a permanent room and spend your days smelling like medicine and bleach? Chop, chop, we've got names to find and lives to uncover. Get outta that bed Doe, we've got places to go." Sam totally ignored the nurse's jab. Why make her think she's of any importance when she had better things to do and better people than Elizabeth to be around?

Jake smiled even wider. His hot PI was an impressive woman. "Damn right we've got places to go, Mrs. Morgan." He hopped off of the bed and looked at the nurse. "We're done here?"

Elizabeth didn't appreciate being ignored by Sam and dismissed by Jake. He liked her, she knew it, had felt it the moment he'd opened his eyes, and she'd be damned if Sam was going to come between her and another man who was hers first. Mrs. Morgan my ass, she should've never been given that name in the first place.

"Your blood pressure was a little high, maybe we should have the doctor check you out again first. You don't want to leave before your body is ready, Jake."

"Look, you and I both know that Dr. O wants me gone, and I feel great, the Doc said everything looked good, I'm good." As he turned towards his bag he whispered to no one in particular, "besides, I know exactly why my blood pressure would be a little high right now."

Sam watched the exchange silently. This heifer…

Jake grabbed his plastic bag with his spare t-shirt and toiletries and turned towards the door. "Ready?"

"Yep." Sam turned and headed out first.

"Thank you Elizabeth. You've been a godsend and I really appreciate everything you've done for me. I'm sure I'll see you around town." He smiled at her and turned to leave when she stopped him.

"Jake, where will you go? You have no money, no job, no family - you can't just leave."

"Actually, Carly offered me a job at the Metro Court. I'll be fine, but thanks again for everything. Bye, Elizabeth." He walked purposely this time. Sam was waiting and he couldn't wait to leave with her.

Elizabeth wasn't giving up. "Jake, wait. Please, take my number. If things don't work out, know that you can always come stay with me and my boys. We'd be happy to have you," she said as she pulled a card and a pen from her scrubs, wrote her cell and home number on the back of it, and handed it to him. "Feel free to call me anytime."

Jake took the card and smiled at her, then he shuffled out the door with his cane, anxious to catch up to Sam who waited by the elevators. Elizabeth watched them board the elevator and sighed as the doors closed. There goes one more good man in the clutches of the two worst women in Port Charles. Was her life always going to be interfered with by Sam and Carly? She sighed again and went back to work.