Tanya vs. the Empire

Disclaimer: Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There and Saga of Tanya the Evil belong to their respective owners. Rated M for likely violent elements and extreme bouts of profanity within the story.


The Empire had won a decisive victory over its archenemy, the Francois Republic in the Rhine Theater. With a majority of their forces defeated the Republic decided to surrender and avoid the destruction of their capital, Paris, allowing the Empire armies to march into its streets unopposed. An armistice was in order between the two countries, and it seemed the Empire would revel in its victory and the prospect of peace and prosperity for days to come, unware that a series of events were in the making that would make their joyous triumph short lived.

"Please let me, and my unit, go, before it's too late!"

A young blond-haired, blue-eyed child in Empire military uniform pleaded with an officer in charge. Her expression showed extreme amount consternation from her part. The officer in question however seemed indifferent towards her plight.

"Calm down Major Degurechaff. It's unlike of you to be this…distressed." saying this while having his back turned on the girl. She however pressed on with her concerns.

"Don't you understand? They are leaving their homeland, hoping to fight another day. It would be a big mistake for the Empire if it lets it happen!"

"You're overthinking this, Major. Besides, would you risk jeopardizing the armistice and waste our manpower over your unsubstantiated basis?"

"The armistice is not yet in effect, and for all intents and purposes it's only a stopgap to any future hostilities. The Republic is using this opportunity to consolidate its remaining forces and bide their time before they strike back at us!"

To the officer, the girl's ramblings seemed plausible but he is only one cog in the entire system and the guys at the top have deemed that this affair with the Republic has been satisfactorily resolved. Unless they say otherwise he'll follow whatever orders that have been handed to him, and no smartass girl, even if she is a decorated Major and renowned ace aerial mage, would make him countermand those standing orders. And so he merely sighed, knowing there is little he could do any further but the little girl wasn't finished.

"I beg of you, let me sortie before it's too late! What little time we have left will determine between absolute victory or a ruinous defeat!"

"That is enough, Major!" the officer barked, having reached the limits of his patience with the rather bratty girl.

There was a momentary silence within the room as the two individuals grimly stared at each other. That is until the door suddenly opened and in came a man in uniform of clerical bent judging from the sheets of papers he carried. The man did not even bother to knock or announce himself before entering but then it may be because of the urgent news he bore.

"The capital…Berlin is under attack!"

"What! By whom? The Republic?" asked the officer in disbelief.

"Unknown, sir!" answered the man who then went over his papers. "The reports are very sketchy at the moment. But, HQ has requested for any available units nearby to reinforce in repelling the attackers from the capital!"

The little girl was puzzled over the report.

"This can't be. I did not expect the Republic to retaliate this soon. Could this be some last ditch effort in their part?"

But the girl was determined and wasted no time to get to the bottom of this. She started to turn to make her leave, which the officer irritably took notice of.

"Major Tanya Degurechaff! Where do you think you're going?"

The girl, Tanya, turned and replied.

"To do my job…"

She crisply saluted, turned again and briskly left the office.

Second Lieutenant Serebryakov was practically startled when the doors loudly opened wide and in came a hotly determined Tanya.

"Ah, Major…" the mousy girl with long brown bangs, fearfully stuttered, having not fully gotten used to the darkly mood swings the Major sometimes exhibits. Right now she could see the Tanya was pissed.

"Visha," she flatly called the Second Lieutenant by her nickname. "Have you contacted the men?"

"Y-Yes. They're on standby and waiting for your orders…"

"Tell them to rendezvous with us at the capital. After which suit up and meet me outside."

Visha was worried and confused but at least she has calmed a bit knowing why the Major was acting like the way she did. But that made her more worried over what's eating her superior officer.

"What happened, Major. What's going on?"

"Apparently, the war isn't over yet."

"Eh? Seriously?"