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A Guardian's Wish
Chapter 01
Growing Up Guardian

Jack's POV

Ever since we defeated Pitch Black and restored the belief of kids in Santa, Sandman, Tooth and Bunny, have we all decided that we need to work closer together and did we put up a schedule where, once every five years, we would meet together at the North Pole and decide who of us needs help the most with their required jobs.
Tooth, North and Bunny are the ones we help the most, even if I get my chance every now and then as well as the climate changes are becoming stronger and stronger now that electronics and machines are really make their entrance into the world and there were definitely times over the last century where we nearly lost ourselves again.
One of these times was World War 2, another of them some kind of ridiculously strange period of war between one group of English Wizards and another, yet it's at the end of that war, on the very week that this war had been ended, that the strangest thing yet has happened, strange enough for North to summon us all yet again.

This was a strange occurrence as our annual meeting had been in the year before that, where we had helped Tooth collect the teeth and send off memories of the better times to those in England. It had been a real hassle finding all of the teeth that belonged to British kids, but it had definitely been worth it in the end.
We had all been satisfied with our work and had told each other that we would meet again in five years' time, which had made me feel highly alarmed when, only a year later, I saw the Northern Lights shine high up in the Italian Sky, something that made me know I had to move and made me call on my old pall, the Wind.

It had taken me straight to the Palace at the Pole and there Bunny, Tooth, Sandy and I had all witnessed something extraordinary; lights starting to shiny like crazy all over England and Ireland, as if someone suddenly turned on a Christmas tree, while all the lights that already existed belonged to every child in Great Britain.
"Why would there suddenly be so many new lights? Could something have happened to that strange war goin' on there?" Bunny had been the one to ask and I had decided to see if he was right, calling on Wind again to take me to England before any of the others could stop me. It took wind only two minutes to get me there.
I had landed in the middle of Magical London, in Diagon Alley, where – to my curiosity – I saw people smiling, laughing, cheering, dancing, throwing their loved ones into the air, and heading for bars, where they apparently celebrated for the survival and victory over Voldemort by someone they called the Boy-Who-Lived.

Upon hearing this name, did I feel a powerful presence shine down on me, together with a shiver of power running down my spine, proving to me that this name was no ordinary title to some mortal hero. I had focused on the presence I had felt and had been shocked when, behind me, I had seen the Man in the Moon shine down on me.
Manny had been the person who, four hundred years before that day, had saved me from drowning, having changed me into a Guardian, having made me Jack Frost and having given me the power over Winter and Fun – which I had, three hundred years later, discovered to be my Center and the gift I gave to the Children of the World.
To see him now, shining down on me after I had heard that name, did I know instantly what had happened. This Boy-Who-Lived was a new Guardian, just like me, Tooth and Bunny. I had called on the wind and told me to find this new guardian for me, allowing it to take me to a very Classic English Neighborhood south of London.

I had entered the house where Wind told me it had found the Guardian and when I had found him, I had found him shivering under a thin, worn-out blanket in a meager cupboard under the stairs. Yet the most shocking and incredible part of it all was that the Boy-Who-Lived – was only an infant, no older than one, perhaps two at the time.
I remember having wanted to take him with me, yet Wind had formed a barrier between me and the child and I had realized why; a Guardian can't take care of another Guardian, not the way I wanted to take care of this little, near-frozen child. Instead of that had I taken the cold out of the cupboard and returned to the Pole.
There I had explained everything, how the war had ended, how it had been Manny who had caused this, how there was a new guardian and how this guardian had to be watched by us as long as he grew. Bunny had asked why we should do so and I had strongly answered: "Because the Boy-Who-Lived is an orphaned infant, Bunny."
Instantly my friends had been beside me and over the nine years that followed had we watched over the kid, taking care of him and keeping his beliefs in us strong, which was a real task as his relatives were a bunch of idiotic, fat bullies who had obviously made it their life goal to make him feel miserable and alone.

North had been the first to be given a chance of caring for the Boy – who we later found out was named Harry Potter – his chance coming in the Christmas winter of 1984. The Big Man had heard Harry's Christmas wish and when we discovered he had been left outside in the cold had he instantly called on my aid.
I had instantly done the same thing I had done three years before that, making sure that wherever Harry walked, sat, slept or stood, he wouldn't feel any bit of the winter cold that I had spread there and while I had done so had Sandy and North filled his mind with memories of how his parents had raised him in the year they were alive.
It had been a good set of weeks for Harry and while he hadn't been let back into the house until after New Year's Eve, had he constantly been smiling and whispering small words of gratitude to all three of us, making our hearts warm up with how sweet and kind-hearted the new untrained guardian actually was.

The second to have helped Harry was Tooth in 1985, where she had made a necklace of teeth that were filled with ever-changing memories of James and Lily Potter, through their eyes, that Tooth had delivered to Harry after discovering how his cousin had made him fear her and made her sound like some kind of monstrous thief.
North and Bunny had been furious at hearing this and North had even mentioned how this Dudley Dursley made me lose my place at the top of Naughty List, something I hadn't really cared for, yet it had been my idea to leave a little snowy message on the inside of Harry's door, mentioning how he shouldn't fear Tooth.
Harry had listened, had used the teeth whenever his family bullied him and had sometimes fallen asleep holding one of the teeth in his hand, which we later – in 1986 – discovered helped him keep away from any nightmares as it was in this year that we discovered how some kind of magic kept Sandy's at bay.

All of us had been greatly alarmed when it had been Sandy instead of North that had called on us and he had used very slow and largely framed signs to explain us why he had called us a year after our annual get-together, which we had still done regardless of having come together to help Harry believe in Tooth again.
Sandy had explained us the situation and we had watched over Harry for a few days, Bunny being the one who noticed how Harry didn't seem to have nightmares on the day he held the teeth. Sandy had instantly grasped onto this and we had changed the necklace, making the band itself be made of solidified sand instead of floss rope.
It had taken Harry a few days to realize this, but one day a bully at his school had tried ripping the necklace off of him and had, instead, fallen asleep upon touching the sand, something that only Harry saw as the seven-year old bully had a fake reputation to keep up in front of his – in my eyes – very, very blind teachers.
Harry had been shocked and had looked at the necklace in wonder, yet he had been smart enough not to touch the strand itself until he had been back in his cupboard room that same night. Since then Harry had been using the strand on and off, falling asleep on his own some nights and using the magic of the sand on others.

Bunny had been the second to last to help Harry in the year 1988 and he too had called on the rest of us as he had been getting sick of how, every year, Dursley would put Harry in detention for things he did himself so that the young guardian to be couldn't partake in the Easter Hunts Bunny always prepared with care and pride.
The Rabbit had made use of the abilities of Sandy and North, Sandy putting the teacher that oversaw Harry's detention to Sleep and North filling the Eggs with small toys and playthings. Bunny himself had enchanted a glamour onto the eggs, so that to anyone but Harry they would look old, rotten and dripping with goo.
Dudley had been angry that his plan had failed, yet he had thought it hilarious that Harry had only found rotten eggs and while his laughing words had confused Harry, had the seven year old been smart enough to understand that his cousin had been tricked by the Easter Bunny and had he enjoyed a meal of chocolate eggs for dinner.

I had finally been the last to help Harry out, something I had done in 1990, where I had asked Bunny to make a secret tunnel between Harry's bedroom and the tunnel that led out to the playground of Little Whinging. Harry had followed this rabbit hole tunnel and I had done my magic on the upper land tunnel myself.
The whole bend wall and ceiling had been crystallized with ice crystals and specks and flocks of snow, piles of snow had been made against certain parts of the wall, some of the walls having been heightened so the little guardian could have more of a challenge on the skies and sleigh I had created out of snow and ice.
Harry had stuck his head out of the rabbit hole tunnel first, his mouth dropping and his emerald green eyes shining with wonder and amazement as he had seen what I had done and while Bunny and I had watched over him, me using my magic to make sure he landed safely as he practiced skiing, did Harry have a magical night.

That night is now five years ago and it's again time for our annual meeting at the pole, North having collected us and having told us how we should check up on Harry before we get down to helping him bring the gifts to the Children of the World. We had all agreed to this and Bunny had made a tunnel to his home.
We have already taken the tunnel, yet the place it took us to is not one I had been expecting, one that makes me wonder if leaving Harry in the world of magic had really been such a good idea as him going to Hogwarts in nine months after my little fun time with him had been the sole reason we had focused back on our tasks.
All of us had stayed in the hole Bunny had created as we weren't sure if Harry – being 15 and all – would even want to see us, let alone that we had no idea how to bring to him the news that, like us, he too is a guardian. Yet, looking at the dark and gloomy kitchen that we are in, makes me want to collect that little man right now.

"This place has Pitch all over it. You think that bastard kidnapped the kid? To get back at us?" Bunny asks, but I shake my head and say: "No, this house is dark, but – I don't feel the same levels of fear as when we last met." And then I hear it, footsteps light with hope and yet also, with a dropping sense of confidence coming closer.
"Someone's coming." Bunny hisses, yet while they all dive down, do I keep my face eye level with the ground and feel the tunnel moving to a darker section of the room before we all see him. Older, with his emerald green eyes having darkened with pain and a kind of loss that worries me and that are looking around suspiciously.

"Harry, you're imagining things. Mum and Ginny are visiting dad and Sirius is up in his room. There's no one else in the house other than the twins who are doing their own thing. There's no chance of someone being down here." A female voice says and as I hear her, do I frown as I see her words actually affecting Harry.
The aura the boy always had around him, one I learned a century ago proves that one is a Guardian, seems to fade a little as well as the glint that is in the eyes of those who believe in wonders and I growl at this, hating how this one voice is ruining everything we worked a decade to accomplish, yet it seems I growl too loud.
Harry's face turns straight to my corner and my eyes widen for a second before I see him squinting and I realize that while the glint is faded, it's not completely gone and I whisper: "He still believes. This is our one chance, we have to do this now.""Are you sure?" Tooth asks and I hiss: "Yes, we must, this is our last chance."

And my friends nod before I jump out of the hole, raising my arm and throwing my faithful staff into the air, letting it land on the table that is now between us, shocking Harry as well as the girl that now stands behind him and she bossily asks: "What was that? What made the dust leave the table? Is someone here?"
"Oh great, she stopped believing." I hear Bunny mutter and Harry gasps as he hears this before Sandy flies up, causing for the light that naturally comes off him to illuminate our corner, allowing for the two teens to see us; a boy with a blue jacket, a fairy with green feathers, a fat guy, a floating orange kid and a huge rabbit.
Harry's eyes widen as he sees us and his mouth drops as well, yet his friend seems to really not believe in any of us as she tilts her head and asks: "Where – where is that light coming from?" And Harry turns his face between us and his friend as I slowly walk over and say: "She can't see us, Harry. She doesn't believe anymore."

"B-be – wait, how do you know my name?" Harry asks shocked and before his friend can interfere, do I ask: "What? Don't tell me you don't remember that awesome snow tunnel five years ago, have you?" And Bunny goes on: "Or those specially enchanted Easter Eggs." And Tooth happily goes on: "Or the memory teeth."
And instantly I get evidence that Harry really does still believe as his hand instinctively reaches for his neck and grips something that is hidden under the hood of his worn looking robe. This sight makes me smile and I say: "See, I knew you'd remember." And the others behind me all happily smile at the young guardian as well.

"Harry, what is that?" The girl asks, but before she can do more than reach out for the robe, does Harry shout: "NO! Don't touch it! You'll fall asleep!" And the girl retreats her hand in fright before another voice sounds and asks: "Hey, what's going on here?" And a man enters the room, his gaze actually landing on us.
And to the shock of us all, do his eyes widen as well upon seeing us before he grins and says: "Well, you sure are a lot I haven't seen in the longest time." And instantly North asks: "You – you can see us?" Only for the girl to ask: "What are you talking about? What's going on here? Where is that light coming from?"
And the man looks at the girl in shock before concern grazes his features and Bunny asks: "How? How is an adult able to see us? That – that never happened before?" And Tooth whispers: "Maybe it's Harry? Maybe he and the man have a close bond. Like Jack and Jamie did a century ago. Maybe that's the reason."

And my friends nod before Harry steps forward and ask: "I haven't seen hide or hair of you in five years. Why were you so busy with me before? What happened to you guys? Why did you leave?" And just by looking in the boy's eyes as he asks this, do I hear his unspoken last words, words that really hurt and worry me.
"I needed you, more than ever before. Why weren't you there for me?" These words ring through my head and I look at the boy in sheer pain, feeling horrible that we seem to have ignored him at all the wrong times and while I slowly walk over to lie a hand in guilt and care on his shoulder, does North step forward and ask:
"Harry, on the night you ended the war fourteen years ago, the moon was brighter than ever before, was it not?" But the boy answers: "I – I don't remember. I – I was too young to." And the Russian man nods before the adult in the room says: "You're right, though. The moon was brighter than I ever saw it that night. Why?"

"Ever heard of the Man in the Moon? We call him Manny. He's a Guardian just like us, only – well, he's like the Chief Guardian, the guy that picks who is to be the next guardian and who provides new guardians with their form changes as well as powers – and sometimes even a weapon or two, like my boomerangs and Jack's staff."
Bunny tells the man and the man nods before the girl asks: "Sirius, what is wrong with you? Why are you nodding into –?" But then Harry shocks me as he reaches out, grabs the girl's hand and lies it straight on one of my own, her own hand – in her eyes – floating above her friend's shoulder, yet her flesh touching mine.
"They're here, Hermione. Jack Frost, Santa, The Easter Bunny, Sandman and the Tooth Fairy. They're all here and they more or less took care of me when I was still young and living with the Muggles – before I first went to Hogwarts." Harry tells his friend before he turns to us and asks: "But – why are you here? Why now?"

At this North crosses his arms and says: "Same reason we cared for you all those years, Harry. We wanted to take you with us, but weren't allowed, so we did what we could. And now, I must leave. Tomorrow is Christmas and I can't run behind on schedule. I will be back, Harry, with all the presents you will ever want."
But this actually makes Harry's aura fade out even more as well as turns his emerald green eyes darker green, shocking us, before he looks at North and while it's obvious he doesn't want to hurt the man, does the boy seem to feel the need to voice a personal truth as he says: "You can't give me the gift I want. No one ever can."
And we all look at him in utter shock before I hear Tooth gasp even harder and I look at her before following her gaze, my own eyes landing on Harry's hand that is still clasped around the necklace around his neck and Tooth whispers: "His parents. The one gift he wants more than anything in the world – is his parents."

And this makes us all look at Harry with pain in our own eyes, Harry closing his own as he must have heard Tooth and feel ridiculous or something, yet while I know I can only make people feel cold, do I act on instinct and pull the boy closer, feeling my own heart warming up a little when I feel the boy grasping onto my jacket.
Instantly the man named Sirius moves over and hugs us both, the man strongly suppressing a shiver as his warm flesh meets my freezing cold form and Bunny, North, Tooth and Santa all move over to join us and when Hermione, who seems tentative in belief, joins as well, does a wonderful thing happen from within our circle.
Harry's aura, which had been faded beyond belief since we walked in, starts to shine strongly as the boy clings to us all and envelops us all, actually merging and overtaking the auras of myself and my friends and I look from the young Guardian to be to North, the man nodding as he must realize the same as I do; Harry's center.

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