Chapter 10 (the last one). Oh, NO! Say it ain't so! LOL! But going out with a bang…literally SMUTTILY! DWL!

Jason descended the stairs of the penthouse in search of his wife. She had allowed him to put Danny to bed by himself, a simple pleasure that when he was finished he vowed he would never take for granted, the fullness of it filling his heart. From helping his son to get his PJs on and answering a million questions during the process, to brushing his teeth and reading him not one, but two bedtime stories, to watching in wonder as his little chest rose and fell in innocent slumber, Jason could never fathom loving another person as much as he loved his little boy, and he promised himself to work everyday to make up for the time that he lost with them.

He moved down from the last step of the stairs to find his wife standing by the terrace doors, looking out to the dark harbor, watching the pelting rain as it beat against the glass in torrents. She had her arms crossed in front of her body and her head and one shoulder rested against the glass as she looked out, and Jason had never seen her look more beautiful except with Danny. He walked silently up behind her and engulfed her in his arms as he lowered his head to kiss her neck with open mouth, using his tongue to lick where his lips left off, squeezing her tightly to his body. The moment he'd lain eyes on her he'd gotten instantly hard, his cock twitching with the urge to be inside her once again.

Sam smiled as she felt his arms encircle and mold her to his hardness, opening her neck more to the onslaught of his tongue as she pushed her ass back to rub against the delicious throbbing. "Hey, you! Danny asleep?"

Jason kissed her neck again as he murmured, "mmhmm. What're you thinking so hard about?"

She turned in his arms to look at his handsome face as he braced her up against the glass and rubbed his scrumptious cock against her midsection, causing instant wetness where he touched her through her jeans. "Just how long I spent thinking that God hated me, but tonight, I found out that's not true." Her senses were getting dull and an inferno ignited inside her as he lowered his head and claimed her lips hotly, devouring her tongue and grabbing her ass, pulling her into him, hard.

Next thing Sam heard was the sliding of the terrace door before she felt Jason propelling her backwards out into the pouring rain. In an instant they were drenched through and through, but they barely noticed as he continued to suck her tongue into submission and spin her slowly in the turbulent downpour. Sam's arms went to circle his neck as they danced to the musical pitter patter against the terrace, breaking the kiss only to catch their breaths and stare deeply into each others eyes. He rested his forehead to hers, not breaking his stare as his arm tightened to draw her even closer into him, turning her body slowly as their mating dance continued. "I love you, Sam…so much!"

Her heart burst into song when she realized she could give her love to him freely, that it had felt strong and natural all on its own because this was her Jason. There was no betrayal, no breaking of her sacred vow to love and keep herself to only him forever - her new love was the same as her old, and her soul rejoiced in the face of her fidelity. "I love you too." She had never meant it more than she did in that moment. "I love you so much too!"

The words had scarcely escaped her lips before Jason claimed them again, crushing hard with his own as he rammed her mouth with his tongue and backed her over to the corner of the terrace. The rain drummed their bodies as he pressed hers to the wall using his, his hand palming her pussy through her jeans, rubbing chafingly and cupping to feel her through them. "Take them off!" Sam wanted them gone and he was only too eager to comply, using one hand to deftly unbutton the jeans and rip them down her legs as he used the arm wrapped around her waist to lift her off her feet. Soon as the garment fell away from her, Sam wrapped her legs around his waist and ground her middle against the hardness gorging the front of his jeans. Jason groaned into her mouth as his member throbbed with ache for her.

He turned back inside the terrace doors and was about to cross the floor when she begged him, "Right here, Jason, please!" She would die if she had to wait to get up those stairs. "Take me right here, now!" A bolt of lightening lit the night skies followed by roaring thunder that drowned out his grunted response as he crashed her back into the glass, and gripping her delectable ass as he dove his tongue down her throat, suctioning her lips with his own.

Sam grabbed hold of the bulge in his jeans and groped him mercilessly hard, quickly unzipping the offending fabric and pushing her hands inside to work their way around to his firm, tight ass. She gripped him and squeezed his cheeks as he palmed her pussy again to rub an open hand roughly over her crotch, fanning an already roaring fire within her core that pushed her pelvis forward more into the fullness of his hand. His skilled hand tore away at the flimsy fabric covering his treasure pot and Sam released her hold on his ass to break away from his lips and spin to face the glass, bracing her hands against it as she stuck her juicy asscheeks back into his crotch to show him what she wanted. Jason needed no more telling, quickly whipping his cock from its restraints to frantically search and find her opening. Sam squirmed in anticipation of his thick, already wet head finding its way into her drenched pussy, pausing only when her tight walls restricted further entrance, allowing her a second to adjust to his size.

She moaned in ecstasy as he delightfully filled her up inch by rock hard, sinful inch, his warm, steely cock fitting inside her like hand to glove, and as the thunder roared and the lightning blazed across the sky, she rammed her ass back and ground her hips against her man, the delicious friction causing a crescendo to build within her. "Oooh, yes, Jason! Baby - yyyess!"

The animal inside Jason was roaring wild with need for her, observing from behind as her toned ass rode his rigid cock as it slid in and out of her sweet juiciness, driving him mindless. Lifting one hand he slapped a vibrating asscheek, palming and lovingly rubbing out the sting as he watched mesmerized as his cock eased in and out of her rhythmically, sending crazy sensations to his brain. "Fuuck! Work that pussy Sam, fuuuuck!"

The rotation of her hips as she slammed back on him was the wildest thing he'd ever felt, and the harder she ground the harder he fucked, the harder he fucked the harder she ground. "Oh, Gaaawd, Jason, yes! Yes! Yes! YYEEESSSSS!" He was slamming hard into her now, her excitement peaked as he drove her flying towards the glass with frantic thrust after thrust. She screamed out the orgasm that wracked through her body and burst open her belly, thankfully drowned out by the roaring thunder and rain. Jason followed shortly behind her, her vice grip walls pulling the seed from his member as he groaned out her name and shot deep within her. "Sam!" She locked him tight and drew every bit of semen from him eagerly. "Fuck, yeah!"

Later, they'd finished taking a shower together and Jason was using a thick terry cloth towel to dry Sam's raven locks, both naked after drying off and standing just outside the tub. He dropped the towel and Sam moved to precede him to the bedroom when Jason reached for her suddenly and pulled her back into his chest, sitting down on the edge of the tub, pulling her onto his lap. He held her snugly as they sat, her back to his chest, having just felt the overwhelming need to grab hold of his wife in that moment and hold on tight. Sam sensed something was up, so she leant her head back against his cheek and rubbed him. "What is it baby?"

He nuzzled her neck with his chin and sighed. "I just can't believe that I'm here with you and Danny. I can't believe that this is my life, Sam. All that time I spent as Jake Doe, I never dreamt I had something this good waiting for me." He nuzzled her neck again. "I almost lost it all - I almost lost you."

Sam pushed her body back into his and pulled his arms closer around her as she replied, "You didn't, Jason. You're home now - thank you for coming home to me!" He squeezed her to him and felt hugest surge of love as he thought of how she brought such comfort to his soul.


Jason: Being here with you, I realize that I've found something with you that I've never, ever found with anybody else.

Sam: What's that?

Jason: Home

***End Flashback***

"I will always come home to you, Sam!"

She smiled lovingly as she whispered, "This is all I've ever wanted, Jason. Our little boy is safe and sound in his bed, and we're safe and sound in each other." She felt his cock throb against her back and added wickedly, "almost in each other." Then she lifted herself off his lap steadily, making sure to rub her ass up against the throbbing hardness, bringing it to life as she sat back down and moved his hands to place them on her generous breasts.

Jason palmed each magnificent globe and kneaded as he pulled her back into his chest, his need for her flaming instantly. Moving one hand he sought her pussy and worked his way inside her lips to feel the slick wetness coat his fingers as he slid them further inside of her. "I can't get enough of you, Sam. Ride me, baby!" He stuck his hot tongue to latch onto her ear, sucking and pulling before he traced a path down to her neck where he sucked a vivid red mark into place. As he moved his fingers within her tight pussy he bit down on her neck, then used his tongue to soothe where the love nip branded her as Sam ground her ass against him in answer to the saccharine song he was strumming inside her pussy.

Jason was solid granite when Sam raised her hips, using one hand to seek him out beneath her, while she wrapped her arm back around his neck in search of his skilled mouth. She found his tongue almost as soon as his thick thumping cock found its way home, standing at firm attention as Sam eased herself down all the way to the base of him, opening her mouth from their kiss to cry out in sweet pleasure-pain. His hand guided as she lifted only to lower herself back down, moving faster each time as her walls relaxed enough to take him comfortably, their mouths once again sealing as Jason groaned his response to her heated moans. "It feels so fucking good inside you!"

Sam was delirious with need, wanting him to go faster as the fire within her grew. Unable to get all she wanted in that position, Sam eased herself away from his lips to lean forward and place a hand on each of Jason's knees as she lifted herself and dropped back down on his swollen cock at rapid speed. With her body at that angle he was getting it all as her sweetness opened right up to him. His strong thighs formed a lap for her bouncing ass as she arched her back as she fell down, only to tap back up, her knees bent together inside his open legs as she squat up and down on his huge sword. Squats never felt so good, as Sam lifted her hands and grabbed her bouncing breasts, kneading the undersides as she tweaked her nipples and rode her cowboy from behind. Her closed knees added to the crazy sensation of her already tight walls as she bounced away at her own private rodeo.

"Oh, my fucking god! Sam!" Jason had never felt anything like the wild sensation burning through him as she rode him, feeling on herself as she bent forward and squat the fuck out of his pulsing cock. He felt her walls tightening as her pace increased and he knew she was getting close. Her breathless panting drove him wild, and as he clutched the asscheeks riding him she suddenly slammed down and ground hard against the base of his cock. "Awww! Awwwww!" She started to whimper, her orgasm moving through to crash her over the edge. She screamed in unbridled ecstasy before falling back against his chest, his hands replacing hers on her beautiful breasts as the spasms worked their way through.

She stopped jerking against him but Jason was far from done. He grabbed her legs and spun her to face him, throwing one on each side of his hips as his still engorged cock found its place back inside her wet, tight heat.

Jason bent his head and caught a rigid nipple between his teeth, pulling and sucking a perky mouthful, using one hand to knead hungrily as he used the next to move her up and down on his shaft. As the fire rebuilt inside her Sam's whimpering resumed, and soon she was leaning away from him, her hands braced on his knees as she lifted herself off his cock to drop back down harder and faster with his guiding hand. He had to lean forward to keep his lock on her globe, the feel of its fullness bouncing against his face heaven. He fucking loved her breasts!

When the sensation was too much and he was about to come Jason raised up off the edge of the tub and landed her by the sink, the smooth surface cool against her heated back. He had her on the very edge where he could feel every contour of her incredible pussy as she gripped him. Sam rested on her elbows as Jason moved her legs to swing one over each shoulder, increasing his speed as she clamped down on his aching cock. "Mmmhhh!" Words failed him as the need to pound her vigorously sent his head bending to latch onto one glorious breast again. He braced his hands on either side of her body and Sam spread her legs as wide as they would go, screaming his name as he pounded into her with force, his breathing raspy and short as he neared the pinnacle. She grabbed hold of his powerful arms, caressing the taut muscles beneath her fingers as she screamed, "Right there, Jason…right there! Yes, Gaaaawd, yes! YEEESSSS!"

Her screams were all it took to get him over with her, and as he crushed his mouth down on hers and grunted into her moans his orgasm hit him with the force of a thousand hammers, sending him slamming into Sam still, until she was crying out in sweet orgasm for the second time in mere seconds.

Into the early hours of the morning, Jason finally conceded to Sam getting some sleep, learning that Danny was a early riser. Even though he would be sure to be the one waking up with Danny, Jason knew he wouldn't be able to keep him from waking Sam too, so she needed her rest. He thought about the long, draining day that it had been for her and he felt guilty keeping her up all night but he couldn't regret reconnecting with his wife in the sublimely intimate and fulfilling way that he had, never. It was almost four in the morning and he knew she was about to drift off but he couldn't let her, not just yet. He kissed her forehead, his lips lingering there as he whispered, "Marry me!"

He felt her forehead move away from his lips as she held her head back to look up at him, her eyes opening slowly. "What?"

Jason lifted his hand and slowly outlined her soft lips before he repeated, "Marry me, Sam!"

She smiled up at him, "We're already married, Mr. Morgan…unless you know something I don't?"

He shook his head, "No, I know, but I want to marry you all over again." He nestled his head into the pillow so he could be more in line with her as she did the same. He loved sharing a pillow with her and wondered if it had always been like that.

"There's so much about our life that I don't remember, and while I don't want to do anything that will erase any part of us, past or present, I want to make new memories with you and Danny. I want us to start fresh, as of right this moment…build a new life for ourselves on our terms."

"We can do all that without getting married again." She was still smiling, her heart full from the strength of the love she was feeling from him.

"I know, but I don't want you to ever doubt how I feel about you. That woman mentioned the papers that we signed before and even though I know they were never filed and we're still married, even though I know that we recommitted ourselves that night when we brought Danny home, I don't want there to ever be a single doubt about who you are to me and how irreplaceable you are in my heart. I want to marry you in front of God and this whole town, I want to proclaim to the world that you are mine forever, without a doubt. So say, yes! Say you'll marry me, Sam!"

Her smile kept growing bigger and pretty soon was stretched to the limit. "You're crazy, you know that?"

He nodded into their pillow, "Crazy about you, I know!" His eyes still pled for her answer.

"Yes!" She nodded emphatically, "Yes, Jason…I'll marry you…again!" His grin was swallowed when she dived onto his lips and kissed him soundly, her love pouring into each stroke of her tongue against his, her fingers on his face, and before long they were at it again with Jason locked onto her delicious breasts and his fingers traveling to slide into their favorite place, right before his big throbbing cock followed suit to slide inside her sweet succulence as he whispered against her breast, "Have I told you how much I love this pussy?" The next day was going to be a long and groggy one that would probably kill them both, but oh, what a way to go!

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